Contours Options 3 Wheeler Stroller II, Cinnamon

Contours Options 3 Wheeler Stroller II, Cinnamon

Kolcraft Contours Options 3 Wheeler StrollerThe redesigned Contours Options 3 Wheeler is all about attracting attention. Its reversible seat always gives baby a perfect view and comfortable ride. This single stroller includes an infant car seat attachment, 8″ front single swivel and 12″ rear never flat wheels. The child cup holder swings out of the way for easy seat access and then right back in for drink accessibility.

Main features

  • Removable seat easily reverses to face parent or to face forward
  • Included car seat attachment fits most infant car seats
  • Child cup holder swings out of the way for easy seat access, then right back in for drink accessibility
  • Canopy adjusts to accommodate growing child’s height
  • Multi-position reclining seat with height adjustable 5-point harness

Verified reviews


Very Happy!

It took me (I’m 7 months pregnant and CAN NOT move easily) about 45 minutes to put this together. I had to read the instructions, but it wasn’t all that difficult. The instructions were a little confusing, but if I got stuck I could re-read them and figure it out. The brake bar was the only thing I was not pleased with. I assembled the brake bar (the foot bar you push down to lock the wheels) as I understood the instructions and it was not right. After I moved parts around (guided by the picture on the box) I was able to get it where it will work well. The screws were VERY loose before I started moving parts around, but as I have it assembled now they are tight. I honestly don’t know if I made the mistake or the instructions were wrong. Just FYI. After I got it put together I messed with all the gadgets on it and I think it will hold up well. It seems sturdy but not bulky. When I put this on my registry I didn’t know the front wheel can be locked so it will stay fixed or swivel. I was pleasantly surprised! Eventhough I haven’t used this stroller yet, I really think it will do a good job. I plan to use it as a running stroller on paved trail and as a backup stroller for everything else.

Louella Ronald, WA


This stroller is the best stroller I have owned. I have had 2 gracos, and an umbrella. I bought this stroller for my son, because he likes to interact with people. I loved the ability to turn him to face us. He is 9.5 months old, and is over 30 inches, but fits great. When I was at the store, I also played with the Maxi Cosi, but found that I preferred this one. Not to mention the Maxi Cosi 300+ price tag. My son is very comfortable in this stroller. I read some reviews that said this is not good for tall babies, however it works fine for my son and I don’t expect that to change any time soon. We are in a small town in Michigan, and the first time I used this was after snow. It maneuvers great!! I find it works so much better than my gracos. Over all, I feel that it is completely worth the money. The only downfall I had with it is that I had to have my dad put it together. After step 2 of the instructions I was totally lost. However, I am not mechanically inclined at all….

Dale Evant, TX

Practically Perfect

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stroller. We began a search for a reverse facing stroller after reading a New York Times article about the benefits of having baby face Mom and Dad while in a stroller – specifically as related to language development.We’ve used this stroller almost every day for the past fourteen months and it is practically perfect. It is lightweight, easily maneuverable, was easy to assemble (I did it myself with no help from the hubby), easy to recline, and easy to flip the seat from forward to rear facing. I also like the multiple cupholders and large, easy to engage break, and sturdy basket under the stroller.I’ve had MANY parents comment on how much they like our stroller and wish they would have gotten something similar for their kiddos. We’ve even discovered that other children who generally don’t like being in a stroller don’t mind this one one bit since they can face Mom or Dad while strolling.The only thing that I don’t like about this stroller is the sunshade. It just isn’t designed to fit this stroller perfectly and more often than not my daughter is completely exposed even with the sunshade down all the way. It was an easy fix, however, as we solved this problem by adding aRayShade UV Protective Stroller Shade Improves Sun Protection for Strollers, Joggers and Prams Black.

Brittany Sheyenne, ND

A little wide and bulky, but otherwise good

I like this stroller, but it is very large and hard to get into the car. It barely fits in my sedan trunk. Also a pain to take into stores, as the wheels are very wide. Really like that you can face it forward or backward though, and that you can adjust the tilt.

Lilian Ridgetop, TN

Good Stroller – Also for taller parents

I didn’t have much choice when purchasing our stroller (we were living remotely) so we went with this one. I have the lime green color, in perhaps an older model. It’s been a great stroller. If you want the look of a fancy schmancy stroller but not the price, this stroller will do it. I’ve gotten lots of complements on it. It manuvers well. Very easy to break down. Tall enough grip for me (5’9″) and my husband (6’9″). The basket underneath is plenty big enough for me. I only wish the seat folded all the way down flat when my son is sleeping but it reclines enough. Overall, I’ve been happy with this stroller.

Marjorie Fairfield, ID


I never write a review, but I just got this stoller (in sangria color – about $75 cheaper) delivered the other day and I just absolutely love it! There are some awesome qualities in this stroller.1. The seat is EASILY reversible! I’m a relatively small person and (4’10) and I find it super easy to flip the seat!2. The front wheel has the option to lock or swivel! That gives the stroller diversity. I can either go jogging with it (even though it isn’t sold as a jogging stroller) or use it for daily use.3. Big under carriage basket!4. Plenty of big cup holders for both you and baby.5. Runs every smooth when we are out and about.6. Comes with car seat attachment.7. It was super easy to put together. I did it by myself while baby was running around!There are a few cons, but they totally don’t outweiggh the pros1. It folds up really tall! So if you have a small trunk, it may not fit.2. The back wheels are a bit wide.Ok, I can’t think of anything else that’s wrong with it. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with this stroller! Baby and I both love it! He likes to sit in it facing me and I like it when he faces me too because this way the wind isn’t hitting his face directly and I am able to see my babe 🙂 i just wish I had gotten this stroller initially rather than the bulky travel system I originally got!

Ollie Beaver, AK

Breeze to manuever

I love this stroller it is a breeze to maneuver. It accomodates my infant seat (safety first onboard air) with no problem. It is big and requires two hands to fold down. It does take up alot of trunk space. I am very happy with the purchase overall. I am also glad I didn’t buy a stroller that needed the tires to be inflated. I inadvertantly ran over the spikes of some one who lost the heel to their shoe and the stroller tires held up great. I simply pulled it out and kept on going. Not the best going up and down curbs but is to be expected since you have the one swivel wheel in the front just requires you to pay attention. Have not used the seat that came with it yet but love that I only had to buy one stroller. Bear in mind it is not a jogging stroller, as there are no suspensions so kiddo may bounce too much if jogging on rough terrain. Great for walking, very smooth.

Beryl Orangeville, IL

My Son Loves this Stroller

My son loves going on walks but the stroller that came with our travel system rattled too much on the street. This stroller is perfect for long walks. My son loves the smooth ride. It is very convenient to be able to move the seat back… perfect for when my son falls asleep during the walks. This stroller is durable and very easy to maneuver.

Lora Farmer City, IL

Great buy, more pro’s than con’s

My baby loves it, she looks comfortable, she sleeps hours in it, and it rolls really well. It doesn’t feel heavy and I don’t regret my choice as of yet. I consider it a great price for the type of stroller that it is. I’m 5’7 and my husband is 6’1, it’s great for us and our height.It’s been 5 months since I purchased this stroller and so far it’s holding up. My only complaint is that the stroller is very bulky. I am currently trying to find something just for when I’m in NYC. This stroller doesn’t fit well in small stores, I can’t take it with me to the baby’s DR.’s office. It won’t even fit through the entrance door for my mother’s apartment. I made the mistake of taking a public bus with it and it was horrible. You need both hands to close it and it’s just way too big for NYC. I love my stroller but it’s just not a practical choice.

Dominique Priddy, TX

Seat back too short and handle is too far from baby

My two largest complaints with this stroller are:1) The seat back height is limited by the metal frame that surrounds the basket/”seat” and it is WAY TOO SHORT (my baby’s head was bumping up against it since she was 10 months old). What’s worse, the latch system that reclines the seat is actually part of the seat frame and sits right in the middle of the top of the frame, so my baby’s head was hitting that hard and sharp plastic before she started hitting the frame itself. I’m still trying to figure out how to cushion and extend this seat back and still be able to access the recline lever. For now my poor baby has to sleep slouched and slanted in her seat so her head can be on one side of the lever or the other and is already banging her head against the metal frame even then! We have reached our height limit apparently at 15 months even though my baby is well below the maximum weight limit.2) I am 5’7″ but the handle bar slants so far away from your baby when facing you that you can’t reach her to adjust a hat/sunglasses or wipe her face or anything without stopping the stroller and stepping to the side. I’m not sure why the handle bar had to be made to be so far away from the baby because even with the seat facing forward there’s still a huge gap between the handle bar and the seat frame. It almost defeats the purpose of being able to have your child face you because she’s still so far away!We decided on this stroller soon after our baby was born, for its ability to face the baby towards you and the price, and have had it for more than a year now. While the basket is large and roomy, it is difficult to access from the handlebar side when the seat is facing you. The 3 wheel design is more “tippy” than 4 wheel strollers although now that I have built up a heafty diaper bag which I hang on the handle bar and my baby is 1 year old it doesn’t seem to tip as much. The foam wheels offer no suspension whatsoever and every bump and crack is felt despite their larger diameter size. I also wish the stroller had a tray option instead of just the bar across the seat. Our stroller did not come with a cup holder for the baby even though there is a “knob” in the stroller frame to attach one. The canopy also doesn’t cover enough especially when the seat is in a reclined position, and when you have your child facing forward there is no window through which to see your baby.

Gwendolyn New Hampshire, OH