Conair Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

Conair Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

A fast and easy way for parents to turn the foods they choose into healthy meals for baby, the unit steams and purees in the same bowl. A 4-cup work bowl means lots of leftovers, which can go right into the refrigerator or freezer. A built-in bottle warmer heats baby’s bottle to just the right temperature. Includes Cuisinart Baby recipes in the recipe booklet as well as a spatula, bottle adapter ring and integrated measuring cup.

Main features

  • Steam, chop/pureé and bottle warmer functions; 4-cup work bowl
  • Patent-pending Blade lock System holds the blade in place while pouring
  • Steam blade creates even steam distribution for quicker, more efficient results
  • Bowl seal to prevent spitting and improve steaming; Powerful motor for quick steaming and precise chopping
  • Recipe booklet, spatula, bottle adapter ring and integrated measuring cup included; 18-month warranty

Verified reviews


It leaks and food isn’t puree quality, more like choping raw food!

To go straight to my points:1) It leaks (I’ll upload pictures)2) After 30 minutes of steaming 1 1/2 cup of carrots they were still tough (very!) So I decided to put more water in the chamber and steam it for another 20!… Then "puree it". When I was done, the carrots (maybe because it leaked all the water) was more looking like grounded coffee than anything else, so I added water and puree it again and it kept the same texture.I didn’t want to burn the machine by "pureeing" too much (as it started to make a weird noise after 40 seconds of chopping) so I just got the carrots out (I’ll post pictures of this too).I thought carrots might have been the problem, so I steamed apples and it happen again!3) I don’t even know if the bottle warmer works, but I have to say, a Tommee Tippee bottle fits comfortably, so it is a good size.4) It is big (specialty for the counter of a 700sq2 feet condo) (10in height x 10in depth x 7in width) and the power cable is kind of short (31 inches)Arghhh I was going to write more, but the Bruins just lost the Stanley Cup… So… I guess this info might be enough.Don’t buy this thing, an oven or a microwave and a regular blender will do a better job!

Kathleen Rutherford, NJ

Love it, love it, love it.

I absolutely love this food maker. Could I make baby pure without it? Absolutely. But as a working mom I do not have much time for anything nowadays. Using this machine is as simple as peal veggie/cut/put in a bin, push dial to “steam” and go do what you have to do around the house. When you are back, veggies already steamed to perfection. Push dial to “pure” and 10-20 seconds later your baby food is ready. Love it, love it, and love it.Now the bad part: I have a serious concern that this unit may start grow mold inside it. There is no way to open compartment where you pour water to make sure that there are no water remaining. I keep top lid open for at least 12 hrs with the hopes that it could dry any water remaining. Other day I saw something dark in outer rim. Was it mold – I am not sure. But that surely makes me concern and worry.

Krista Nebraska, IN

Bad design with the water reservoir

This is a good idea but there are two things I didn’t like about this and was the reason I returned it. First is the water reservoir. There is no way to tell if its clean. I’m sure I can clean it every so often with vinegar but its just not good enough. I have to be able to see for myself if there is possible mold or hard water deposit forming and there is no way to tell because you can’t see inside it. Second issue is that there is so much water used during the cooking process. I used it to cook butternut squash. I followed the amount your suppose to use for it and seemed like the squash was being boiled in a lot of water. I don’t like that the food was this watered down and yes I can pour the excess water out before pureeing but all the nutrients will be lost in the cooking water. Plus, I want to be in control of how much liquid goes into the baby food. I’m just going to buy a small processor and use my steamer and then transfer. Its just one extra step and I feel better about the food i’m giving my baby.

Lakeisha Jamestown, LA

So glad I bought this

I bought this because the other baby food makers were so small! I am so glad I did.. Cuisinart quality for my baby.. what else can I say!If you are a budding chef like me then to give you an example – the 4 cup capacity = 2 medium organic apples… I make babyfood every week and freeze and this size is just perfect.. cant imagine using the smaller ones!The bottle warmer is an added plus.. 1 less appliance on my countertop..yay!

Corrine Tecumseh, KS

Super easy to use and clean

When we were getting ready to start solid foods I really didn’t see the point of getting a dedicated baby food maker. We already have a bullet blender and a food processor as well as a stovetop steamer pot, so I thought I’d just steam food on the stove, transfer it to the blender or food processor, and be on my way. Well…that creates way too many items to wash, a bullet blender is not that great at evenly pureeing food, and a full size food processor doesn’t puree small batches very well.Enter the baby food maker! It’s the right size for the job, does it all in the same container, and cleans up easily. It’s actually so nice I’ll probably continue to use it as a small food processor for fresh salsa and the like after our daughter moves on from baby food. The instruction manual has a helpful chart for different types of food and the amount of water needed. Cooking times seem to be based on the amount of water put into the machine- the steam function shuts off automatically when it has used up the water. So far, the chart has been accurate for the type & amount of food to water ratio, so nothing has been over or under cooked.It’s fairly quiet given its function- definitely quieter than the blender or regular food processor, both of which would induce screaming by my baby. She doesn’t mind this.I do wish it had a chime or some sort of sound to let you know when it was finished steaming. As it is, you either have to set a kitchen timer to remind you to check it or just keep looking to see if the indicator light has turned off.It does have a bottle warmer function, which we haven’t used, as our daughter flatly refuses a bottle. The instruction manual states that the warmer warms bottles to room temperature, which may be why there are reviews complaining that the warmer doesn’t get the bottle "hot" enough. I assume room temperature is about 72 degrees. If I wanted a baby food maker/bottle warmer combo product I might be disappointed by this one, but since we don’t use the bottle warmer, this machine has been one of our best baby purchases to date.

Melinda Villard, MN

Beautiful purée!

I bought this for, what else, to make baby purée. I did a lot of research on all the baby food makers out there and this one stood out to me. The review on it are great and it doesn’t scream “baby” it just looks like another kitchen appliance.I made my first purée today. I shaved and chopped a sweet potato, followed the instructions and let it steam away. When it was done I puréed it and then added a little more water to tailor it to the consistency my baby would prefer. It was seriously the smoothest purée I have ever seen, just like the Gerber jarred stuff. It was so beautiful I took a picture!

Stacie Jewett City, CT

Great purchase so far!

I am very glad I make this purchase. I went back and forth looking at the different baby food makers. Most get ok reviews. I was going to just buy a regular food processor until I read reviews about this appliance.I love the idea of having the cooking and chopping all in one cup. The thought of having to clean up steaming pots plus a food processor was too much with a little one.I easily made sweet potato and apples this past weekend and there was little clean up. I can’t wait to try out more.***Update 9/4/2013*** Still working great. My son is now 1 year and I’m still using this. I did use the bottle warmer for a while. Worked really well. Very helpful to have. Now I’m using this to continue making some purees, but also steam his veggies soft to cut up and let him pick up and eat. Love this purchase!

Francis Calhoun Falls, SC

You get what you pay for — worth every penny!

This baby food maker is by far the best baby item we have purchased so far, it’s so super simple and easy to use and they provide simple instructions on how to make baby food. If I had to be picky, I would say the only downside is that the jar is not made from glass (I’m not a big fan of steamy plastic touching our baby food). But brush that aside for now (until Cusinart makes a glass version) and buy this thing — you are guaranteed to love it and I’m 110% sure you won’t be returning this item once you use it.

Althea Mount Vernon, AR

Multiple uses!

I had great dreams of making my own baby food, but the baby skipped that whole step and wanted to eat foods that she could “chew”. I was disappointed because this thing is freaking awesome! It steams the food (gives a little table of how much water to use with certain foods), and then purees it before you even have to let the steam out. Often times a little water is still in there with the food, so it makes it a little less thick. I liked that. I was concerned I wasted my # but it works as a perfect little food processor when I don’t want to pull the big cahoona out!Good Luck Mommies 🙂

Kellie Allen, OK

A++ Baby Food Processor

Cuisinart is a very trustworthy and respectable brand. After reading many reviews on the other brands for baby food processor…I was cautious with the cons that people commented. When I came across this particular brand,Cuisinart, it definately caught my attention. I read all the reviews and of course they were ALL POSITIVE:) no CONS except for maybe the price but you truly get what you pay for. I bought this in an instance, tried it a couple times and of course fell in love! I do have other Cuisinart kitchen products and they are all in good shape. This is the BEST baby food processor out there…check out the reviews…you should know by what other people are saying about this product. It is easy as 1, 2, 3…bottle warmer is a + and it is real simple to clean. It comes with recipes and gives you directions on how much h20 to place to Steam. What I also like is the ability for the steamer to automatically shut off…just in case you don’t want to oversteam your veggies or fruits. I already know I’ll be using this forever. I am 100% satisfied with this product and do recommend this for all parents with babies.

Deanne Butler, TN

Where was this product when my babies were born?

This is great. I bought it for my daughter and she uses it three times a week and thanks me. It is attractive and small enough to keep on your counter and it steams and then purees fresh food for baby to perfection. You set the degree of texture you want. I was amazed to see my granddaughter eating so joyfully from the first bite of real food (avocado, not cooked) at six months tocauliflower, yams, pears, etc.

Etta Fairfax Station, VA

Awesome baby food maker!

High quality device that does just what it advertises. Steam and purée all in one container. Does a great job creating smooth purees. It makes making your own baby food really easy.

Jacklyn Niagara Falls, NY

Better than Baeba

I bought this after the Baeba baby food maker was recalled. I realize that I should have bought this from jump. It is some much easier than the Baeba!!! And you go straight from steaming to chopping–no need to remove a basket and drain water. You just load, steam, chop!!

Leah Pleasureville, KY


I read review after review after review trying to decide which baby food maker to buy. I was just about to buy the Beaba, when I found a review that directed me to this one instead which was totally not even on my radar. Boy am I grateful to that reviewer! First, small disclaimer–I have never (and will never) use the bottle warmer, so cannot comment on that. But I love the ease with which this works and the purees are are wonderful. One big bonus is that it is all in one bowl, so no transfering of hot food. This is especially important as, let’s face it, I’m often making my son’s food with him on my hip. So 1-handed operation is a huge bonus. The "hardest" step is the universal step that is needed for all baby food makers, the peeling and/or chopping into chunks. After that, it’s a breeze. Look up the amount of water required for your ingredient, measure in the handy measuring cup (which secures into the base so you won’t lose it!), pour in water, plug in, turn to steam and walk away. Sometime later, I’ll check on it, if light is off, I can go right ahead and turn handle to puree. Pulse a few times and can have textured foods, or hold it to have smooth puree. I then either feed it to my son and/or put in ice cube trays for long-term storage. I also love that you can just puree, without steaming, for a banana, for example. OR you can steam without pureeing so I can get some food out to give to my toddler and then puree. You can also control the texture of the food by blending as little or much as you like to give the baby the texture he wants. So much flexibility. And it’s easy to clean, doesn’t take up much space in the cupboard/counter, etc. Basically, I have not <yet> found anything wrong with this product!

Marlene Dixon, KY

Nearly perfect!

It is obvious that the folks at cuisinart truly use their products. And this one is nearly perfect! The only improvements I would like to see are 1. a metal steam basket, so that foods don’t have to basically be poached in a pool of water, which causes nutrients to leach out more. and 2. a better blade, similar to the four-blade in the baby bullet. While the baby bullet blade hasn’t stood the test of time (the plastic started cracking and leaking within a few months of use), it does do a better job at pureeing. So if this cuisinart BFM had the ability to blend better, and steam foods without poaching them, it would get 5 stars from me. Otherwise, I am very happy with this purchase. I just wish I could find attachments that could do these two things.

Guadalupe La Monte, MO

Easy to use and clean.

I love this machine!I do already have a steamer, blender, and food processor at home but none of them are easy to use and clean. After deciding to buy the Beaba Babycook (pro) I found this and decided it was a better choice (based on reviews). I read that the Beaba grew mold, it was small, and overall many people had problems.I loved the packaging, there were instructions on how to unwrap the machine from the packing materials and diagrams to make sure you didn’t throw any parts away.After reading the instruction booklet (which was short, simple, and to-the-point) I used the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker without any issues. Putting the water in, properly closing the lid(s), and turning the dial to steam was as easy as 1-2-3. Once the food was steamed it only took a few moments to puree the food. The bowl has a pour lip which was very helpful. I also loved that the blade remained attached to the bowl while pouring the food out. After removing all the food I did a quick rinse with water and put it all on the top rack of the dishwasher. So simple and easy.Summary of PROS: (1) great instructions, (2) easy to use, (3) easy to clean, (4) blade remains in place while pouring, (5) the pour lip on the bowl, (6) the effectiveness of the blade, and (7) large enough capacity (I can make one ice cube tray full of food in each bowl).CONS: (1) I don’t particularly like that the “spatula” that comes with the machine is white and gets stained the first time you use it with carrots or sweet potatoes/yams. This is obviously only a minor annoyance. (2) I have to leave the machine lid open for a day or so after using to make sure that the water dries out.Bottle Warmer: I have not used this as a bottle warmer (I have a separate one) because I don’t keep this on the counter – so I am unaware how this function works.Overall, I believe this was a great purchase and know I will use this long after I no longer need it for making baby food.

Jami Calvert, TX

Not so good in cleanng

I have this food maker for 3 month now. I like everything but cleaning it. The blades part gets small pieces of food inside and it is hard to clean them even with bottle nipples brush, same with food dispenser. The most desapointing thing is that water dispenser comes in one piece with whole steamer and there is no way to clean it ( it suggested to clean it with vinegar, but there is no way to brush the mold out). So mine got mold in it and got a bad smell. I’m thinking to look for another food maker as this one doesn’t look safe and I don’t want to feed my bay with germs.

Susie Turin, NY

Better than the other brand

I also have a competing brand "high-end" baby food steamer/maker, a rice cooker, & a food processor. I can honestly say that the Cuisinart baby food maker is much more convenient than any of the aforementioned devices. It holds an adequate amount of cut veggies/fruit for several more 2 oz portions of puréed foods than my other baby food maker and it’s all-in-one design is super convenient. A must-have for people who wish to make their own baby food.

Jolene Mountain Village, AK

Great machine!

I’ve only used it once hence can’t comment on any long term issues yet. We just made first apple puree using the machine and it came out just perfect! The result was so tasty I almost it all myself :DJust followed booklet instructions for steaming time and blending – you will be happy with it.

Marla Kyle, SD

Food Tastes Weird. Puree Not Fine Enough.

I was very excited to try this. After only three uses I’m sending it back. My main problems are the food tastes weird and it does not puree the food fine enough. My baby is only 6 months and just starting on solids. If you’ve purchased any brand of baby food rated for babies this age, you’d know that the food is very liquidy and the puree is super smooth.The texture of the food this machine made was just too coarse. No matter how long I pulsed and blended…the puree was just too rough and baby didn’t take to it very well. Then I tasted the food and noticed a very strong and distinct taste. It’s the taste of the machine–the heating element to be specific. How do I know? Ever tried drinking water heated by a counter top coffee maker? Yup…the food that this machine makes takes like that even though I use good purified water. My baby gagged to let me know her displeasure. I’m not sure if that taste will go away as the machine is broken in. But I’m not going to find out. I sent this bad boy back.I prefer to cook my baby’s food in a steamer, in a nice 18/10 stainless steel pot, or to just bake it. Then put it in my Vitamix and blend to any consistency I need.So, why o why did I buy this when I already have a $500 blender at home? My working mom friends told me that it was way more convenient to have a machine that does it all…so that it’s easy to prep, cook, blend, clean. They also mentioned that this way, you don’t lose any of the nutrients after you cook the food and transfer the cooked food to another container for processing. After trying this, I don’t know if any of that is true. Cooking in a steamer, oven, pot then separately blending in my blender was just as convenient. Cleaning is about the same initially, however, I think that in the long run it is probably more work to clean and maintain this machine. You don’t just wash the food processing cup after each use, you have to wash the blade and the lid, too, after each use. Then you have to perform frequent routine cleaning and maintenance on the entire machine as well to make sure the insides and the entire thing is hygienic. The argument about loosing nutrients. Well, you don’t loose any if you steam or bake. And if you boil in a pot, my tip to you would be just don’t use too much water when boiling so that you can dump all the nutrient rich boiling liquid in the blender with the food when you puree.One last thing I will mention is…the steaming and processing cup and lid is plastic. Sure Cuisinart says that all the parts that touch the food is BPA free. What about the parts that touch the water? And are you really comfortable heating plastic over and over to cooking temperatures whether or not it is BPA free? Plastics all break down whether BPA free or not. I personally believe all plastics can leach, if not BPA, other chemicals into food when the plastic is exposed to high temperatures and breaks down from heat or age.For the smartees out there. Yes, the Vitamix blending cup is poly-carbonate. But I don’t cook my food in it. I let cooked food cool down before I put it in the blending cup. If that is really of concern to you, there are blenders out there with glass blending cups. Anyway, with the all concerns I have, I think cooking and blending separately is better than these all-in-one baby food makers on the market including this Cuisinart model.

Tonya Milledgeville, GA


Very easy to use, nice that cooking and chopping are done in the same bowl. Booklet is helpful. Large volume. Love it.

Jenna Creve Coeur, IL

So freakin’ easy!!!!

I’m fairly lazy and have a baby which shouldn’t add up to a freezer FULL of homemade baby food, but because of this device it DOES!! This makes it so incredibly easy. I have pureed sweet potatoes, peach, butternut squash, pear, avocado, watermelon, apple, pear, split pea soup, carrot, etc. I pour everything into dollar store ice cube trays and label with post-its, then I put the frozen cubes in dollar store zip locks and label with a sharpie, and done! I can pull a cube of a few different things out, mix and match and heat. My baby loves food and this makes it fun and easy to give him delicious nutritious food all of the time. I love that the water with the nutrition gets mixed back in with the food. This thing is genius.

Sasha Viewtown, VA

Best on the market

When making our granddaughter’s baby food we use the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker & Bottle Warmer. We do the peeling and chopping, and the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker & Bottle Warmer does the rest. Plus we found the food maker to be really easy to clean.Since steaming is the absolute best way to keep the taste and nutrients in the food you are preparing for your child I was pleased Cuisinart BFM-STORC Food Storage System that the Cuisinart unit system steams and purees all in the same bowl. With the 4 cup bowl, I was able to make enough food to store and freeze.In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can puree foods such as cooked meats. We’ve now made an assortment of veggies, fruits, nd meat purees and have enough stored in our freezer to get through the next couple months. The Cuisinart 2-in-1 Baby Food Maker & Bottle Warmer comes with a handy recipe booklet and spatula.The bottle warmer portion of the system was very simple to use and heated bottles to the perfect temp. The instructions were very helpful in explaining how much water was needed per the ounces of formula or breast-milk in the bottle.Overall, The Cuisinart Baby Food Maker & Bottle Warmer is a must-have for parents looking to make their own baby food.

Dayna Fort Dodge, IA

A must for anyone who wants to make their own baby food

At first at tried to do it "manually" – steam basket, big pot, blender. So much work, so many different parts to clean, no thanks. My cousin recommended I get this and I’m so glad she did. It’s SO EASY! One button to steam, one button to puree/chop. They provide a very handy chart that tells you which foods need how much time and even a few very yummy recipes. GREAT PRODUCT!

Concepcion Golden Eagle, IL

Great Purchase

I struggled making a choice with a baby food maker. It appears they all have some nuances from the reviews I read. I found this and though I have only been using the product for 2 weeks I could not be happier with the product. It allows you to make smaller batches if you want to make food by the day but also allows you to make larger batches if you prefer to freeze some portions for later. I like to make a bit and freeze since it’s just easier. Thus far, every fruit and veggie I have made has been perfect. The recommended water is spot on per the instructions. I actually add just a tad more water to the recommendation because I add rice cereal to my fruits right now, but that’s just my current preference.I have used the bottle warmer a few times and it works just fine. Other reviews I read did not rate this feature high, but I think it is just a matter of understanding how it works. It warms the bottle faster than my current stand alone version.

Ma Worthing, SD

Wonderful Product

I have only used the baby food maker part of this product (we already owned a bottle warmer) and it works wonderfully. I have made sweet potatoes and carrots so far. It was very easy to use. The booklet tells you the amount of food to put in the processor and how much water to use. The unit automatically stops when the steaming is done and then you turn the knob the other direction to puree it. I know that food can be steamed on the stove and then blended, but I was looking for convenience. This is VERY convenient. I am very happy with my purchase.

Jenny Hillsdale, MI

Great item

Very convenient and useful for busy parents as it steams and purées in the same bowl. The recipe booklet is very handy, especially for parents who are most starting to give solids and wonder what consistency a particular item should be.

Chandra Rice, VA

finally used it!

We’re just about to start solids for my little one and I made a few batches of pureed baby food this weekend. It is very easy to use and easy to clean. I was originally worried the plastic would stain, but it has not as of yet. I made yellow squash, carrots, and sweet potato. All came out perfectly. I highly recommend this if you are wanting to make your own baby food.

Gayla Picacho, NM

I have no idea why it has such good ratings

I was really excited about having a steamer, chopper, and bottle warmer in one. BUT the steamer does not work well: water leaks out of the back sometimes and there doesn’t appear to be any consistency in how much water is needed. If you use too little water and the food is still hard, you have to wait for the unit to cool off or rinse it under cold water, which is annoying. I find it much easier to just steam things in a pot and then use my food processor to puree the food.Don’t get me started on the bottle warmer. It uses TINY amounts of water, so if you’re off by a little bit, you’ll end up with a bottle that’s still cold or waaaaay too hot. As with the steamer, if the bottle is too cold, you have to wait for the unit to cool off before re-heating the bottle. And then it’ll probably be too hot. I for a long time to figure out the right amounts (we use the same bottles all the time, so it should have been fairly easy), concluded it was impossible, and went back to a Kozii bottle warmer (which we already had and I highly recommend).Basically, the only part of this thing that works well is the chopper. And I’m sure there are much cheaper quality choppers out there.

Claudine Hadley, MI


We were contemplating getting a baby bullet but had read some bad reviews. We purchased this based on all the rave reviews and we were not disappointed. It’s easy to use, clean and its compact size doesn’t take up too much room in the kitchen.

Rosemary Columbus, PA