Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green/Pink, 5 Ounce, 2-Count

Comotomo Baby Bottle, Green/Pink, 5 Ounce, 2-Count

Comotomo Baby Bottles feature innovative and sensible design to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding. Our naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle feeding. Your little one will love to hold onto the skin like, soft and squeezable body that is like no other bottle in the world. And you will fall in love with our wide neck design for brushless, stress free, cleaning bliss. Our bottles are equipped with truly innovative vents that are smartly designed to prevent colic, while completely eliminating annoying leaks. They are quite possibly the most thoughtful bottles ever made. 150ml/5 ounce bottles come with truly slow flow nipples (1 hole) designed for newborns up to 3 months.

Main features

  • Naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples – Ideal for breastfed babies^Wide-neck design for easy cleaning^Safe in: microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers, Innovative & non-leaking anti-colic vents, Squeezable, soft, skin-like texture for happy baby^100% safe materials: BPA, PVC, Phthalate free^Designed for newborn to 3 months

Verified reviews


MEDIUM flow on 250ml bottles/ nipples are for 3 mos+

Read review stating for $1 more get the 250ml vs the 150ml. Description & review FAILED to explain the 150ml is for 0mos+, w/ slow flow nipple (1hole). 250ml for 3mos+, w/ 2 holes med flow nipple. I like the small bottle & most newborns to 3 mos eat max 5oz/ 150ml at feeding so I put these away for later & bought 2 more of 150ml, which I love. These are only good nipples that make my baby suck (like on the breast) to get the milk. Baby can breastfeed & use these bottles w/o issues. Baby doesn’t get excessive gas, spit-up much, or get fussy using these bottles. After trying so many dif types of bottles, I can say I cried joyfully.I GIVE 3 STARS B/C NO DESCRIPTION OF RECOMMENDED AGE OR FLOW RATE OF NIPPLE ON THE 250mL!!!!

Karen Fresh Meadows, NY

Takes up too much space & doesnt stand well.

The bottles looked cute, but are very cumbersome.1. Bottle is too wide and big for steamer machines.2. Bottom part is really soft and tends to tip over.3. The nipple causes baby to takes in air somehow and she screams in pain.4. Expensive

Dora West Liberty, WV

Cute…but not for colicky baby

I bought these bottles cause they’re waaaaay cute and baby and I had problems with latching. I wanted her to use bottles in which she had to open her mouth wide. It did help with her practicing getting her mouth wide open…but her bouts with gas had increased when we switched from the Dr. Brown’s to the Comotomo bottles. My mom and my hubby knew how cute I thought the bottles were and how excited I was about getting them but they felt so sorry for the crying gassy baby that they waited till (or conspired while (depending on who’s telling the story!)) I was asleep (in pain from breastfeeding challenges) to bring back out the Dr. Brown’s bottles that I had neatly put away. I woke up to a much happier baby…and family. Again, these bottles are waaaaaay cute, fun and modern and may even help with latching. But if your baby is having problems with gas stick to Dr. Brown’s or whatever has proven to work for your baby. In fact I thought the Dr Brown’s wasn’t working because our baby still had gas pains. But the crying increased when we stopped using the Dr. Brown’s! Maybe I’ll try the Comotomo again when baby is much older and over her gas pains.Oh! one other thing! They’re kinda hard to clean. The milk sticks to the material. The product videos recommend that you clean with a cloth and probably users should stick to this advice because using a bottle brush alone would not suffice.

Paulette Kannapolis, NC

BEST bottle for breastfed babes!

Our third baby is exclusively breastfed and on her first attempt at eating from a bottle she accepted a Comotomo bottle of pumped milk. Her lips splay out like when she is at the breast as the Comotomo teats are wide. Unlike many bottles out there the teats are soft. The vent system in the nipple/teat does its job to prevent air wihout the daunting addition of multiple parts. I love he soft texture of the bottle, the ease of cleaning due to the wide open design (you can fit a bottle brush inside the bottle), the ability to gently squeeze the bottle if needed to encourage baby to suck, the ease of sterilizing, are all wonderful features. These bottles are compatible with he Kiinde Kozii bottle warmer. I wish Comotomo would make a breast pump adapter for standard pumps like Medela or Ameda.

Geri Keeler, CA

Great while they last

We loved these bottles while they lasted. We rotated 10 of these exclusively for our daughter starting when she was 6 months old (switched from the Dr. Browns). They only lasted about 6 months before starting to leak. At 7 months, they were all worthless. These need to be either washed in the dishwasher or sterilized regularly because they are extremely porous material and stink otherwise. The smell sinks into the pliable latex or plastic (whatever the material is). I was fine with the washing requirements. (Handwashing just doesn’t work. Breast milk, formula and whole milk all stunk up these bottles). For such expensive bottles, I would have expected these bottles to last longer than 6 – 7 months. I even tried using new nipples, but the ring that holds the nipples in and the screw top portion were what caused the problem.

Consuelo Monarch, CO


Worked okay initially now started spilling some times I have to open the nipples while feeding to let the air pass they have made those two vent just for the name sake it doesn’t work … Very disappointed don’t know how to return it …Finally returning it loved the concept and design but its a fail , air vent doesn’t work the bottle squeezes like anything specially when your baby is hungry you don’t get much time to take out the bottle and fill the air in it … Baby is not gonna take it again … So so so disappointed ii did a lot of research in order to get a trendy better looking bottle but i m back to avent bottles now … People take my advise and don’t go by the looks.

Marsha Silsbee, TX

Best bottles for twins!

These are the best bottles ever!I’m a mom of twins and believe me when I say I’ve tried every single bottle in the market. Dr Browns are excellent but with twins and several bottles to wash every day, these were a mess, lots of parts. That’s why Comotomo bottles are THE BESTFew parts and so easy to clean. And the best part is they are anti-colic as well, having two valves in the nippleMy babies love these bottles. The flow it’s perfect too. They are using 3-6 months nipples and it’s almost like the breast. Actually there is no flow at all, not even a drop if you flip the bottle upside down, but if you press the soft part you get the two tiny drops that suppose to come out. One of my babies like to just suck and the other needs more flow, so I just press the soft part. At the end I don’t need two different types of bottles/nipples to each babyThese are a life saver for any mom with twins!The only part I dont like its that it’s hard to read the volume, due it’s engraved on the silicone of the bottle, but I don’t mindI would recommend these bottles totally, actually I’ve done it alreadyI just wish Comotomo had more baby products!!!!12/30/2011 UpdateMy twins are almost 12 months now, so I’m starting the weaning off the bottle process. I’ve been using these bottles since they were 4 months. When i purchased them, they just had 1 review, so it was a bet! And they worked! Perfectly! My babies outgrow all the different nipple flows and every one of them was just perfect for their age, even considering their cronological age, which is 7 weeks less. Now, I just wish Comotomo could have more items, like feeding bowls, sippy/straw cups, etc. These are pricey, but believe me, you will discard all your other bottles.On a different side, I’d like to comment that I used the bottle jar to hold homemade baby food, they were perfect at that too. Cleaned easily, no food smell, easy to meassure the oz of baby food babies were eating. It would be a wonderful idea if Comotomo design a lid for these 🙂

Diana Tarzan, TX

awesome bottles

I got the green and pink 5oz bottles which come with the slow flow nipples. I’m mostly nursing my 3 week old daughter, however I needed a couple bottles for when I can’t nurse, and these are perfect. She can use them without difficulty and they are the same shape of the breast. They’re also very soft and easy to clean. They are a bit pricey but are worth it.

Gayla Reliance, SD

The best bottle ever

I struggle for ever to get my daughter to take a bottle after spending close to two hundred bucks on different bottles she finally took to this with pure easy. Its really easy for you to hold while feeding and super comfy unlike those hard plastic bottles. The wide top makes for easy cleaning.

Maricela Pocomoke City, MD

Our baby’s favorite

We’ve tried 4 different types of bottles for our baby because we weren’t sure what would work well for him, and also because we were gifted different types of bottles before he was born. Well, I had wanted these ones all along and finally after lots of fussing and bottle rejections I caved in and bought these, and they’re my baby’s absolute favorite!He’s been using them for about 2 months now, and even though he’ll take other bottles, he doesn’t finish his milk from them. With these ones its almost like they make eating much more pleasant for him and he will usually finish off all of his milk from them without fussing.I like these bottles because he gets every single drop of milk out of them (there’s no lip inside for the milk or formula to catch on, so you don’t waste anything!), they’re soft and easy to handle, and he’s had a major reduction in how much gas he has after a feeding. I love these and know he’ll be using them until he’s weaned!

Crystal Campbell Hall, NY

Want to stay up all night buy comotomo…

Pros-soft, squishy, easy to clean and resembles mothers breast.Cons-Leaks milk through ventilation holes, hard for milk to reach nipple from oval design, releases milk too slowly and tires baby and still gives baby gas.I switched to Avent by Philips and she is very pleased.I really wanted comotomo to be as effective as it states to be, but unfortunately it did not meet up to its advertisement.

Rosalyn Milam, WV

Overpriced & Difficult to Use

I bought these for my daughter, who was refusing the bottles I was giving her (Playtex VentAire), in the hopes that she would drink my pumped breast milk in case I was not available. I was told by a friend whose lactation consultant recommended it to her because it was the closest thing that resembled the shape of a breast and at the time, she was having the opposite problem I was having – her son was refusing breast feeding and only drank from a bottle. So, I figured, since she was using it to try to simulate breast feeding for her son to learn to latch properly on her, maybe I could use it to teach my daughter how to drink from a bottle and not rely solely on me for her food source. Seemed logical, right? Well, unfortunately it didn’t work out in my favor. Turns out, my daughter had the opposite problem that most newborns have, which is that she was getting milk much faster from me than from a bottle. Ergo, she wanted nothing to do with a bottle. On a whim, I tried a fast flow nipple on my old Playtex VentAire bottles and voila, she took the bottle right away.Since it wasn’t the bottle’s fault per se, why the two star rating? Well, here’s the thing … for the price that these bottles cost, I expected much more user-friendly features. This is not what I found. The cap to the bottle is extremely difficult to take off. Part of this is owing to the fact that the bottle itself is squishy, which I guess is nice for the infant to hold, but makes it really difficult for an adult to grip properly to take off (and even put on sometimes) the cap. Additionally, the markings on the bottle are rather difficult to read, so it’s not immediately discernible how many ounces the child has drank or how many you have poured. I suppose with time, it gets easier to gauge, but I stopped using them as soon as I figured out that it was the nipple’s flow rate that was the problem, not the type of bottle I had. I really kick myself in the behind for buying this product because I obviously can’t return it now that I’ve used one bottle and it was so expensive. So, I pay the price for haste and desperation.BTW, Tommee Tippee now sells bottles that resemble this shape, so that might be a more cost effective alternative if you are looking for bottle shapes/nipples that more closely resemble a breast.

Jennie Clifton Heights, PA

My newborn loves these!

Since I’m breast feeding, pumping and formula supplementing, I needed to find a bottle that was as close the the breast as possible… this was it! My newborn loves this. I tried the Born Free bottles (which worked okay but a lot of leaking) and Tommy Tippee (which were awful that look really similar to the Comotomo). The base is soft, which was kind of weird at first but when she starts grabbing, it’ll be so much easier for her to hold on to. I love everything about these bottles.

Willa Beverly Shores, IN

Beautiful design but product becomes sticky (on the surface) quickly

I used this for a short while (less than a month) before I moved on to the Avent bottles. These have a nice natural feel to them, but quickly develop this sticky feel after using them a few weeks. You’ll have to experiment with different nipples too to identify which one your baby likes best.If you’re looking for some advice on other baby registry essentials, check out AllMomsArePerfect dot com. You’ll get the lowdown on what you really need and what you could save to buy later or avoid completely.

Eve Glen Arbor, MI

Love these, but…

My baby took these immediately. I love every feature about them EXCEPT that because they are silicone, they aren’t the most sturdy when standing. I bought them exclusively for daycare use to set them apart from the sea of Dr. Brown’s bottles. Mission accomplished, but they were too wide to fit in the standard refrigerator tray at daycare. I then figured to just line them up in the fridge on the rack….then came the issue. Each time the teacher opened the fridge all the bottles rolled out "like bowling pins", in her words. So I had to personally buy a bin for their fridge. But this is such a small inconvenience compared to how well these bottles perform and are so easy to clean!! To clean I literally just use a squirt of dish soap, poke up the bottom of the bottom and use my finger to sweep the surface clean. I also purchased the 8-oz versions and look forward to using those as well!

Stephanie Webster, SD

SO easy to clean, good transition from Dr. Brown

I bought this bottle on whim, simply because I love the Comotomo teething toy so much, I wanted to support the company. I ended up finding my favorite bottle we’ve ever purchased! My baby had colic severely, and was using the Dr. Brown bottles, which are certainly good for helping with colic, but they are an absolute PAIN to clean. My baby was 6 months when I bought this bottle, and he immediately took to it. The wide nipple base allows them to get a really good latch, and the air vents definitely help prevent excess air ingestion. The soft bottle allows baby to hold it easily. But by far, my favorite part about the bottle is how easy it is to clean. I can just use our normal dish brush and quickly clean both the nipple and the bottle, rather than fiddle with the dumb bottle brush that always flicks suds everywhere. I only purchased one bottle, and we actually tear up the house trying to find it, rather than use our other bottles. I think the only downfall is the price, but for me, I’m willing to pay for their ease of use.

Alyssa Raynham Center, MA

BEST bottle!

This is the only bottle we use and I recommend it to all my friends. I have known a lot of mammas who breast feed and couldn’t get their babies to take a bottle and the only one they have any luck with is the Comotomo. I breastfeed and I love how the nipple on this bottle mimics the breast so my baby sucks the same way as if she was breastfeeding. They are softer to the touch which is nice. The one con is it is impossible to read how much fluid is in the darn thing, but aside from that, I love it and so does my baby.

Phoebe Mamaroneck, NY

My breastfed baby loves them!!

My baby was born almost 4 weeks early so she’s had a few problems latching on when it comes to breastfeeding and although I would love to totally breastfeed for as long as I can it not possible since I have to go back to work. I decided to find a bottle that would help with her transition and not wean her off the breast totally. This bottle has been a life saver. Not only did she take to this bottle immediately but the fit of the bottle makes it look like she’s breastfeeding from plastic since it rests against her chin and nose the way its supposed to be when breastfeeding. The flow is also slow so she’s not gulping in a lot at a time which reduces the air intake and nipple flow is perfect. It flows slowly just the way it supposed to be so she doesn’t get lazy when breastfeeding since a faster flow could possibly wean her from the breast which I’m not trying to do at this present time. We’re both in love with these bottles and I can’t recommend them enough.We’ve had no problems cleaning them and they stand up on their own as well. I was a little concerned about the shape of the bottles and thought that might be a problem but so far everything has worked out. Color is also not a problem since I have a little girl but i can understand why moms of baby boys may want a bit more neutral color since the colors included is pink and green. Other than that these are great bottles for the breastfeeding mom.

Kathrine Bergoo, WV

Great for breastfed baby.

I purchased 4 different bottles for my baby that were recommended for breastfed babies. This one is by far is his favorite and my husband has no problem feeding him. It makes the parents and the baby happy, its great to hold and very comfortable and the nipple is very close to natural so he takes it without a problem. although there is no “system” for colic or less gas he doesn’t seem to be to gasy after, just a few burps and he is good to go. we are very happy.

Ora Georgetown, CT

they’re also very soft and easy to clean.

they’re also very soft and easy to clean.The nipple is soft and wide, and probably is the closest thing to mommy you can get. The bottle is easy to hold and the ability to squeeze it helps mimic the let down baby like them.they’re great product.

Elizabeth Galena, MD

The Next Best Thing To An Actual Breast

I spent a LOOOONG time researching baby bottles for my little girl. It seemed like the Philips’ Avent and Dr Brown’s brands were ubiquitous, to the point of taking over all the shelf space in local baby stores. But I just wasn’t impressed with any of them. After a bunch of review-diving on Amazon, I settled on these Comotomo bottles instead.Since I haven’t tried any of the other brands, I can’t say whether these bottles are any better or worse. But I CAN say that these bottles are absolutely fantastic. They’re super easy to clean, and my baby girl took to them almost as quickly as she did to the breast. We try to breast-feed her whenever possible, but occasionally we have no choice but to put breast milk in a bottle, and these bottles make me feel just fine about doing so.Our daughter doesn’t seem to over-indulge when drinking from these bottles. She drinks fast, but she can stop whenever she needs to and take some breaths. She doesn’t seem to ingest any air, and she gets no more or less fussy after eating than she does from breast feeding. There doesn’t seem to be any extra effort involved from drinking of these bottles, and the valves work very well to eliminate negative pressure while preventing any leaks.The bottom half of these bottles is very squishy, which is handy for carefully squirting some milk into our daughter’s mouth to get her to suck on the nipple. The top half of the bottle is more rigid, which makes it easier to hold the bottle for her without squeezing any extra milk into her.

Jeanne Cherryfield, ME


I initially used the Tommie tippee brand for my new born and wasn’t working for him bc the milk keeps leaking out the side of his mouth even though I used the newborn nipples. I tried two other brands afterwards and still had leak issues. Finally decided to order the como tomo and no more leaks. My son is 6months now and still uses the como tomo new born bottles. The only complaint I have is that it is hard to see the.#of ozs when making milk.

Tracey Caret, VA

Love these

I did a lot of research on bottles before settling on these. I ended up buying 6 in this size. I opened and sterilized just one set of these to make sure my baby likes them. I have been told "the baby chooses the bottle". Well she loved them. It may be that she’s not picky but she has taken them no problem. They are ridiculously easy to clean, especially when compared to the Dr. Brown’s bottles which everyone and their mom seems to think are awesome. I’ve never used them. I actually took back the ones purchased for me and use the store credit to buy these online at Babies R Us. The downside is that they are not sold in any brick and mortar stores around me. Seems like they are only available online. They also have a cool factor that I have not seen in any other bottles. So if you care about that, you should give these a try.

Kathleen Kodak, TN

best bottle for baby out there

Comotomo bottles are so wonderful. Our baby loves them. Plus, the silicone is soft to the touch and super easy to clean.

Nelda Zuni, NM

Breastfed baby won’t take a bottle? Try these!

We tried to introduce bottles around 10 weeks but it didn’t work, even when I left the house for 20-60 minutes. Since I wasn’t going back to work until 14 weeks, we didn’t try too hard since it didn’t seem worth it to upset her so much when she didn’t NEED to take a bottle yet. Luckily, my husband took 6 weeks off work after I returned to work before we started her in daycare, so he would be the one trying to introduce her to bottles instead of a stranger.I prepared for my first day back to work by purchasing many, many different types of bottles for my husband to try. On that first day, our daughter did not eat for 10 hours. My husband tried many different bottles (but not all) by the time I got home. A nurse at her doctor’s office said to NOT offer her the breast when I got home, because she would learn that if she held out long enough she would get mommy’s breast. So when I got home I tried two more bottles, the Comotomo one being the second. She sucked down 3 ounces! And I was the one feeding her! Two hours later, she took another three ounces. When my husband tried to offer her the Comotomo bottle the next day she refused it at first, took a 30 minute nap, and then she accepted it and drank 3 ounces. We tried SEVEN different bottle/nipple combinations before this one: Dr. Browns, Avent, Playtex (3 different nipple types), Medela, NUK. We were going to try some others but I noticed their nipples weren’t TOO different than what we already tried… and the Breastflow bottles I didn’t think would make a difference either.I felt like it was the nipple base size that didn’t work for her with other bottles, and I was right. I have very large breasts, and the Comotomo nipple pressed against her nose and cheeks like she is used to while feeding. I swear that is what made the difference. I immediately ordered two more. I don’t care about the price – if you feel it’s too expensive, either you have a baby that WILL take another bottle (and then you don’t HAVE to use this one), or this is the only thing that works and you are actually so cheap that you put a price on getting your baby to eat. Maybe after she gets used to bottle feeding, a normal less-expensive bottle will work.I do like a lot of things about this bottle:It works!The nipple base is very large so it presses against my baby’s nose and cheeks like a real breast.It allows baby to latch on the same as with a breast.It doesn’t leak. You have to squeeze it to get some out… it won’t even drip if you don’t!It’s squeezable.It’s only 3 parts.It fits in my Munchkin bottle warmer (the 2006 model… a hand-me-down that works great!)It’s durable – I’ve had hard plastic and glass break on me when dropping a bottle. This doesn’t break.Easy to wash.Even at 3 months, the baby can kind of hold on to it. I think it will be easy to use for self-feeders.My daughter can get every last drop out of the bottle – no breastmilk wasted!It’s cool looking.It has air vents.I don’t like:It’s hard to read the ounces… but on the other hand, the markings can’t wash off!I can’t pump directly into it – but honestly they are so expensive and I produce so much that there’s no way I could use these as storage containers. I use Mother’s Milkmate.I don’t know if our Inchbug labels stick to it yet. Those are supposed to stay on even through the dishwasher, but I’m wondering if that will work on this material. I will update when I find out. I might just buy an Orbit label instead (also from Inchbug) if it doesn’t work.

Jerri Shelbyville, IL

5 oz. 2-pack is all we needed

I had supply issues so I postponed introducing a bottle until 8 weeks and was very nervous (afraid she wouldn’t take to it or that she would and it might affect her latch). We had zero problems using these bottles. She gave my husband a very dirty look, but easily took the bottle, getting a nice deep latch. She has since (now 6 mos.) had no trouble going back and forth from bottle to boob. The 5 oz. bottles have a newborn flow – since we’re still nursing, we’ll stick with that. Also the fill lines on the side are now embossed (raised) rather than printed. If you’re looking for glass alternatives, fwiw, my girl also takes happily to the Phillips Avent glass bottles. We take Comotomo to daycare and use glass at home.

Isabella Harvard, NE

Fun bottle

Bought these bottles hoping that my little one would find it easier to eat and they were good.I wish that the measuring scale on the side was colored because it’s clear and it makes it hard to see how much you put in the bottle or how much is left. Also they’re on the expensive side but if you don’t mind that you should definitely give them a try.

Adelaide Michigan, ND

Perfect for a breastfed baby

We love these bottles. They are definitely designed with breastfeeding in mind. Once my daughter went to daycare and had to take a bottle, she started having latch issues from using the Dr. Brown’s bottles. So I researched to find a bottle that would be more compatible with breastfeeding and came across these. They are perfect. They are soft and pliable like a boob and the nipple is rounded like a boob (her nose and chin rest against the bottle like they do the boob). Once we switched to these, no more latch issues and she easily goes back and forth between boob and bottle. At 6 months, we are still going strong with breastfeeding even though she is in daycare. I definitely recommend these bottles.

Doris Lyons Falls, NY

Great Purchase!

These bottles are amazing! My baby has only been BF and when we would try to give him a bottle he would choke on the nipple. I researched around and found this brand and decided to give it a go. They worked after a little bit of coaxing on our part. He still isn’t thrilled around using a bottle but he will tolerate these!

Lorie Duck, WV

Working well for BF baby

I got these bottles for my breastfed baby to use when I returned to work. We introduced the bottle twice when she was about 7 weeks old and she took to it just fine then, but then we didn’t give her another until she was 12 weeks, and she had a hard time with it at that point. I think she was out of practice, and probably just wanted mom anyway. DH couldn’t get her to latch on, so I spent a couple of days getting her to re-learn how to use a bottle. I think the nipples on the small bottles are a nice slow flow, but you can give the nipple a little squeeze to shoot some milk out – that’s what finally seemed to help my DD catch on. I gave her two little squirts and at that point she latched on properly and had no problems draining the bottle quickly. Now DH is successfully feeding her four times a day while I’m at work. The nice wide base to the nipple does seem to mimic the breast – her latch looks very similar to how it is while breastfeeding. The bottles are also very easy to clean by hand – just three easy parts – nipple, ring, bottle.

Bessie Newington, VA