Contours Optima Tandem Stroller, Hudson

Contours Optima Tandem Stroller, Hudson

The Contours Optima tandem stroller offers the robust features of a Contours tandem stroller in a lighter frame. At only 36.6 pounds, this tandem stroller is easy to use with your children. Trips out the house will be enjoyable for you and comfortable for baby. This tandem stroller creates rare flexibility for your family. The Contours Optima tandem stroller has reversible seats that can be positioned six different ways, 2 parent cup holders and storage area, 2 child cup holders, an extra large storage basket, and an infant car seat attachment is included.

Main features

  • Lightweight aluminum frame 37 pounds; Stadium seating for better view of both seats
  • Six different seating positions; Independent reclining seats
  • Height adjustable canopy’s for children of different heights; Four cup holders 2 for parents 2 for children
  • Infant car seat adaptor fits most car seats
  • Extra large storage basket

Verified reviews


A fabulous double stroller!

My favorite thing about this double stroller is the fact that it has so many seating options and will be able to grow with my family. Right now my two boys like to face each other and talk while we are out and about, but they are not always so agreeable and I love that I have the option to change the direction both seats face to suit our current mood.I love that there is a parent tray. A lot of strollers are doing away with this feature and it drives me crazy. I need my parent tray. I drink hot coffee in the morning and I need a secure place to put it while taking my kiddos out for a walk. If we are going for a short walk – I don’t always need my entire diaper bag either, so a place to put a cell phone and keys is nice too. The parent tray clips on, but can be removed if you so choose to remove it. The kids even have removable cups holders as well.I really like that I don’t have to remove the seats in order to collapse the stroller. It can be folded with both seats still attached {I do this with my seats facing each other}.The stroller is very adjustable. The height of the 5-point-harness is adjustable as well as the canopies. This is a convenience that I do not take lightly since I have a couple of very tall boys who do not always fit in standard strollers. I love that the seats themselves can recline and the footrest is adjustable too.I am also a big fan of the HUGE storage basket. I have a love of big diaper bags and big purses and I need a place to put them when strolling with my family. The storage basket is large and leaves plenty of room for extra shopping bags – even when my diaper bag is in there too.I received a Contours Optima Tandem Stroller for a blog review on “Mom Mart” and enjoyed it so much I am sharing my thoughts here as well.

Shana Alma, WI


I love everything about this stroller!It is affordable for the high quality that it offers, is easy to use, maneuvers well, has great storage, transitions great between the different seat positions, and the seats are simple to remove. I love that you can use this as a single stroller with extra storage or a tandem stroller. I was surprised at how easy it was to push as many double strollers aren’t so easy in this area. We received this as a gift and I have not been happier with a stroller!

Terra Carrington, ND

Smooth ride for our babies

We used this stroller for Disneyland. It was great! It is easy to push and has a big storage area underneath. We also loved switching the seats around so our kids could face different directions. We liked this much better than a sit n stand, because both kids got to take naps if needed. The only cons would be that every time you fold up the stroller, you have to detach the seats first. They are easy to detach, just a hassle when you are getting in and out of the tram at Disneyland. On the other hand, this is one of the smoothest rides for a double stroller, easy steering. Glad we bought!

Dolly Bisbee, AZ

Perfect for twins!

There’s nothing I don’t like about this stroller. Fits two infant seats, lots of storage space, big wheels, and easy to maneuver.

Lilly Balm, FL

Best Double Stroller!!

I wish I had discovered this stroller when I first had my twins. We love this stroller. It’s so easy to push and steer and the seats are so easy to re-arrange. My girls love that they can sit facing each other. In this stroller they’re able to chat with each other while I shop, which means it takes much longer than before for them to get bored on shopping trips. It’s also easy to fold and unfold, and has a good sized storage area underneath the seats.

Lillie Perdido, AL