Cosco Slim Fold High Chair, Kontiki

Cosco Slim Fold High Chair, Kontiki

The Slim Fold High Chair’s cheerful design makes meal times more fun. When dining is done, the easy wipe seat pad on the high chair makes cleanup a breeze. A compact fold and lightweight design make both storage and setup quick and easy.

Main features

  • 3 position adjustable tray with built in cup/snack holder
  • 3 point harness
  • Lightweight design for storage and travel
  • Easy wipe seat pad

Verified reviews


good for the price

Price was good and assembly was quite easy. About my only complaint is that it’s a bit too easy for baby to slouch down in it. A more adjustable back or some kind of pillow support might have helped out.

Daphne Avon, MN


I bought this high chair because it had a nice price. They say you get what you pay for and that applies to this product. It’s very flimsy and almost tips when my son kick his legs in it (like most babies do). The seat cover/straps don’t come off so you can’t wash them which is really annoying! I will be purchasing a better high chair because I do not trust the safety or design of this one.

Bobbie Severna Park, MD


Leans too far back for babies not sitting on their own. The corner pieces on bottom of the frame needed foe balance on the floor would not stay screwed in. Used this twice and it went in the trash.

Jaclyn Gile, WI

Great at first, didn’t last six months.

I purchased this because it was a small chair that folded up. I have a very small kitchen and no room for extra furniture; and my kitchen chairs are designed so that a strap-in booster/chair is difficult to use. As a bonus, it was pretty cheap, which is helpful when you are constantly finding more things that your child has to have and they outgrow things so fast! However, we had a lot of trouble with this seat, and I eventually threw it away just before my son’s first birthday. It gave us six months of service, but we had to repair it about a month into ownership.First of all, because of the non-removable fabric and construction, the fiberboard core that makes up the seat is going to get wet. Whether it’s from you trying to clean it or your child dumping out a sippy cup, water is going to get inside the seat, and you won’t be able to get it dry enough to salvage it. I first noticed rust-like mildew stains about a month in, so I did my best to clean it with a bleach solution.. Then we noticed that our six month old was slouching back a lot more than usual. The seat is very reclined anyway, but he seemed unable to right himself. That was when we noticed the fiberboard seat had bent in the middle from water damage. Our son was basically sitting on a saggy hammock at this point.My husband cut a piece of thin plywood to fit under the seat to shore it up. It worked really well, but obviously, we couldn’t remove the old wet fiberboard, since it was sewn in. We would clean the chair rigorously and then leave it tipped for drainage, outside, in full sun, and it would still be wet by the next meal.All the little connections and fabric brads collect food like crazy, as do the latch components of the belt. We stopped using the belts much for this reason, and just made sure our son was 100% supervised while sitting in it. A few days ago, he figured out how to twist around and stand up in the chair, so we started using the belts again. When I moved them, I noticed they reeked of mildew, and sure enough, the fiberboard core had completely erupted in mildew.We cleaned this chair twice a day at least, every single day, and due to its severe design flaws, we had to repair it once and finally threw it out. I have taken great care of all my baby things in hopes of reusing them with our second child, but this one was a huge waste of money, even as cheap as it was. You make up for the money you “save” by fiddling with the thing all the time and never getting it clean enough.I went to Target and purchased a Graco Contempo that folded up better (with its tray!) and came with a spare (and obviously removable) cover that I can put in a washing machine. I feel much better about it being hygienic. It also has a 5-point harness, adjustable height, and castors, along with a built in snack tray, regular meal tray, and tray insert, meaning I can feed breakfast, snack, and lunch without having to wash the whole tray in the sink.Pros:Folds upLow cost3-point beltSmall sizeMost of our cups and bottles fit in the cup holderCons:No way to remove fabric pieces for cleaningHole where crotch strap comes in exposes the fiberboard core that makes up the seat, making it extremely susceptible to water damageBack rest is permanently reclinedMany parts are hard to cleanFoot rest sticks out when foldedTray doesn’t fold up with chairTray latch stopped catching all the way after a few monthsLots of extra space on the seat that catches lots of extra foodPoorly designed seat promotes slouchingOverall:If this is going to be used at grandma’s twice a year, ok, go for it. If you intend to feed your child three meals a day, spend 50 more dollars and get a real chair. You won’t regret spending the money on something that is actually easy to use and clean; you will regret all the time you spent fiddling with this nasty thing.

Jewel Parlin, NJ

Good for chubby babies, but hard to clean.

I initially loved this high chair, even though it doesn’t look as modern as other designs. My mother in law had it for my son when we visited and really liked it because:1) his chubby legs had plenty of space for him to move around. My son at the time was 6 months old and 22lbs.2) he also had lots of room to move his body3) folds flat4) inexpensiveBut after using it everyday for almost 4 months, the cons are:1) HARD TO CLEAN!!! The cover doesn’t come off to be washed, so I have to wipe it down, which can be pretty hard depending on the type of food.2) Has lots of cracks and crevices for food to get stuck in3) Only one layer of tray. My other high chair had two layers of tray, which was convenient for multiple feedings during the day.4) Has no recline. The back is at a weird angle, which can be an issue for babies who can’t sit up well. But this wasn’t much of an issue since my son was able to sit up by the time we got this.We still use this everyday but I’m considering taking out our other space saver high chair due to the cleanliness issue. I’m not sure how I can clean this well since the seat seems like there’s like a cardboard piece in it.

Lakeisha Farmersville, IL