Cosco Flat Fold High Chair, Wild Adventure

Cosco Flat Fold High Chair, Wild Adventure

The Flat Fold High Chair features a compact fold and lightweight design that makes storage quick and easy. With the easy-wipe seat pad on the high chair, cleanup after mealtime is also a breeze! Dimensions: 39 H x 22.75 W x 25.5 D Some assembly may be required. Please see product details.

Main features

  • Compact quick fold
  • Flat lightweight design for storage or travel
  • 3-position adjustable tray with built in cup holder
  • 3-point harness
  • Recommended only for children that sit upright unassisted

Verified reviews


small children and storage

I have a small baby and the belt fits her just fine it’s that the tray is a bit to high for her but she will grow into it before she outgrows it. The only problem with this high chair is that yes it does fold flat for storage but if it’s not put up in between something it will slide and fall flat on the the floor it also doesn’t stay completly folded if you try to move it somewhere, it trys to unfold itself. other then that the material is easy to clean the tray is plenty large enough it’s secure once it’s standing and locked and my child thinks it’s the greatest thing sicne sliced bread.

Sheila Copperopolis, CA

3.5 Stars – Portable, good price, but some design problems / flaws

First, let me point out: There are some other Cosco “Flat Fold” high chairs that are 2x or 3x the price. They are the SAME in every respect, except for color. Don’t spend the extra money unless you absolutely need a different color.Now, on to the review…Pros:-Pre-assembled, easy to set up.-Folds up, portable, light weight.-If you take out the foot rest, it folds flat.-Wipes clean easy.-Tray has cup holder which doubles as a built-in bowl for snacks.-We tried ALL the chairs at Target & Babys R Us, and this was our favorite in terms of space saving & portability … and to our surprise it was the least expensive too! (We paid $30)CONS:-Seat back is not adjustable, is too reclined for young children.-Tray has 3 positions, but still is not close enough for young children.-It requires both hands to collapse the chair (you can’t do it with a child in your arms)-Biggest problem: Tray release tabs break easily (broke 2nd time we used it!)(The fix — If the release tabs on the tray pop off, they can be re-assembled without tools: Line up the pin & spring, and snap it back in. The design flaw is that the plastic tabs holding the release triggers in place are not big enough or strong enough. If it becomes a persistent problem, drill a hole through the middle of the plastic tabs and insert a metal rod, a pin, or a screw …just make sure it’s smooth on the end and can’t scratch your child)

Bernadette Fence, WI

Love this highchair for travel

We have a 9 month old, who weighs 22 pounds. I was trying to find a highchair for when we travel to grandmas, or on vacation and had been researching the evenflo collapsable highchair. I ran onto this highchair by accident. I can’t believe how small and flat this highchair folds. Since purchasing it a month ago I have probably used it 5 different times. We love it. It is so convienent to have a highchair in the back of our SUV ready to use. I have used it at an ice cream store which didn’t have highchairs, my 8 year olds Valentine party, Grandmas house, and a friends house. It has a full size tray, and keeps my nine month old so content. A few cheerios on the tray, and he is happy. It also has the middle bar between the babys legs to keep baby from slipping. This has been 30 dollars well spent.October 2010 Our 16 month old who is now 27 pounds is still using this highchair. We have not been easy on this chair, and it has held up great for travel. Again it was 30 dollars well spent.

Ana Pigeon Falls, WI

Okay, but not for really small babies

My parents bought this high chair to have at their house for when my girls are there. It is a great price and it folds up and can be stored away easily. However, I am really not a fan of how far back the seat slants. It also doesn’t have a 5 point harness. I won’t let my daughter sit in it until I feel she can sit up on her own better. I really wish they seat could be adjusted to a more straight up position because I don’t like the idea of my baby leaning back while eating. This chair is nice for a grandparents house when it won’t be used as often and they will want to be able to fold it up and put it out of the way. It is also fine for once a child is sitting up easily.

Leah Cabins, WV

Light and easy

If you are looking for a light, portable, easy-to-fold high chair, then this may be for you. I liked it so much I got one for each of Baby’s grandparents.The only thing I would say against it is that the back is angled back a bit and is not adjustable. Smaller and younger babies (like mine) probably need a towel or blanket put behind them for padding and so they can sit up straight.

Paula Lake City, CA

Not bad, not great.

This is a nice, solid, flat-folding chair with a nice sized, sturdy tray. We have a small apartment and this works great there. The biggest drawback (and this is HUGE to me) is that the fabric is not removable to wash! This sucks because no matter how many times I wipe it, it seems like I am always picking up more crumbs and bits from the crevasses. This is especially gross because my little dude likes to throw his food about and sometimes he lets it fall next to him and then picks it up and eats it. Yum! So if you are vigilant about cleaning it with like a super-vaccum everytime you use it, great, but if you are like me, where you want to be able to wipe it daily and then toss it in the wash every few days to get it really clean, then don’t buy this one.If the fabric was removable I would give this 4.75 stars- if it had a tray liner it would be 5.

Earlene Pengilly, MN

Affordable, compact high chair

I received this high chair from my baby registry over a year ago, and it is still serving my 14-month-old well. It is very compact, which is nice. If you have a small kitchen this is a good high chair. Other chairs we’ve used take up a huge amount of space, even when folded up. This chair is small enough that I can leave it open in the kitchen when it is not in use. The back is a bit angled, but a folded up towel does the trick when they are really young. It was really reasonably priced when I put it on my registry (probably around $35) I wouldn’t pay much more than that though. The most serious drawback is the inability to remove the cover for cleaning. It wipes clean for normal food spills, but we experienced a blowout in the chair recently that required the use of pet stain cleaner. Pretty gross. If the price stays reasonable and space is an issue I would recommend this product. Otherwise I’d recommend a more expensive, but washable one.

Elinor Reagan, TX

Ok for the price…

I purchased this high chair for my son; his first high chair! The price was right, its does fold great (once you figure out where those latches are!) and its sturdy, easy to clean. My only problem with it, is that my sons posture is not supported. He sits pretty straight and this chair leans back quite a bit. There doesn’t seem to be a way to change that…I still use it because I have not gotten a replacement, but it does seem to pose quite a problem for eating time…IMHO.

Colleen Dorchester, NJ

Way too reclined

We live in a small condo, and needed this high chair to save space when folded up. It does the job and fits behind our back door easily. The fabric wipes clean nicely and the chair is sturdy. The price is great. But what makes this high chair a major bummer is how reclined it is. My daughter now prefers to eat lying back because she is so used to this high chair! She is almost slipping down with her face below the tray due to the angle of the seat. She’s 14 months and the chair still is too reclined for her. Why not make it adjustable Cosco? Read your reviews!

Cathryn Patrick Afb, FL

Awesome for Grandma’s House

This highchair is great as a second one to keep at Grandma’s house. Not much padding, and not too much support, so make sure that your baby is pretty good at sitting up and supporting themselves before putting them in the chair. I love the cute pattern and it’s girlie enough for my daughter, but also would be good if the second is a boy. The chair folds up small enough to fit in the space between the wall and the fridge, or it doesn’t take up too much space in a spare bedroom closet. I am pleased with this highchair, but only as a spare one that gets used once in a while.

Lisa Primghar, IA

Overall, I love this.

What I wanted:A highchair that didn’t take up a lot of space, was light-weight and durable, and that wasn’t going to cost me an arm, a leg, and an extra big toe.PROS:- The surface wipes clean sooo easy. Take a wet soapy wash cloth to this right after your child has eaten, and no matter the mess, it’s gone.- The tray is dishwasher safe and not too big for your dishwasher. It has one cup holder by the way, and it goes on and off of the chair very easily.- This thing really does fold away pretty flat, except for the foot rest. If you need it completely flat, you’d have to pop off the foot rest thing.- Very light-weight, easy to move around and carry.CONS:- My 6 month old is a BIG kid. He has been eating from a spoon since 4 months old because of how quickly he grew and was just definitely ready to try new areas for dinner time, but wasn’t sitting unassisted yet, or really, not sitting at all. It was kind of difficult to get him to stay propped up in this when we were feeding him. I know most sources you read from say to not feed your child baby food from a spoon until they are at least 6 months, or sitting, but if your child develops as quickly as ours has, he was grabbing for my spoon from 3 months onwards, so it was definitely time. We had to roll up towels all beside him to prop him up, and even then he seemed to slide down and over sideways at first. Now at just over 6 months, he is sitting a little better, and holds on to the sides and tray while he’s eating to sit up straight. Not really a big CON, just something to be aware of.- The material that covers the seat does not come off, which I was a little disappointed in. No matter how well something wipes clean, I always want to wash it in the washing machine.Conclusion:This highchair is well worth the price. Hint, look for it cheaper in other places tho. I’ve seen it for as much as $150 and as little as $35. For living in a small space like I do, the fact that when I am cleaning I can eliminate something that is taking up floor space is really great. It is also light enough and folds up small enough that you could take this with you on vacation or traveling back and forth to family/friends. I would even say it is cheap enough to buy one for each grandma too. I vote that you buy this one and stop looking at all of the other overpriced high chairs that do the job just the same.

Clarissa Hermiston, OR

GREAT highchair for the price!

We bought this highchair to use as an extra highchair for our home and as a travel highchair when we’re visiting friends/family who dont have one that we can use. For the price this highchair cannot be beat. The #1 thing I needed was something that could fold up and fit btwn the walk and the fridge (since we dont use it everyday) and this fits the bill perfectly! Its easy to fold too which is a plus. A lot of people complained about how the seat was too reclined but I don’t find this to be the case. My baby is 9 months old though and is very capable of sitting himself upstraight without assistance. He seems just as happy in this chair as he does in his spacesaver chair. For the price I paid (under $40) I have no complaints.

Pat Chesterfield, VA

Good for 1+ yrs

Very good for the price, we have a small place, so I needed something compact. My daughter loves sitting in this and the foot rest is nice…but like other reviews mentioned, the back is pretty reclined and you can’t adjust it, so wouldn’t recommend for babies younger than 1.

Krystal Badin, NC

Best highchair I could find

Love it, love it, love it! Easy to clean, easy to fold up, easy to use period. The small size is perfect, and I love simple. I can also take the tray off and sit my son right at the kitchen table. The price was right. I found older ones that were similar and used for the same price – or more!VERY highly recommended!

Flossie Renville, MN