Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Ruby

Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Ruby

The updated Contours Options Tandem ZT001%2DRBY is the perfect stroller to give you the flexibility needed as a parent with 1 or 2 kids in tow%2E Seats easily reverse to create 6 different stroller options%2E Children can both face parent%2C face each other%2C face forward or back to back%2E Accomodates from infants to toddlers with the numerous built%2Din features%2E Both seats fully recline and accomodate most infant seats on the market%2E Optional 2nd car seat attachment sold separately for twins%2E Uniflex design turns this tandem into a single stroller with tons of storage%2E Each seat accomodates 40 pounds%2E

Main features

  • Includes car seat attachment that accomodates most infant car seats on the market today including these brands: baby trend, britax, chicco, combi,etc
  • Numerous toddler features include areas for easy step-in, rear stadium-style seating for improved view and each seat accommodates 40 pounds
  • Parents will like the handy quick trigger fold and free-stand design that remains upright after folding – folded size 24″ x 25″ x 42″
  • 8″ swivel wheels with suspension and 10″ rear never flat wheels for better maneuverability important feature in a tandem stroller

Verified reviews



***UPDATE IS AT THE VERY BOTTOM***My husband and I do Love this stroller but we’ve realized there are some major things missing that other strollers have. To some, it might not be a big deal but to others it will be. We’ve been using this for over a year with twins(started using them when they were 5 months & they’re now 17 months)CONS*No Food Tray-this was something I never thought about when I was pregnant & looking for strollers(1st time parent) but there have been many instances where having a food tray would have really helped. Like we just took a trip to the Zoo and there were no highchairs or anything and since their seats didn’t have a tray we had to hold them on our lap(it was not an easy task) 2 of our friends went with us and both their strollers had trays and their kids(same age as ours) just sat in theirs and happily ate. It doesn’t state that there is a feeding tray so I can’t be mad about it, I’m just trying to let people who probably don’t think about things like that know. Had I known what I know now, I would have gotten a stroller w/ the feeding trays…and a place for them to have a cup would have been nice too.*You can’t change a diaper in these seats. Another thing we never thought of. There are many places you will go where there is no convenient or clean place to change a baby. My best friends stroller folds completely flat so you can change a baby, we ended up using her stroller to change our girls at the Zoo.*The front canopy takes up the back passengers space if it isn’t up all the way. We always put the bigger of our girls in the back and she’s constantly kicking the canopy since it falls on her legs. Not a huge deal but certainly annoying for the back rider.*They always have to be strapped in which makes them really hot. This wasn’t as big of a deal when my girls were smaller and couldn’t hold themselves up as well but now that they can they don’t like to be strapped down, they end up getting really fussy because they get really hot. Again, my best friends seat has a bar between the legs so she doesn’t have to be strapped in. I started just strapping the waist & crotch strap on them instead of the arm straps too. I tried not strapping them in but the way the seats are they just fall right out the bottom.PROS*Turning the seats any direction is really handy, especially if it’s really sunny out, you can turn them away from the sun. (it would be even more handy if you didn’t have to take the seat off to do this, if you could just swivel the seat w/them in it)*Reclining Seats. They don’t recline so you can change a diaper but they do recline so they can take a nap. You just pull on the handle at the top of the seat and easily recline them. My girls have taken many naps in this, definately a plus. A sleepy baby is not a happy baby and I think a stroller w/ reclining seats for naps is a must. BOTH of these seats recline the same and have several different levels of recline, a lot of double strollers only have 1 reclining seat or 1 just barely reclines so one kid gets a comfy reclined nap and the other wouldn’t.*All Terrain Wheels. We’ve had this on every kind of terrain and its usually pretty darn easy to push, gravel, grass, hills, woods, nothing has been a problem yet. We’ve been on trails in the woods where other people w/ strollers were, they were struggling to push theirs and we were easily breezing right by.*Durable. This thing is solid & very durable, both the frame & the material. Definately something that will last a very long time. We did have the parent tray crack & fall off after a couple months of use(thats kind of cheap) but I sent the company an email and they sent me a replacement at no charge to me & w/ no hassle.*It looks nice. We get compliments on this all the time. And pushing a bright red double stroller w/ twins will definately get you noticed…so if you don’t like attention, you might not want to get this ; )Overall, its a great stroller but you need to think what your family will be using this stroller for. In our case, not having the feeding trays and having to strap them in all the time are the biggest cons & the main reason I took off 2 stars.My message to Kolcraft: This would be the perfect stroller with just a few changes/additions. I’ve noticed with the new Contours Options II that the seats are supposed to be roomier, thats a plus. And also that there are now cupholders for the kids seats, another plus. Also that the umbrellas adjust, another plus. Now if you would just make a feeding tray and have a strap/bar between the legs so older babies/toddlers didn’t have to be strapped in, you would have the Perfect stroller…at least in my opinion :)Let me know if you have any questions about this and I’ll try to help you out : )***UPDATE***As I am writing this(Jan 2012) update my girls are 3 years old and we no longer have the stroller because we sold it at a garage sale last summer. I just really did NOT enjoy taking it places because it was SO long and my girls normally complained when they were in it(from lack of being able to see mainly)After having ‘been there, done that’ I can tell you 100% if I had to do it all over again, I would have bought a side by side stroller. The main reason I started looking at tendems is because I wanted to make sure it was narrow enough to fit it aisles and doorways(yes, first time Mom, ALL of it was new to me, rookie mistake, lol)But since they make side by side strollers that CAN fit thru doorways and aisles, plus they have lots of other great features of a single stroller, how can you go wrong? Not all side by sides are made the same but I have found several that are narrow to fit in doorways/aisles, have a food tray/cup holder, BOTH seats can fully recline and you can have them reclined at different levels(like newborn reclined flat, toddler sitting up) roomy seats, don’t have to be strapped in all the time, has storage for diaper bag, not as long as a limo ;)And another great, great thing about a side by side, the kids would be side by side! One of them doesn’t have a better view than the other, they both have a great view. They can share snacks, talk, share toys, etc. With a tandem, at least one of them always has a crappy seat, unless you have them face eachother, then neither of them get to see anything besides eachother, and although they are probably really cute(I’m sure the cutest kids on earth ;)) I think kids would probably rather be able to look out and about rather than at eachother the whole time.

Tracey Pleasant Grove, AL

handle broken

I absolutely love this stroller! The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the handle broke and I can’t figure out if I am responsible. The screws are gone and it comes detached whenever we pick it up to unfold it. It seems like an easy fix! I highly recommend this product, I’ve been using it since April ’11

Kara Rabun Gap, GA

I like it

I bought this stroller for my twin boys who are now 6 months old. After reading many reviews i finally decided on this one. I’m glad i bought this one for the following reasons:- I like how i can put both carseats and switch to the attachable seats when they are older- I love how there is plenty of room to put their huge diaper bag and room for more- I like that i can turn the seats facing me or each other or facing forward- I like that its easy to push and steer- I like that it was easy to put together all by myself (7 months pregnant at the time)The only thing negative i would say is when i put both boys facing each other their legs would touch, so i’m guessing it wont be long when they start kicking each other, or there wont be any room to face each other. Other than that I love taking my boys out for a walk in their stroller any chance i get.

Sherry Saint Francis, AR

Good stroller.

This stroller gets the job done, it lugs my 2 and a half year old and 18 month old around. Also has the 5 point harness to help keep them in.It doesn’t have snack trays which is very essential when your a on the go mom. It’s also very big and bulky and hard to steer. We have to go to the hospital every week and it pretty much takes up the whole elevator.The other thing that makes it a pain in the butt is that you have to take the seats off to fold it up and then put them back on when you get it out. It stores very bulky in the back of my suv

Alexis Alma, AL

Great stroller especially for the price

We bought this stroller for our twins. I go every with it. Up untill they currently turned 5 months, I would use it to do grocery shopping by putting them in thier car seats and just dropping then in the frame. There are some major pluses that other stollers just didn’t compare on. Its really light and easy to handle. I have a minivan, but I needed something I could toss in and out everytime I got out of the car, and I did pretty much (and still do) use it everytime I get out of the car. Its incredibly easy to manuver, and I even jog with it. I don’t recomend running with the stroller, but I will walk the girls and do a light job in between the hills. The basket is really handy, and held up well for all the grocery shopping. I attached bags to the handle bar too, and it worked great. The flexibility of the seating is wonderful because I can turn the girls so that I can see them when I’m walking/jogging, and when we take breaks I face them towards each other. If I had to make the decision all over again, I would buy this stroller again. I looked at runabouts and a bob, but the bob was hard to get through the doorway ( I couldn’t even get it down the aisle of the store), and the runabout didn’t turn as easy and was to hard to get in and out of the car. It was important to me that the stroller could be multi-tasking. So if you take walks, and need something for the zoo, park, grocery store, ect. this stroller works great.

Nita Davenport, FL

a few flaws but overall really nice

First thing when I opened the box I was hit with the smell of the fabric which was very intense, the stroller has required time outside to air out because the fabric of the seats is not able to be washed. I read lots of reviews before buying it and went with the older red model rather than the newer one because the new model was sold out but I’m glad I did. The black wheels look really nice and the red fabric looks much better than I thought it would. One of the main reasons I choose this stroller was the size of the basket. The basket is plenty big for day long outings or afternoons of shopping. It’s very easy to place a diaper bag in and get to it easily.My concerns about buying it were a) it would be so huge that it would be very heavy and/or difficult to push, b) the seats would be too small to be used for long, and c) it would be difficult to fit in a vehicle. Both concerns have turned out to be non-issues. Yes, it’s large but it’s not significantly larger than the duoglider we used to have. It’s much larger than our combi side by side but makes up for it by having a nice big basket (the combi just has a little pouch type ‘basket’ way underneath). The seats are about the same size as the duoglider with an added footrest, they seem much more comfortable for the kids. I have an average sized four year old who fits ok in the seats, his knees are bent and his head comes up a bit over the top of the seat but he doesn’t seem to mind and likes being able to sit if he wants to. It fits in the back of my 07 honda minivan just fine. The back seat needs to come off but it just takes a moment. It takes up less room lengthwise than the duo glider did but sits up higher, especially with the second seat sitting on top of it. I read several reviews that said it wouldn’t fit behind the third row of a minivan but I’ve had no problem at all, it fits with room left over.I have three complaints. The first is that one of the pins that holds the front wheel section on the main frame broke while I was assembling it. I haven’t tried to get a replacement yet and I’m hoping they will send me one, for now the pin is just resting there with a small piece of tape holding it in place. The second is that the frame was scuffed in a few places and the warning labels are printed on the frame crookedly, I know it will get scuffed eventually and the warning labels aren’t that big a deal but it would have been nice to have it look perfect for a bit first. Third, I called kolcraft before I ordered it to ask how tall the handle is and was told 40″. It’s actually 43″, it’s 40″ before the wheels are put on. I’m on the shorter side and a 43″ handle is not nearly as comfortable for me to push as a lower one, there is not height adjustment for the handle. I probably still would have bought it but I wish I had been told the correct handle height.

Patty Greenville, NY

Love this stroller

I just had twins and this stroller is perfect!! Right now I just use it to where you can just pop the carseats in and out. Once you get it figured out it’s very easy. It fits in my trunk well. If you are going to use two carseats just remember that this only comes with ONE carseat attachment so you can buy another for like 30$. It’s a little bulky but good quality and have lots of room for my purse and diaper bag at the bottom. Have been using for three months and no complaints yet!

Karen Aurora, CO

Sold it after 1 use!

This stroller has good storage space but after that my liking it ends. It’s really large and bulky. To fit it in our trunk we had to take the seats off. Really was more of a pain than anything. We ended up selling it to get a City Mini stroller instead.

Earline Loughman, FL


I ordered this item January 2012. I had my son (2nd child) in May 2012 and by July 2012, it was falling apart. There were screws falling out of places I couldn’t figure out and things falling off. The stroller literally fell apart. I ended up purchasing a graco sit stand with a 2nd bucket seat option and have been happy ever since.

Amanda Adams, NE

Besides being huge, there aren’t really any other negatives

My family and I have nicknamed this "the mega stroller". You better have a van or SUV, because it won’t fit in the trunk of a car. I wish it folded up without having to take the seats off (that’s my only real issue). For the most part, this hasn’t replaced our umbrella strollers, it’s a bit to large to take to a store or on errands, but it’s amazing for a trip to the zoo or sea world. The storage underneath makes it ideal for an all day outing. The seats also seem very comfortable, and with the over the shoulder harnesses I’ve never worried my kids could fall out. It’s also surprisingly maneuverable for being such a beast, and it’s big, but not heavy. I wish I had more of an occasion to use it, but I really do love this stroller.

Monique Mount Nebo, WV