Dabbawalla Bags Cute as a Bug Ladybug Kids’ Insulated Washable & Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag Tote Red/Black

Dabbawalla Bags Cute as a Bug Ladybug Kids’ Insulated Washable & Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag Tote Red/Black

Your little one will be buzzing with excitement for lunch in this fun, insulated Ladybug Lunch Bag, long a symbol of good luck and adored by little girls for generations. Whether it is a bento box container, a simple reusable sandwich bag, or stuffed with treasures, the Dabbawalla ladybug bag is flexible enough to accommodate all that she needs for fun and adventure.

Main features

  • 75% TPE/ 20% Nylon/ 5% SBR
  • Imported
  • Insulating material helps keep food at safe temperatures
  • Stands upright so food does too
  • 100% toxic-free including zero lead, BPA-free and no Phthalates or PVC
  • Individually sewn in Taiwan by a family-owned facility that supports fair labor practices and environmental stewardship
  • Machine wash (front loader only) or hand wash
  • Machine Washable
  • Insulating Material Keeps Lunch and Snacks at safe temperatures
  • Made from a material that is 100% toxic free, including zero lead, BPA, Pthalates and PVC
  • Inside mesh pockets for stashing and organizing water bottles and food containers
  • Flexible, strong and built to last with a sturdy handle to tote lunch on-the-go

Verified reviews



i liked how natural these are (they are neoprene) compared to other lunch containers which have PVC/lead/etc. i was really jazzed that they could be thrown in the wash. and you can wash them very easily, but my son’s is still quite stained after use (somewhat heavy use). maybe an even darker color would be better.

Gale Five Points, TN

Nice bag. Very large

I wasn’t expecting this to be so big! We are using it for our 2.5 year old son on a daily basis to bring his lunch to daycare. It hardly fits into his diaper bag! But it seems to be very well made and looks like it will last a long time. We haven’t washed it yet though, and I did see some reports of the bag breaking down after several washes. I will update with any future findings.

Justina Cottonton, AL

Parent AND kid approved

I have to pack my son’s lunch for preschool every day. After only a month, his other lunch bag started looking gross on the inside. I wiped it out daily, but it just started getting staining and little crumbs in the corner seams. When I read the Dabbawalla was washable, I was sold! My son thought the rocket ship was the coolest thing ever. The handle makes it easy for him to carry the bag himself (which he is very proud to do) and I can fit his lunch and drink in it no problem.I use the Easy Lunch Boxes (or as my son calls them, the "lunchables" 🙂 You have to angle it to get it in to the bottom of the bag, but it does fit and will sit flat once you get it in there. My son is able to get it out at lunch time too. It’s a tight squeeze, but it works for us. I like using reusable plastic containers to cut down on excess waste from ziplock bags, etc.I also love that it’s soft so it can store easily. The fabric has a little "give" too so you could stuff a lot in it if you needed to (also why the Easy Lunch Box can fit if you initially angle it a bit to get it in place).I am able to git the Easy Lunch Box, a thermos and a cup (his school provides his milk) and still have plenty of room. I plan to order another one for my 6-month old since I have to send his lunch/snacks/bottles to daycare too.

Amalia Tuscarawas, OH

Awesome Lunch Bag!

I purchased this lunch bag to use for my kids when we go out for the day. I have always had issues with the sippy cups leaking in the lunch bags which has caused me to have to throw them out after awhile since I couldn’t get them clean enough. The biggest issue was with the milk leaks because no matter how much I tried to clean them, I could never get that yucky milk smell out of the bags (they weren’t machine washable). So, since replacing lunch bags is a waste to me, I set out to find a washable lunch bag-voila! Not only is this amazing bag washable, but it is pretty environmentally friendly as well. It is also cute and roomy. For example, the other day I fit in it a rectangle lunch bot, two straw sippy cups, a package of yogurt melts, a little glass container with fruit, some crackers, a small ice pack and some random baby snacks. I couldn’t fit all that in our older lunch bags because they had hard sides that were not flexible and they weren’t as big. We love this bag for many reasons, but mostly because when the milk spills in it-which it definitely will-I can wash it and it will be as good as new.

Charity Wade, NC

Love it!!!

I use this for transporting my 3 months old formula and bottles…so practical and really cool to carry around. I love the quality and textures. Brilliantly made. Will order more when this one wears out.

Rebekah Coyote, CA

Perfect for our toddler. She loves it!

We bought this for our toddler to take her lunch to day care. I liked that I could wash it and that the design is so cute. Its very easy for my almost three year old to carry and open herself. I knew from reading prior reviews that the zipper is not across the top of the bag, as you might think. It zips up behind the monkey’s face. I found you still get plenty of access to the inside of the bag. No problems getting stuff in or out. We all love this!

Stefanie Pomeroy, OH

So far so good

We had our Mimi the Sardine lunch bag for almost two years. So far we love this one, and I’m just hoping that it holds up equally well. There is more than enough room for my preschoolers lunches, and we also use it to pack snack and water bottles for park trips.

Darcy Buhl, MN

Love it!

This is a great little lunch bag. My little one is under a year old but this bag goes to daycare with him and contains 4 x 4oz pots of food and two 9oz bottles. Yesterday I put all that and a refill pack of formula in it and there was still room for more. The bag is super lightweight, non-toxic, machine washable, roomy and stretchy. It’ll keep things cold for a couple of hours too. Love this bag! Also love that it’s easily distinguishable from other lunch bags at my son’s daycare and easy to spot. Super cute design. I will be back for more if it holds up well.

Lily Sale City, GA