Cool Mee – Bucket Seat Liner – 0-12 months – Pretty Pink

Cool Mee – Bucket Seat Liner – 0-12 months – Pretty Pink

Fits most bucket seats for children between 0-12 months. “Cool Mee” infant bucket seat liner is the first universally fitting seat liner for all infant bucket seats. Made from state of the art, 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes, preventing overheating and perspiring keeping baby cool and comfortable. Removable and easy to wash, Cool Mee Seat Liners protects the seat from stains and blow-outs. Made from 100% Polyester 10.5″ W x 25″ L

Main features

  • Keeps baby cool & comfortable
  • Universal design fits most strollers
  • Soft, breathable, absorbent
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Other colors available

Verified reviews


Great for every day use, life saver for 7 hour road trip!

Our first 7 hour road trip w/out this was a nightmare. It was December in the midwest and my kid was sweating in her car seat.We bought this prior to our road trip beginning of March and it worked great! Not once did we have a cranky over heating baby or wet sweaty clothes to have to change. It may not be the greatest product ever, but to us as parents its pretty fantastic!

Lora Venango, PA

A MUST have for the Texas heat!

This item is such a great item for my infant. He used to get sweaty and so hot in his car seat and now he is completely dry and cool. It is super easy to install and take out. I have been using it in the stroller too and it works great. Definitely a must have and worth every penny!

Monika Washington, NE


This works great for keeping my newborn cool. We added a car seat fan and my daughter now can be comfortable when we go out no more screaming because she’s burning up.

Muriel Quincy, WA

Love it! It really does help with my the heat.

This seat cover held up through the Texas summer. My son sweats a lot so it help a little on that, just make sure you wash it after a couple of weeks or after a long trip, if not it will start smelling bad.

Cristina Keota, OK

Makes her sweat more 🙁

My baby always falls asleep in the car seat and gets sweaty so I read it is supposed to help keep her cooler. It does not, she actually sweat more when I was using this liner.

Leola Winslow, NE

Doesn’t do much…

As soon as I took it out of the box, I knew it was a bad purchase.My daughter was still sweating with this liner.It didn’t stay put.

Mallory Dallesport, WA

It actually works!

Even after reading the positive reviews I was skeptical. I decided to get this for my then 5 month old son because we were taking a 15 hour car trip and I wanted him to be as comfortable as possible. It worked great, not only for the trip but through the southern summer. No sweaty back baby! I plan to get the bigger version for his convertible car seat too.

Monika Kearny, NJ

Great liner

We used this liner in a Chico Keyfit 22 infant car seat. It fit great and was very easy to adjust as the baby grew. It was incredible how much cooler it kept her in the car seat. Worth the money for sure. Easy to wash, and very easy to install. Once the liner was in the seat, it didn’t move around or get wrinkled under the baby, it stayed in place which was very nice as well.

May Preston, WA

Waste of money

We live in Louisiana so the summers are brutal here and my baby sweats pretty bad. I have the Chicco car seat which isn’t the most breathable car seat to begin with so I was hoping that this seat liner would help my little girl to not be so sweaty every time I would remove her form the seat. I noticed no change after buying this and using it for 2 months. In fact, it rolled up half the time so it made getting her in and out even more of a pain.

Sonya Laurel, MD

Does what its supposed to do!

I live in Arizona myself and we got some cruuuuhhzaay summer highs of 110+ so I noticed my 3 month old was so sweaty and uncomfortable when I would drive home after work. I read the reviews and decided to take a was a great price and its a great product. Yeah it doesn’t keep my daughter 100% cooler and sweat free but it keeps her at least comfortable and shes just a bit damp when I take her out of the carseat. I will most def keep this product and recommend it to other mothers/fathers.

Wendi Addison, AL

Helps, but still sweaty back…

Got this for our baby once he outgrew the newborn neckrest that came with our infant carrier seat. We live in Hawaii and he can get pretty sweaty in the carseat, even with the AC on in the car. I was hoping this liner would eliminate this issue. It helps, but still sweaty. I guess it’s not magic… ha ha. But he seems comfortable so we are sticking with it!

Kristin Urbana, IL

what does it do? NOTHING!

my daughter would get hot in the carseat and my wife and i needed something to cool her down when we drove her home from daycare.we thought this product would help, but it did nothing. it doesn’t cool the seat down at all. she was still sweaty. we kept it there hoping for some improvement on temperature, but nothing happened.

Mara Norborne, MO

Worth the Money

I live in Tucson AZ and my little one was getting so hot and sweaty in his car seat. This really helped him. I am going to buy one for his convertible carseat when they time comes.

Minerva Flom, MN

Not a miracle product, but it does its job

My son was getting all hot and sweaty in his carrier and I was searching for a solution. With this insert in the seat, he is rarely sweaty when I get him out, even on seven-hour car ride home from the beach.When he outgrows his current carseat, I plan to get another Cool Mee if the new carseat makes him hot and sweaty as well.

Lenore New Bedford, MA

Excellent purchase

My little guy hated his car seat. He would wail after 15 minutes due to overheating which made this momma feel so bad for him. I tried different car seats, turning the a/c to the lowest temp, keeping him in as little clothing as possible – nothing worked. So, I ordered this and he’s been great since (received it 4 weeks ago). We can finally travel to visit our family which is a 3 hr drive. I don’t think it’d be possible without the Cool Mee.

Tanisha Falkville, AL

the solution!!

so far, the best I have found to keep my baby a little cooler, wish there were some kind of craddle blankets…

Kathryn Payette, ID

Great product! Fits well in our car seat and …

Great product! Fits well in our car seat and keeps our little one cool and comfy in the car. It was very easy to install and has made car rides more pleasant for everyone! I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has an infant that gets cranky in the car, worth the money!

Marsha Wofford Heights, CA

Works great!

I live in Ohio and was sick of getting a sweaty baby out of the carseat in the summer. This has worked very well for us. We have a Snugride 35 and it fits nicely. It has kept our little guy cool this summer and his back is always dry when I lift him out. It makes me feel like I am being a better mom because my baby is comfortable.

Latasha West Union, MN

Keeps My Son Cool

After my son was first born, he would scream and cry in his car seat and get so hot that we’d drive around with all the windows down to cool him off. I didn’t want to keep doing that, so I searched for something on Amazon and this seat liner came up. Once we put this in his car seat, he is cool as a cucumber! I definitely notice a difference in his comfort when it’s in the wash and we have to go somewhere. I may even buy another one just in case!

Louise Bryan, OH

Prompt shipping, good product.

I bought this product because my baby tends to get very hot easily in the car seat, even thought we blast the A/C for him. This car seat/stroller liner seems to help keep him a little cooler and wicks away sweat. I recommend this product. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars intead of 5 is because my baby still gets a sweaty back when I pull him out of the car seat. But I’d rather have this liner than not have one at all (in fact, I bought 2 more after I bought this one).

Candice Gays Creek, KY

Seems to be working

We’ve had this liner in my son’s car seat now for about a month. He hasn’t been nearly as sweaty as before but does still get a little clammy on his back.

Maryellen Henderson, MI

Works great for hot climates

Works like a charm. No more sweaty backs for my baby.

Vickie Villa Grande, CA

Did not see any difference

Did not see any difference (my baby was still sweaty using this) and it is also pretty hard to get attached, because when it’s properly attached you can not use the hood on the carseat

Rachael Branford, CT

Works well!

Before using this my baby was soaking wet from sweat in the summer – with this she is barely damp. Totally worth it!

Lynne Mcminnville, OR

A must have!

My 3 month old baby used to sweat like crazy in his Britax B Safe car seat (all infant carseat fabrics are very synthetic) and he used to get fussy and would start crying. Every time I took him out of the carseat his tshirt would be very wet! I tried putting a cotton cloth in the base to help but it wasn’t until I ran into this seat liner that I got it immediatly to try it and OMG it worked! he went from sweating to not sweating at all!! – tremendous difference!! I would recommend it to all moms

Phyllis Saxon, WI

keeps cooler but not perfect

My little man now 5 months is a big time sweater even in cooler weather, so when temps started to climb he was soaked in the car seat and it was only 70 outside. This works to reduce the heat he is definitely dryer than he was but still gets warm and occasionally hard sweaty especially when it’s really hot out. Have been using for about 3 months so it works but I would hate to be living in a super hot climate

Nelda Hampshire, IL

Still great after nearly 2 years

This has been great for us. We have used it since our daughter was first born. It keeps her cool (we live in Hawaii) and it also protects her from any parts that may rub on the carseat. We have used it with the Chicco Keyfit infant seat and also with the Recaro toddler seat. Works great with both. It is well made and easily washable.

Jade Sawyer, ND

Must-have for your car seat sweaty baby!

My little boy would be soaking wet on his back when I would take him out of his car seat … and this wasn’t just on hot days. He also began crying a lot when in the car seat, probably because he was so hot! I have no idea how this thing works, but it is AMAZING. I received it the day before we had a heat wave with record high heat, and he did not sweat AT ALL! This is worth every penny and absolutely works amazing. I could not do without it! Highly recommend for anyone whose little one gets sweaty in the car seat.

Pamela Wise River, MT

So far so good

Bought this to keep my son cooler in his car seat. We’ve used it about a week, and it does seem to keep his back and head from getting as sweaty!

Sonja Adrian, MN

Still Sweaty

I have used this a couple of times and find that it really doesn’t make a difference in the FL Sun. If it is cloudy out my son stays cool in the car seat (not sweaty) but if it is a normal Florida summer day and we are out and about running errands, he still gets sweaty all down his back. It is a little less sweaty than without it but not a huge difference. I am keeping it and may take the suggestion of another reviewer and pair it with a cooling pack or something but by itself not really worth it.

Fern Calera, OK