Crown Crafts The Original NoJo BabySling by Dr. Sears – Black Chambray

Crown Crafts The Original NoJo BabySling by Dr. Sears – Black Chambray

Heavy duty fabric for strength and durability. Machine washable. Convenient position variation for wearing baby safely and securely.

Main features

  • Hands free baby-wear’ing designed for safety and comfort. Soothes fussy and colicky baby.
  • Promotes bonding with baby. Comfortable one hand adjustment offers comfort and hands free motion. Great for parents on the go.
  • Breastfeed discreetly. Several positions for all sizes. Soft 100% Cotton fabrics. Easy care, machine wash, dryer safe.

Verified reviews




Penny Nason, IL

Mediocre in our experience.

One of the things on our list of bad ideas (the things we *thought* we’d do before the birth) was attachment parenting. Along with attachment parenting comes very tired arms, or some kind of sling or backpack. Well, we’ve tried three different carriers and one sling. Here’s our experience with the sling. Your mileage may vary.Plus side: soft and comfy for the infant. Very robust construction. Easy for the kid to be in once asleep.Minus side: you need the video to figure out how to work it. ’nuff said. It cuts into your shoulder if you don’t get it mounted just right, and you can forget re-adjusting in once the kid is on board. Our child hated being put in it when cranky, didn’t seem to care when not cranky. That’s our problem, not the sling’s. But once the kid was in, you tend to list to one side, and your back gets tired. We got and Infantino soft carrier, and that was the best. ever.Give it a try, if you can afford it, just don’t expect it to live up to all the hype, or you’ll be disappointed.

Zelma Wakefield, LA

it grows with your baby

What’s great about this product is that you can adjust it to anyone’s needs. My husband is 6’4 and big and he can make this work for him to take “piggy” out for a walk. With just a simple adustment to the strap I can change it to wrap her around me. The best is that as a new born (before one can master the art of concealing breast feeding), you can use this to hold and feed your little one.

Lara Anatone, WA


My son seems so content when he is in the sling. And it is so much easier on my back! This is a must-have in my book!

Arline Edgerton, MO

Just okay….

I bought this sling because my son would not sleep unless I was holding him. I work from home on the computer and I needed both hands to work, so i thought this would help. It did, as long as I was sitting down. It was very difficult to walk around with especially since my son was heavier than most babies his age. This sling is okay, but i really didn’t use it much because it hurt my back. I ended up using my front carrier more, it supported my back better and still served the purpose of making my son feel secure. I would not recommend this product unless your baby is not heavy and you have a strong back.

Nola Helen, MD

great for newborn or colicky baby

this was one of the few ways my daughter would calm down and go to sleep, the closeness of mommy, and the way it kept her in the fetal position, and she could still see what was going on around her. saves your arms to do other things, more bulky than a snugli baby carrier, but totally different in comforting baby. i havent used the other more expensive ones, but this one worked great and was easily adjusted for size.

Clarice Bridgeport, MI

Great for baby, for mom, and for dad!

We got this when my daughter was an infant, to supplement the baby bjorn active. Both are absolutely fantastic. This sling is easy to find (here online and also in the stores) it’s inexpensive, and most importantly – safe.When my daughter was a “newborn” I used this all the time and we loved it! As she grew, we used the Baby Bjorn lots more b/c it gave me my hands free and kept her well balanced and supported. Now, she is 9 1/2 months old now and we are using this again. I cannot say that this is better or worse than other slings b/c it’s the only one I’ve used, but I really do love it. It’s not the fanciest, prettiest, or hippest – but it works!Also, since it’s Dr. Sear’s endorsed product, I trusted the name. It came with a video and an instructional pamphlet, both of which were really helpful to us in learning how to use the sling and giving us security to know we were “doing it right.”Two thumbs way up!

Anna Edgartown, MA

for the most part, NoJo is a No-Go

I own this product and the Baby Bjorn. My baby does not seem to like the NoJo very much and I prefer the Bjorn in almost all aspects. This product is more difficult to use and less secure. The position of the baby can shift with your movement (ie: if you go from sitting to standing or if you need to lean over a little bit ); that disrupts and upsets my baby. Although you can breastfeed in it, I think it is easier to remove the baby from the sling before nursing (but i have to admit that I feel the same way about the Bjorn and also feel pretty comfortable nursing in public). The Bjorn holds your baby closer to your body and heartbeat and my baby definatly prefers that. For an infant, the inward facing position of the Bjorn is also more protective from strangers and germs. Maybe I’ll like this product better when my baby is a little bigger. I do use it at times when I don’t have to also deal with my toddler, but the physical demands of a three year old require too much movement to safely use the sling. It does distribute the weight pretty well and is a welcome break to the shoulder fatigue sometimes caused by the Bjorn. It is also better if you are eating, reading, or writing because the baby rides much lower.

Ina Eastman, GA

Outstanding sling

This sling was absolutely terrific, especially when my son was a newborn to about 5 months. I also have a Baby Bjorn, but that was better for later on. At first, the Nojo is excellent because the baby doesn’t have to be upright and you don’t have to worry about the head floppiness.We had actually purchased another, more expensive sling but it had more of a “bucket” for the baby to go into and my son hated it! With the Nojo, you really can adjust everything – where you put them, how you put it on, how high or low you wear it, etc.There are two excellent uses that I found for the sling, but DIDN’T like the Baby Bjorn for:1) At night when the baby is very young (up to about 4 months), you can “wear the baby down” in the sling by walking around till the baby falls asleep. It’s a great way to calm/ quiet and get the baby to sleep. It used to work when even rocking wouldn’t work.2) You can literally do the dishes, laundry, even have a snack while wearing the sling. This was somehow a lot harder for me with the Bjorn because I kept bumping the baby.Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bjorn too and find it much better for walks. But around the home, the sling was always the carrier I would turn to. It’s just so easy to throw on, throw the baby into – not a lot of straps and so on to deal with.Outstanding purchase for yourself or a shower gift!!!

Jasmine Birmingham, IA

Great Sling for the money

I’m not sure why this has gotten such bad reviews. I have had no problems with it. I used it for my daughter as a newborn and continue to use it now and she is 18 months old. I’ve had no problems with it being too long (and I’m only 5’4) and my daughter still loves to be by my side. Well worth it!!!

Ila Edgard, LA

Great Sling

Although this does take a little getting use to, this is a great sling. I have used it with 2 babies from birth up to toddlerhood. I love how it holds your newborn closer than regular front carriers. Both of my daughters would instantly fall asleep. I also like that it can be used to nurse discreetly. Some have complained about too much material and it being too long, but with a little adjusting and patience, it should fit any caregiver. I used it on my toddler right up until my new daughter was born. A great and affordable sling. And Dr Sears is the expert!!!

Leola Ballico, CA

Can’t do without this one!!!!!!!!

This baby sling has been awesome!! My daughter was 7 lbs. and 19 3/4 inches at birth, so she has always been on the skinny side as far as babies go. She fit in this perfectly from birth on up. I’m 5’10” myself and medium build and my husband is 6’1″ medium build and we both were able to use this sling. My mother has used it with my daughter as well and she is 5’6″ and a small framed lady.I have used this to go grocery shopping, to calm and soothe my baby, to go on walks, and to be able to get things done around the house. Sometimes when everything else failed, we were able to get my daughter to go to sleep in this sling. At our house, we love the sling!!!!!

Ila Brayton, IA