Cosco Open Box Beep! Beep! Walker – Fruity Jungle – WAD11ALK

Cosco Open Box Beep! Beep! Walker – Fruity Jungle – WAD11ALK

Keep your baby entertained in this Cosco Beep! Beep! Walker. The walker features an adorable design with three car-themed toys to provide your little one with hours of fun. Three height adjustment positions allow the walker to grow with your child. This walker folds easily, making it simple to store or place in your car when you want to take it along with you.

Main features

  • Three height adjustment positions allow the walker to grow with your child
  • Squeaky toys, wheel and teething toy are used to stimulate the infant while in the walker
  • Great for development of the leg muscles to encourage walking and crawling
  • Wheels are easily moveable through carpeted surfaces of the home with hard plastic wheels
  • Easily folds flat for storage after the tray has been removed and can be stored in closets or even under furniture

Verified reviews


Not the greatest.

The seat is not deep enough, leg holes are angled forward instead if down, makes it difficult for a baby to stand. The back wheels don’t rotate 360, so not very maneuverable…and that’s IF you can even get it to move all it! If you have carpet, forget about it. The rubber pads on the bottom make it impossible to move. (What the heck are they there for anyway??) We had to pry the white rubbery part off in an effort to make the thing roll. I get that anything with wheels is going to be harder to move on carpet, but this is just ridiculous. My son gets in and it won’t budge. We have really low carpet that’s not very plush and have other things with wheels at roll just fine. Also, it doesn’t really lock either. When you pick it up by the tray part, it will snap into a higher position and when you put it back down you’ll have to adjust a lower again.DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, BY A DIFFERENT WALKER.

Elma East Wallingford, VT

Mostly great!

Overall, we’re pretty happy with this walker. It’s easy to set up, easy to open, our daughters enjoy it, and it’s cute enough. The price is great! Can’t argue with that. My ONLY qualm is I wish it would “lock” flat when you fold it up to put it away. When you’re not using it and you want to fold it up, it just doesn’t lock in anyway, so move it or handle it and it might slide and pop open – it’s slightly annoying. Other than that, I’m happy with it. It has a few different height settings and my baby (at 7 months) can manuever it easily enough. The steering wheel and horn are pretty cute. I would recommend this as a new baby/shower gift for a new mom. Other than it not locking shut, it’s a nice product especially considering the price!

Amalia Mcclusky, ND

Seat is HARD

We got this walker mostly as a entertainment center/high chair for our 6-month-old to use while at Grandma’s house. He seems to like it just fine, though it is more awkward to move in than the more retro-style walkers with free-spinning wheels. (It’s a safety feature, I know.) He enjoys the activity tray, and I love those retro 70s colors! My biggest problem with this walker is the seat, which LOOKS nice and cushiony but is actually just fabric-covered HARD plastic. Does not seem like it would be very comfortable for a young one. The old-style walkers always had nice, cushioned seats. Too bad things are made so cheaply now and not to last. Oh, well – the price was right when we bought it and our son hasn’t complained … yet. 😉

Madeleine The Colony, TX

Great price, but something just not right

I wanted to love this walker, but I just couldn’t. There is a design flaw with the seat. The leg holes aren’t straight down, so they kept my sons legs up at an angel where he couldn’t reach the floor. My son is almost 6 months old and in the 75 percentile for height, so he is not small. Also, I liked that the toys made some noise, but without the need of batteries. We ended up returning this walker because of the seat issue. We ended up buying the Chicco – DJ Baby Walker. It cost a bit more, but my son was able to sit right in it and go.

Claudine West Chester, IA

Be better if back wheels swivel-very limiting

My baby likes this walker but if the back would swivel, the walker would be more manueverable. As is the back wheels only go forward or backward. If the baby is in a small space, I’m constantly moving it around for her. I wish I would have done my homework before buying this walker because I’m probably going to have to go get one that’s better for our space.

Kathleen Spencer, OK