Crown Crafts The Original NoJo BabySling by Dr. Sears – Denim

Crown Crafts The Original NoJo BabySling by Dr. Sears – Denim

Hands-free comfort for you and your baby. Parents on the go can keep little ones safely in tow with NoJo’s Original Babysling soft baby carrier–it’s the modern way to “wear” your baby. Featuring the new and improved patented “stopper” to prevent unwanted slipping of fabric through the rings, Babysling allows you to carry your child in several positions to promote bonding as well as soothe fussy and colicky babies. Perfect for children who weigh up to 30 pounds.

Main features

  • Hands free baby-wear’ing designed for safety and comfort. Soothes fussy and colicky baby.
  • Promotes bonding with baby. Comfortable one hand adjustment offers comfort and hands free motion. Great for parents on the go.
  • Breastfeed discreetly. Several positions for all sizes. Soft 100% Cotton fabrics. Easy care, machine wash, dryer safe.

Verified reviews


My daughter hates this

I bought this because of all the wonderful things I heard about slings. I even practiced with my cat before to see if I could put it on and if it was comfortable. I must admit this is so much more comfortable than the front packs or back packs. It doesn’t cut across the back like the front packs can. However, my daughter will not go in this. I had tried from day one to carry her in this. She screams. My child hardly ever cries and when I say she screams, I mean turns red and screams. As soon as I take her out she is fine. Now that she is older I can carry her like a front pack, but quite honestly, the front pack is just easier. I wanted to use the sling because I nurse and I should have been able to nurse her while we were out. She just will not lay in it. My friend has this and loves it. Her baby cooperates. She has carried him in it since she brought him home from the hospital. She can nurse him while walking. When my daughter gets older I plan on using it to carry her on my hip. I watched the video and you can use it to help with back support while you carry your child on your hip. I hope I can use it like that, but for the next baby, I am not going to use it. I will stick with the traditional front pack. These slings are just not very easy on larger women who are a rather endowed.

Dolly Lorton, NE

Skeptical at first

I was skeptical at first about ‘babywearing’, I tried it once as a joke with this sling that was given to me and fell in love. It was one of the only places besides the breast that my daughter would fall asleep consistently for the fist 4 months or so. So I agree with other mothers who say that you have to give it a chance to grow on you. It may seem strange or uncomfortable at first but I still use my sling with my daughter and she’s 18 months now. She sits on my hip and watches me do the dishes or fold laundry. Hands free is the way to be!The sling I was given was a bit large for me, and I’m not a tiny person 5’3” 135lbs. Although it was adjustable I think for my next child I’ll try a sling that comes in sizes.

Estelle Modena, PA

comfy and convenient

I got this carrier before my son was born. I was a nanny and have tried many carriers with babies of various sizes. This is the most comfortable and versatile carrier I’ve tried yet.The downsides are that it is a little challenging to use. I have had to learn quite a few different ways to carry my son, who is just 3 months old. If you don’t adjust the carries you use as your baby grows, it can be very uncomfortable for both you. It is also very bulky. It doesn’t even fit in an empty diaper bag. My next carrier will be unpadded.

Consuelo Eutawville, SC

Mixed feelings

I really wanted to love this sling. I had seen several mothers use these before, and the nurse in our childbirth class raved about it. I was so excited when I received it as a gift.I started using this with my son when he was just a week old. I put him in the cradle position, but I was so afraid he was going to sufficate on the fabric around him, I had to keep my hand in the sling next to his face.As he got older, it did get easier to use. It was good to use while in the grocery store. However, it pulled hard on my shoulder.Now, he’s 7 months old, and he’s crawling and pulling himself up, and he doesn’t like to be restrained at all. I’ve tried the kangaroo position, but I’m so scared he’s going to fall out the bottom because he is quite a wiggle worm. The last time I used this, the shoulder strap got so close to my neck that it started to interfere with my circulation.I’m glad I had this for the grocery store, but I think with my next child, I’m going to have to rethink what kind of carrier I use.

Earlene Christoval, TX

Great for baby!

My son loves this. He likes the "kangaroo" position best. He was actually crying the first time we put him in it this way, and stopped immediately. DEFINITELY make sure the one you buy comes with the video, though. At our Babies R Us many were just in plastic bags (returns?) without the book and video. They are a must. The usual type carriers which have baby putting all their weight on their pelvic bone aren’t good for their developing bones. Slings keep the baby in more natural positions.

Ofelia New Troy, MI