Cosco Apt 40RF Car Seat, Megan

Cosco Apt 40RF Car Seat, Megan

Give your child a comfy rear-facing ride all the way up to 40 pounds. The apt 40RF convertible car seat allows babies to remain in a safer rear-facing position up to 40 pounds and 40” in height. Tall toddler? The apt moves into a forward-facing position for children up to 40 pounds and 43” in height.

Main features

  • Rear-facing 5-40 pounds and 19-40”
  • Forward-facing 22-40 pounds and 34-43”
  • Side impact protection
  • 5-point center front adjust harness
  • 4 harness heights

Verified reviews


excellent extra carseat

I use this cosco carseat as an extra in our vehicles. It’s fairly easy to move from vehicle to vehicle, its cheap but it feels sturdy, and I really like the built in cupholders. I have a more expensive carseat in our main vehicle but wanted an extra and this works perfectly.

Dawn Lewistown, OH

Great Travel Car Seat

This car seat is comfy with plenty of space for a larger baby. The double couple holders are a lifesaver for entertainment or drink/snack holding. The best part though is that it is extremely lightweight so we use if for traveling when we need to take it in/out of the car. I am also impressed with the quality for the price point. The cover is easily removed for washing. If you have multiple kids, beware, this is a WIDE car seat and you won’t fit 3 in a row with it. We use this and a Britax in the backseat (of various rentals) with not a lot of room for anyone or anything else.

Neva Artemas, PA

Great basic car seat

After a doctor visit a couple days ago, I discovered that my 10-month-old daughter is now 27″ long. That means she is already about to outgrow her Graco infant car seat! It was time to start looking at convertible seats for her to upgrade to. After reading several reviews on Amazon, I decided to take a trip to the local Kmart to get a feel for some of the things that reviewers were talking about here. I am glad I did! This model was one that I had already saved on my wishlist for later consideration, and it ended up being on sale at Kmart for $39! I quickly grabbed the last two that they had on the shelf (one for me and one for my wife), and today was the first day using it. So far, I am fairly happy with it, and I will lay out pros and cons later. In brief, however, I would say that this is a good basic car seat for the budget-conscious parent. If I were going to spend the $60 they are asking for here on Amazon, I might choose a different model, but at Kmart’s price it was a no-brainer. A few cons make it a 4-star item, and I will come back and edit my review if I find any other problems later on.PROSLight weight. I don’t know if that is a huge deal since we are leaving them permanently mounted in our cars, but it is very light weight.Easy install. The directions were very easy to follow, and the manual is laid out in a good logical order. I was able to make all of the fit adjustments and mount the seats in both cars within about an hour.Easy child loading. This seat has a similar concept to the Graco infant seat that we started with. You put the child’s arms through the two shoulder straps, then buckle the two metal clips into the crotch strap, then clip the chest clip closed, and finally pull the harness adjuster strap to cinch everything down. This one-strap harness tightening is a genius invention! On our old Graco seat, the shoulder straps had to be individually tightened, and it was difficult to get them adjusted evenly. This one-strap system solves that problem.Cheap price. At the sale price I got at Kmart, this turned out to be the most affordable seat on the market. There were other selling points, but the cost was certainly a factor to consider.One-piece construction. This is nice because the only moving parts are the restraint system. The rest of the seat is one solid piece, which means there are no moving parts to break. This even includes the two cup holders that are molded into it.CONSSize. OK, from what I have read, lots of these convertible car seats are big front-to-back when installed in the rear facing position, so that was to be expected. I had to slightly incline and move forward the passenger seats in both of our vehicles (a 2008 Kia Sorento and a 2003 Dodge Dakota Sport). Aside from that size problem, this seat is also incredibly wide. I suppose some of that has to do with the two cup holders, but the seating area also seems to be excessively wide, especially considering the limitations of the restraint strap positions (which I will talk about next). Even though the seat is supposedly sufficient for infants starting at 5 pounds, I don’t know if I would trust it to secure such a small baby.Strange restraint strap positioning. My daughter is currently 20 pounds and 27″ long. Obviously, we have her rear facing and will try to keep her like that until she reaches 40 pounds, but that might be a challenge with the crotch strap. We already have the crotch strap at the middle position, and in rear facing position the manual says the third crotch strap position cannot be used (to leave room for the LATCH belt or seat belt to pass through the shell), and it already seems tight at that position. Time will tell if this will be a problem, but it already looks like the crotch strap is going to get too tight well before she reaches 40 pounds. So, then we will either need to get another seat or turn this one forward facing to use the third crotch strap. So, that will bring up the problem with the shoulder straps! At 27″ tall, my daughter’s shoulders are already even with the next-to-last set of holes for the shoulder straps. It is fine if she grows past the last set of holes for rear facing, but the manual says that the shoulder straps should be even with or higher than the child’s shoulders for forward facing. Again, time will tell if this things are really problems, but it looks to me like the crotch strap is going to be too small for rear facing and the top strap holes are going to be too low for forward facing. So, she may outgrow this seat sooner than she might outgrow another convertible.Child removal. While putting the child in and cinching down the straps with the one-strap adjustment system is fairly easy, removal is a little more difficult. Because of the shortness of the crotch strap, it is tough to get a good grip on it to push the release button. The straps also seem to be a little difficult to loosen, but that is something that will probably get easier with more use.No mechanical level. There are just lines on a sticker to reference the correct angles to install the seat. It would have been nice if they put actual bubble levels instead of just stickers that force you to “eyeball” the angle.Overall, I am happy with the seats for now, but we might end up replacing them sooner than we would another brand.

Marianne Waterloo, NY

Wonderful Car Seat and Easy to Install and Remove

We purchased this car seat for our son when he reached 24 lbs. The car seat is rated for 22-40lbs for rear facing.He is only 28 inches long right now so he sits only rear facing so far but he loves this seat. Our car seat we had purchased before he was born came with a stroller set and worked wonderful as well but our son is on the higher percentiles for weight and height so he definitely needed a larger more comfortable convertible car seat.I also love that it has two cup holders! We do not use them for food or drinks at all but he loves it to keep his toys in.This is also very easy to install and remove at any time. I almost everyday take the car seat out with my son sleeping in it for his afternoon nap.Would recommend to anyone looking for a great inexpensive easy to use convertible car seat! The great thing is he will get so much use out of it!!

Jeri Murfreesboro, AR


I love this car seat how it has the cup holders built into the car seat not attached. It is very easy to install and adjust to your babys high and weight and growing age! I use this for my 6 month old as rear facing and I also use the same one for my 2.5 year old as front facing and im in love with it.

Tammie Oelwein, IA

great price – Consumer Reports’ top pick

Saw this listed on Consumer Reports listed I think #1. a little trickier to set up when rearfacing and our older car that doesn’t have the latch system. didn’t think I also would car about the cup holders – but they are actually kinda nice to put toys drink, stuff in.

Tricia Indianola, WA