Conair Cuisinart CS-6 6-Bottle Capacity Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Conair Cuisinart CS-6 6-Bottle Capacity Baby Bottle Sterilizer

Offering peace of mind the natural way, the unit lets parents sterilize everything for baby with steam. It’s a perfect solution for bottles, pacifiers, small toys and breast-feeding accessories. The sterilizer is compact yet big enough to hold up to six glass or plastic bottles, including all commercially available sizes.

Main features

  • Naturally uses steam to sterilize baby’s bottles, pacifiers, small toys and breast-feeding items
  • Hold up to 6 bottles of ANY commercially available sizes in glass or plastic
  • Integrated measuring cup allows for easy storage
  • Compact design with contemporary styling
  • BPA-free; 3-year limited warranty

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money

I guess it sanitizes but it leaves everything wet when its done. I have used it twice, now it’s in the back of the cabinet… If it had a drying feature it might actually be worth the money.

Mercedes Brook Park, MN

Works fast!

This sterilizer works so fast! It’s large enough to hold my 8 Comotomo bottles (8oz size) and all my breast pump gear, and is easy to use. Measure the water with the built in measuring cup, load it up, plug it in, and turn it on. Only takes a few minutes to sterilize. It’s large and we have very little counter space, but the convenience is worth it. We use it every day, sometimes multiple times in one day. Prior to this, we were boiling pots of water to sterilize, so this is a huge time saver! I do wish that the pieces would come out dry, but I understand that that’s not how sterilizers work. So I won’t complain. Great product.UPDATE: The more I use this sterilizer the more I love it. The lid on top is very tall, so when all my bottles don’t fit on the bottom, I can put them on top. I can stack pieces up high on the bottom and still have space to stack things on top (and vice versa). It might take a little finagling to get everything in there (at the times when we have a big load to take care of), but I can always make everything fit.

Jeanne Plymouth, UT

great for sterilizing different bottles/objects!

This is NOT a dishwasher which I thought it was for some reason–that would be great and INSANELY cheap 🙂 Anyway, it has made washing bottles, toys, pumping stuff so much easier. Instead of scrubbing I rinse everything and throw it in the sterilizer. This one in particular is great because it can fit multiple sizes and styles of bottles (6 bottles and an upper tray for everything else). I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 stars because (which would be the same with any sterilizer) things come out wet and I have to clean the whole thing out 1-3 times a day but I am finicky. In short, I really like this product. If you are on the fence about getting a sterilizer I would get one–especially if you are pumping and have to clean stuff every few hours like I do.

Lindsey Seal Cove, ME

Not designed by a woman holding a baby

This machine needs a lid that can be opened with one hand as a woman usually has a baby on her hip and only one hand free. Otherwise it is just ok. My machine had a clear plastic sticky thing pasted over the element that was not taken off and thus burned nasty brown for a month.

Millicent Beaver Island, MI

Holds lots of bottles and parts

I got this sterilizer because I did not like using the microwave kind and I wanted something with more capacity. This thing holds a ton of bottles and parts, which is great. The only downside is that the water doesn’t evaporate as much as I would like and you end up with very wet parts. Adding a little bit less water than it calls for helps.

Allie Lucien, OK

Great Machine

This machine is great for sterilizing. It is easy to use and works fast. The only issue is that the items you sterilize do take forever to dry. I have enough pump bottles and feeding bottles that I can let them dry for the day without being short of supplies. The parts that come with the sterilizer are easy to clean and easy to wipe out. I leave ours out on the counter next to the sink so I can dump the excess water out when the cycle is done. I would buy this again. It has been a huge help!

Geri Van Buren, IN

Easy to use

I switched to glass bottles from playtex disposables and was so worried about cleaning them. I’m rather germaphobic and not too sure my dishwasher does a good job. This sterilizer performs perfect. I am tired at night when I’m getting bottles ready for the next day and this is simple to do. I hand wash my bottles, stick them in, put the nipples and accessories on top tray, pour the water directly in from the measured container provided, then turn on. In a few minutes…germ-free! When you unload it you just pour the little bit of water out that’s left on the bottom and wipe the inside. Simple!

Clare Premier, WV

Makes life easier

This is a super easy way to keep your baby bottles etc bacteria free. It does take up a bit of space on the counter but for ease of sterilization, I can live with that. Minus one star for the condensation that builds after a load is run, it doesn’t air out and dry the bottles well at all.

Britney Savona, NY


Very good purchase!…. bottles are done in about 10 minutes, it is a good size, easy to clean, easy to operate, I can leave the bottles sterilizing and go to bed, the sterilizer will turn off by itself, I prefer this method than the microwave one, I don’t trust plastic with microwave (despite of BPA free…)

Kristina Winter, WI

A work horse!

This thing gets a work out in our house! Breast pump parts, pacifiers, bottle parts, mesh feeders & baby toys are sanitized on the daily. The built in measuring cup is super convenient. Some rust looking substance accumulates in the bottom as a reaction to breast milk so extra condensation needs to be drained after each use.

Nettie Mantua, UT

Good choice

Love this product! You can use it for any size bottles! And it’s done in 10 min. I’m glad I got this sterilizer!

Loretta Saint Agatha, ME


I love this bottle sterilizer. it cleans the bottles perfectly. The only downsize is the size of the product. Other than that is a great product.

Madge Carrollton, VA

I Have Two and LOVE!!!

I have two and use them multiple times a day for the past 11 months. This has been one the most useful baby items in my house. I sterilize anything heat safe from bottles, collars, nipples, spoons, bowls, plates, baby food containers, pacifiers, heat safe silicone teethers, toys, etc.Take it out of the box, rinse it, plug it in, and it’s ready to go. This has a huge chamber–large capacity. Double-decker shelf that is removable for easy loading and unloading. Just flip the switch to on when loaded. It turns off automatically. The heating element is not exposed. The bottom of the chamber is smooth so it is easy to clean and maintain. No burning, no rusting.I recommend using filtered/distilled water especially if you live somewhere that has hard water. You don’t want it to crust up and calcify inside. Also keep it clean by unplugging and washing it once a week. It’s nice looking and doesn’t take up much counter space at all.And note that this sterilizer does no have a drying function. When it is done sterilizing, everything inside is wet. As a tip, when I don’t use the full load of sterilized dishes inside after 4-6 hours, I will just add more water and run it again. I run my sterilizers 2-4 times a day, throughout the day, and add more stuff as I go. Its is easy and convenient.If you have a baby, you will need this.

Angie Gwinner, ND

Works well and time saver

I got this sterilizer after a lot of contemplation. I didn’t want to collect a lot of unwanted baby items, so thought I could do without a sterilizer. Once we started bottle-feeding our baby, we soon realized that it was a lot of work to water boil all baby bottles. Some people are ok with just dish-washing them for sterilization , and we were not. So we went ahead and ordered this sterilizer. Here are my pros and cons about this:Pros- Easy to use- Fast (less than 10 minutes cycle)- Fits different size/brands of bottles- Could sterilize my pump parts tooCons- Does not dry the bottles, so they come out soaking wet and need to go on the drying rack- This price seem fairly high for a simple enough product – all it really does is boil and steam the water at appropriate temperature- Takes up space, though it is fairly compact but it is yet another gadget on your kitchen counter- After every cycle it gets this deposit in the water that needs to cleaned/dried out. I’m sure if not cleaned well, it will mold

Lelia Melrose Park, IL