Cosco – Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat, Renaissance

Cosco – Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat, Renaissance

The Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat gives you two cars seats in one. Starting as a rear-facing car seat, it easily converts over to a forward-facing car seat as your child grows. There are four different harness locations to accommodate your growing child and a five-point harness system with up-front harness adjustment that makes it easy for you to give your little one the best fit. A removable cup holder provides a handy place to rest a drink or small snack during the ride.Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat, Clementine:Rear-facing for an infant from 5 to 35 lbsForward-facing for a child from 22 to 40 lbs5-point harnessUp-front harness adjustment4 harness locations to accommodate your growing childMeets or exceeds federal and ASTM safety standardsLATCH-equippedRemovable cup holderDimensions: 17″ x 21.5″ x 26.5″No assembly requiredBox may have slight damage, product is undamaged

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Verified reviews


Terrible for rear facing in some cars

So, I know this car seat gets good safety ratings, and is super cheap, but I found it to be unsafe for rear facing in my car. I have a 2004 Honda Civic, and nobody (not even the fire fighter or the carseat experts at the local children’s hospital) could get this seat to install without more than 3-4 inches of wiggling on both sides. So, be careful about using this in any backseats that have a slight slant to them – it just doesn’t work. Frustrated with this seat, we forked over the money for a Britax Marathon. It is soooooo much better than this seat. It is easy to install, comfortable for our little guy, and has a lot more room for growth.Also, we took the cosco seat with us on an airplane, and the latch belt was torn off in transit. When I looked closely, it is only attached by a small screw at the center of the belt. Compare this to the Britax, where the latch system is looped around metal rods running up and down the sides of the seat, and I ultimately just felt that I wanted something more solid.Anyhow, I’m sure this carseat works, and it seems safe for forward facing, but it just didn’t work for rear facing for us.

Aurora Callahan, FL

Love this carseat especially the side container byut 100$?!?!

WAY too expensive on Amazon. I bought this at for 40$! On another note, I love that the car seat has a side container for kids to reach snacks from which is what keeps my son calm and sane throughout car trips.

Chris Hampton, NE

Top pick on consumer reports for safety and usability – we use them for both children!!

This seat is way more user friendly than the expensive safety 1st convertible car seat we first got for our son!! It is also the top pick on consumer reports for crash test safety and usability. I love this seat so much for my son that we are buying another one for our daughter, who is growing out of her infant seat!We have taken this seat onto many planes to tie in our 3 year old. It is a God send! It is the perfect size to fit into the seat and keep him calm. We had tried flying without a car seat, but he was too rambunctious to do well. But he understands that once tied into his car seat, he has to stay seated for a while. While in the airport, we strapped it onto our luggage (with a “Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory” bought on Amazon) and used it as a stroller. Our son loved his free ride, especially while he was sleepy. It even fit down the isle of the plane on our luggage(much to the shock of the flight attendants)!!The cover slips right off for easy washing if you have any major spills or sickness/accidents.The link to the Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory:;=1337717823&sr;=8-1

Lilian Success, AR

Excellent Value for the price!!!

I have two of these for my 11 month old twins installed in our 2001 VW Beetle. The Bug does not have LATCH so they are installed RF using seat belts. They work great and allow me more leg room than our Evenflo Discovery infant car seats.My advice as far as installation goes (there seem to be a lot of complaints about that in regard to LATCH) use seat belts!!! Its so easy and they are tight and snug. I don’t have this issue with these seats but as far as adjusting the recline, you could put a small piece of wood under it to even it out, I did this with the infant car seats and didn’t have to worry about any compression that would happen with a towel.Yes, there are nicer car seats out there, I have Chicco Nexfit in our SUV but that retails for $279, obviously with a higher price point you get more bells and whistles.If you are on a budget the Cosco Scenera is a wonderful option. Also its lightweight so easy to transport if you are planning any air travel. Also the seat covers come off easily for washing.My only complaint is I wish the seats were more padded. It doesn’t seem like a comfy ride for long road trips, but again, more cushioning = more money.

Florence Rumsey, KY

Highly Safe, but Low Quality and Needs a Towel

I read all the safety information and decided the Cosco Scenera was a great find. Inexpensive AND affordable – seemed like the best deal. It definitely feels cheaper, but I still would have kept it despite that. The real reason I didn’t like this product – and eventually ended up returning it – was because it didn’t fit well in my small sedan and the straps wouldn’t never get tight enough. I have a Mazda3 and the back seats have a recline like most small sedans. The angle is too severe and you need to put a towel or pool noodle under to meet the angle requirements. I didn’t feel comfortable having to make this adjustment. And even then I might have kept the seat, but the final straw were the straps. No matter how hard I pulled, I could never get them tight enough on my son! It was strange. I ended up returning the seat.

Evangelina Paxton, IL


My mom got this car seat for her car so that I wouldn’t have to deal with dragging mine through the airport with a one year old while traveling by myself. It took me 45 minutes to install it rear facing and it was never secure. I tried everything. I read the instructions over and over, yet it would move a significant amount side to side. I even had two airport workers help amd they couldnt get it to stop moving around. The fabric is cheap and seems uncomfortable. The straps are a huge pain to adjust and there is nothing to protect their little legs from being pinched when you are buckling them in. I never felt like my daughter was safe in this seat. I felt sick when we drove anywhere and avoided going to many places because I cringed at the thought of putting my daughter in this thing. Next time I will just drag a car seat, stroller, Boba baby carrier, 3 bags, and a diaper bag through the airport to avoid using this piece of crap. Please just spend a little more and get a better seat, a few dollars saved is not worth the peace of mind you will lose using this flimsy seat.

Sandy Silver Grove, KY

Bought ad returned twice.

We bought this seat 2 years ago as a second seat for my husbands car a 2004 Honda civic. She was 1 and still needed to be RF. I couldnt get this seat installed in the back on the honda with a correct fit for anything! I returned it. Fast forward 2 years. Now she is 3 so we tried again since I knew I could get it properly installed FF. We have had it 2 months and she has ridden in it about 3 times. The little piece of metal that holds the harness strap is loose and wiggles all over. It seems it is missing a screw. I dont know if that would affect the safety since you can still tighten the straps, but I’ve had it with this seat. This is probably an isolated incident, but I just like a better quality seat. Of course this seat is safe and meets federal standards, but it doesnt go above the minimum. We returned it and spend $100 more on a graco nautilus. It installed perfect and there are no cheap parts wiggling around loose. Also, I love amazon and buy A LOT from them, but this seat is 40 bucks at walmart.

Fay Kincaid, IL

Had this from the beginning

Since our daughter was born we’ve used this seat and I’m glad we did, although I wished we bought one that contained the little cushions for her head/neck.It never gave us issues except for when we were first installing it, but that was due to lack of patience, unfortunately. We still rear face and have no issues thankfully (our daughter is 20 months). We’ve used it in both a car and SUV.

Robin Sigourney, IA

Works well

Secondary car seat for when we take care of our granddaughter. Can’t speak to the installation (our son-her daddy) installed it for us, but it’s fairly straightforward to use. I have some weakness in my left hand and find the buckle a bit hard to undo (hence the four stars), but that could be just me. She seems comfortable in the seat, doesn’t complain about being placed in it.

Myra Herminie, PA

Great choice… wish I’d known about it sooner!

We purchased this for my mom in law’s car and will be borrowing it the next time we need to fly. It’s super light weight and was easier to install than our Britax seat which was also three times as expensive. It was installed in a mid-size sedan. Plus, per consumer reports fall 2013 this was one of only 2 seats in the rankings with an excellent in the crash safety rating. We will seriously consider the Cosco brand for any future children as well.

Irma Royal Oak, MI

It works…

We used this car seat for both of our kids when they were too big for their infant seats, but still needed to be rear facing… It works great when it’s rear facing, but when it’s forward facing we have the hardest time pulling the straps tight enough to secure out kids in. Like we really have to put a lot of force on the pull strap. Maybe there isn’t enough space between the back of the car seat and the seat that it is secured in, IDK. But I hate it!We upgraded our oldest child to an Evenflo car seat (that is convertible from a 5 point harness to working with a seat belt for an older child and up to 110 lbs) for a great price, and it is sooooooooo much easier to tighten him into it. My other child hasn’t reached the weight limit for this Cosco seat yet, but I’m tired of how hard it is to tighten her in, so I will also be upgrading her to a Evenflo seat soon.

Clarissa Crossett, AR

Great for the price

I think this has more padding than some earlier Cosco models. For a second car seat this is great. We purchased it for a long flight because it was not as heavy as our other one.

Lucile Van Wert, OH