Cosmos ® Large Size Black Table Edge Soft Guard with 4 Corners with Cosmos Fastening Strap

Cosmos ® Large Size Black Table Edge Soft Guard with 4 Corners with Cosmos Fastening Strap

Use this soft foam padding to protect your child from falls against the tables in your home or office. Adheres with double sided tape ( included).The cushiony Table Edge Guard and Four Corners are soft, impact-absorbing foam strips that easily adhere to table edges. Cosmos® is a registered trademark USPTO serial: 85-390,937 protected by US Trademark Law, all products by Cosmos® are exclusively distributed by Galaxy Tech & Leisure. Cosmos® is a registered trademark USPTO serial: 85-390,937 protected by US Trademark Law, all products by Cosmos® are exclusively distributed by Galaxy Tech & Leisure.

Main features

  • Package included: 1 x Black strip + 4 x coners.
  • Soft material,give your baby good protection.
  • Protect your baby from hurting by sharp edges.
  • Dimension: 200 x 3.5 x 1.2 cm L x W x Thickness.
  • With double sided tape ( included)

Verified reviews


It works..

It is a simple rubber/foam piece that is attached to the furniture with high quality 3m double sided tape. It will surely prevent or diminish injury to a toddler. It is worth it.

Hilary Adkins, TX

Great for baby proofing

We ordered 3 of these kits to baby proof our apartment… It’s so easy to use we literally did the whole apartment in 30 mins one evening after putting the baby to sleep. They seem to hold up pretty well even tho my 11 month old is now trying to chew them (she has 8 teeth total). Luckily no pieces have come off and are holding up pretty well. Very pleased.

Marina Arlington, NE

Has done really well……6 months later

It has stayed on and not lifted a bit. This is a great product. Our one year old twins have had way less injuries falling because of this.

Felecia Bradford, IN

Seems like a good guard but has issues

I like the concept of keeping the edges protected but you will have to know after this is on it will rip the paint off whatever furniture it is on. Also, my son who is now 15 months can rip it off. So…. We have yet to find where he put a corner and the exposed area shows it has taken the paint off. I will keep looking for the missing corner and buy a stronger adhesive since the table is already ruined.

Marjorie Bangor, PA

Just ok

These are truly just ok. In theory they work great. They stick pretty well and are easy to cut and shape to furniture. However, soon enough my 9 month old son started chewing on them and it was more of a hazard for him to swallow pieces than to risk bumping his head on the table where I put them. I’m not sure that’s a problem with the product, per say, but when I took them off they left a sticky glue that was unsightly and difficult to remove.

Misty Cutten, CA

Decent, until my son decided to take a bite out of it

At first, I really liked this product. It looks nice, was easy to apply, and has not peeled off in the past couple months that we have had it applied to our glass end tables. However- my son recently decided he wanted to taste it, and very easily took a large chunk out of it! Luckily, I saw this happen, and quickly removed the piece from his mouth, but he could have easily swallowed it and possibly choked on it, which makes me nervous to have it around now. I would have expected something a little more durable, considering it is designed for a young child. It also looks terrible now that a large piece has been bitten out of it! I will have to replace it, but will be searching for something a little stronger this time.

Luella Peachland, NC

After 1 year

Well, after 1 year, it looks a little bit like cr#p… Sorry for not finding a better word, but this item was good for a while but did not last for the younger sibling.

Estella Big Sandy, TX

A safety must

This is a great table guard for a very good price. It is much more economical to purchase this set then it is to buy the corner and edge guards separately. Our son is very intrigued by it but so far he has not been able to remove any sections. Before ordering this I did not measure my coffee table and sure enough it would not completely cover the edges of our table. Thankfully we discovered that if you cut it into shorter sections and place each piece with a 1″ space before the next you can get much more coverage and still have it completely bump proof.

Pam Sharpsburg, MD

Works good

I got these to put on the corners of our wooden coffee table. The pieces stay very well with the double stick tape included in the package. I just recommend allowing some time for the foam pieces to air out as they smell a little from being closed up.

Vivian Emery, SD

It provides more protection than I would have expected.

I thought this product was going to be a waste of money, what is a little bit of foam going to do? But I figured better safe than sorry when it comes to my babies. Boy am I glad I purchased this item!PRO:- IT WORKS! This little foam bumper has protected my toddlers eyes and head from more scratches than I can count. Of course it still hurts when he falls onto this item, but at least he isn’t bleeding from hitting a sharp edge.- EASY TO INSTALL. Just tape it on. It is that simple. The tape on this product is 3m and it has kept this product in place for 2.5 years in my kitchen. I am now putting this all over the dressers and bed in my 2.5 yr old toddler’s room.- COMES IN VARIOUS COLORS. This makes the item look less obvious from afar.- SHIPPED QUICKLY. I received this product withing 5 days of placing the order.CON:- IT IS JUST TAPE. So, I don’t recommend letting your toddler watch you install them. I made that mistake and it took me a month to get my toddler to stop ripping one of the corner pieces off. Of course, if it was any stronger than tape, it would ruin my furniture, so, I am not taking a star off.

Greta New Lebanon, OH