D-Link DCS-825L HD WiFi Baby Camera – Temperature Sensor, Personalize Audio, 2-Way Talk, Local and Remote Video Baby Monitor app for iPhone and Android

D-Link DCS-825L HD WiFi Baby Camera – Temperature Sensor, Personalize Audio, 2-Way Talk, Local and Remote Video Baby Monitor app for iPhone and Android

Interchangeable blue and pink rings See your baby from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi Baby Camera The Wi-Fi Baby Camera transforms your mobile device into a versatile baby monitor to help you stay connected to your most valuable treasure no matter where you are in the world. Baby Monitor for Modern Parents Unlike traditional baby monitors with a parent alert and a child unit, the Wi-Fi Baby Camera is embedded with technology that allows total control from your smartphone or tablet. mydlink Baby App Whether youâ€re at home or on the go, the mydlink baby app keeps you connected to your baby even when youâ€re phone is locked. Download the free mydlink app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android and follow the simple steps to setup your camera. You will be able to manage all the features directly from your phone. 3 Ways to Access Your Camera Remotely: connect to your Wi-Fi Baby Camera through the InternetAt Home: connect to your Wi-Fi Baby Camera through your home wireles

Main features

  • Watch over your baby with HD video quality day or night and receive sound and motion alerts to notify you when your baby is restless or has woken up.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to conveniently monitor your baby at home or anywhere using the free mydlink Baby Camera app. Multiple family members can monitor at the same time.
  • Soothe your baby to sleep with your favorite lullabies or storybooks with the microSD card slot or play any of 5 built-in lullabies using the integrated high-quality speaker.;Two-way audio for sound alerts and speaking to your child from your mobile device. Audio can be heard even when your mobile device is in standby mode.
  • Connect to your existing Wi-Fi home network or use the Direct Connect option for local viewing without the need for a wireless network.;Monitor the room temperature and be alerted if room gets hotter or colder than your preset range.
  • Record unforgettable moments with the microSD card slot or schedule recording when sound or motion is detected.;Interchangeable color rings (white, pink and blue) to match your room décor.

Verified reviews


Mediocre IP camera for a steep price

This is an IP camera with some baby-friendly features, but isn’t really a baby monitor so to speak. It does not come with any remote viewer, which most baby monitors include- you have to use a smartphone or tablet to view output. If you don’t have one of those, you’re going to have to get one, this camera is literally useless without one.The above statement alone is not a great start for this product, which is clearly marketed as a ‘baby camera’ and aimed at parents that for the most part are probably not interested in a typical IP camera feature set. It has exactly two baby-friendly features: the ability to play a timed lullaby, and interchangeable color rings (blue for boys, pink for girls). Honestly, I see both of these as little more than gimmicks, and those are the only things differentiating this from any other IP camera. At current list price ($180) this is considerably more expensive than most full-featured IP cams and dedicated two-way baby monitors. The lack of a viewer is just the first point in what is a surprisingly lackluster feature set. Here’s what it has and doesn’t have:Has:Night vision720p resolutionLullaby featuremicro-SD for recordingDirect wifi connectRemote viewing apps (internet) with alertsTemperature sensorWall mountDoesn’t have:AutofocusOptical zoomAbility to pan or rotate remotelyAbility to hide the cameraAbility to change from portrait to landscapeSome of the ‘haves’ are not well implemented either. For example, the apps do allow you to view remotely and are easy to set up, which is nice. However, they have significant delay: 3-5 or more seconds at 720p, 2-3 seconds at 360p. The wall mount works quite well save for one small problem: the mount screw is on the bottom of the camera. The wide angle lens is fixed in landscape mode while the camera is right-side up, so if you mount it on a wall it’s going to be in portrait mode, which severely reduces the area it can cover (unless you’re primarily interested in viewing your floor and ceiling). It works fine as a ceiling mount, but that’s where the size and shape of the camera become a factor: it’s pretty big and doesn’t blend in well with anything- you look at it and it’s obviously a camera- so it’s really hard to put it somewhere out of sight and out of mind. If you were planning on using this to keep tabs on the babysitter, well- they’ll definitely know it’s there. If not mounted on a wall/ceiling, it has a simple rubber base with a sticky cup that you sit the camera on. This is not particularly sturdy and needs a flat surface to sit it on; a tripod mount would have been a lot smarter (you can get a third party one, which I recommend). The zoom is purely digital and pretty bad- in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s purely handled by the app software and has nothing to do with the camera itself. There is no autofocus- to focus the camera you have to manually turn the white plastic ring around the lens, which coincidentally causes your fingers to block the lens and makes it very hard to see if it’s in focus or not. The camera cannot pan or rotate at all, you have to move it manually to do this.There are some additional features which are pretty odd, such as the inclusion of power and volume buttons on the camera itself. I have no idea why these are there- you could simply unplug the thing if you wanted to turn it off, and it’s too easy to accidentally hit the switch when adjusting the camera. It makes noise when powering up- could be an issue if your baby is asleep. There’s an unsightly glaring bright LED on the top that turns on when the camera is ready; thankfully you can turn it off.On the plus side, the camera charges via a micro-USB connector and includes an AC adapter with a long cord. This presents one interesting feature about this camera- quite possibly the only reason I gave it two stars: you can actually power this thing with an external battery pack as long as it puts out at least 5v/1.5A. I was able to run the camera on an Anker Astro 2 battery, which means you can run this camera (at least, for a while) without an outlet. The camera running at 720p has good picture quality in all light conditions, so if you don’t mind the poor latency it does fine just as a static video camera.To make a long story short, this camera is outrageously priced for the feature set- even at half the current cost I’d say it’s still too expensive. I have a Tenvis webcam that cost $50 and has more useful features than this $180 model. Regardless of what you plan to use this for, there’s a better and cheaper alternative: if you want a dedicated baby monitor- and especially if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet- you can get one of those with more features for less. If you want an IP camera, you can also get one with more features for less. In fact you can get BOTH an IP camera and a baby monitor for a combined total that is less. This makes it very difficult to recommend this product for any reason.

Lucile Belmont, CA

A reasonable video monitor system for a baby’s room.

I followed the instructions and had no problems setting the system up to be used on my WiFi only. As we work from home, we don’t need to set it up for remote viewing. I am using this with my iPad and iPhone 5 and it worked fairly well. I noticed that there is a lag in the video and sound – about a second or so. The sound from the monitor to the iPad was okay but the sound from the iPad to the monitor was lacking and very low. The video was clean but suffered from too high contrast due to high lightin the room. This is consistent with our video from our various security cameras. I would say it is an adequate solution but the final choice would probably depend upon the price I was willing to spend. There are both lower and higher options available.

Mae Bloomingburg, NY

better options available for cheaper

It seems like if you add "baby" or "wedding" to anything the price gets jacked up even if it does the same thing or less than something without that in the title. This camera is no different. I have 3 other types of ip cameras – Foscam, Panasonic, and Motorola. They all do basically the same thing, but vary vastly in price. This dlink and the Motorola have lullabies and a temperature sensor, but those are the only added features, but both are priced more than the others. This dlink also does not do pan & tilt, so it has even less capability than the others. I find it difficult to get the camera to set in just the right position because the power cord gets in the way and will pull it out of sorts if not adjusted right.The only added thing that I do like on the dlink is that you can put in a microSD card and it will record automatically with sound or motion. Instead of needing added software through a computer, it does it all standalone.I’m a big fan of Foscam and they are the cheapest option that I have, but they are a little more complicated to install for use outside of your network. The Panasonic & Motorola are both super easy to install with the Pansonic being the cheaper option.Overall, this is an okay camera with a good picture, but with little adjustment capability. There are other options that are more flexible and cheaper.

Johanna Havana, ND

Will not connect to mydlink baby monitor app, very frustrating!

You’re probably only going to see 5 star or 1 star reviews on this camera. It’s because it either works great or doesn’t work at all.For us, it didn’t work. Set up was frustrating. We followed the instructions perfectly and downloaded the Mydlink Baby Camera Monitor app. However, no matter how many times we tried, the camera would not connect to the app. It appears this app was not thoroughly tested on the many different android platforms to ensure that is works. The software and app does not appear to be fully developed and is not ready for market distribution. My husband is an IT security professional and usually sets up this kind of stuff up quickly. For instance, he set up our Wi-Fi 9-camera DVR security surveillance system in an afternoon for fun. Firewall config, port forwarded, auto email notification via SMTP servers, all the good stuff. He spent 2 hours on this baby cam trying to see if there were any work-arounds to this problem, but was not able to find one.Here is what my husband found. This D-Link camera will broadcast a WiFi network. In theory, you connect to the network with the provided user name and password, launch the app, and voila, you got remote viewing. But in our real world application, we were NEVER able to reach the camera via the app. Here is why… our Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung NOTE 3, will connect to this D-Link baby monitor network (after entering the provided network name and password) for a brief moment, then will immediately drop that connection because the phone will NOT continue to connect to a network that does not have internet access. There are only four steps to set this camera up. Step 1 – Power up the camera. Step 2 – Down load the app from Google Play. Step 3 – Connect to Camera’s Wifi. Step 4 – Configure cam via the app. We never got past step 3.It appears some work is needed on this D-Link Baby Monitor App. For now, IT DOES NOT WORK!5/27:Got it to work 2 weeks later, thus I changed my rating of this product. Please see the thread associated with this review. Used the paperclip reset trick as recommended by Dlink commentator. Would have gotten 5 stars if it worked out of the box.

Ericka Brant Rock, MA

Lacking in some features …

This camera is fairly easy to set up, install the application and plug and ‘play’ …The features of this camera are:- (Day)/Night vision- 5 Lullabies- Recording- 2-way communication with mute and un-mute function- Remote viewing via wi-fi- Temperature sensor (which I find not very useful)It would be nice if they added a pan and tilt feature for better visual.No issues with the baby monitor except for the slight lag every once in a while. A plus for the monitor is that I love the fact that I can capture and record my daughter playing or sleeping while I am away from home.

Earlene Stickney, SD

Not the best

This wifi baby monitor is definitely cool. It has a lot of bells and whistles, like music, night vision, talking to the baby, etc., but it’s not perfect. First, the iPhone app is not good at all. AT ALL! It crashes constantly and sometimes you can’t see the kids.Second, the build is a little awkward. Just not a fan.Still, it’s a decent camera and we are using it on a daily basis.

Brianna Sussex, VA

Application problems ruin a top-notch camera

The camera is solid and provides stunning HD video and the night vision is superb. The base is very sturdy and rubberized compared to many of the cheap plastic cameras on the market. It stays put once you get it in the right position.Worth noting: There is no remote pan/tilt with this unit; surprising give the MSRP. You have to manually adjust and that requires removing the camera "eye" from the base" socket" each time. Minor annoyance.The big problem (and the reason for the low star rating) is with the Android Application. I encountered consistent trouble getting it to connect/reconnect after setup. It just isn’t reliable.

Glenna Lookout, KY

Finally a baby monitor that I can view from anywhere in the house

I have used quite a few baby monitors, from the first ones to do video using a black and white CRTto the newer LCD versions with all the bells and whistles. One problem I’d that they all have the same problem, due to the architecture and arrangement of our home it is very difficult to sustain a signal from the baby’s room to ask parts of the house.This is finally solved now that we have a reliable and easy to use way to monitor through WiFi. We have repeaters in the house too maintain the Wi-Fi signal so now the baby monitor signal travels to all corners of the house as well.My experience with the setup, interface, apps, and overall use it’s pretty much in line with what others with good experiences have had with the unit

Frankie Spotswood, NJ

Easy to use!

I had no problem setting this up on my phone. I love the simplicity of use with this camera. I set this up in my playroom and I can watch the kids while I work. They are just down the hall, but this allows me to see them without actually being in the same room. I can set my phone up right next to my computer and I have a crystal clear view and audio so I can keep tabs on what they are up to. The visual quality is really stunning. Even on a small screen the picture is detailed and high quality. The audio is easy to adjust, and comes across clear. I can hear them when they whisper even. Overall I think this is a great for daytime use. I don’t feel great about using it at night over wifi, for a whole host of reasons.

Lucinda Wellesley Hills, MA

Easy setup and great features for a Baby Camera

The setup for this camera was fairly simple in that you simply take the camera out of the box, follow the easily understood instructions and you’re off and running. This is one of the more feature packed cameras that I have seen in that speak through the camera, turn the camera on to play music through, and you can take pictures and video. The package also includes mounting hardware if you want to put the camera on the wall. As with other wifi cameras, I notice that there is a bit of a delay if there is a lot movement. I also tried speaking through the unit and that really makes the video pretty choppy. But overall this is one of my favorite baby cameras!2. Can access the camera via phone, tablet or laptop (not sure why someone complained about it not having browser access, but maybe it was before the new firmware update). If you have mydlink, then you should access it from anywhere, which is pretty neat, although I’ve only used the features while on the same network.3. Program is pretty powerful – you can mute/unmute, speak through the camera, take pics and video. Overall, not your average baby monitor and much more powerful.4. Packaging is pretty good, and they even include screws if you want to wall mount them. That’s a nice little touch.Cons:1. Audio delay when speaking – When I try to speak, the voice seems to be a little delayed, so it might cause some awkward gaps. Realistically, I don’t anticipate using this thing to teleconference with a baby, and in the grand scheme of things, I won’t do more than goo goo or ga ga ing via audio, so it doesn’t bother me.* Dlink, in my experience, is always more focused on the spec user than the user interface user. Their products are usually powerful and more geared towards people who are a little technologically literate. For me, I set up everything just fine, but if you were someone born in the 40s and 50s, it might not be as easy to use as something from Apple, like an iphone (which is foolproof as far as I’m concerned).BTW, you should remember your password you first made up when you connected with the phone – it comes in handy for the firmware update. Tip: the user field is "admin", and the password is whatever you put in when you first connected to the cam.Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this.

Ethel Seaforth, MN

Great camera, but app issues

After using it more than month and several attempts to make it work as advertised, I can very confidently say that:- The lens and optical capabilities of this camera are really superb. The picture quality is very good and motion sensing really works well.- Designed to look cute and ideally suited for used on a flat surface like table. Mounting this camera can be a bit challenge, depending on location etc.- It is wi-fi dependent and you have to ensure a good wi-fi connection across the range of camera and your phone, otherwise the signal drops. Signal strength at our place is very good and consistent since the router is mounted on the ceiling.- It is most reliable if your phone and camera are on the same wi-fi network.- Several attempts to register and make a login via their app failed. The app keeps crashing or freezing on one screen. So, i was never able to test the remote viewing capabilities of this camera.- This camera will keep your phone engaged as your phone screen is your monitor.It causes sometimes unreliable streaming if you end up using your phone while the DLink baby app is running in background.Overall, it is a good baby camera, but will be an excellent choice if DLink can fix the app issues.

Ruthie Papaikou, HI

Great for connecting to my iPhone

This works nicely to check on my house during the day or in the kids rooms at night. We plan to buy more of these.

Kimberly Warren, RI

Painfully Frustrating

I wanted to upgrade from my old baby monitor and was optimistic that D-Link’s use of "the cloud" would provide a truly mobile system. Unfortunately, attempting to use D-Link Wifi Day/Night Baby Camera with Remote has proven to be a painfully frustrating experience.The build quality seems good, with a cute and friendly design. Unfortunately, none of its attractive features make a difference when the camera has a tendency to shut off/reset itself within the first few minutes of use.The D-Link Wifi Baby Camera’s greatest downfall is its software. The app needed to operate this device is very slow and definitely not user-friendly. Even after a multi-hour setup process (including a number of false-starts and resets), many features don’t work well through "the cloud" or at all. This includes talking to your baby, activating lullabies, etc. The feed also tends to lag dramatically.At the times I was able to get the camera briefly working, the range was only about 15-20 feet (common with standard, much cheaper baby monitors). It is upsetting to think of all the wasted time spent trying to get the app to work right. I now regret having to set-up a D-Link account (which is mandatory) that gives an outside entity access to my phone as well as a camera that is currently still connected to our router.I can only hope that iPhone/iPad users are not experiencing similar difficulties. As an Android user, I cannot recommend this item in its current state to others intending to use the Android version of the software.

Corina Alexis, IL

I solid entry level Baby cam!

The D-Link Wifi Day/Night HD Baby Camera is a decent option to get if you are in the market for an <$200 unit. This unit works off of Wifi and accessible via an app from your smart phone or tablet. As a baby monitor, the D-Link works great – nice resolution, the microphone is clear and picks up minute detail. There is no pan or tilt options which would have been nice but then this is a sub $200 camera so it’s not totally expected. The nicest option has to be the pic storage. You can take pics with monitor and the data is stored on a memory card. The lullabye is pretty cool too. Never used – but still cool to play with.The main problem with this product is the sometimes glitch app and the unit just doesn’t like to establish a connection. It’s not a often occurrence, but happens enough to be noticeable and annoying.Overall, a good product – Recommended!

Robert Oraville, IL


This product was so easy to set up and install, and works so seamlessly with my smartphone, that I am amazed at some of the other reviews. For me, the convenience of being able to see the baby no matter what room I am in in the house is priceless. The people who are complaining that you should be able to use a computer to monitor the baby should simply find another product that does that particular function if it is so important to them. Most people own at least a smartphone (if not a tablet), so I do not understand why this is such a big issue. The product works great, and, while not inexpensive, is still worth every penny for the peace of mind it brings. A wonderful baby monitor!

Dena Oneida, IL

Not perfectly suited for android phones

I didn’t have any issues getting this camera to connect via wi-fi. However, I was not super impressed with the app itself. I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 and when I went to try to take a picture or record video via the app it tells me that these features are not available for Android devices (which can be frustrating, because I didn’t remember seeing information about some features only being available for iPhones . . . which not everyone owns).I liked being able to get information about room’s temperature and I liked being able to access the camera when I was away from home (you can view it via wi-fi from any location). However, I liked my standard video monitor much better for everyday (and nighttime) use. I liked being able to play music or speak through the monitor, but I occasionally got HORRIBLE feedback as it picked up the sound of my voice speaking through the camera.There are some nice features, but it’s not something I plan on using on a daily basis. It’s easier just to use my other monitor and not worry about it draining my phone battery running the app. I was afraid I would miss the notifications if I didn’t have it running the background noise -which is a greater drain on the battery. Maybe there’s just more of a learning curve with this one, but we’ll see.Again, it’s great if you want to access a camera away from home, but if I’m in the house, I prefer my other monitor due to ease of use.

Inez Olney, MO

Good but not great

This is the second D-Link camera I received for review, and even though this model is a newer one, it seems to have less functionality. This is disappointing, since the camera looked, and sounded good on paper.First the good parts: the image quality is good, and setup is easy (in fact if you’re into tinkering with devices, it can also work as a generic wifi cam). The integrated sd recording, and two way audio are nice additions.However those do not make up for the missing parts. Given the price range of the camera, there are better alternatives, that provide:- Pan and tilt- A better mount (I had to mount it upside down, since it would not stay straight)- Auto focus (or even better app controlled focus) – this required manual focus with the ring around the lens- Optical zoomIf this had been an entry level camera these omissions would not have been a problem. However you can get a better value for your money elsewhere.

Catalina Isle, MN