Contours Options Tandem II Stroller, Tangerine

Contours Options Tandem II Stroller, Tangerine

The Contours Options II Tandem is the perfect stroller to give you the flexibility needed as a parent. For one or two kids, infant or toddlers, everyone has a great view in any direction with its reversible seats. Using the included infant car seat attachment you can easily design your travel system or add a second car seat attachment for use with twins. The Contours Options II Tandem also includes two child cup holders, adjustable leg rests, a parent tray with two cup holders, height-adjustable canopies and a simple fold. You’ll enjoy the unique hold-on handles that allow your children to walk next to you when they’re ready to stretch their legs and the removable iPod Dok that plays baby’s music anywhere you go. The front-wheel suspension system provides a smooth ride while never-flat wheels make the stroller easy to use. Certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association, the Contours Options II Tandem stroller includes a 1-year warranty on workmanship and materials.Unique hold-on handles allow your children to walk next to you when they’re ready to stretch their legsSeats easily reverse to create 6 different stroller options- children can both face you- face each other- face forward- sit back to back- or you can use the stroller with just the front seat (& extra storage space in the back)- or use with some of the most popular infant car seatsEasy-reach child swivel cup holdersEasy-reach parent tray has two deep ventilated cup holders and a storage areaIncludes one infant car seat adapter that accommodates over 20 different infant car seatsSeats recline from 90 degrees to 45 degrees to full recline80 lbs. totalEasy trigger fold and convenient free-stand allows the stroller to stand on its ownIndependent reclining seats with height-adjustable canopies- adjustable leg rests- and a child napper bar that rotates and removes for easy accessNever-flat wheels provide smooth steering through

Main features

  • Includes car seat attachment that accomodates most infant car seats on the market today including these brands: baby trend, britax, chicco, etc
  • New features include canopy that adjusts to accommodate growing child’s height, child cup holder that swings out of the way for easy seat access
  • Numerous toddler features include areas for easy step-in, rear stadium-style seating for improved view, each seat accommodates 40 pounds
  • Parents will like the handy quick trigger fold and free-stand design that remains upright after folding – folded size 24″ x 25″ x 42″
  • 8″ swivel wheels with suspension and 10″ rear never flat wheels for better maneuverability

Verified reviews


Great twin stroller

I bought this stroller because my twins were no longer comfortable in the stroller we had bought when they were born, we had the standard Graco double stroller that the car seat carriers snapped into. Since everyone has different needs when it comes to strollers, I’ll tell you what I was looking for:-Extra space between the front and back seat so as my twins get bigger there is room for their legs, and the one riding in the back won’t be constantly kicking the one in the front. Some people are more concerned about “footprint size” but I would rather have a longer stroller that gives them their own space as opposed to a stroller that is shorter and lets them pick at each other and get irritated.-Easy to push and easy to turn.-Versatility with seating, since my twins do better when they can face each other and interact.-Cup holders. I know this seems like an obvious thing, but some of the higher priced strollers don’t come with them, and if I’m dropping a car payment (or for some of the more expensive ones, a house payment) on a stroller, I shouldn’t have to “splurge” for the cup holders.-A decent sized storage area underneath.-Visors that actually do what they are supposed to do!This stroller really fit the bill for us, but if you are looking for a tiny stroller to accommodate two small children, this probably isn’t for you. I got what I was looking for in this stroller. It doesn’t fold as flat as many other strollers, and to get it to latch shut, you have to remove one of the seats, which really isn’t that much of a challenge, since you just push the two buttons on the side and lift. The seats are so easy to remove and snap back on, that I actually stopped a temper tantrum from my daughter in the middle of the store by turning her around (WHILE she was in the seat) since she was mad her twin brother had something she wanted. If you have a small car, it will take up a lot of trunk space, but we have a minivan, so for us its not something we worried about.I love the full back on the front seat, and if you have never purchased a double stroller before, its not something you think of until you are irritated by one that doesn’t have one. Since the front seat on our last stroller was shorter, and there wasn’t any kind of cloth between the top of the seat and the bottom of the visor, my poor daughter got stuck in the back almost every time we used it, because her twin brother is a hair grabber. With this stroller, the back of the visor attaches to the top of the seat with velcro. Plus, the visors are a great size.This thing turns on a dime! I mean, it turns so well that I had to adjust how I turned so I didn’t cut corners too sharply. I also have absolutely no problems with the wheels. I remember reading reviews about how cheap the wheels were, but they are just like most stroller tires, made of heavy duty foam. The stroller rolls so smoothly and is so easy to push (and I’m pushing over 60lbs of kid!) that I don’t really care about what the tires are made of.Other than the size issue for some people, as well as the way this stroller collapses, I don’t have any complaints about this stroller. If I could collapse it and close the latch to keep it collapsed with both seats attached, I’d give it 5 stars.

Rosanne Forest Home, AL

Had to return. Latch was a deal breaker.

I was searching for a double stroller that would work with my Chicco Keyfit 30 infant carseat and my 2.5 year old son. After being very disappointed with the Chicco Together double stroller, we tried this. First of all, it’s very stylish. I love the look of it. The quality also seemed great. I liked that you could position the seats several ways. The color was nice, and the swivel bars very easy to use, and different than any stroller I had seen. It also does in fact work with the Chicco carseat. Even though it doesn’t “click” into place, I was happy with the fit of the carseat on this stroller. I read that the seats had to be removed before folding it up, so I was ok with that going in. They are very easy to remove, rearrange, etc. So is the adapter for the Chicco carseat. I also had read that it was kind of heavy, so I figured I would deal with it. The deal breaker for me on this stroller was that to fold it up, it doesn’t latch closed automatically on it’s own like other strollers I’ve had. I’ve had several strollers, this is my 5th baby, so that was a disappointment. But not only does it not latch automatically on it’s own, the latch that you latch it with yourself is made of flimsy bendable plastic. It doesn’t stay in place at all and pops right out when the stroller is moved at all. In fact when it is latched, the stroller isn’t even at it’s flattest most compact form, so flattening it more, lifting it to your car, or moving it in any way once latched, makes it come undone. You are left trying to contain and manipulate this huge, heavy coming apart contraption because nothing holds it together. Because of this, it renders the latch basically unusable, but when you couple that with the weight of this stroller (it is indeed very heavy) it ruins it for me. I’m not that tall, and if I’m going to commit to dealing with the weight of a heavy stroller, there has to be something that holds it together to help me out getting it in and out of the car. Unfortunately, that stupid little latch or lack thereof was the deal breaker for me, which is sad because the quality of the rest of the stroller seems very nice. We ended up going with Baby Jogger’s City Select.

Noelle York, NY

Nice stroller, gets both kids where you need to go

As far as double strollers go, your choices are either wide or long. I don’t like the sit and stand ones because my daughter is tall and my infant son is growing very quickly. This stroller is definitely longer than those so they’ll both have leg room. My issue with that is I’m short, so I can’t see the front wheels and I have crashed into a few things. I wish I could adjust the handle, it’s almost at a perfect height for me but my husband, who is very tall, has some trouble. The parent tray is kind of awkwardly placed because the handle bar gets in the way. You either have to reach over it or under it. The ipod thing is really just a speaker that you plug in to your MP3 player’s headphones jack. It fits into a pocket in the canopy of one of the seats. It’s not all that fantastic. However, we have a hard time getting my daughter into strollers and she’ll go in this one no problem if she hears her favorite songs coming from it.Kolcraft has two separate lists on their website as far as infant car seats go: the first is a pretty big list of common infant seats that will fit the stroller. The second list is much shorter and is if you are going to put two infant seats in the stroller.It is kind of heavy, it takes some effort to get it into the trunk of my SUV, but I’m sure there are others that weigh more. It turns pretty nicely for its size and it’s not too hard to push. You do feel every pound of your kids’ weight when you have to get it uphill but that’s not surprising. The basket is so big that my large messenger style diaper bag fits under the car seat, leaving what would be leg room for the rear kid, plus lots of room up front. The seats snap in and out really, really easily. It took a few minutes to figure out how to get it to fold but once you get used to it, that’s not hard either. So far, I’m very happy with it. We’ll see if I still think that when my son outgrows his infant seat and he’s using the 2nd seat it came with.

Sabrina Combined Locks, WI

Forget any negative reviews, this is Amazing

I read all the reviews and finally decided to get this stroller and let me tell you, it is awesome! I have a 4mo old and a 2yr old and it has been perfect. I LOVE that the seat positions are interchangeable and that it holds the infant carrier in either position as well. I dont know if it would be a problem for someone with a compact car as far as storing, but I have a truck and have no problem throwing it in the back. LOVE LOVE LOVE that I am able to put the infant carrier in the far one, facing me and have my two year old right by me facing out, that way I am able to see both of them and my toddler can still look out. It was definitely a great price for all the features. A+++

Tara Sulphur Springs, IN

I love this battle cruiser!

I am such a happy camper my two year old fits perfectly and is in the 99% for height, with room to spare for a while. I love how easy it rides and how easy everything is. The new features compared to the old are awesome and happy for the change in head room. We originally were going to buy the red old one, and I thought the head room was just too risky. This stroller is AWESOME! love love love love it!

Gracie Pitts, GA

Versatile, Good value

I am really excited about using this stroller. It is bulky and heavy, but it glides easier than my Graco single stroller. It will be a lifesaver when my husband isn’t on hand to help out.I wrote a somewhat lengthy blog summarizing parent reviews I found for this product online:I also blogged about my personal experience with the product–My Real World Test:

Naomi Lockport, NY

Great stroller, but its HUGE

We purchased this stroller for a newborn and a 2 year old. It is a fantastic stroller. High quality, great storage, looks nice. LOVE the multi-position seats, it’s a wonderful feature. The biggest draw back is the size. It’s so massive that we nicknamed it "the beast!" It is very heavy and bulky when it folds down. We fit it into a Lexus RX300, but there is no way that it would fit into a smaller sedan, and you have to remove both seats to get it to collapse (directions say one seat, but that didn’t work very well for us). Although it moves smoothly, it’s a bit difficult to navigate and push because it is so long. There is no such thing as a quick trip with this stroller, we only used it a few times for longer day trips to Disneyland, etc. We decided to sell this and do two smaller high-quality umbrella strollers instead.

Ester Betsy Layne, KY