CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set By Trend Lab – 1- 51″ Front Rail Cover, 2- 27″ Side Rail Covers, Blue Fleece

CribWrap Crib Wrap 3PC Rail Cover Set By Trend Lab – 1- 51″ Front Rail Cover, 2- 27″ Side Rail Covers, Blue Fleece

Protect your baby, and protect your crib investment from teeth marks. Just wrap and tie on. Safer solution is lightly padded with a waterproof layer. Machine washable in super soft Sherpa fleece. Fits rails that are 9″ – 18″ inches around Machine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Set of three crip wraps, one long and two short

Main features

  • Fleece
  • Imported
  • Bundle Includes: 1 Long Rail Cover, 2 Side Rail Covers
  • 1 fleece front rail cover that measures 51″ long and has 3 sets of 6.5″ ties. 2 Side rail covers that measures 27″ long and have 3 sets of 6.5″ ties.
  • Rail cover is made with soft 100% polyester fleece on top, a padded middle and waterproof back for ultimate protection; Simply wrap and tie this solution to protect your child and crib investment for years to come.
  • Protect your teething baby from harmful toxins and guard your crib rails from teeth marks and drool discoloration. When laid flat, CribWrap measures 51″ long by 18″ wide. CribWrap fits most wide front and back crib rails measuring 8″ – 18″ around.

Verified reviews



This product was exactly what we needed for out 7 mounth old. As soon as she began to pull herself up and stand in her crib we bought this. It is great for a few reasons: its fits her crib perfectly, it is the front AND the sides, its padded which is great for her teething and better than gumming the crib, and the padding is also nice when she bumps it with her head as well. The ties work great, this was very quick and easy to tie on crib and even though she uses it to pull herself up it does not slip and remains secure. I can only highly recommend this product, there is nothing negative about it!

Maribel Huey, IL

Crib Wrap for that teething infant!

I wanted to get something to help provide not only a barrier against teeth marks in the wood, but also a "cushion" for my LO who likes to shake his head "yes" enthusiastically! 😉 This set definitely helped that! You tie the wrap on around the rails onto the slats on the side and front. They tie easily. I washed it before putting on the crib and it washed up very nicely. This is a fleece set-not a cotton one-just FYI. But-it is very soft and I am definitely not disappointed!

Millicent Hoskinston, KY

Excellent (but a little stinky at first).

Looks great. Works great.A little stinky out of the package but it aired out (washing it didn’t help with the odor).Keeps my little guy from ruining his crib rail.

Laverne Pinetown, NC

Looks and works great.

Not a lot to I can say about these, they’re pretty simple things. However they seem to be of high quality, appear to be preventing my son from further damaging the crib, and look nice on the crib. My wife has washed these a couple times, and they come out as good as new.

Faith Plymouth, CA

It’s great!

Better for my son to chew on this than the wooden crib when he was teething. Was fun playing hide-and-seek by hiding my head behind it before he goes to bed too. Now that he’s older and runs around in the crib, it turns into a bumper guard for his head. Easy to wash and dry (slightly extra drying time than my normal laundry), and still durable now after a year of use.

Willa Altoona, FL

Very soft and stays firmly in place

I didn’t want my baby chewing the top of the crib so I bought this crib wrap. I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s very soft and thick. Also, the ties stay in place even as my baby pulls up using the crib wrap and even though I didn’t make a full knot on the strings.

Cora Whitefish, MT

Love these rail covers!

I love these rail covers! I bought them after my daughter destroyed her crib when teething. I was worried about them being fleece but they look so great! I got the brown set since her crib is dark brown wood. My only regret is not buying them sooner!!!

Beth Dickerson Run, PA

Very pleased with rail covers!

These by far surpassed my expectations… They’re soft fleece with a water proof backing. Color matches the bedding perfectly! Easy to put on, and will fit wide rails (though mine aren’t). They don’t cover the corners, but pretty close to them. Right now I’m using them as scratch protectors for my crib, as the wood scratches easily and I’m worried about leaning over them. But I have no doubts these will perform as intended when my little one grows fangs.

Serena Oceanside, OR

Great product!

My daughter was teething on the rails of her crib and this has stopped it! Its a nice beige color which matches anything and its easily installed and washable as well.

Marsha Unionville, OH

Not too bulky, quite nice!

Havnt had my baby try it out yet, just put it on the crib today and looks super nice! I was worried it would make my crib look too sloppy but its actually pretty nice! Took forever to dry after i washed it though because of the waterproof lining…but no biggy! Cant wait to see how it holds up!

Shelby White, PA

Perfect fit, nice soft material

I haven’t yet washed these rail covers so I don’t know how they will hold up after but so far, they are nice. They are soft, nicely padded and attach very easily. I have a sleighbed style crib for my son and finding a rail cover that was wide enough was hard. These tie on the outside and the ties are short so I am not worried about a choking hazard. They also hold securely, I had to untie one of the straps and I had a difficult time doing it, I just used a standard single knot. Nice rich color, my son loves to run his little hands across it too, lets hope he doesn’t start chewing on it!

Rosalyn Morehead City, NC

These are great!

These have worked so well for my son. He no longer chews the rails! They fit perfect and look great!

Corine Warrenton, OR

Crib saver!

If I didn’t have this, the finish on my crib would have been completely scratched off by my little beaver son 🙂 The is super soft and has a waterproof back to save the wood finish on the crib in case he uses the wrap as a teether as well (because he does that too)! Def worth the money!

Misty Lowland, NC

I love this product, just wish there were corner covers too!

I ordered this after one of my boys started chewing on his crib rail. With the new design of cribs, this is a must. I wish I would have had these earlier, but I did not think of them. They would make a good shower gift. The only flaw is that the corners are not covered and that is where my boys chew. It is hard to protect the entire crib from chewers. I am happy though that it is limiting the chewing to the side rails at the exposed corners, since these will not be part of the full bed when they are older. There is only one bite mark on the front rail since I did not get these in time before the first bite. I now know better. With 2 cribs to try to preserve, these are worth the price. My boys like to chew on them and the thick padding protects the wood. It also provides cushion for their heads.

Lorraine Irvine, CA