CuteyBaby 6 Pack Biodegradable Diaper Liners

CuteyBaby 6 Pack Biodegradable Diaper Liners

Easily lift solid waste out of any cloth diaper by using our biodegradable, flushable liner. 100% viscose fiber content. Not recommended to flush in sensitive, ejector, or septic plumbing systems.

Main features

  • Great 5×12 inch size works in any cloth diapering system
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Not recommended to flush in septic systems

Verified reviews


Not suitable for diaper rash cream

We were looking for a disposable liner that would allow our son to continue using cloth diapers once we decided he needed diaper rash cream with every diaper change (once he started eating adult food at around 10 months old, it turned out that his skin was sensitive to a lot of the food — citrus, berries, tomatoes, some spices — after they emerged in his stool). These liners are not the solution, as they have lots of perforations. I was so disappointed when they arrived. Even if you layer two or three sheets, diaper cream still gets onto the cloth diaper, which then has to be extensively laundered to get the zinc oxide out. We’re going to go with the Bum Genius fleece stay-dry liners, which we put between the diaper cream and our regular diaper liners (we use Flip covers with a combination of Flip inserts [at daycare] and prefolds [at home, on the weekends]). This means extra laundry — which we were trying to avoid with disposable, biodegradable inserts — but at least our entire stash of diapers won’t be ruined. I hope my review will help others avoid the mistake I made.

Sybil Floyd, IA

Great in size and price!!

I only use Thirsties brand for my diaper needs with the exception of these liners. I love these little liners that are biodegradable and flushable for those not on septic systems. They are the perfect length and width for Thirsties and work perfectly. Ironically they are alittle too big for CuteyBaby brand reusable diapers which is fine by me since I had no luck with the brand anyways. The liner work like this: You put the liner on top of the liner or cloth diaper right against babies bottom. They are soft as can be and have not affected my daughters sensitive skin in any way. When baby has a poopy you just lift the liner from the top and bottom edges and then flush the whole thing. Poop gone and all you now have to do is wash your liner or diaper. Simple and a much easier clean for momma!

Ursula Plainview, AR

Great liners

Makes cleanup on reusable diapers a snap. I would recommend this to anyone with cloth diapers. They are the right size and you can fold or double them up if necessary. They look like dryer sheets.

Maxine Worth, IL

Works great with bumGenius 2.0 cloth diapers

Other reviewers have mentioned this but these liners work great with the bumGenius 2.0 cloth diapers. I think we’ve tried every brand of disposable liner that Amazon sells and these are the best value, in my opinion.

Alexandra Indianola, IA

Soft liners, but too small

These liners are so soft, but they are so narrow that they just don’t work. They stick to my son’s skin and end up getting bunched up, totally defeating the purpose of a diaper liner. I hate wasting so many liners, so I have to try and predict if my baby is going to poop or not when I use these liners (if I think he will, I use one of my other, superior liners). I’m still searching for the perfect liner, but I will never buy these again.

Dayna West Olive, MI

Love ’em!

I have used cloth diapers on two kids now, and these are the best liners I have used to date! They’re thinner than most that came out about a year ago, a wonderful improvement! While they are totally flushable, I wash the "pee-only" liners in the wash and use again! They don’t fall apart on the kiddos, nor have I ever had a plumbing problem! I also love that they come in a six-pack so I don’t have to buy them so often.

Jacqueline Rockbridge Baths, VA

Very Pleased

I’ve tried many brands. I’ve tried Real Nappies first. They were soft but the company changed its texture and Real Nappies feel a bit scratchier than before. These come very close to the original soft Real Nappies that I really liked. The GroVia liners are VERY scratchy and caused constant irritation and diaper rash. I have also tried the Bummis. The Bummis turn into rolled Nappies up ropes in the wash and look linty and bare in spots once restretched. I feared the Bummis would clog my toilet but they didn’t. They were thinned out after some washes.The first thing I noticed is that these feel very silky like the old Real Nappies that I loved so. I wash the ones that are only wet. After one wash I noticed that these don’t even look used or different and I’ve had no issue flushing them. I posted a picture of them after one wash. My only issue is that they bunched up on my daughter the first time I used them but 95% of the time they don’t. They seem perfectly sized width-wise but I wish they were slightly wider. Catches what they need to and flush without issue. I like them very much. They don’t cause irritation and rash on my daughter’s sensitive skin.

Molly Payson, UT

Great product!

These work great with my bumgenious 4.0 diapers. I use them all the time, and don’t always flush them, but when I have, they work fine. Makes clean up much easier!!

Lesley Midway Park, NC

not for newborns

I bought these for our 4 week old and the liners are very small and like a honeycomb. It didn’t adsorb anything. I would say these are good for older kids with solid #2’s

Alyce Pickerington, OH

Good liners, great price

We have tried Bummis, Kushies, Imse Vimse, and at least one other type of diaper liner. In my opinion, the Kushies are the absolute best quality, because they are the right size and are soft and easy to dispense (roll). But they are much more expensive than the CuteyBaby liners, especially in the 6 pack. With CuteyBaby we have found our favored liners. I have not had the leakage problems others have reported. I actually like that they aren’t very absorbent, because I usually reuse them if it’s just pee in the diaper.Update: July 13, 2012The newest package of these that I received from Amazon are packaged identically to the others I have received; however, they are a different product. The old ones are soft and look like dryer sheets, with a very fine mesh. The new ones are like drywall tape with a very large mesh. They are not as soft as the older version, and they stick to baby more. It doesn’t seem right that this company can change the product but not the packaging or label!

Amalia Fulton, NY

Fits well

I love these liners because unlike the other liners, these fit the shape of the cloth diapers! There is no need for folding. just lay them down and go!

Eunice Saint Marys, PA

Great value

Since I buy giant packages of everything else why shouldn’t I buy a giant pack of liners? They are somewhat skinnier than others I’ve tried but boy are they durable & reusable. I just put them on top of the washer and let them dry. I bet I have washed some of them at least 10 times. I finally ran out so I’m trying a different brand & what a difference! Ordering these again

Mamie Cardwell, MT

these are mesh!

terrible product, and utterly useless. they do not prevent diaper cream from ruining my cloth diapers or contain any poop. we’ve been happy with another brand but bought the 6-pack of this brand since it saved us almost $2/100 sheets. never again. they are going in the trash and we will order the real ones again. what a waste of money.

Patty Columbus, GA

Love them

I never used the kind they made before. I requested these on my baby registry. They are mesh-like but don’t let that fool you, they pick up solids really well. My baby is in the transitional poo stage where it is wet and chunky but not truly solid. I do not reuse the pee ones. They are biodegradable and cheap(price). I would not expect them to survive the wash. When I run out, I will most likely buy more. It saves me from having to spray them out in the toilet and make a huge wet mess.

Ursula Springfield, IL

Best deal out there!

We searched online, and this is the best price we found!They are a little narrow for cloth diapers that are toddler size, but for the price and quantity it is a great deal

Jessie Camp Crook, SD

Pros and Cons

These liners make CDing so much easier to clean… and my favorite part was that if my kiddo had a BM in public it was super easy to grab the liner and flush it away before stuffing the diaper into the wet bag. They saved me a lot of mess and work. BUT… pay close attention to the warnings on the packages; if you have a septic system or old plumbing, do not rely on these regularly. After CDing for about 8 months we had to call out a plumber to unclog our line to the city sewer lines. The culprit: the liners got stuck on a jagged portion on our 80+ year old plumbing lines and eventually clogged the system.

Etta Ward Cove, AK

Great value and works on all sizes

I’ve tried a number of other brands and these are just right. Not too stiff, not too soft, and not so big that the liner hangs out over the edge of the diaper. The perforations make it easy for you to tear off liners quickly (I’ve had some that don’t tear evenly, and you end up with strips rather than a whole sheet). Plus, you can’t beat the price for how many liners you get.I know some worry that they are too small, but these liners manage to contain most messes. Any overflow I just spray or wipe off the diaper, but it is rare.

Sallie Greensboro, IN

Not impresses, quality and design have changed.

I was expecting the smooth fabric inserts (similar to a dryer sheet), but instead got a stiffer mesh material. It really is similar to drywall tape, like another reviewer suggested. I will be switching back to Bummis as soon as I finish all SIX of these rolls. The new mesh style doesn’t not hold as much poop as the smooth style. It’s better than no liner at all, but I will not be buying this brand again.

Rene Peachtree City, GA

cloth diaper heaven

I have been cloth diapering since birth and was not looking forward to the day she started eating and pooping stinky solids. with these liners, you can just plop the poop along with the liner into the toilet without touching anything yucky. sometimes if i put on a diaper that does not fit well, she will wiggle the liner off center and the poop ends up being half on the diaper and half on the liner. more often than not, there is no mess 🙂 awesome!

Carrie Peninsula, OH

Perfect for CDs up to size Large

We love diaper liners! They eliminate the need for soaking or dunking or scraping. Just flush the liner. These worked great for us from newborn until about 12 months when we switched to size Large diapers. At 12mths+, my son was larger, the diapers were larger and these liners just weren’t wide enough. You can find wider liners for older babies. These were perfect however, for that first year. No folding necessary, they fit just right.

Kimberly Climax Springs, MO

Not the same

I had these before (bought at a Costco promo stand) and I loved them. Finally ran out and found them here but when I got them they were NOT the same. The viscose fabric was changed to like a mesh type were as before it was more solid. So now the poo doesn’t clean up as well because the looser ones go right through the mesh.

Claudette Alden, NY

So far, I’m not complaining

Bought these when we started solids to line our cloth diapers. They were a good price. Soft, and super long. I cut them in half. Do a decent job of holding the mess, and haven’t caused a rash or any other problems.

Rosetta Robbinston, ME

work well, good price

We have bought these several times over the last couple years. They work well. The only downfall is that there seems to be some inconsistencies in the manufacturing in two ways. First, we had one roll (out of the six) that was sort of fuzzy. It still worked but wasn’t the same. And, second, the sheets are not always cut to the same length. This isn’t a major hindrance.

Rosanna Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Not exactly what I thought

I bought these because they were less expensive than the ones I’d been using for 18 months (Bummis). I use them because my child has diaper rash often and don’t want our diapers to stain from the cream. When I opened these I noticed that they were more of a “mesh” than a cloth-like liner and I’m not sure if they will keep the cream from touching the cloth diapers. I guess I’ll double-up on them for now because I’ve already bought them.

Milagros Watkinsville, GA

Best liners I’ve tried!

I have tried other liners and these are by far the best. I have used Bumkins, Bummis, and Real Nappies before using these. I love these the best because they are the perfect size to fit into a Bum Genius 4.0 or a Flip. There is no folding involved! I hate having to fold other liners and having them unfold, shift around, etc. These also clog the toilet a lot less than the others and they hold in messes wonderfully. I won’t buy anything but these from now on!

Myrna Cave Springs, AR

love them

Love the . Catch everything nicely, thin enought to fit on the diaper without habe to fold it between there legs. Favorite brand by far.

Alexandria Navarre, OH