Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller, Valencia Gold

Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller, Valencia Gold

Some tandem strollers are big, bulky, and hard to fold, but not the Contours Options LT tandem stroller. This stroller weighs only 33.8 pounds with both seats on. You’ll love the reversible seats in our new lightweight design, and because it folds so easily with both seats on, you’ll spend less time folding your stroller and more time out with your kids. Auto lock feature and convenient Free Stand allows the stroller to stand upright when folded. Stadium style seating for a better view from both seats with 6 different seating options so your children can share a tender moment with you, explore their surroundings, or have their own private giggle session. Super comfortable, independent reclining seats with 3 position leg rests and height adjustable 5 point safety harness and infant headrest to protect little heads. Each seat accommodates 40 pounds child, 80 pounds total. Child napper bars rotate and remove for easy access. Extra large storage basket holds everyone’s gear. Finally, a lighter double stroller that is easy to use and easy to enjoy.

Main features

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  • Lightweight design, only 33.8 pounds with both seats on
  • Includes an infant car seat adapter that accommodates most infant car seats on the market, over 20 different models
  • Stadium style seating for a better view from both seats with 6 different seating options so your children can share a tender moment with you, explore their surroundings, or have their own private giggle session
  • Smooth ride with never-flat wheels and front-wheel suspension
  • Super comfortable independent reclining seats and 3-position leg rests and height-adjustable 5-point safety harness and infant headrest to protect little heads, seats accommodate 40 pounds child, 80 pounds total

Verified reviews


Great tandem stroller! Infant and toddler love it.

I have a 6 month old and a 2.5 year old and this stroller is perfect for them. I love LOVE how easy it is to reconfigure the seats, just pop it out and flip it around and pop it back in. I also love that you don’t have to buy separate rails for car seats or purchase the second seat (I am looking at you Britax B-Ready) so you have everything you need for all stages of two siblings that are close together. If I were pregnant now with my first child and knew I wanted two, I would buy this stroller now and just not add the second seat until the next one came along; it doesn’t look weird with just one seat and the basket is amazing.THE GOOD:- The yellow is really sunny and nice for mixed gender sibs or if you are trying to avoid the pink and blue strollers out there. Nicely visible to traffic.- It is VERY easy to assemble, no tools required!- The shades stay put since they are not flimsy.- The basket is HUGE and you can still get into it with both seats occupied.- You can use it shopping since basket is very generous.- The seats recline well for nap time, good to bring to an event to put kids in later if they fall asleep.- It is lighter and more compact than our other tandem stroller.- You do not have to take anything off to fold up if you are using both seats (carseat cradle does need removal first, but super easy).- It fits my Britax B-Safe carseat perfectly and has ancor strap for safety.- No bar at foot level to accidentally kick as you walk, brake bar is well removed from stride zone.THE DISAPPOINTING:- No parent tray and only one flimsy adult cup holder, bummer.- No snack trays or cup holders for the kids, super bummer.- The seats are a bit wobbly once kids are in, my daughter rocks back and fourth in her seat a bit.- Mine pulls to the left regardless of weight distribution.Overall this is a great stroller I would recommend. As I use it more I will update the review.REVIEW UPDATE: After using for about 4 months I have changed my star rating from 4 strs to 5 stars! I love this stroller and the wat it performs outweighs the lack of cup holders or snack trays.

Jayne Gothenburg, NE

Very Light and simple to set up (for a double stroller)

I let my younger brother (who has a 2 yr-old boy and an 8 month old boy) use this, here’s his review:”Quick Initial Impression:Pros:Light – weighs only 33.8 lbs, as opposed to another double stroller I really like which weighs over 49 lbs. My wife can lift this in and out of our minivan, which she would not be able to with a almost 50 lb. stroller.Easy to assemble. It was very easy to assemble. I wanted to make sure I would get it right, so I took a long time to follow the instructions carefully, and it still took only 10 minutes to assemble. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow.Easy to open and use. This double stroller is very easy to collapse and open up again. This will be very helpful as we’re always on the move. It is a snap to pull this stroller out of our minivan and get going, and equally easy to fold up the stroller when it’s time to go.Very versatile. There are so many configurations on this stroller, making it easy to use with any two kids, regardless of whether baby is a newborn, an infant, or a toddler. I have a 8-month old, and a 2 1/2 year old, and both kids love riding in this stroller.The seats themselves are also quite flexible and versatile in that they have 3 reclining positions and are easy to recline and put back up.Small. This stroller folds up pretty small, particularly for a double stroller.Easy to maneuver. The stroller is very easy to push around and steer. It rolls very smoothly and is very easy to operate.Cons:Shallow Seats. The seats are a little bit on the shallow side. My kid is not particularly big, so it should not be a big problem for him. But for bigger, heavier kids, they may find it somewhat hard to get comfortable in the seat.No parent tray or amenities. There are no cup holders for the kids or any sort of snack tray. There is a cup holder for the parent that attaches to the side of the handle of the stroller, but it is on the flimsy and small side. I am not sure I’d be comfortable putting a hot coffee mug there.Overall:I love this double stroller! It is easy to put together, easy to use, and the materials and overall quality is top-notch. Both my kids love riding in it!”Personally, I’d like to add that I like the color of the sun-shields, “Valencia Gold”, as the product says. To me, it’s more like “burnt caution yellow”, which I like. I’d rather the stroller be nice and bright, so cars can see them easily when people cross parking lots and streets with them (personally, I’d even stick reflector tape on them if I can).Highly recommended. I see the lack of options (like the drink tray), but if you’re looking for a light tandem stroller, those are the tradeoffs!

Jacqueline Okemos, MI

LOVE this stroller! I have my sanity back!

After having #2 in February, I’ve been dying to get outside with her and my 2-yr old. Like everyone else, the City Select would be my first choice, but not even close to being in my budget. I was also very close to buying the Graco Ready2Grow but read some mixed reviews. I am so glad I did a bit more research and found this stroller. I am confident for the money, this is the absolute best stroller out there. I assembled it in about 20 minutes without tools. I took my two girls to the park and was able to maneuver this baby over grass, one-handed, with my 28-lb. toddler on my hip. It pushes so easily! Full disclosure – it does have some annoying “areas for improvement”. The parent cup holder does suck – I hit a bump on our first trip out and my straw cup bounced out and shattered. Like others have mentioned, the canopies slide back and don’t stay in place (they don’t provide enough coverage as it is). Also, no snack tray/cup holder for the kids. Oh well, we all will live and can buy universal accessories if necessary. All I know is now I can get my my toddler with cabin fever outside to the park, and my fussy infant to sleep a bit thanks to this stroller.

Bernadette Brinklow, MD

Love this stroller!

This is a fantastic stroller! I was surprised that this was as light and easy to set up as it was. The fact that this can fold in on itself with both seats on was a huge plus. I got this for use with a newborn along with an 18 month old who weighs 25 pounds and it has worked brilliantly for them. The storage in this is also a huge perk. You can whip one seat off and have extra space for shopping bags or your diaper bag and it is ultra-convenient for any parent on-the-go! The colors are a bit harsh for my taste but it is neutral enough. I would have preferred a less intense color than the red but it grows on you. The best aspect of this stroller (to me at least) would be the option to switch the seats any way you want. I love that you can face the kids face-to-face or back-to-back. The options are wonderful and convenient to whatever your personal choice is. Overall, very pleased with this. This tandem stroller is light, smooth and easy to maneuver. I am super satisfied with this!!! 🙂

Florence Caledonia, NY

Perfect for twins, but also great for two small non-twin siblings!

The design of this stroller is impressive, indeed! The set-up was extremely simple and took less than 10 minutes, it’s simply a matter of attaching the wheels. The directions were clear and easy to understand, the stroller also came well packaged.I can’t stop thinking what a perfect stroller this would be for a family with twins. While, sadly/gladly, we did not have twins we still get a great deal of use out of this stroller with our two daughters, who are 2 years apart. This stroller fits an infant up to a 4-year-old (in our case) with ease. The versatility is awesome! Your kids can face any direction: both out, both in, both facing each other, or both facing away from each other. If you don’t see the beauty in this, then you obviously don’t have two children yet! Sometimes siblings play and interact in a lovely manner and it’s a great distraction to have them facing each other. Other times, siblings push each other’s buttons and all you want is to turn them away from each other. Any variation that suits you works with this stroller!The basket under the seats is the largest we’ve seen in a stroller thus far, and we’ve owned quite a few strollers. Also, the cup holder!!! LOVE the cup holder! GREAT addition. The visors work well and function perfectly for both children no matter which directions they are facing.Finally, this isn’t the first double stroller we’ve owned or used, so I have to say I’m impressed with this stroller’s maneuvering. Double strollers are long and so they are always harder to steer by nature, it’s just the way it is. This stroller seems to have looser, more freely moving and pivoting front wheels which makes it better at maneuvering. One thing to note is there is not bar at the bottom to put your foot on in order to prop it up onto a curb, you have to lift it onto a curb by pushing down on the handle bar pretty hard, so there is my only complaint. I can live with this, however. Also, the handle bar is padded nicely, but thick!All things considered, I think this stroller is a great choice. It’s well designed, it folds up with TWO seats in it. It’s sturdy and looks good, too. I would absolutely recommend it to expecting parents or experienced parents of twins. But also, it makes for a great double stroller for families with two young children. Our four-year-old happily rides in it and fits just fine.Love it!

Karin Belleville, KS

A whole lotta stroller!

While the Options solves some key problems of strollers in its category (folding with both seats still attached, good range of carseat compatibility), it feels like you’re driving a bus(!) and its convenience is dependent on having a large car/trunk. For its price point, you get a lot of bang for the buck. After doing a careful comparison with the Britax B-Ready (which requires you purchase the rumble seat separately), we ultimately chose the Britax despite its higher price point for the reasons below.Pros:- Folding with both seats on (facing forward only) is pretty straightforward- Quick recline feature with one hand for each seat- Huge storage bin! A good alternative to a grocery cart.- Good navigation and turning.Cons:- Feels like you’re driving a bus! It’s 56″ long from handlebar to the front seat. Comparison against Britax B-Ready:Options: 56″ long (handlebar to front seat) x 26″ wide x 40″ tallB-Ready: 40.75″ long x 26″ wide x 45″ tall- Barely fits in the trunk of my Honda Civic AFTER I have removed the child handlebar (see photos).- Folded dimensions:Options: 40″ tall x 26″ wide (wheel to wheel) x 28″ deep (from handles to front of seat)B-Ready: 30″ tall x 26.5″ wide x 16″ deep- Front wheels must be perfectly aligned forward in order to stand up when folded. More often than not, they are angled which means the folded stroller tips over forward (see photos).- Frame of seats is a little flimsy and allows for kid movement.- Assembly took about an hour with pretty unclear diagrams (that were so zoomed in you had to carefully deconstruct where they referred to on the stroller).

Judith Hall, MT

Nice stroller

I didnt want to buy another expensive $800 something double stroller that has a bassinet, because they use it only for the first 5-6 month till they can sit up straight. So i purchased it , I just reclined one seat for my newborn & put a padding in, so it will b kinda straight. It worked, though the seat for my toddler a bit small but i guess its because of all the winter clothes that on him plus the thick bundle me.

Allene Covington, TN

Want one of our own!

We bought this for my brother and sister-in-law since they were expecting they’re 3rd kid. One is 4, one is almost 2, and the other was just born. My hubby and I set it up for them and it was a piece of cake. We also fiddled around with it to see how it would work, and it’s soooo easy! The video is great, and yes, everything really is that simple. This folded up and fit in the trunk of my volvo s60, along with a box of diapers, two duffle bags, and a random assortment of other baby shower items.I’ll try to find out how they’re liking the stroller, but my hubs and I already want one for when we eventually have a second kid. So far, we’d recommend it!

Margaret Girard, KS

Product is very functional. Good quality so far. It is easy to figure out / fold / change configuration.

I’m satisfied with this product. It works well and seems to be great quality. We’ll see if it makes the test of time, but as a new product I don’t see any quality issues. It is nice to have so many options for different configurations and it is very easy to figure out. Some strollers with optional configurations are like a Rubics Cube to figure out. I don’t want a brain teaser or puzzle project; I just want to have a functional stroller which this is.On the downside, the front wheels do not do well with bumps/cracks etc. You have to be driving straight into a bump/crack to get over it. If the front wheels are even slightly turning, it will be like slamming the brakes (the wheels turn sideways and slam against the bump rather than rolling over).The large pouch on the underside conveniently holds a ton of stuff too which is great when your wife wants to bring everything you own every time you take the kids out of the house :-)All things considered, I would buy it again and recommend it to others.

Roxanne Trenton, GA

I love this stroller

I spent hours reviewing different double strollers.This stroller is very functional. I have gotten quite a few compliments on it as it is quite eye-catching. The basket underneath is easy to access and large.I am adding this information…There is a car seat attachment included that fits many car seats. I have a Graco Snugride carseat and it fits mine. I researched this on the website before I bought my stroller. Kolcraft has a list of all the seats that fit here… […]Update: I have had this stroller for about a year. I still get tons of compliments on it. It is generally holding up great. My only concern is sometimes if I go to push it and the wheel is in the wrong position, it won’t roll around in to the right position. This is particularly troublesome when someone else is pushing it and they try to muscle through it instead of backing up and getting it situated. Hopefully it won’t break doing this.I know this stroller is like a bus, but it is a little hard to push loaded down with a 3 y.o. and a 1 y.o. It hurts my forearms if the terrain is variable, like can happen on a paved trail.

Sherri Couch, MO

Second Review…

Just opened and put together this stroller. Easy to do and feels like quality parts.So far i am impressed. Great options and easy to operate. Has “expected” difficulties with lifting in the car with being a double stroller but we are looking forward to trying it out tomorrow. just have to be smarter than the stroller. Will update on further evaluation.9/13/13 After further review my wife and I LOVE this stroller. It is easier when having the heavier child in the rear seat but we have done pretty much all the options. Our favorite is both kids facing driver having the heavier one closest to the back wheels. I had this stroller strapped to the top of my car and it FLEW off going 70 mph and took one heck of a tumble.. I thought that it was done for but only some deep scratches and the functions were perfect. Couldnt believe it!! After that im sold on this stroller. I do see a few issues but easily fixed. I recommend lock-tite on the four screws that hold the break lever, also to recheck the tightness of the other screws a couple times a year. Other than that we as a family are very happy.

Kitty Commercial Point, OH

the best

if you are looking for a stroller that fits 2 infant car seats on it these is the right one very light weight to be for 2 and its easy to drive

Caitlin Brantingham, NY

Love it, love it

My daughter loves to face the baby. I love the big basket. The cup holder was the only complaint i read before i bought it. It is true. The cup holder sucks but its not a big deal. Its easy to push and easy to switch the seats either way. Its kind of heavy but not as heavy as most double strollers. I like that it came with a car seat adapter instead of having to buy it separately.

Barbara Kahoka, MO

Great double stroller from a stroller obsessed mom

I have two kids – 2 year old and 2 month old. I wanted a stroller that could handle both, that could become a single and would be lightweight (for a double). This one is amazing. I’m so happy with it. I’ve read reviews about it being hard to fold but I have no problem folding it at all. You need two hands but it’s super easy. You pull up on the red sliders on the side while pushing down on the brake bar with your foot and it folds. The lock to keep it closed automatically locks which is nice too.Pros:Folding is easyComes with universal car seat adapter – I use a britax b safe and it goes right on with easeThe seats and foot rests adjust. The incline of the seat has a squeeze handle to adjust the seat back position which is so nice. I hate the strap adjuster.The seats go on and off easily with the push of two buttons.The seats can face me or face outThe storage basket is huge and easy to get to with both kids inIt’s easy to steer (even with both kids) and it’s pretty narrow so fitting through doors isn’t a problem at allCons – nothing majorThere’s no snack trays or parent console. No cup holder eitherIt’s a little tougher to unfold because you have to bend down and pull this plastic thing away from a screw poking out as you open it. It’s not that big of a dealWhen it’s closed, the wheels lock so you can’t roll it but it’s honestly not that heavy. How far would you carry a stroller anyway?The seats are a bit small and tight. My son is pretty average height and weight and so far he fits. I think by the time he’s done strolling, he will outgrow it anyway.I’m really happy with this stroller. I’m not sure if i would use it as a single stroller when my 2 year old is done strolling but I could see using it shopping because of that basket. You could honestly fit a few kids down there!!

Karin Aguirre, PR

Great design with one big drawback

The Contours Options LT Tandem stroller was easy to put together. It has maximum flexibility for seat configuration. It’s easy to remove one or both seats. It rolls smoothly and looks great. It folds up easily. The base is a good width, and it feels stable, not top-heavy. There’s a decent amount of room at the bottom for storage, though you may need to remove a seat to access the space.The one big drawback is that the canopies are too small. It’s not feasible to completely shade a baby’s face and legs when moving around outside, such as going through a field to look at pumpkins. It’s probably possible to stay stationary and get enough shade, but not easy.It’s a perfect stroller for an indoor environment, or when most time will be spent in the shade. Aside from the smaller canopy, this would be my favorite two-seat stroller.

Leona Bison, SD

we love it

I purchased this stroller for the special needs twins that I care for,one of the babies has a trach so we need to carrry alot of supplies with us and the large basket under the seats is just what we needed it holds a suction machine,a travel vent,a large diaper bag and my purse.I really like that it has the harness belts as many toddlers are able to wiggle out of a lap belt.I took away one star just because it is heavy and bulky but it will fit in the trunk of a neon.overall I really love this stroller

Leigh Gumberry, NC

compra barato, compra cada rato

With my first baby, I went cheap with a graco stroller. it still works, but feels so bad and it squeaks. I decided that for our second child I would not go cheap. I also wanted a double stroller. I love all the options you have with regards to seating. The basket is roomy. Love the color. Best of all, it doesn’t squeak! I don’t run fast so I use this as my "jogging" stroller even though it’s not the intended use. It feels smooth and sturdy.Lesson learned.

Corrine Beale Afb, CA

Love this Stroller

If I would have known that I was having two kids 17 mo apart this would have been the only stroller I bought. We took this on a trip and loved it. The two warning I have on this product is 1. you cannot load the basket with all of your grocery’s to carry into a hotel (the basket is big enough but a case of water, 3 12packs of coke and two bags of grocery’s will rip the basket ( if I have a third kids I think i might just keep them in the basket it is so big. 2. This stroller is big, and the handle bars to not fold so it is really hard to have it fit in the trunk of a full size car. IT comes with the infant seat adapter which is a bonus and the stroller handles really well. Both my 2 year old (95% in height and weight) and my 7 month old did great with this stroller. Our Chicco infant seat work just fine in the adapter and there are so many seating options.

Fannie Pershing, IN

Excellent Tandem Stroller

It has been a pain going different places. I put my daughter in a single stroller and after a while my son complains his legs are tired. Pushing 2 strollers is out of the question, so I began looking into tandem options. I settled on this stroller and I am so glad I did. It comes shipped in several pieces but assembly is super easy. No tools required everything just snaps into place. Directions are super easy to follow.I love that it comes with the infant seat adapter and then when your youngest moves out of the infant seat you can replace it with the 2nd included seat. This allows the stroller to be used from birth to 40 lbs. You will get several years use out of this stroller.The other great feature is the ability to turn the seats in all directions. meaning you can face the seats toward or away from you as well as toward each other. even the foot rests are adjustable. They can be switched with just a simple click on and off. This is a very versatile stroller. Contours thought of everything when they made this stroller.Just a note: in order to fold both seats must face forward and you have to make sure the rear seat foot rest is folded all the way down.It maneuvers smoothly. I am impressed how easy it turns corners.I would recommend this stroller for carting around 2 kids.” I was sent a contours options Lt Tandem stroller to review. All opinions are my own”

Berta Lowes, KY

Awesome stroller!

This is such a great stroller. I have a two year old and a newborn and looked high and low for something that was lightweight and wasn’t a sit and stroll- I needed something with a better seat. If my newborn is in the car seat carrier and my son is walking next to me, I can steer this thing one handed, which is really nice. You need two hands if both are in there, but that’s to be expected. When I put it in my car, I take off the car seat attachment and the front seat, which is super easy to do, and the frame collapses down and is really light. It’s been a life saver as it has gone everywhere with us so far. And I love the bright yellow color we got! I gave it four stars only because I wish the seats were a bit taller. My two year old is pretty tall for his age, and though he fits in it now, I’m not sure how many years we’ll get out of it. But the price is so reasonable, if we only get one to two years, it’s totally worth it!

Marcy Saint Matthews, SC

Great size and so many riding options!

The price on this stroller is amazing and the riding options are endless! I even take it to the grocery store with just one kid and use the big underbasket to hold my groceries! Only thing is that I had to buy a parent tray to put on the handle bar.Each seat is super light and easy to take off and on while still feeling secure when changing the positions. We love our double stroller and have recommended it to many!

Sofia Scottown, OH