Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Butterfly Dreams

Cosco Umbrella Stroller, Butterfly Dreams

Maxi Cosi Foray Stroller Trail  

Main features

  • Easy scissor fold
  • Fixed handles
  • 3-point harness
  • 4″ front and rear wheel size
  • Holds child up to 40 pounds

Verified reviews


People are far too picky…

I recently bought this for $14.99 for my friends visit with her two year old so she doesn’t have to lug a full-size stroller on the airplane. Yes – It’s a cheap pushchair, and it’s probably not going to last that long. But it’s bright, cheery, VERY LIGHT and perfect for travel. I’m about 5’4 and it comes up to my hips. It’s a little short but no complaints for the price and the weight. Don’t know what other people were complaining about – it pops up and down like any other umbrella pushchair, and assembly is so easy. You just pop the wheels on and go, no tools needed. I was impressed with the quality for the price.

Teresa Gulliver, MI

TALL PEOPLE…read this! * * UPDATED * *

Great stroller for the price. A little short tho.I bought this stroller for when my 9-mo old granddaughter and I are out and about. I have used her larger one but it was difficult for me to load into and out of my truck (3 back surgeries.) I just received this and put it together in 5 minutes. The only trouble I had figuring out the assembly was trying to open it because the instructions were, duh, in the folded up seat! Only real assembly is snapping the front wheels on (once you figure out how to open it!)I am 5-ft, 5 inches tall and the top part of the handles are 36-inches high. If the handles had been any lower I would have returned this as I would have to bend forward to use it. So….if you are tall you might want to consider another stroller but, all in all, this is an awesome stroller for the price.

• UPDATE on March 9, 2011

• Still like it for the price but have experienced a problem with the front wheels. They do that “shopping-cart thing” where one side doesn’t want to go in the same direction as the other. I use this mostly for in the house (I’ve had multiple back surgeries and use the stroller instead of carrying the baby inside) so it isn’t that big a deal. In hindsight, had I known this I may have considered going up a bit in price/quality. But ya can’t beat the price even if it has some relatively minor issues!

Debora Calhoun, MO

So cute!

I bought this for my daughter to use during quick trips & it is really cute. Very light & easy to use. The downside was tightening the straps. Dear gosh, I think it took me an hour to tighten them because they are so stiff. I ended up with blisters on my thumbs. Also, the steering is not totally great, but it will do!

Annmarie Clymer, NY

OK buy! Good stroller

I got this stroller as a gift and loved it at first. One of the bad things about it, is the wheels. Sometimes they turn in opposite directions and it causes the stroller to stop, even if you’re just walking straight. Plus it doesn’t come with an umbrella and finding an umbrella for it is extremely difficult. I wouldn’t have bought this stroller for myself, but I would much prefer investing in a stroller that has an umbrella. Otherwise it’s not too bad, it does the job, plus the giraffe design is very cute!

Meagan North Collins, NY

Great at this Price

This stroller is a great buy at this price. Its lightweight and easy to carry. It is also very sturdy, which I did not expect at this price point.

Jasmine Locust Grove, VA

very sturdy for a cheap stroller

i have used this for quick errands and love it! i wanted to buy another one for a boy and these seem to run out fast! so get them while you can. I have seen this in Marshalls for $25.00I am impressed with the metal frame and it is not flimsy like other cheap umbrella strollers. I also had an uppababy glite and that broke after a few weeks!

Evangelina Yulan, NY

Great value umbrella stroller

As a parent of four toddlers, one can imagine how many strollers I have. We have at least one for every type of situation, including a $10-20 cheapie umbrella stroller that we bought at BRU that lasted all of one week before it broke.Regardless, no stroller collection would be complete without a working, lightweight, umbrella stroller for the short trips. For a measly $17, I found this Cosco stroller that is perfect for my needs.Here’s a summary:- Nothing fancy about this, it’s just an umbrella stroller.- This one is durable and has lasted us through several kids and three years so far.- The color options are nice. We went with a unisex giraffe print that we get many compliments on.- It’s slightly bigger than the junk umbrella stroller we had; as a result, it’s also more comfortable.- This folds and unfolds (and stays locked) with no hassles.

Jo Upland, IN

Cute stroller and rolls smooth

This is just a cheap umbrella stroller, but it is cuter than most and seems to roll smoothly. Can’t beat the price under $20.

Concepcion Midland, TX

Smooth wheels for a cheap stroller; 5 feet max

We’ve only used this twice so far. I’m 5′ 1″ and I feel the arms are about one to two inches too short to be completely comfortable for me to push and steer.It’s perfect for someone five feet tall, max. I think this is the first time I’ve actually had to say, “I’m too tall for this.”I will modify the handles and update this review. For now, I don’t mind using it for short trips as we have two other strollers and my kid likes to walk sometimes.Recommend for people 5 feet and under to handle comfortably.

Ivy Southview, PA

Great, simple tool to get around!

Our son LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES this stroller — he constantly wants to push it himself and readily gets into it without a fight. PROS: Easy to use, lightweight, simple design. Plus, it has a cute giraffe pattern. CONS: A tad difficult to unhinge in order to close, and if you’re tall, the handles are too short to readily push without bothering your back. Just wish the handles were longer!

Michell Poynor, TX

Great Compact, Lightweight, No Frills Stroller

This is a no frills umbrella stroller that gets the job done! Folded up it is compact and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around, throw in the car, and store. Its size makes it ideal for walks to the park, visits to the zoo, take to the mall, and to take on trips. I can leave this stroller in a stroller parking area to go off with my kid and not worry about someone stealing it (a thief is going for the Bob instead). It doesn’t have a basket to put a diaper bag in but I’m able to loop the strap from a diaper bag around the handles if I need to take one with me.The stroller works great on sidewalks, paved surfaces, and dirt paths. The wheels are small and made of plastic and rubber so they don’t work well on gravel, rocks, or other types of choppy, broken up surfaces. I’ve had the stroller for about a year and have used it often. The stroller has held up well; no rips in the fabric or pieces breaking off. The wheel locks have worked perfectly and held up. I’m normal height for a guy but wish the handles were a couple inches higher. They are the perfect height for my wife though. When I purchased the stroller it was less than $20 which made it a real bargain. Nothing was close to it in price and I would get it again no question.

Etta Gifford, IA


I’ve never bought cheap umbrella strollers before but we were traveling light for a cruise. We shipped 2 directly to our hotel before the cruise left and it was perfect! (2 day Amazon Prime shipping was great). Perfect size and weight for lugging around the cruise ship hallways and stairs, and also for jumping in and out of tour buses and shuttles. It was perfect for walking miles in Seattle and in Busch Gardens in Victoria. The Giraffe pattern is also very cute. Will be using these again in future trips.

Gina East Islip, NY

Short short short

This stroller is short. Really short. Short even for an umbrella stroller. That said, it is extremely cheap, has held up quite well to vigorous use, and is a favorite of our daughter’s so if you are the right height for it, and don’t want to spend too much on an umbrella stroller, then it might be just the thing for you.Pros:
• Our daughter loves the giraffe pattern.
• It has held up quite well to abuse. We don’t coddle cheap strollers, and this one has not had any malfunctions. Our taller-than-average daughter has ridden in it extensively, and we haven’t had problems with seams, frame, or wheels. I’ve probably loaded it with 60 pounds before (35 pounds of kid and 25 pounds of library books) and it didn’t fail. For the price, I’m surprised at how well it’s managed.
• Cheap cheap cheap.Cons:
• VERY short. It is practically unusable for me, except over short distances. You could (rightfully) say that’s not a fair test (I’m 5′ 11″). But our long-term babysitter is 5’3″ and even she finds it a tad short. You would probably have to be close to 5 feet tall to find this a truly comfortable thing to push.
• Small and narrow. As other reviewers have noted, the child’s seating area is a bit narrower and shorter than other umbrellas. That said, your child may not mind the cramped quarters. My almost-three-year-old is extremely tall for her age–nearly 40″ and 37 pounds–and still loves to ride in it. Granted, she looks extremely cramped at this point. I’d say that your child will start looking cramped at 30 pounds.
• The fastener that keeps the stroller open is extremely hard to operate. Obviously I’d rather it be hard to close than have it collapse, but it is a bear to get it undone–especially when your hands are full. The fastener is also a bit sharp-edged, which you expect with a cheap stroller, but does make the problem more painful.So if you want a cheap stroller and are very petite, and don’t need a taller partner/grandparent/babysitter to be able to share the pushing, then this is a great choice. Otherwise, you might want to look elsewhere for something a bit taller.

Britney Whitetop, VA

Don’t expect it to last long for the price

This is a good product if you consider the purpose and price. My nephew is quite big and it lasted him only about 6 months. Once he got a little chubbier, he looked squished in the stroller and didn’t care for it. The other thing to consider is that the child ends up quite low to the ground, so if you’re taking them to the zoo or aquarium, they have a hard time seeing everything. This is good for short walks and portability, but I would recommend spending the money on a Maclaren Volo. It lasts forever and is very light weight and easy to carry.

Debora Big Sandy, TX

The best $16 bucks I’ve spent in a looooong time!

Like a lot of you considering this purchase, we have a nice, sturdy stroller [ours is a bugaboo] that is a real hassle to transport and takes up a lot of space in the car. So, we bought this stroller for travel. We didn’t expect much for $16 bucks but were impressed. Here are the pros: it is very lightweight; it is very easy to close; it takes up minimal space once collapsed. Also, it “handles” surprisingly well. While it certainly isn’t as smooth of a ride as the bugaboo, it is smooth enough for my daughter to fall asleep in when being strolled. An added plus is that, so far, the stroller has proven quite durable. We’ve taken it on a a few long walks/hikes and had no issues (our child is about 24 pounds). Here are the cons: the handles are a little low so I would imagine that really tall people find it somewhat unconfortable to push for significant distances; it looks like it costs $16 as the fabric is somewhat cheap-looking. Overall, we are very happy with the purchase. We leave it in the car and it has made outings MUCH easier.

Stella Renfrew, PA

Remember why you’re making this purchase

I have to admit, I bought this purely b/c I fell in love with the giraffe print. There’s only so much pink girlie stuff one can buy! We used to have one of the travel systems when my baby was small but once she turned 1, it became a bother to lug around a large stroller. I wanted something inexpensive, small to tote around & easy to use — viola! This is a good price considering you don’t pay taxes or S&H.; My little girl actually likes to get behind this and push it around the house herself! She’s about 22lbs now at 14 months and fits it just right. I would imagine that it would be a tight fit when she’s 2 and around 30+ lbs. I haven’t had too many problems with the wheels getting stuck but they will on occasion happen. Obviously, these umbrella strollers aren’t meant for rough terrain.Bottom line is that you have to keep in mind the reasons you’re buying this type of stroller. If you’re buying running shoes, you can critique them based on atheletic performance. If you just bought some regular casual shoes, it really isn’t fair to complain that they don’t do well when you run in them.

Catalina Miller City, OH

Cute but not the best

This is cute as can be, but it doesn’t operate that well. There is one wheel on the front of ours that doesn’t turn or spin well – so we are constantly fighting it.

Jane Pinellas Park, FL