Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Pink, 8 Ounces

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Pink, 8 Ounces

The world continues to change right before our eyes. But why is it that baby bottles are the same old unflattering tools? After all, isn’t the baby bottle one of the first objects that your baby experiences through all five senses? Why should mothers have to worry about toxic plastic & colic-inducing design for something so basic & important? We found no good reason & decided to challenge the status quo. In our voyage, we’ve learned an important lesson. Inspiring products are born only when we think with a mother’s heart & experience through a baby’s eyes. We proudly introduce Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby BottleTM. Comotomo Baby Bottles feature innovative and sensible design to most closely mimic natural breastfeeding. Our naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. Your little one will love to hold onto the skin-like, soft and squeezable body that is like no other bottle in the world. And you will fall in love with our wide-neck design for brushless, stress-free, cleaning bliss! Our bottles are equipped with truly innovative vents that are smartly designed to prevent colic, while completely eliminating annoying leaks. They are quite possibly the most thoughtful bottles ever made. *8oz bottle comes with medium flow nipple (2 holes) designed for 3 months to 6 months. Easy Feedings, Happy Baby: – Naturally shaped, squeezable, soft, skin-like silicone – Ideal for breast-fed babies – Innovative & non-leaking anti-colic vents – Unique interlocking feature and no-drip design Easy to Clean: – Wide-neck design for easy, brushless cleaning – Safe in: microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers Safe Feeding: – 100% safe materials: BPA, PVC, Phthalate free

Main features

  • Comotomo baby bottles are deisgned to most closely mimic breastfeeding to reduce bottle rejection
  • Ultra wide neck design allows easy cleaning by hand without a brush
  • Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers
  • Nipple and body is made of 100% safe hygienic medical grade silicone
  • Dual anti colic vents prevent unwanted air intake and reduce colic

Verified reviews


missing description on the flow rate

i received a slow flow rate bottle, which is too slow for my son. there is no description on the website telling us it is a slow rate bottle. i opt to buy a new nipple, it will cost me another 7 bucks. in total i will spend almost 20 bucks just for a bottle. can you believe it?

Janie Lockport, KY

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

I was skeptical about spending so much on only one bottle but it is worth every penny. My only complaint is the price (and maybe that it can leak but it warns about getting the bottle put together correctly to avoid this). The pros: no nipple confusion, fewer parts, easy to wash, less gas (not that he had much gas to begin with), cool design, more like mothers breast, easy latch. My child is 6 months old and was exclusively breastfed. He has only ever successfully taken a bottle once when he was about 2 months old. I got this hoping he would take it from my husband. I doubted he would ever take one from me…to my surprise he took it from me and held it himself, kept smiling while it was in his mouth and downed about 4 oz. when I tried taking it from him he got upset. Comotomo is a great bottle and I am so happy that I found it. If your having difficulty getting your ebf baby to take a bottle try giving it when they are not really hungry or not already upset and allow someone else to give the bottle or hold them in a different position so they won’t associate it with bf. It worked for us it may or may not work for you.

Cecile Alexander, IA


THREE STARS b/c poor description and the FLOW WAS TOO FAST FOR NEWBORN. I bough twin pack & there was no explanation about the nipple flow. Yes it is a dollar more for the larger one but you might get the wrong nipple flow for your baby. I love these jars & the 150ML has been amazing for my newborn after so many issues trying to breastfeed too. You can do both w/ this bottle b/c it takes 30min or so for baby to drink out of these bottles w/ SLOW flow nipple; like breastfeeding.

Elise Stevensville, VA

I really wanted to love this bottle

I really wanted to love this bottle. I love the quality of the bottle, it’s nice and soft, and I love the color options… but it just didn’t work for us. It’s a bit too big, width wise and our lactation consultant flat out told us not to use this bottle and that it was causing nipple confusion. So we ended up trying several different types of bottles and ended up using Dr. Browns wide mouth bottles, with the Lansinoh Momma nipples, this ended up being the best combo for us, but every baby is different.

Jody Lingo, NM

Breast fed baby

i have a solely breast fed baby and I needed her to take a bottle when I went in for surgery when she was 2 months old I spent close to 50 dollars trying to find a bottle that would work! Ultimately this is my favorite design out of all of them (the only reason its getting a second star) but she hated this bottle! The nipple is way to long and caused her to gag and puke!

Sofia Canyon City, OR

Poor design, expensive bottle.

We purchased several bottles that were marketed for a breastfed baby, because I was going into surgery and we wanted to make sure she didn’t go on a hunger strike. This one was the highest price of them all, and the design is silly. The bottom of the bottle is almost completely rounded, which made it hard to set on a flat surface without it toppling over. Plus the "slow-flow" nipple is actually quite fast. Overall, a waste of money – paying more for fashion than function.

Kara Royal Oak, MD

LOVE! Finally a slow flow nipple!

I am ecstatic about this bottle, because the slow flow nipple truly is a slow flow nipple. This is an obvious plus for breastfeeding mom’s. I love it because I am exclusively pumping and I have a little hungry hippo for a newborn and with the Medela bottles I was using, he would drink 3 ounces in 7 minutes flat and then wouldn’t stop rooting and giving the hunger signs afterward because his stomach didn’t have enough time to register that it was full. With this bottle, it takes him 15 minutes to finish that same amount and now I don’t have to overfeed him or give him a pacifier after feedings to keep him calm. I would absolutely recommend this to any mom who wants to make sure her baby still works for the milk like he would at the breast. Oh and the air vents seem to be working to reduce his Colic. There definitely aren’t nearly as many bubbles as there were with the Medela bottles. Big difference there for sure. I know the bottles are a bit pricey, but if you have similar concerns, you should give it a shot. You’ll be glad you did.

Pauline Mackey, IN

Retains smells

I introduced my baby to a bottle at 9 weeks, and I’m sure many people would say that’s too late. I can’t rate this product on its ability to help an exclusively breastfed baby latch on because I haven’t tried other bottles. My baby does not latch on to this, but she may not do it with other bottles either.As for the bottle itself, it really retains a strong smell. It is easy to wash (although I don’t recommend dishwasher) and I don’t have a problem seeing the measurements. But the outside is slightly sticky so if you have pets, expect fur to get stuck on it. And don’t leave milk in there for too long – you’ll never rid of the smell. Overall, I regret spending so much money on one bottle. I have the slow flow nipple, and it really is slow flow, which I did like.

Lora Bryce, UT

Very soft, do not, and breast milk, love to use, very soft, the baby will love to use.

Very soft, do not, and breast milk, love to use, very soft, the baby will love to use. It is also very easy to clean

Annie Coplay, PA

Comotomo vs. Tommee Tippee, Comotomo Wins!

After realizing that my baby was gulping air from a slow flow standard Avent nipple and not latching on properly when nursing, I went on a hunt for new bottles. The two we tried were the Comotomo bottle with the slow flow (0-3 months) nipple and the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle (standard, not sensitive tummy). I also ordered the Breastflow and Lansinoh MOmma bottles to try, but decided not to even open them after trying the Comotomo.Things I love:The nipple silicone is amazingly soft (much more so than Tommee Tippee) allowing for a very natural latch.The nipple is truly slow flow. This means that you don’t have to stress too much about how your baby is positioned when eating and whether gravity is helping to pour too much milk into their mouth.Milk does not get “stuck” in the grooves of the bottle as it’s a very simple design. (The grooves on the Tommee bottle are a little difficult to deal with.)Cleaning is a breeze with the wide bottom and very few parts to wash.There are two valves in the nipple to minimize air intake. (Tommee Tippee has one.)It does not leak.Will make for a very easy transition between Mama and bottle.Things to know:Although the nipples aren’t marked. The number of holes is different. You just need to count them. The 5 oz. bottles come with the slow flow nipples which have one hole.Some reviewers have said that the slow flow nipple is too slow, however, I have not found this to be the case. My kiddo is 4 months old and the flow is just right when she is eating with the bottle tipped in slightly.The silicone at the top of the bottle is firmer than at the bottom so the bottle is not at all flimsy to hold like I expected it to be and that’s a good thing.Things I’d change:Just the option for a more gender neutral two-pack. I have a girl, but for those folks with boys I can see how it would be a bit of a bummer to have to spend a couple dollars more on the singles.Love these!p.s. If you are on the hunt for a bottle/nipple that will most closely resemble your baby’s latch on the real thing I HIGHLY recommend reading a book called “Balancing Breast and Bottle” (Amy Peterson, Mindy Harmer). It’s a very quick read, tons of great info on choosing the best nipple and many other helpful chapters. I wish I knew about it sooner!

Melba Sumner, GA

Singing its praises!

Oh thank goodness! We FINALLY found a bottle that my 7-month-old exclusively breastfed daughter will take! I have purchased every single bottle from our local big box store hoping to find one that she would take so that mama could catch a break and go out occasionally! We tried Dr. Brown’s (because we previously had these from when my son was a baby), Playtex, Nuk orthodontic, Tommee Tippee, and Avent (natural and original). She was a no-go with all of these. In fact, she couldn’t even figure out what she was suppose to do with them–she would end up biting/gumming them instead of trying to latch on and suck. I finally did some research on the Internet and was debating between the Comotomo, Adiri, and the Mimijumi. We decided to try the Comotomo first. I will say it was not instant success, but it took only 3 tries before she liked it! I think it’s because the nipple on it is so flexible (like the real deal) and it has a nice large base (that’s also flexible). Now it’s the only one she’ll take, but at this point I don’t care because I can finally go places without her!Other great things about this bottle–very easy to clean (no bottle brush needed); and it has air vents so as to prevent nipple collapse and gassy tummy. (My baby is a super spitter so it wouldn’t matter what bottle I chose, she spits up with everything and a lot of it–so I can’t attest to whether it helps with gas).Overall, this bottle is a bit pricier than some, but I’m so pleased that I don’t care about the price! To me, it’s worth it! I’ll definitely be buying more!

Cassie Hayes Center, NE

Breastfed baby won’t take a bottle? Try these!!!

We tried to introduce bottles around 10 weeks but it didn’t work, even when I left the house for 20-60 minutes. Since I wasn’t going back to work until 14 weeks, we didn’t try too hard since it didn’t seem worth it to upset her so much when she didn’t NEED to take a bottle yet. Luckily, my husband took 6 weeks off work after I returned to work before we started her in daycare, so he would be the one trying to introduce her to bottles instead of a stranger.I prepared for my first day back to work by purchasing many, many different types of bottles for my husband to try. On that first day, our daughter did not eat for 10 hours. My husband tried many different bottles (but not all) by the time I got home. A nurse at her doctor’s office said to NOT offer her the breast when I got home, because she would learn that if she held out long enough she would get mommy’s breast. So when I got home I tried two more bottles, the Comotomo one being the second. She sucked down 3 ounces! And I was the one feeding her! Two hours later, she took another three ounces. When my husband tried to offer her the Comotomo bottle the next day she refused it at first, took a 30 minute nap, and then she accepted it and drank 3 ounces. We tried SEVEN different bottle/nipple combinations before this one: Dr. Browns, Avent, Playtex (3 different nipple types), Medela, NUK. We were going to try some others but I noticed their nipples weren’t TOO different than what we already tried… and the Breastflow bottles I didn’t think would make a difference either.I felt like it was the nipple base size that didn’t work for her with other bottles, and I was right. I have very large breasts, and the Comotomo nipple pressed against her nose and cheeks like she is used to while feeding. I swear that is what made the difference. I immediately ordered two more. I don’t care about the price – if you feel it’s too expensive, either you have a baby that WILL take another bottle (and then you don’t HAVE to use this one), or this is the only thing that works and you are actually so cheap that you put a price on getting your baby to eat. Maybe after she gets used to bottle feeding, a normal less-expensive bottle will work.I do like a lot of things about this bottle:- It works!- The nipple base is very large so it presses against my baby’s nose and cheeks like a real breast.- It allows baby to latch on the same as with a breast.- It doesn’t leak. You have to squeeze it to get some out… it won’t even drip if you don’t!- It’s squeezable.- It’s only 3 parts.- It fits in my Munchkin bottle warmer (the 2006 model… a hand-me-down that works great!)- It’s durable – I’ve had hard plastic and glass break on me when dropping a bottle. This doesn’t break.- Easy to wash.- Even at 3 months, the baby can kind of hold on to it. I think it will be easy to use for self-feeders.- My daughter can get every last drop out of the bottle – no breastmilk wasted!- It’s cool looking.- It has air vents.- The lids are secure and hold the nipple in place so even if you squeeze the bottle, nothing comes out in the lid.I don’t like:- It’s hard to read the ounces… but on the other hand, the markings can’t wash off!- I can’t pump directly into it – but honestly they are so expensive and I produce so much that there’s no way I could use these as storage containers. I use Mother’s Milkmate.I don’t know if our Inchbug labels stick to it yet. Those are supposed to stay on even through the dishwasher, but I’m wondering if that will work on this material. I will update when I find out. I might just buy an Orbit label instead (also from Inchbug) if it doesn’t work.UPDATE: I’ve used the Inchbug small rectangle labels and affixed them to the collar of the bottle and they have not worn off. The two teachers in my daughter’s daycare room really like the bottles because they aren’t breakable, don’t leak, and look neat. We still love these bottles and I have yet to try regular ones again since these are working so well. I still only have 3 bottles, which is exactly how many she needs for a 6 hour day.

Noreen Kaw City, OK

My baby just isn’t in to it

My breast fed baby just isn’t that in to this bottle. He just can’t get the correct latch on it and ends up chewing on the nipple and getting frustrated. When he does get it right the flow is so slow he gives up on it in tears. I’m sure it works for other babies, just not mine. He much prefers the Dr. Brown bottles to these.

Dolly Russellville, MO

comotomo sounds like some kinda hawaiian something rather

Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase! Hakuna…. Ma TA TA… aint no passin craze!! its means no worries, for tha rest of your days… its our problem free.. phalogzonfy.. hakuna matata.. now lets go eat grubs under the log! uhhh is that why this lifestyle is all about.. count me out. NO YOU MUST EAT THE WORMS

Katharine Carlisle, IA

Baby loves it

Very natural and baby loves it. easy to clean. It did leak once, but I think I didn’t have the ring on right.

Alisha Marlow, NH

Saved Me

This bottle saved me, literally. I was going back to work at 4 months post-partum and my daughter would NOT take a bottle. I was starting to get nervous. I had tried almost 5 different other bottles. This is the only one she took and now, she’s almost 10 months old and seamlessly goes from bottle during the day to breast all other times. I recommend this bottle to everyone I know.

Jocelyn Greybull, WY

Nice shape, soft feel

I loved this bottle. The shape of the nipple and soft feel of the bottle are great if you are breastfeeding and want a bottle that is closer to the breast. Of course, being a bottle the nipple flow is faster than the let-down of a breast, but as my son never seemed to have nipple confusion, it wasn’t a big deal.

Margo Concrete, WA

Nearly Perfect Bottle

What I like about this bottle:Easy to hold, easy to clean, and despite what other reviews say, I think the volume markings are very easy to read.What I dislike about this bottle:The nipples have no indication of the flow rate on them. None. By looking at the two, slow flow and medium flow look exactly the same. Why can’t this company imprint an S or M on the nipples if we’re paying $17 each? This is why I gave the bottle 4 stars.Also, the smaller size is a ripoff. I skipped the smaller size altogether and just bought the 8 oz and 2 separate slow flow nipples (since the 8 oz comes with medium flow). Most other bottle companies manufacture a very small 5 oz and a very tall 8-9 oz, but these bottles are practically the same size. Skip the small, buy the large and get slow flow nipples for a newborn. Fits nicely in the hand, not too bulky for a newborn.A word on shipment: I ordered these and they arrived the following day. Super fast shipping!

Nona Silverwood, MI

Not a fan.

I purchased these bottles because they were made from silicone, and because they appeared to mimic the shape of a mother’s breast. The nipple is very small though, and my baby had a hard time latching on well. Milk leaked from the corners of her mouth. I did appreciate that the bottles themselves did not leak, and were easy to assemble. Our baby had a very hard time moving milk well, and when I squeezed the bottle, she choked and struggled to swallow milk quickly enough. Also, hair, fur, fuzz…you name it, stuck to the outside of the bottle, and was very difficult to pick off.

Young Bylas, AZ

The BEST!!!

Our son really likes this. We’re tried Dr. Brown’s glass bottle, Breastflow, Born Free glass bottle, and this is the best! Here are some cool things about this bottle:1. Not like other bottles, your milk does not get stuck anywhere in the bottle so there’s no waste. Many bottles have “shoulders” so your milk can get stuck there. When you use the Breastflow bottle, the milk just get stuck in the nipple and our son can’t get the last 0.5 oz out. You don’t have this problem with the Comotomo bottles.2. It’s very easy to clean. You don’t need brushes. We use the Born Free brushes (BTW, it’s my favorite) to clean them since we already have them at home to clean our BornFree bottles.3. It shapes like a breast so our son latches really well. When we were using the Dr. Brown’s bottle, he has difficulty switching back and forth. Breastflow, Born Free, and Comotomo do not have this issue.4. It’s made of silicone instead of plastic. We don’t want to use plastic. Breastflow bottles were just a temporary thing because he was getting frustrated with the Dr. Brown’s bottle. We switched from Breastflow to BornFree and he likes the BornFree bottles. However, now he’s getting older, I’m concerned that it may be difficult for him to hold his bottle one day. Glass bottles just don’t seem that safe for babies to hold. I did some research online and found that silicone can be an alternative. It’s safe and unbreakable.5. The flow is very slow and our nanny said that when he falls asleep while feeding, the milk doesn’t overflow his mouth (great to prevent ear infection).6. At first I was concerned that it can tip over easily but than we realized that it does not leak even if you do so.7. The cap seals off the nipple really well so you don’t need a “travel cap” like most bottles do. One less thing to worry about. When we are out and about, sometimes I don’t know what to do with the travel cap. Where should I put it? On the table in a restaurant? After we feed him the bottle, if he finishes it’s easy, just put the cap back. But if doesn’t finish the bottle, I don’t want to put the travel cap back after leaving it on the table. So I ended up holding the bottle in my hand until we get home. Comotomo bottle does not have this problem, you just put the cap back and it’s sealed again.Overall, whoever designed it really knows what he/she was doing and they really took care of the disadvantages of most bottles on the market. I just hope that they go on sale some day so we can purchase some more! The only problem with this bottle is that it’s expensive, but I would say that you get what you pay for! If I hadn’t bought 3 BornFree bottles already, I would buy more of these Comotomo bottles.

Madelyn Arcadia, IN

Good bottle. Didn’t work for us

I give up. I never believed a baby really wouldn’t take a bottle. Ha. My daughter proved me naively wrong!!Super quality bottle. The bottle itself is rubbery. Easy to clean. It’s been filled up a few dozen times but she has never taken it. :-/

Sheena Elkins Park, PA

Nipples smell funny

I kept thinking the milk I put in was spoiled but it’s just the pungent smell of the nipples. No amount of airing out, washing, sterilizing gets rid of it. Hard to empty every last drop because of the wise nipple but that’s probably the case with every wide mouth bottle. 3 stars because of how pricey they are given the smell.

Trina Millville, UT

Genius! Baby likes it from the 1st use.

I have an 6 week old baby girl. For the last 3 weeks I’ve tried several bottles to feed her with breastmilk (once a day so I could go to the gym and leave her with my hubby). She was not a happy camper: gagging, chocking on the nipple, spitting overflowing milk.After reading positive reviews on Comomoto bottle I bought 5 oz one with slow flow nipple and she loved it! The nipple doesn’t bother her, it is very soft, and she basically drinks everything without fussing.Happy baby and the parents:)

Audrey Glenville, PA

Awesome bottles!

I absolutely love these bottles. I use the 5oz size most often, but we have both. I had to supplement my breast feeding, and we never had any issues with switching back and forth. Super easy to clean, no leaks, and no significant gas issues (although any bottle feed will be gassier than the breast). I wish there was a couple other colors (blue), but that’s not a big deal.

Myrna Claiborne, MD

Only bottle my LO takes

We went through a number of bottles before we tried this. I breast feed exclusively so we don’t need bottles often but there are still those times. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my baby until we found that he would take this bottle. It’s still not his first choice (gets a bottle less than once a week) but its no longer a struggle to let him eat when I can’t be with him. Washes easily, nice wide nipple base and simple to put together. Old school nipple, collar, cup. Soft cup is nice to hold. Doesn’t leak.

Kirsten Triangle, VA


so I have a 5 ounces one and an 8 ounces one .. one for newborn then 3+ month… the 5 ounces one .. started yellowing after the first month… i contacted COMOTOMO company.. and they said that we needed to boil them at least once a day.. so we started using the 8 ounces one which we did .. boiled at least once a day.. and DIDN’T make any differences .. it still started yellowing.. but it was slower.. it take about two months to start yellowing.. the site itself said all doctors recommend changing your bottles every 3 months.. but the site itself said they made it just so it’s easier on parents that we only need to change it every 6 months.. but the nipple was suppose to be no spills but started leaking after the 4 month of using it … as a mom who has a baby that wakes up every 2-3 hours at night.. we’re tired and we obviously don’t want a leaking bottle .. you’re half awake.. and you’re putting the bottle on your baby to latch on .. but it doesn’t end up that way and before you know it.. it starts leaking everywhere on your baby’s face on the blanket on the bed … pretty much leaks everywhere.. and in the morning you’re thinking did your baby puke during the night??

Rosanna Boody, IL

Comparison of Comotomo and mOmma bottles for Nursing Problems

This review is the same as the one I posted on the mOmma bottles site.I bought both the Comotomo and Lansinoh mOmma bottles because my twins refused to nurse initially. They were given bottles in the hospital because my breastmilk was slow to come. Now, about 4 months later, their initial latching and nursing problems have improved. I would always nurse first, then offer the bottle. Really, finding the right bottles and persevering with nursing does pay off. Here’s my comparison of the two bottles:Comparing these two, I find that the mOmma nipples are softer and shaped more like my own but with a faster flow, whereas the Comotomo bottles have smaller, slimmer, slightly harder nipples and a slower flow. I switch them around depending on my needs. When I need breastmilk to be heated up quickly, I use the mOmma bottles as they warm up faster when placed in hot water. The Comotomo does not heat up quickly due to the thick silicone bottle. Also, since mOmma has faster flow, I use it during night/dream feeds when I want my babies to gobble up the milk quickly, when I’m less concerned about having them work harder on a slower flow nipple. The Comotomo, however, is my go-to bottle for all regular feedings when babies are awake just because I want my babies to get used to the slow flow that is more similar to their nursing experience, and they do seem to make less of a mess when they are on the Comotomo. When traveling, the mOmma bottles stay tight whereas the Comotomo bottles leak.One problem that both bottles have is the volume measurements are not clearly visible on the bottles. I’d say that the mOmma bottle is harder to see than the Comotomo. However, I measure with another bottle then pour into these bottles, so it isn’t a big deal.My babies adjusted to both bottles easily and can now switch between the two and nursing. I notice that when they are on both of these bottles, the tip of their little tongues are positioned near the base of the nipples, and they also open their mouths really wide compared to traditional bottles. As far as I know, these are some signs that they are using their tongues and mouths similar to nursing, which will lead to less nipple confusion.Some bottles claim they reduce colic. Well, my experience is that none of the bottles I have used reduced colic.In short, you probably can’t go wrong with either bottle. If you have nursing problems because your babies were given bottles initially, don’t be discouraged. Perseverance and consulting with the lactation consultant will help. There is hope yet!

Darla Cynthiana, IN

Better than what I had.

I previously used the Medela bottles that came with my pump and then bought a few extra. I was not happy with them because the nipple would constantly invert and do weird things, so I’d have to interrupt the feedings. Very annoying. I also think they allowed a lot of air to be swallowed, because my son was super gassy and uncomfortable.I saw this bottle and it’s great reviews and was desperate to try something different to help my son’s gas. My son is still gassy (maybe it runs in the family?), but he seems like it is hurting him less, so there’s some improvement. The shape of the nipple is great and allows for a smooth feeding. It also promotes better latching for when I breastfeed.Couple of things I’m not crazy about.1. The bottle gets super hot when placed in the bottle warmer, particularly close to the seal. Hot water gets trapped under the lip and will leak out and burn your hand. I never had that problem with the Medela bottles.2. I am not particularly strong, so I know I don’t screw the lids on too tight. Sometimes, however, when I am trying to unsrew the lid, it is SO HARD to get off! Even my husband has a hard time getting it off! That is really frustrating. The flexible silicone cup gives under your hand so you can’t get enough pressure.3. I don’t produce much breast milk, so every drop that I pump is precious. The last gulp of every bottle gets stuck under the lip, so he can’t get the last of the breast milk.Overall, I definitely like these bottles better than the Medela bottles. The wider opening definitely makes it easier to mix formula, and the nipple is very sturdy. It isn’t the perfect bottle, however. I will keep these ones, but I am still in search of the perfect bottle.

Dorothy Cornelia, GA

This is the best choice for nursing mom

My 2 months baby loves it. We try soo many bottles, he chockes to every single on, but this one was finally the One! This is the best choice for nursing’s a good transition, not to drastic. Now the father could feed the baby too.

Nola Walnut Bottom, PA

great bottle

These things are EXPENSIVE. We had a colicky baby-so at one point I’d have shelled out just about any amount of money in sheer desperation. The truth is, our son is now 9 months almost and he is still in love with these bottles. And we are too. Just easy to clean, light, work well and the nipple is really friendly to babies. Love!

Clare Louisville, AL