Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat Blue

Cosco Scenera Convertible Car Seat Blue

The Cosco Juvenile Scenera Convertible Car Seat is rear facing from 5 to 35 pounds and front facing from 22 to 40 pounds. This car seat has a five-point harness with up-front harness adjustment to keep your child secure. It has a detachable cup holder and up-front harness adjustment.

Main features

  • Four harness locations
  • Five-point harness system
  • Two-piece harness retainer
  • Three buckle locations
  • Two-position recline

Verified reviews


Very safe!

The number one important feature of any car seat should be the SAFETY RATING! We checked Consumer Reports before buying our car seat and this car seat was the ONLY convertible car seat that was rated “excellent” for crash protection. Safer than Britax, Graco, First Years, Combi, etc. I was quite surprised that it was rated so safe considering the fact that it really is a bare bones car seat. It’s not very soft & cushiony (but hey, neither is our daughter’s papasan swing and she’s been napping comfortably in that thing for 7 months!) and it was a little more difficult to install than the car seat that we’re using in our other car (the Combi Coccoro). But seriously, who cares, it’s all about safety and this car seat is safe. Just make sure when you’re installing it backwards to keep the level line horizontal and it will help you install easier; if the line’s not level the seat will be moving around way too much.

Lynne Millville, DE

Happy, but if only…

Other people have covered the good safety aspects of this seat, and the fact that it works for newborns up to 40lb, so I’m not going to go into that.I’ve been using this as rear-facing for 15 months now. Baby started out at 8lb – he needed an extra head support, but a rolled up baby blanket did the job until I managed to buy one – and at 26lb is still very comfortable in it. It has to be positioned in the center seat, otherwise there’s not enough clearance behind the seats, but that’s the safest position for a carseat anyway.My main criticism is that while the seat is rear-facing it’s very difficult to tighten the straps to fit snugly, if you’ve previously loosened them for thicker clothes or different diapers (we use both cloth and disposable diapers, and it does make a difference for fit). There’s a button you hold down while you pull a central strap, and both are located in the center under the baby’s feet. Which, when rear-facing, means the base of the carseat is pressed against the seat and there is barely any clearance for your fingers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve scraped my knuckles trying to get the straps snug, and I worry a little that other parents (or myself) might not tighten them as much as they should, simply because it is almost impossible to do.Aside from that, it’s working well, and we’re very happy with it. I’m sure a more expensive seat would have some nifty extra features, but this does everything we need. If only there were another way to tighten the straps, it’d be almost perfect!

Nikki Mchenry, ND

To Jeep owners

This car seat is good quality and the material is nice. Installation was easy. However the seats in my jeep liberty are shaped angled to the back of the car and this car seat wont adjust for that. The car seat wont work facing backwards. It becomes to strait and my daughters feet hit the the seat. I’m thinking that isn’t too safe. We will wait to use it so we can face her frontwards.

Cathryn Grissom Arb, IN

No good if you are planning to use as rear-facing

I was lured to this seat from the rave reviews of its fitting of tall skinny kids onto cars and airplanes. What I did not realise that this does not pertain to rear facing AT ALL. It is too tall to fit rear facing into any plane unless you are flying first class or an exit row (which of course would be illegal), unless you install it at an angle way off from the proper level. and to fit it rear facing in a car, the front seat needs to be jammed forward beyond comfort/utility. May be OK for truck/SUV/van clients, but not if you’ve got a Jetta Wagon for sure. Furthermore, it requires significant towel use to get it to sit level.Grr, very sad as it at least looked sharp.Note, was bought through Amazon-listed vendor, not Amazon itself, so frustratingly not eligible for free 365 day returns.

Georgina Bridgeport, IL

Well…..I like the color

Yes, I admit I bought this because of the color- Lime Green. It matches my 3yo’s Safety 1st High Back Booster. Honestly, there is absolutely nothing special about this carseat, at all. I had a Graco Comfortsport, that was nicely padded, comfortable, and most importantly, easy to tighten. This car seat is pretty much impossible to tighten properly, and I know what I’m doing. This is the 5th carseat I have owned, and I have always installed them quickly,easily and TIGHTLY. For some reason this thing will not get tight, and I have a Ford Focus people, I don’t have a lot of room to maneuver, but it has always been more than adequate for my other seats. It also didn’t come with an instruction manual, so whatever words of wisdom they might have given me, I don’t have access to.It is thinly padded, I don’t know what my little one thinks of it, but if it was my hiney, I would be doing some complaining. The level (if that is what you call it) isn’t a ball like most seats have, it is just a flat place on the bottom that tells you to keep it level to the ground. Well, that is easier said than done, first of all it isn’t sitting on the ground, second, the curve of the seat makes that hard. If I do manage to get it level, it is wedged up tight against the back of my seat, under the headrest. Doesn’t seem very safe to me. I don’t worry at all about my other daughter in her seat, it is like a rock-that puppy isn’t going anywhere. But there is always a little nagging thought in the back of my mind about this one. I welcome any suggestions about getting this seat tighter and more level……I have a rolled up towel under the front of it. My daughter is rear facing and will be for the next year or so.

Chelsea Fly Creek, NY


I bought two of these for a friend of mine who I babysit for frequently. I wanted SAFE so I instantly thought “Britax”. Not the case! I was thrilled to find these at the TOP of the list for safety ratings at Consumer Reports. I am thrilled to report that although these do not come with all the bells and whistles, they are indeed everything they claim to be. I love them and most of all, the children are safe and comfortable!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Sherry Duncanville, AL

we like it a lot

it is safe, simple, comfortable and cheap.has two settings — for awake sitting and sleeping (recline)one downside, which is in almost all other toddler car seats is that there is no hood to put down when the baby wants to sleep/ reduce the light on her face (like there is in a stroller)

Karyn Caryville, FL

Good seat – great price

This is an awesome deal on a safe car seat. I did a lot of research on safe car seats and how to properly install them. This one did take my husband a little longer to install than we anticipated, but I feel like my daughter is safe (it is rear-facing at the moment). But she is comfortable in it and my husband and I can easily get her in and out. I did get a seat that is a little more plush for my car (which she rides in much more often), but for the price this is a deal for our 2nd vehicle! Both sets of grandparents have ordered this as well.

Leann Fisher, WV

acceptable carseat

We bought this to take on vacation/fly with. It is very light, was reasonably priced.Not much padding. Does not recline much. I don’t think the baby would like long road trips in it.It was a good value for why we purchased.

Jody Milford Center, OH

works, but cheap and uncomfortable

I purchased this to use as a second car seat at grandma’s house. While it does serve its function, I find the seat very flimsy and am actually surprised by the high safety ratings, since the plastic on it seems so thin and not very well padded. It is a royal pain to install, and the baby’s head always falls forward when he falls asleep — which I consider a safety hazard. If his neck is so floppy in the seat that his head falls forward even during normal use, wouldn’t a collision lead to massive spinal damage? The seat is bulky and takes a lot of room in my mother’s SUV — so much so, that the passenger seat gets very little leg room. At home we have a Maxi Cosi Priori, which is TONS better, very comfortable, well padded and compact. Next time we visit grandma, we’re getting a Maxi Cosi Priori, which you can get on sale for only $30 more, but which is a vast improvement in quality and comfort.

Earnestine Modena, PA

Not the easiest to use

This seat is cheap, but you get what you pay for. It’s not terribly easy to install and get the right angle and tightness. It’s not very adjustable. In one of the grandparent’s cars, the angle is OK, though it’s very hard to get it tight enough. In the other car, the angle was too vertical for a young infant. We needed to chock it with a pool noodle. The straps are always getting twisted. For extended rear-facing, it won’t last long compared to many other models out there. Save your money and get a seat that will allow you to rear-face for a longer time.

Bonita Orangeburg, NY


Easy to set-up, light, and seems comfortable to my baby. Overall a winner since the price is a fraction of other recommended products.

Germaine Frankfort, MI

Good carseat for the price

This carseat was rated as a good buy for use in a second car or in grandparents’ cars that a child won’t frequently be in. We bought this carseat just for this purpose. Haven’t yet installed it, but overall it looks comfortable, solidly built and looks like it should be a straight forward installation. We own the Britax Boulevard CS and First Year’s True Fit (much prefer the Britax than the True Fit), but it seems like it should be just fine and has sufficient padding for my daughter.

Tabitha Apopka, FL

Easy to use

I got this car seat as a second car seat for my husband’s car and it installs easily and is easy to use. It can also be installed with the latch for newer cars. The cover comes off completely and can be washed and it comes with a detachable cup holder for the toddler age.

Wendy North Brunswick, NJ

Uncomfortable baby

We bought this to put in Nana’s car for out and about. Nana and I took baby on a 3 hour road trip up to the northern part of the state to visit family this weekend, and baby cried the entire time. She was wiggling and sinking into the seat, it’s shaped like a bucket seat. I had to put a fleece jacket behind her to keep her from slouching so badly. She was extremely uncomfortable…and I can’t wait to return it and buy another Britax Marathon…which she absolutely loves. There is no padding on this either.

Marci Leipsic, OH

decent car seat, but base cuts into the seat of our car.

This seat works fine – my kid is comfortable in it and it provides reasonable protection. It gets three stars because the base cuts into the seat of my car, and for that reason I won’t be buying this particular type of car seat again.

Tamera Rena Lara, MS

Top crash test rating, not very cushy

This carseat has received the top crash test rating. Combine that with the low price, and this is a great bargain. It is fairly easy to install. The straps do get twisted quite frequently, but easy to un-twist. There is not a lot of cushioning for baby, so I guess if your baby has to make a frequent long commute, perhaps look elsewhere.

Desiree Hill, NH

Nice Basic Carseat

I bought this carseat to use at Grandma’s house 1000 miles from our home. It worked out great. The carseat fits in a standard size sedan, is easy to install and secure, and it seemed to be a safe seat that withstood high outdoor temperatures for my 18 month old / 22 lb daughter.

Janelle Ponemah, MN

Good value for the price

We use this seat in our secondary vehicle, so we appreciated that it was a lot less expensive than most convertible seats. It comes in great colors that are gender neutral, which is nice too. The cover on the seat washes well and doesn’t hold stains/smells even when you just wipe it off with a damp cloth. A few things I don’t like about are the bottom buckle is a bit tight to release, the seat cover is not as padded and soft as the Graco seat we have in our main vehicle. Overall, it would be a great purchase for a secondary, grandma’s, or babysitter’s car, but it doesn’t seem comfortable enough or easy to release if you’re using it multiple times a day.

Effie Worcester, VT

*** It’s OK, but more than OK for the price…

Considering I paid $30 for this seat, it’s not bad.Compared to the Combi Cocorro my wife, mother-in-law and father use in their cars, this Cosco seat is pretty clunky. Clunky? Yeah, lack of padding, cheap plastic feel, notchy belt action — you know, cheap!But my son (now nearly 18 months) has spent a lot of time in this seat over the past 6 or 7 months, and not once has indicated he’s uncomfortable in it, and has no problem nodding off when he’s sleepy. So the lack of padding is a non-issue.My biggest criticism is the belt system. They don’t pull evenly, so I do spend a bit of time making sure the lap belt connection and shoulder straps are all even-steven when I pull the tightening strap, er, tight. That’s because they’re all one strap winding all around the kid (pretty normal for the car seats I’ve used), but there’s a lot of friction making it anything but smooth (again, compared to the other seats I’ve used).So, unlike the other seats, which I suppose we’ll sell once we’re finished with them, this one will be a give-away or destined for the trash.Update 7/8/11: This seat is still holding up well after nearly a year-and-a-half in use. The cover has been through the wash, but its removal requires a complete disconnect/disassembly of the main seat belt, which is a serpentine affair which loops through four separate notches in the seat as well as six buckles, without a complete diagram in the included instruction manual for reassembly.My original comments all stand, but again, my toddler (now 2 years 3 months) has never expressed one iota of discomfort due to the light padding. In fact, I think the higher “off-the-seat” profile of this seat gives him a bit better visibility outside of the car compared to the Combi Corroco seats he rides in in my wife’s car and my father’s truck. Hence, I’ve upgraded my rating from 3 to 4 stars “I Like It.” I just wish the straps worked with a bit less friction, because it’s still a bit of a challenge to get everything snugged down correctly.

Imelda Burnett, WI

Great Car Seat

I am a grandparent so bought for my car when I have my grandchild. It is easy to install, cleans well and easy to use. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Cornelia Normandy Beach, NJ

Perfectly adequate car seats

I bought two of these for my twins. My primary car seats are Britax Roundabout 50s. Comparing those to these is like comparing a Mercedes to a Kia, but these Cosco seats are perfectly adequate for my second car that I use for quick trips to the store on weekends and sometimes for short trips to or from daycare during the week. I give them four stars rather than five because (1) they aren’t blue as advertised (they’re black) and (2) I had some trouble installing them rear-facing using the latch system in an Acura TSX. I had to get a really strong neighbor to pull the straps tight enough. It takes brute force. Also, the seats don’t recline quite as much as I would like them to. When I tried putting a pool noodle under the front to recline them more, we couldn’t get the latch straps tight enough. Another thing potential buyers should be aware of: Some Cosco Sceneras seem to have more padding in them and have higher quality fabric than others. I looked at a couple of Sceneras in a Target store that were cheaper than the pair I ultimately bought here at Amazon. The Target seats had no padding in them at all and had really cheap fabric. The seats I bought from Amazon were, I think, $10 or $15 more expensive but have nicer fabric and extra padding.

Emilia Alto, TX

it’s good and a good price

The only problem with this product is the straps are difficult to adjust. Other than that it’s fine and it meets standards.

Nicole Algoma, WI

Good value, but not without some headache

I’ll start by saying this is a great buy if you just need a very basic carseat with a high safety rating. You really can’t beat the price. But you should know what to expect before you buy this…The Cosco Scenera is very “manual” with few conveniences. When I first got it, I decided to adjust the straps to fit my son’s size (he is 7 months and just about outgrown his Graco Snugride). In order to re-thread the crotch strap (there are 3 slots to choose from), I had to first remove the cover. HOLY COW!!! If you want to buy this, don’t ever plan on washing it! Not only do you have to completely remove the strap from the front and back of the seat, but you have to unthread it from all the buckles too. (It’s just one long strap.) It took me about 20 minutes to fully remove and replace the cover and strap. That’s not counting the extra time it would take to uninstall and reinstall it in the car.Speaking of which, the installation was a bit difficult and took me almost an hour (including time to read manual). You have to properly thread the LATCH belt through the seat first before you can use it to install in the car. Getting it in place in the car required a leveler; in rear-facing, the base doesn’t just sit flat against the seat like you’d expect– you have to tilt it back at just the right angle. The hardest part was getting the belt pulled tight enough. I had to have my husband yank the strap, because I just couldn’t muster enough strength. After all that, I can see how easy it would be to install this incorrectly.. and at that point, what good is a high safety rating?Aside from re-threading the straps, removing the cover, and installing, here are some other inconveniences to expect:- Barely any cushioning. More like a thick layer of cloth on top of hard plastic. At least, my son doesn’t seem to mind it.- Rear-facing space hog. I drive an Accord and installed it directly behind the driver’s seat, since the Snugride always fit well there. With the Scenera, I definitely had to bring the seat up farther and now feel a bit squished in the front.On the plus side:- Unlike many other car seats, the harness tightness adjustment strap at the foot of the seat is very easy to access and tighten.- Easy to buckle/unbuckle (for an adult, not child).- Decent amount of legroom for child in RF position.- Tilts pretty far back in RF to make for a more comfortable ride for baby. (This and above explain why it takes up so much space!)- MUCH lighter than other car seats, which makes carrying it in and out of the car less of a chore.Overall, glad I bought it, but will be using a cushier, more “convenient” seat for our other car.

Hannah Clements, MN

Liked in the past but hate now

When my daughter outgrew her infant car seat we got her this one in Daisy. It fit her fine rear facing but when we turned her forward facing we opted for a bigger car seat and sent this one to the grandparents house so we could use it there. Well, that didn’t work out so well. We were at the grandparents house and we put her in the carseat and we could not get her in at the biggest settings. The buckle was so low (due to poor strap hole locations)that her thighs got pinched. She’s not even near the weight limit for that car seat either but it just does NOT fit her anymore.Also, this does not install rear facing in all vehicles. Worked fine in our car, but not in the grandparents SUV. Couldn’t install it no matter what we tried. It just flopped around so we gave up.

Cathleen Graysville, GA

Problems with installation and strap adjustment

We bought two of these seats to fly with since they are much lighter than our regular Roundabout seats. I would describe them as “tolerable” but not much better. I found it virtually impossible to get a tight fit in the car. Kneeling on the seat and pulling the strap as hard as I could managed only a loose fit, which my husband could only improve a little bit. Getting the shoulder straps even is also sometimes a challenge; sometimes you get one shoulder strap that’s much tighter than the other side. Adjusting this makes the process of buckling in two kids longer than it needs to be. We’ll probably use the seats again when we fly (since I won’t care much if the airline damages them!), but we’ll definitely stick with the Roundabouts for everyday use.

Angel Ormsby, MN

Good seat but

This is a very good car seat for a great price. However a little while after we bought it I found out it is one of the car seats with the most chemical contamination….

Lolita Selma, AL