Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Blue

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether, Blue

The world continues to change right before our eyes. But why is it that baby bottles are the same old unflattering tools? After all, isn’t the baby bottle one of the first objects that your baby experiences through all five senses? Why should mothers have to worry about toxic plastic & colic-inducing design for something so basic & important? We found no good reason & decided to challenge the status quo. In our voyage, we’ve learned an important lesson. Inspiring products are born only when we think with a mother’s heart & experience through a baby’s eyes. We proudly introduce Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether. Your little ones love to chomp on their itty bitty fingers, and there’s probably a good reason for that. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teethers are “baby-finger-sized” and perfectly designed for their little hands to easily grad and hold. You’ve found the best teething companion for your angel, and we promise you an abundance of silent joy. Happy Baby: – Multiple grabbing and biting points – Non-choking design: baby finger-sizes Safe Teething: – Made of 100% safe medical-grade silicone: BPA-, PVC-, and Phthalate-free – Safe in microwaves, boiling water, dishwashers, and sterilizers

Main features

  • Soft hygienic medical grade silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Baby finger sized
  • Non-choking design
  • Multiple points for grabbing and holding

Verified reviews



My son got his first teeth at 3.5 months, so I have already been through about 18 different teethers. I found this one on Amazon at the 4 month mark and am so happy I tried it out. Easy to grab, easy to clean, and my son will munch on it until he falls asleep or needs to eat. The four little prongs do not gag him and have different textures on the end. He is almost 6 months now it is still, by far, his favorite thing to munch on (my finger is not an option anymore with those sharp little teeth). My son prefers silicone teethers and loves this one in particular.The minute you see drool, get one of these. I have three!

Janna Craley, PA


Finally! A back teeth teether that doesn’t gag my daughter, with no parts that can come off in her mouth!! Over the last 2 years we’ve owned more than 100 teethers. (Not an exaggeration) THIS is the only teether I should have bought. The ring would have been perfect for her front teeth, and the little “legs” of the “octopus” were perfect for her middle and back teeth. It’s so hard to find a good/safe teether for back teeth, and this is totally worth it!No paint to come off in the mouth, silicone is BPA free, and it’s the perfect size for little hands. Firm with a little bit of ‘give’, great for little chewers who prefer hard surfaces over squishy stuff. Smooth, except for the massaging nubs on the ‘feet’. SO easy to clean, and can be sterilized no problem!Don’t waste your money. Buy like 3 of these and rotate them as needed. This is the best teether ever. Keep one in the freezer for when baby needs a cold teether, one in the diaper bag, and one in the playroom. I wish I hadn’t discovered it so late. This and the teethifier were lifesavers when our daughter was getting her molars.SO buying these as baby shower gifts from now on!

Henrietta Robersonville, NC

Great teether for 3 month old

I purchased this teether for my 3 month old breastfed baby who would not take a pacifier and did not care for traditional teethers. The moment I gave it to her she began making all sorts of noises (as if it gave her pleasurable relief) and would not let me take it from her. It is very light weight, flexible, soft silicone. The end with the fingers can fit up to 2 “fingers” in her mouth at a time, reaching both sides of her mouth.Although it’s a perfect size and weight for small hands, it takes cordination to put the “fingers” in her mouth. I often have to turn it the right way for her. The handle is the same material and can be chewed as well, but the “finger” end is prefered.My daughter is 4 months old now and likes the Nuby silicone teether even better. But she will still chew on this one as well. Found here:;=8-7π=SL75

Jasmin Mount Pleasant, NC

Hoped my LO would like it but no

Bought this teether based on the good reviews. I had really wanted my LO to like it, but she showed little interest in it. The downside to this material is that it attracts every piece of lint, fuzz, etc.

Kelli Westmoreland, KS

Yum!! Baby LOVES

Hard to pry this little thing from my daughter’s slimy hands! She gnaws it like her life depends on it. Small, but effective. LOVE.

Cheri Kissimmee, FL

Best for younger babies

I love this teether – I just wish I’d found it, or it had existed, when my son was 3 months and started wanting to chew on things all the time. I had the hardest time finding anything small enough. TheLifefactory 2 Pack Multi Sensory Silicone Teether, Sky/Spring Greenwas what worked then, and was his favorite for months, but I think this Comotomo one would have been even better. It’s smaller and would have been much easier for him to hold onto and put in his mouth.As it is I found it when he was 7 months old and suddenly got bored of most of his teethers and wanted something that sticks into his mouth, and this is smaller than I had hoped. He will play with it for a while but not as big a hit as I’d thought it would be.But for those of you with 3-4 month olds who are wanting to chew on things, this is the PERFECT size – I’m not sure there are actually any others available nearly so good.

Angelica Willamina, OR

Num Num Num

I bought the orange version and my baby does loves it more and more. Almost more than a pacifier. We go everywhere with it and I use one the of the secure a toy items Amazon sells and it’s great.

Marina Kremlin, MT

Ok but not for us

My son didnt seem to like this very much. I thought it would be a good teether but he didnt want it at all.

Yvonne Deweyville, TX

Okay, not great

I bought this after I bought Sophie because it seemed my daughter was having a tough time managing the giraffe. This teether fit the bill for all of two weeks. Once she gained more motor control she was all about Sophie and lost interest in this. Sophie goes everywhere: to the grocery store, out to dinner, to naps, etc. She never tires of Sophie.If you are debating whether to plunk down the money for Sophie instead of this, I would encourage you in that direction.

Melisa Lacamp, LA

Perfect for teething!

I love this teether; it is somewhat soft and flexible. It’s perfect for chewing on any part of it. The "fingers" are a nice size for little mouths and for reaching the molar areas.

Wilda Artesia Wells, TX


My son is teething, and I wanted to find a toy that he could use while on tummy time…that wouldn’t choke him if he fell on it.

Isabella Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Okay product

It entertains my son for a while with his teething but not for long. Overall is a good product just that my son isn’t crazy about it. I also like that the "legs" are suppose to be their "fingers" so instead of chewing their fingers they chew this

Beatriz Pompey, NY

Baby loves it

This teether is great, my baby loves it. It is easy for him to hold and nice and pliable for gumming. A good find!

Eliza Hillsboro, KS

Baby loves it

The little "fingers" on this teether are just like baby fingers so it’s really pleasant for them to chew on. Since it’s solid silicone, it can easily be boiled or sterilized (unlike plastic chews). It’s thin to that makes it very easy to grab and hang on to. Overall, a great purchase.

Abby Clark Fork, ID

didn’t last long

one of the "arms" that’s extended broke in two after only having for a short time, I had to throw it away.

Olivia Bahama, NC


great teether i thought my son would love it but for some reason he just isnt into it. the material feels nice and is very soft for a teething baby.

Carol Sage, AR

neat little toy

This thing is great, my song has 4 chances to get this thing into his mouth, it’s a huge help with learning hand-eye coordination. And it prevents him from constantly gnawing on his fingers!

Kay Hillsboro, OH

Perfect for small babies

This is really the PERFECT size for my small baby. She loves to chew, chew, chew on this teether and she likes the shape, I often catch her just turning it around and looking at it. I definitely recommend this over other teethers. The only competition this one has is Sophie, she completely ignores all the other ones we have.

Natalie Argonia, KS

Perfect for early teethers!

My baby started to teeth at about 3 months, but he was unable to hold other teethers due to their weight or form, so his chosen teether tended to be my fingers– OUCH! However, I ordered this one based on its light weight, and it has not let me down. It was easily picked up by him, and he was able to keep a good grip on it due to its small ring. He loved to shove the "V" shaped part in his mouth and gnaw away. He’s 6 months now and has two teeth, and this is still his preferred teether, even though he has the ability to hold on to his other ones. The shape is genius, and I think that’s what attracts him most to it. I strongly endorse this product for any baby, but especially for early teethers who are having a hard time holding on to traditional teethers.

Janis Livingston Manor, NY

6 month old just not that into it

My baby is not that into it, and she gags on the little fingers. They are too long, in my opinion.

Mara Columbus, MS

Awesome teether!

My 3.5 month old started to hold teethers a few weeks ago and this is by far one if his favorite. he holds it with both hands and chews on all the sides. its nice and soft for his gums and he also enjoys looking at it which I catch him doing occasionaly. He chews on this teether the longest. its a great buy.

Lavonne Ipava, IL

Do you have a finger chewer?

If your child is a finger chewer, I’d wager they’d love this teether! Its strange looking. As an adult, I think it looks weird and not like a whole lot of fun. Just goes to show you what I know… My 5 month old is a champion finger chewer and thumb sucker. We looked for toys that were small enough to fit in her mouth for her to chew on as the classic teething rings and keys are waaaay too big for her.I googled "top teething toys" and this was on one of the lists. I figured what the heck. I sterilized it (in the dishwasher) and handed it over to my little one who immediately knew what to do with it. She chews on the "prongs" and the ring itself. My husband looked at it like it was the weirdest thing he’d ever seen (likening it to a diamond ring with no diamond) but clearly, the baby knows what she likes.I’d recommend this to anyone who has a finger chewer or if they have a little one who wants to put everything in their mouth but find traditional things a little too big.

Lee Tucson, AZ


When we first got this teether my son could of cared less. However, now that he is starting to get molars he loves this teeter. It is just long enough to itch those pesky teeth without letting him choke. Plus, it’s easy to clean and easy to find when he drops it in places like the car because it can’t roll under the seats. Just the small things!

Margaret Westwood, CA

I was a fan, daughter wasn’t too impressed

I thought this would be a big hit with my daughter, but she wasn’t too impressed. She used it for a little bit but wasn’t too interested in it. I got her some chew sticks also and she prefers those to this thing.

Stella Darrington, WA

My six month old loves it!

It might not look like much, but this little toy has instantly become one of my son’s favorite little teething toys. We call it his extra fingers, and he goes nuts as soon as he sees it. This is soft but sturdy and perfect for teething. The ring can actually go around a baby’s wrist, although my son does not like it when we do this. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the product and for the price, you cannot go wrong.

Kristie Bunkie, LA

Great for Teething & Pre-Teething as a toy to suck on.

This item is great for teething, no doubt. Easy for baby to grip, lots of options for chewing. BUT, I introduced it at one month because my baby would not take a pacifier, but wanted something to suck on. He liked this because he could hold it (unlike a pacifier) and suck on it. I like that it is made from non toxic materials. Give it a try!

Kasey Phil Campbell, AL

Tiny plastic fingers!

My daughter was teething with a vengeance by around 5 months. We bought the Life Factory teethers as well as Sophie, but she wasn’t able to manipulate either enough to get them in her mouth. (Sophie was too cumbersome and the Life Factory teether just ended up on the floor or around her arm.)Enter the Comotomo teether! It’s small enough that it doesn’t get caught on her arm and loved the tiny little fingers! (And no wonder, they’re about the size of her fingers. We have started getting this for all of our friends who are expecting. It’s great!

Jeannie Providence, UT

great as a pacifier as well

Our baby is just starting to discover her hands and wants to nibble on things. We use this as a discovery toy and pacifier. The material is great and this is manufactured well. There aren’t any sharp or rough seams. There are some tiny little dot nubs on each leg that are different on each leg to give some variety to the texture. I doubt a baby will notice, but it’s extra attention to detail that shows the designer and manufacturer take this product seriously.

Marla Wharton, TX

Love it

Love this teether! You can attach it to car seat/stroller/cart cover, etc. and baby loves chewing on all the "fingers". Much better than baby trying to chew on me!I get many people who stop me and ask what it is and they all say what a great idea.

Corina Tell City, IN

great baby finger sized teether.

It is soft, flexible, easy to attach and easy to clean. Great teether for our beach camping trip. I would recommend it to others.

Lillian Acton, ME