Comforts for Baby Multi Use Disposable Changing Pads – 48 Pack

Comforts for Baby Multi Use Disposable Changing Pads – 48 Pack

These multi-use pads are ideal for changing table, lap and shoulder, in the kitchen and bathroom, and even great for under your baby’s crib sheet. Easy to use, lightweight and convenient Each package contains 48 extra large quilted pads (13′ X 19′). These soft, sanitary, disposable pads are 3-ply facial tissue backed with a durable moisture barrier. Great for changing, feeding or burping your baby.Disposable multi-use padsQuilted for maximum absorbencyGreat for changing, feeding, burping and protectingMeasures 13′ x 19′ (appx)Made in the USA

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Oh these have saved the day on more than one occasion. When changing babies, as you may have realised by now, they can sometimes wait until they have been stripped down to stool or urinate. Everywhere is their bathroom so I use them on her changing table and take a couple along in her bag.

Sarah Linneus, MO

Great for airing out baby or on top of changing pad

I use these whenever I am “airing” out my baby’s bottom to help heal diaper rash. They work great and keep anything under them dry and clean. I also keep one on top of the changing pad so I don’t have to worry about washing it if there is an accident in the middle of the night.

Shawn Milroy, MN

I have used better…

Although these pads get the job done technically speaking I prefer other disposable changing pad products. The PeeWee pads are pretty small so unless your child is a small mess maker these don’t cover the needed area. I have a baby boy that waits until you take off his diaper to poop…so I need a sturdier pad. These also wrinkle/ bunch up easy because they are so thin and they are only good for multi uses if you get absolutely nothing on them. However, now that my son is a little older and not peeing at me every time I change his diaper these are handy for the diaper bag. But again they are only big enough for his butt, not his whole body so I still lay down a blanket first when in public changing areas. My favorite disposable pads, although a little more pricy are theMunchkin A&H; Disposable Changing Pad – 10 Pack.

Marissa Holyoke, MN

Not the best, but good for the price

I can only compare these with the way more expensive Babies’r us ones, and in my opinion, they’re not as good. Even though they may be slightly more absorbent, they are way thiner, and therefore they don’t stay flat, and get damaged faster. My baby kicks a lot and so the pad becomes folded everywhere very quick. The pattern isn’t nice I think. But the price is really good for the number you get, and these pads do the job, specially on the go when you want to cover any changing table.

Sonia Georgetown, MA

Serves the purpose

These are ok. I love the Huggies brand disposable changing pads but at the time they were out of stock so I bought these. They’re not as thick as the Huggies pads so I have to change them more often. But my baby has peed on these and they do keep the changing pad dry. They’re a decent size too. I might buy these again if I couldn’t get the Huggies pads. I think they’re a little cheaper as well. Though I do go through them more quickly.

Elsa Mentmore, NM

Changing pads

I absolutely love these changing pads! This is a great deal for your money! Love the print and the design! I will order again!

Alta Hamburg, NY

LOVE these pads

I love these pads, both for traveling and to use on my changing table at home. It saves me doing extra loads of changing table covers since the tiny babies tend to tinkle every time their diaper are open to fresh air. The plastic sheeting on the back of the pads keeps the urine from soaking through the paper, and the paper helps to absorb a little of the liquid. Then you just fold it up and throw it away! Perfect!

Jacqueline Northport, AL