Cooshie Booster & Travel Bag – Blue

Cooshie Booster & Travel Bag – Blue

Little ones can sit in the lap of luxury and enjoy themselves in this Cooshie Booster seat. Made of dense supportive foam with a shiny, waterproof skin, this child-size seat has a terrific nonporous surface that won’t stain or absorb spilled liquid. Accidents are no problem with this chair–just wipe them away easily with a wet cloth. Specially designed bottom includes suction holes to help adhere the booster to virtually any chair without needing straps or ties. The Cooshie Booster doesn’t slip or slide like other plastic booster seats, so you can rest easier while your child enjoys the elevated view. Perfect for meal times, learning time, playtime, TV time, pool time, or trips to the movies or restaurants. The seat comes in a clear zip-up carry tote.

Main features

  • Made of dense supportive foam
  • Made in US
  • Ages 12 months to 2 1/2+ years
  • Non-slip surface
  • Wipes off with wet cloth
  • Lightweight and comfortable foam material
  • Free Tote included

Verified reviews


A Good Booster but Not the Perfect Solution

The Cooshie Booster is a good booster seat for toddlers when used in the right conditions. However, my wife and I are yet to experience the miraculous calming effects at the dinner table that so many other reviews have mentioned.The Booster is made from one solid piece soft foam material. The material is very lightweight and cleans up very easily. The one-piece construction also aids in clean-up – no cracks to trap food or let spills get through to your furniture. Plus, the material grips on wooden chairs; it’s never budged when our active two-year-old is using it. This ease of use, both at the table and when getting washed in the sink, are its major selling points.On the other hand, the one-piece construction makes the bulky Booster less than ideal for use away from home. Forget about using it at restaurants because it’s not different enough from what they’ll provide. We only take ours out when we’re going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a few days; otherwise, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, it’s lightweight, but the supplied carrying case is roughly the size of a bowling ball bag. Plus, the bag is very cheap and unattractive; basically they’re selling you the packaging as a carrying case.Lastly, we haven’t seen the Booster effect any great improvement in our son’s attention span at the table – when he wants to get down, he wants to get down, period. I don’t believe that any booster seat could make such a difference in toddler behavior, so I don’t hold it against this one; I’m just surprised how many others have reported these results. If anything, our son is frustrated by the Booster because its size prevents him from climbing into his chair unassisted. Because he’s in the toddler independence phase, he’d often rather climb into another chair by himself rather than be lifted into the Booster.So, the Booster does a great job of providing a simple-to-use and easy-to-maintain solution at home, but if you take your little one out frequently, a more portable options would suit you better.PROS
• Stable, soft foam stays in place without marking chairs
• Very easy to clean with one-piece constructionCONS
• Bulky on the go
• Will frustrate toddlers who like to climb into their own chair

Karla Marsland, NE

Good concept, but BEWARE!

This is a great booster and is effective for it’s job–but there are a few things that could make it an even better seat. I can’t use this booster in my home because it is made out of a rubber substance that my kids LOVE to pull apart!! My young toddler likes to bite and take chunks out of the booster seat. If you have an aggressive chewer in the house, you may want to think about this–this material is highly attractive to chewers! Also, the seat does not come equipped with straps. I had to switch to another booster with straps due to some safety issues associated with this also.

Lillian Dobbins, CA

Better than the tray booster seats

For the older toddler, this booster seat is more comfortable and spacious than the hard plastic booster seats with trays. The hard plastic seats slide around on wood chairs and never feel stable, even when strapped around the chair. The trays don’t leave enough room for a bigger child’s legs. However, this booster seats is soft and cushiony. It feels stable on wood chairs, and it allows the child to sit at the big people’s table. Obviously, it’s not as good for the young infant or younger toddler who needs a tray to contain the mess, but it’s definitely better for the older toddler who knows how to eat neatly off a plate or bowl. The older toddler hopefully is also well-trained enough to know not to jump around in the seat because it’s not attached to the adult chair.

Chasity Crest Park, CA

Great booster

My 2 1/2 year olds highchair was terrible, so I threw it out on his first b-day. This chair is great, but I dont see anything miraculous going on.PROS-
• Very comfortable, my son always says everything should be like cooshie
• All one solid piece of foam, bo creveces to get food stuck in
• It doesnt slip due to the material, a plus for a wiggly toddler
• Sits him up high enough to eat
• Can be easily taken off, no straps and all that stuff
• Cute color, not bright and pastely
• Very light weightCONS-
• Is not at all portable, I dont know about you but I wouldnt want to “travel” with something the size of a large platter everywhere!
• The “carry case” is cheap and really the size of a diaper bag… uhh sorry I already have one of those
• leaves his feat dangling, although this is a problem occuring in MANY booster seatsThis is just a booster. I like it and I am glad I chose it but I dont really understand the amazing changes in children with a booster (not that I am denying the fact that those reviews are true) I just dont see how this cooshie could do it. My son is still fussy, and will get down when he feels like it, this comfortable booster doesnt stop him. He loves his booster and loves being a big bow v.s sitting in a highchair like his little brother

Tia New Bloomfield, MO

Excellent booster!

I was a bit hesitant to buy this booster, although it came highly recommended. I felt like it was overpriced and essentially offered nothing…boy, was I wrong! I’ve been using this booster for 2 years now. It has been used by my 3.5 year old and his 2 year old brother. Both of them LOVE it. The seat is comfortable for them to sit on, unlike the hard plastic seat we had before it. It doesn’t slide around on the chair, and it is SO easy to clean. I also like that it is easy to take along if we’re headed to grandma’s house. No extra straps, trays, or pieces to worry about! I don’t have a single complaint with this seat after 2 years of use…it is well worth the money!

Brittney Zortman, MT

Wonderful addition to your baby/toddler gear

After tiring of wiping up trays that didn’t stay put, straps that couldn’t be cleaned completely and levers that didn’t operate easily, we tossed our high chair and booster seats for this absolutely WONDERFUL little seat. Made of an interesting foamy material, it actually stays where you put it on a chair so your little one can eat like a “big person” at the table with you. The surface wipes clean easily, it’s portable and comes in its own plastic carry case so you can toss it in the car to bring along to restaurants (who wants to use a filthy universal high chair that maybe 1000+ kids have spilled on before yours??)Your child will love the comfy feel, the secure bottom and the colors! We bought ours in the store and there was a choice of Aqua, Red, Black, Royal Blue and Purple. The price is right in line with other toddler feeding contraptions, and this one will grow with your child till they are old enough to sit without a booster. There are no straps on this seat, however, so don’t expect to prop a baby inside…your child must be at least 18 months old OR old enough to sit still while eating and not topple out.

Dixie Emmonak, AK

We just love it!

My 16 month old daughter has gotten to the stage where she no longer wants to use a highchair or any of those other booster seats with the trays (ie. Tot-Loc, First Years 4 in 1 feeding seat, and First Years Folding Booster…all great products by the way) She really just wanted to sit at the kitchen and dining room table like a big girl, and she didn’t want to sit in the baby seats that allow you to convert them to big kid boosters by removing the trays. We were at our wits end and after reading all the reviews here, we decided to give it a try, but I must admit we were a bit skeptical and nervous using this for our daughter because she is so young and most of the other reviewers said they used this for an older child. Well our daughter absolutely loves this and is so proud of her upgrade from highchair to big kid comfy booster. The booster wipes clean very easily, sticks to the chair very well, and the seat itself is non-slip, so our daugher does not slouch and side off this seat like she did with other hard plastic boosters. Best of all, the seat brings her to the perfect height at our table (much better fit than the hard plastic boosters) and she appears to be much more comfortable (not to mention our once picky eater is now happily eating everything she sees now). This booster seat seems to have completely changed the way my daughter looks at meal time for the better. Also, the travel case this booster comes with is a nice touch, and it has room to pack a bib or small snack as well as the booster. We’re looking forward to using this booster for the next couple of years, and since it’s so portable, we only need to buy one and just take it everywhere we go.One thing I should mention, I wouldn’t buy this booster for a child who is overly active and doesn’t like to sit still. My daughter has no problems sitting still for extended periods as long as she is occupied, but if she were the kind of kid who always has to be moving at this age, I wouldn’t use this booster just yet as it does not have any safety belt to hold your child in.

Keri Wheeling, WV


This is the best booster seat. It “grips” easily to chairs and does not slide. We use it in our captains chairs and our son is great in it! It is the most durable seat too. My nephew has had one for two years or more now and it is still in EXCELLENT condition. It is soft and comfy. It may seem pricey for a booster but it is definitely worth it. It travels easy and wipes clean in a heartbeat. Grandma even bought one to keep at her house for all the kids! Definitely a must have!

Amie Middletown, NJ

Great Booster!

We love this booster. My 3 year is still using it and I think he started using it around 18 months or so. We have solid oak chairs and didn’t have the problem of other reviewers. It sits in the same chair almost all the time and there’s no residue. Maybe it has more to do with the chair finishing. Your chair does need to be made of something to “grip” this chair, such as a wooden chair. I tried to take it to my dad’s house and he has cooshy leather chairs, and it didn’t work. It cleans extremely easily, holds him securely, and works better than I could have expected.

Taylor Hornbeak, TN