Cosco High Back Booster, Ava

Cosco High Back Booster, Ava

This booster seat may be used for a variety of ages. It will function forward facing with a harness for children 22 to 40 pounds or as a belt positioning booster for children 40 to 80 pounds. The lightweight design makes it easy to use while on the go and comes complete with a 5 point harness and up front adjustment. The removable cup holder stores your child’s beverages and is within an arm’s reach to satisfy them when they’re thirsty.

Main features

  • Forward facing with a harness for children 22 to 40 pounds
  • Belt positioning booster for children 40 to 80 pounds
  • The lightweight design makes for ease of traveling
  • Complete with a 5 point harness and up front adjustment
  • Features a removable cup holder

Verified reviews


Great for the price!

I ordered 2 of these for our trip out-of-state for the holidays for my twin boys. We were flying to our destination and I didn’t want to cart along car seats so I had them shipped right to where we were going. Can’t beat the price- cheaper than renting two car seats! Worked great for what we needed. We were so pleased with them that we ended up flying back home with them just to have 2 extra car seats in case we have visitors here.

Jeanie Wrightsville, GA

Great Bargain Car Seat for toddler/child

We have a petite three year old, and this is the perfect seat to graduate from her first seat. She loves it; it is pretty and also comfortable. It is very light in weight so it’s really easy for a busy mother or father to transfer from one car to the other, or it would be easy to travel with. The straps adjust so simply. The cupholder is removable, so you can install it where you desire. I highly recommend it, especially at the bargain price!

Kara Stockdale, OH

Affordable and gets the job done, has a few drawbacks.

We bought this car seat to put at Grandma & Grandpa’s house so we don’t have to lug a car seat around each time we visit. It’s affordable, comfortable and great for tall kids. It’s easy to install and lightweight, so we were able to move it around easily to different cars as needed. Our every day car seat is a Britax and while it’s not as padded or convenient as the Britax, it was intuitive and easy to use. I actually liked that it’s not as plush as the Britax Marathon bc Grandma & Grandpa live in a warmer climate so this seat didn’t get the little guy sweaty. And it seemed like he had plenty of lap room for toys or whatnot, which was nice. It’s has a narrow frame so it doesn’t take up a ton of room in the cars (tried it in a Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Prius – was able to put it in the center and fit 1 adult on either side). The biggest drawback was that whenever I installed it, the seat tended to tilt to one side! We installed it using LATCH and with a seat belt and had the same result. We laughed about it, but it did sorta annoy me each time I looked back and saw the little guy sitting slanted to one side. The removable cup holder is a nice feature, we just removed it and never used it. The cover comes off and is machine washable, another plus. We didn’t try it rear-facing as our guy is too big for it. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this seat again.

Courtney Allison, TX

Low price, but low quality

I was tempted by the low price and reasoned that it had met the safety standards of every other carseat on the market, plus it was just meant to be a be a backup seat in the other car. Still, when I saw that the quality was approximately equivalent to a toy from a cereal box, I decided against cutting corners on the carseat. The plastic of this seat is really thin, as is the fabric. My daughter found the seat uncomfortable. We returned it. As always, shipping and returns were cost and hassle free.

Rowena Anna Maria, FL

Child needs to be 40 inches tall, not just 22 pounds!

I bought this for my child who is 24 lbs. but didn’t see anywhere online that she also needs to be 40" tall- which she won’t be for awhile. That information came with the installation instructions, so we will hold on to this for about 10 inches! Other than that, it seems fine- but, it is nothing fancy.

Maria Adair, IL

Needs to be latched in

Found that it’s not very secure with just the seatbelt securing it as a booster seat. Also, cup holder falls off easily.

Abigail Spottsville, KY

Does the Job

I bought this for our 15 month old son becuase we needed a small and lightweight car seat to fit in the back of my husbands toyota tacoma. The car seat is easy to install and easy to take in and out since its so light. Our son seems comfortable enough in it, but there is not a lot of padding so I’m sure it would be uncomfortable on a long drive.

Cecelia Shrewsbury, NJ

LIght, install in seconds, comfy for the kids

I own two hundred dollar (each) Radian carseats and I still prefer these cheap Cosco car seats. For air travel, these are #1. Not sure if people complain safety or quality of materials but having solid steel in child’s car seat is not going to make a single difference in a collision. These big enough to use as boosters in the kiddos grow out of them. Feels good that the last car seats II’l ever buy are so inexpensive.

Lynn Swanton, NE

Bought as a Travel / Airline Car Seat

We have always used car seats on air crafts with out kiddos. My youngest one had outgrown in height the Britax seat we have always used for travel so we decided to use her spare car seat a Diono Radian RXT Convertible in it’s place. What a nightmare! It’s far too heavy to easily haul around, even placed on a set of GO GO Babyz Kidz Travel wheels and is too tall to fit through a standard airport scanner. After this last trip I decided to look for a replacement seat that didn’t weigh a gazillion pounds, was safe ,didn’t break the bank cost wise, and would fit through a scanner. This seat, I am happy to report, fits the bill. It is safe (so I can use it in a car without worrying), super light & extremely cost effective. It fits perfectly on to our set of Go Go Babyz Kidz Travel Wheels. It’s a nice dark colorway so it won’t look grubby too quickly, although it wouldn’t be hard to whip off the cover and wash it. It is a no frills seat and as such has a couple of cons. The biggest one for me being the lack of padding. I easily fixed this by taking the foam padding strip out of my old Britax and transferring it onto this seat. I had to reshape it a little and cut a new crotch strap hole but it took me all of 20 minutes, including re-threading the straps. My daughter is 2 1/2 and has been for a ride in the seat on the wheels. She tells me it’s comfortable and she’s happy with her "new" seat. The straps want to twist & I can tell if you aren’t vigilant they would easily get all twisted up. I have had no issues with the chest clip being either too hard to operate or failing and the crotch strap button is also smooth and easy to use. Overall I am delight! If they could add some more padding to the seat & the back it would be 5 Stars from me.

Adela Beaver, AR

Love this car seat

I really love this car seat. I bought two, one for each car. Perfect for a growing toddler who is not quite ready for the regular booster, but don’t want to have to buy another car seat when he needs that size.

Tabatha Hooppole, IL

the price was nice

It’s a carseat that will fit my child until grade school. It fits nicely in the back seat of a Ford truck. I couldn’t find a better pice anywhere else. I love amazon prime.

Roberta Round O, SC