DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag – Red Retro Stripe

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag – Red Retro Stripe

If ample storage space and extreme organization are what you’re after, look no further than the DadGear Backpack. This roomy, rugged backpack-style diaper bag is great for traveling with kids. It offers 13 easy to access compartments, and handy features like the Diaper Hammock and quick access wipes window that keep essentials close at hand. Like all of our bags this is made right in the USA! It is a great gift for new dads! FEATURES INCLUDE: * Most major brands of soft pack baby wipes integrate with the specially designed window in the lower front of the bag * Diaper Hammock keeps diapers at the top of the pack and clean and neat * Spacious main compartment has a clamshell opening for easy access to contents and for replacing baby wipes * Two additional large zippered pockets with numerous compartments make it simple to organize and find everything * Two bottle pockets accessible from the exterior hold up to 2 bottles each * Stroller straps attach to any style stroller and store neatly when not in use * Light-colored interior helps you see everything inside * Changing pad included MATERIALS: EXTERIOR: Polyester fabric. Polyester and nylon webbing are used in combination with durable hardware and high quality zippers and sliders. Bar tacks are placed in high stress areas for added durability. INTERIOR: Polyester fabric. CHANGING PAD: Polyester fabric. Changing pad is washable. SPECIFICATIONS: DIMENSIONS: W 12in x H 18in x D 10in WEIGHT: 2.5 to 2.9 lbs CHANGING PAD: L 21in x W 12in x Thickness: 1/8in

Main features

  • Quick access wipes window on the lower front of the bag provides easy access to your baby wipes (fits most major brands of soft pack wipes with a flip top lid)
  • Specialty pocket called the Diaper Hammock keeps diapers at the top of the pack and clean and neat
  • Spacious main compartment has a clamshell opening for easy access to contents and for refilling the wipes case. This compartment and all others lined with light colored fabric to make things easy to find.
  • Two bottle pockets accessible from the exterior hold up to 2 bottles each
  • Integrated stroller straps attach to any style stroller

Verified reviews



Got this for my husband for his diaper bag. He loved it. Very comfy to wear, roomy, and so non-diaper-bag-esque.

Suzette Lexington, VA

Best diaper backpack on the market / why didn’t I buy this sooner?!

My son recently hit 2 and we have another on the way so I set off in hopes of finding a diaper bag that would accommodate 2 kids. We decided to look for a backpack style diaper bag so our hands would free to wrangle the 2 year old. I’m surprised by the lack of selection of diaper backpacks. In my research it came down to this one, an Okatots bag that folds open like a cabinet and a Ju ju be backpack. I could never get my hands on any of them in advance and just had to go off of pictures online. I didn’t think my husband would ever agree to carry the Okatots or Ju Ju be bags so we went with this one.Other reviewers have called into question the durability of the bag materials. I’l agree with them to an extent. This bag does not have the quality fabric or zippers that you’d find on a Jansport, North Face or Kelty backpack. I’d say it’s made of the same materials as you’d find on a $40 backpack. I don’t expect the bag to last 10 years, but it should easily last a few years as long as you’re not hauling around 30 lbs of stuff in it constantly.The back and straps are lightly padded and comfortable. The mesh pockets on the side easily hold a water bottle or sippy cup, but the size zip bottle pockets slide down behind the mesh side pockets. If you had a bottle loaded in that side pocket it would push out toward the mesh pocket and make the side pocket hard to use. The diaper wipes dispenser on the front is really convenient to get in and out of. The bag has 3 main pockets and then the diaper canopy on top. We use the front pocket for Mom & Dad’s stuff. It has 2 tall mesh pockets in it. The second pocket again has the 2 tall mesh pockets, but then it has an additional inch of space in that pocket so you can fit lots in there. We pack in plenty of snacks of the day and just slide the juice boxes into the size zip pockets. The main compartment is plenty spacious, the size zipper pockets do take up space on the side if they’re filled and the diaper canopy comes down into this main compartment. That said, there is still plenty of room. We keep a packing cube with a full spare outfit for my son, his hoodie, his favorite stuffed animal, and can still stuff his winter coat (3T), hat and mittens in here. The diaper canopy on top is a nice touch for keeping diapers close at hand, we just throw our diaper cream right in there along with the diapers to keep it accessible.Overall, I’m happy with the bag and I think it’s the best of the limited selection of diaper backpacks available.**Update 2/19/13 After 1 month’s use**This bag has gone almost everywhere with us over the last month and I LOVE IT!! It’s comfortable to wear, holds a ton of stuff and is very easy to get in and out of. I wish I’d bought it 2 years ago. It feels light even when it’s loaded down with a day’s worth of supplies. The front dispensing wipes are so convenient to grab for a quick clean up of dirty hands or a runny nose. I’m not as concerned about the quality of the bag as I was a month ago, it’s holding up very well and I can’t find any weak spots.My only complaint on the bag is the lack of a separate pocket for the diaper changing pad. You can either put the pad in the 2nd pocket from the front which has a good extra inch of space in front of the mesh pockets, but that’s where we store snacks so I’m not sticking it in there. We keep ours in the main compartment with the spare clothes and bigger items.All in all, I’m incredibly happy with this bag and I’m moving it from 4 stars to 5 stars.

Antionette Landingville, PA

The pockets make organization a dream

Bought for a three week trip to Europe (along with a Baby Sherpa which I WOULD NOT recommend) with our twenty-seven month old son. The bag worked like a charm. We could keep cameras, food, clothes, water, diapers, etc., in the bag and my husband said it was a pleasure to carry.

Teri Las Marias, PR

wanted to love this bag, but it’s not great

my husband and I picked this bag b/c we wanted something that both of us would be comfortable carrying, and we thought a backpack would be particularly convenient. I’m finding myself coveting friends’ diaper bags instead.Pros:Good size, lots of pockets. The front wipes pocket feels more gimmick than useful (though we use it), but I appreciate the rest of the pockets.Big bag, holds a lot.Cons:Backpack is less convenient than I’d thought. Doesn’t work well with other bags, with baby in frontpack/sling/wrap, or with baby in stroller. For all of these uses– basically, any time I take the baby out– a bag that goes over the shoulder (and clips to a stroller!) would be better.Big size, but deep pockets, mean a lot of things get buried in the bottom. We keep extra things in there (extra shirt for M&D;, for ex) that I’d be glad to have some day– but that would require emptying everything in the pocket out to retrieve.The bag is ok, but it’s not optimal as a diaper bag. And as a backpack, it’s disappointing– not the high quality of hiking packs I’ve had recently (that are priced similarly to the diaper bag!). Stiff straps without much padding, no front straps to change position of weight, etc.

Robin Elmora, PA


I wish i had this diaper back pack to start with. There is also a line called Daisy Gear which offers a similar line of products as well as some as the same.. just to let anyone know.I LOVE THIS BACPACK! It’s comfortable and offers plenty of storage space. Worth every penny. The company is great too. The diaper wipes dispenser was broken so I called the company, they shipped a new one out immediately!When my daughter gets older and less demanding (diaper bag wise) I intend on buying the Daisy Gear tote.This bag really has everything you’ll need.

Goldie Valley Park, MO

Not perfect but still excellent!

We got this after getting the smaller dadgear sport bag and it being a little too small and inconvenient. But I liked the wipes pack and quality of the bag so I went ahead and bought this.++ The quality of the bag is great (we got navy, looks good!). The zippers are so smooth and the bag is well built and comfortable to wear. The diaper “hammock” is perfectly sized for about 10 diapers, so this is a great bag for an overnight trip. The two smaller organizer pockets are nice, and hold a lot, and make a good place for “mom/dad stuff”)– The downside: I really wish there was a convenient place for the changing pad, I’ve got it folder up and in one of the small zipper pouches, but there’s just no good place for it! And when you go to change the kiddo, I wish that the changing pad, diapers, and wipes were located closer together. Sometimes the bag is tucked in the corner of a counter, and you want everything at your fingertips. Also, when you take it out it is bigger than other bags (about the size of a normal backpack) but carrying a baby and having this on your back… watch out when you turn around…. you’ve got a big footprint!

Barbara Deer Isle, ME

Found one we liked better.

I really wanted a backpack that my husband and I could both use. Before I bought this one, I raided my mom’s house and found an Adidas backpack, just in case…plus she’s watching the baby & I wanted to put a bag together for her too. This is the one I found in her closet: Adidas Unisex-Adult Lucas Backpack 5132097 Backpack…it’s black with electric blue lines…costs less than $35 on Amazon. When the DadGear backpack arrived, I packed them both up and had my husband decide which one he liked to carry on his back. He chose the Adidas one because he said it was a little bit more comfortable. I agree. If you look at the Adidas Garret Backpackadidas Garrett Backpack, you can see images of how awesome the s-curve shoulder straps are (as well as what the insides look like). It may not be a big deal, but when you feel the difference in the extra padding, it might matter if you wear the pack for a long period of time. Also, the DadGear straps are sort of slippery & feel like they might loosen every time…so I tied them in a knot at the ends. The carry strap on top may not be a big deal, but I’ve picked up the bag many times to move it around and the DadGear carry strap is near the back/top of the bag, so the bag leans forward as you carry it (and it’s the same thin strap material) while the Adidas carry strap is more to the middle of the bag & reinforced/soft so it carries more like the feel of a piece of luggage…with the weight evenly distributed. Of course the Adidas bag is not produced to be a diaper bag, so there is no diaper wipe flap, but the zippers and pockets seem like they will work just fine. I found my own diaper changing pad because the one that came with the Dadgear backpack is sort of small/lightly padded…you can smash it into a ball as it feels like a downy vest. The last (probably insignificant) thing, is that while they both have a small zipper pocket near the top…for pacifiers or cell phone perhaps…while the Dadgear pocket is made out of the same outer backpack material, the Adidas pocket is lined with soft material. If I never found the Adidas backpack, I would probably think the Dadgear one was cooler than it it; I’m a little surprised that a backpack costing over $80 isn’t super-duper cool. So, my mom will get to use the cool-looking orange Dadgear backpack & we’ll be using the Adidas one I swiped from her closet!

Cherry Bath, IN

Both Hubby and I love it!

This bag is the best. The diaper sling is indispensable, as is the wipes container in the front. This bag has tons of room and lots of pockets. We’ve been using it non stop for about a year and it’s holding up very well. Love it!

Mable Warrenton, OR

Doesn’t hold up to use

I bought this product based on the wonderful reviews. I wanted a roomy backpack-style bag and one that my husband would be willing to carry. I like that it was roomy and masculine-looking. Many backpack diaper bags are too small. I also loved the easy access pocket at the top of the bag. We used this for burp clothes and an extra set of clothes when our son was spitting up all over the place. I disliked the wipe dispenser. It didn’t have a tight enough seal to keep your wipes moist and you lose lot of space in the bag, so it was just wasted space for us. It also makes the bag open awkwardly, which was a constant bother for me.The worst part of the bag was that it didn’t hold up. Before my son turned one, the right shoulder strap started to tear. I finally gave up on the bag and got a smaller one for his toddler years since I find that I’m not hauling as much as I did when he was a baby. Now that Baby #2 is on the way, I’ll be looking for something else.

Faye Nodaway, IA

Best Diaper Bag

This is so much better than shoulder diaper bags! It frees up your hands so that you can better handle your baby. Plenty of space for everything you need and the wipes compartment in the front is so handy.

Mari Bartlesville, OK

large enough for twins

we have tried (and returned) several backpacks. We have twins, and other backpacks that we tried were simply too small for all the items that we need to have with us during outings.This one is large enough to hold all the gear, diapers and snacks for two babies- separate diaper compartment at the top is super useful! no longer need to stuff them into a pocket- love having the diaper wipes in their own little container.- multiple compartments allow you to have clothes in one section and snacks in another section- there are two zippered cup pockets- there are two mesh pockets on the sidesoverall, this backpack feels like a HUGE upgrade from the JJCole diaper bag that I used until now. Recommended.

Carole Manassas, GA

Great bag

This bag has many compartments and dividers for organizing your things. It makes for a great all day/ travel bag, It’s comfortable to carry and easy to find your things. Have not yet used the wipes compartment so I can’t comment on it. The back most pocket appears to be a main compartment but surprisingly it is a shallow pocket. Due to the construction of the rest of the bag this is acceptable but was odd and a little difficult to get used to at first. At this point, my only cons are that it is a bit bulky to carry for quick trips where you’d rather have something smaller that “looks” like a purse. I bought this bag on the premise that I wanted my hubs to be comfortable enough to carry it (unisex) but I would rather have something more “girly” since I’m more likely to use it than the hubs. All in all the bag is made of durable well-crafted quality; it will, however, take some time to break in the material so that it’s not so stiff. It is a great bag for ALL day or trip use.

Dianna Emery, UT

Maybe my expectations were too high…

I was really excited to buy this for my husband. It doesn’t embarrass as it isn’t girly, and it supposedly has all these fancy pockets. I have no big complaints. It does serve its purpose, but overall we are not enjoying it as much as we thought we would. This is primarily because our bag is still really heavy and bulky. I think the bag material in itself is heavy, so the bag is heavy even when empty and unbearable once you load it up, especially when all those kiddie snacks are hiding in all those fancy pockets and compartments. Yes, it’s a sturdy and durable material, that’s why it costs $90, but I would have happily given up military-grade-like material for something that was lighter. I know you need something tough with kids, but this is overdoing it. Also, they designed this bag to hold a lot, but the construction does not really allow for ‘shrinking’ it when it is not full (e.g. some bags have clips on the sides so you can squeeze the air out and clip it so the bag is thinner). It always looks big and bulky, even if all it contains is air.

Isabel Princeton, MA

Love it!

Well made! Holds TONS of stuff! Hubby uses this without feeling like hes toting my bag around. Id purchase a smaller one for myself without the camo.

Amalia Evening Shade, AR


Perfect for travel, enough space. Nothing to complain about it. If you are looking for a practical and easy diaper bag this one is just good!

Raquel Ladoga, IN

A must have for a dad (and mom)

We love this. I have pretty much stopped using my fancy mommy diaper bag and just use my husbands diaper dad backpack. It’s so comfortable on your shoulders and fits a TON of stuff. We took it to Disney and put our food and camera and kid stuff in it. It’s great in the rain and easy access to everything, including the wipes!

Herminia Wise River, MT

Perfect must have

I love this bag! I am on my third kid and love having my hands free since I can’t have 8 arms – I can at least maximize the use of the 2 arms I have! This bag is lightweight and designed great. I had the jujube be – be right back diaper bag backpack in the past but it was really heavy to start with and then you put your stuff in… also, that bag was really wide and I would bump in to a lot of things with it on my back. This bag is perfect width.I totally recommend purchasing the wipes case insert – I didn’t purchase because I thought it either came with it or a standard wipes case would fit if it didn’t come with the case designed especially for this bag. Hind sight is always 20/20 – the case would be more rigid allowing easier dispensing. When the regular wipes with the flip top dispenser levels get low, I have to "fish" around for it a little. It sinks back.The diaper bag straps are nylon and adequate – nothing fancy but they do get the job done. You do need both hands to clip them on… at least I do…The pockets inside the pouches have see through netting so you can see what is in each pocket which is nice – the only thing is they are not stretchable – they are kind of tight to put things in… but not too tight – not a big deal – just an area to note.Other than that – I LOVE THIS BAG!

Gayla Ovid, CO

Awesome bag for travel!

This backpack is great for travel. It has so many different compartments for organizing everything. The wipes holder is awesome and so convenient. I switched diaper bags and switched back to this one months later and the wipes I left in there were still moist!

Jerri Cannon Beach, OR


My husband and I wanted a diaper bag that wasn’t all pink fluffies. This backpack really frees up your hands and prevents you from carrying all the diaper bag weight on one side of your body. I also hate when you have to swing a diaper bag back around your body and manuever yourself to prevent it from swinging back around in front of you (ugh).At first I didn’t know how we would use these all these pockets so now I can share… as a FTP.Top pocket – diapers!Next down is the largest area – clothes, bibs, burp cloths, wash cloths, a blanket… basically all the cotton goods.Next down is the second to last pocket – all the diaper changing goods and some hygiene stuff: changing pad (included), butt paste, q-tips, diaper sacks, hand sanitizer, nasal sucker, and maybe nail clippers and brush.Last major pocket – mommy’s stuff. Cell phone, wallet, etc. I was never a large purse girl so this backpack is all I carry when I take the baby out.Side pockets for bottles but I haven’t used them just yet since I EBF her.That pocket for wipes is used every time we go out.The extra straps to hang this on the stroller are awesome.There’s plenty of room in this backpack for everything we need and more as she gets older. We love this.

Brooke The Plains, VA

Great Backpack

I carry this everywhere I go when taking my daughter out with me in the city or a friends/family members house. It holds everything I need to feed, change, or dress her………would buy again.

Patrica Showell, MD

Great storage and compartments, jingly zippers

These bag has a lot of great features: durable exterior, plenty of useful compartments, comfortable, fits both dad and mom… The only negative is the zippers are very jingly. They make a lot of noise. One tip: remove the wipes container, and just drop an entire package of wipes with the flip top right where it goes. Fits great and you can carry more wipes that way.

Yvonne Blencoe, IA


This is the coolest man diaper bag I have ever seen! I recommend this to any guy in need of a diaper bag.

Hannah Represa, CA

Great Organizing

Very pleased with this backpack diaper bag. I held off buying it because of the price. Now I’m glad we have it because it’s SO nice to have a place to put everything. You can actually stay organized and not have to dig down to the bottom. Zippers open up the pockets completely so they fold flat down. You can see what’s inside with no problem. This thing is pretty big and holds a lot. Very high quality and I think worth the money. It will hold up for more than one kid or I’m sure you could use it for a gym bag or something else when a diaper bag is no longer needed.

Carissa Creston, WA

Pretty good diaper bag

We’ve been through many many diaper bags. This one is very durable and well made. The pockets are in logical places and allow for a lot of storage. The only thing I would change would be some of the pockets open too far, causing some things to spill out if the bag is extra full.

Eunice North Adams, MA

Wipes dispenser is quite useful!

When choosing a diaper bag I wanted something gender neutral that either parent could grab and go. I was also interested in a backpack since that would leave me hands free. This seemed like the perfect fit and the wipes dispenser was a definite selling point. After several months of use I am not disappointed. The bag is roomy with several pockets and compartments and that wipes dispenser comes in handy!The only reason I have this 4 stars instead of 5 is that both straps so not fit across my husband’s broad shoulders and also it has so many compartments sometimes this makes it a bit difficult to find something!Overall thought the quality is great and we are pleased with our choice.

Anne Walls, MS

The PERFECT diaper bag!

It holds everything and is very comfortable to carry. The attachments for the stroller are awesome and the built in wipes are VERY handy!

Sabrina Adamsville, AL

Love it!!

We recieved this back pack today, and we LOVE IT. Sure, we havent chance to use it yet, but we sure will be.It have lots of space and fits good on a back, pluss i love that this back pack is easy to atach to a stroller!Material seams to be very durable too.Dad Gear back pack is worth the money!update 1/14/2012We have had this bag for very long time now. Nothing is broken or ripped! this bag been thru mud runs and spartan race’s but still are doing great! i have 1.5 year old and 3.5 year old and all their stuff fits there, pluss most of our stuff. We go to baseball games and hiking and other activities and this bag still doing just great…i were just reading some of the bad reviews, and i think some people were just unfortunate to get a bad bag, or some maybe are just too picky..Anyway! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!

Hattie Salinas, CA

I didn’t want to need a diaper bag this size but I do.

Who we are: I’m female and do a lot of baby wearing (Ergo) and cloth diaper even when out for the day. It’s winter now as I write this and I wear a big down coat over baby and me. Baby is over six months old and starting to eat solids.What we need: I really tried to stick with and like sticking with smaller over the shoulder diaper bag. First of all, over the shoulder bags don’t work with baby wearing. Secondly, cloth diapers take space, even if it’s just a few inserts and covers, the lightest load possible, you still have to carry the dirties. Thirdly, now that baby is wanting to eat food, I need to start carrying something for him, too. It’s essential to keep food separate from dirty diapers, which was the last deciding factor for me to get this bag.So glad we got it, now I can carry the bare essentials I need plus a change of warm winter clothes for baby, a book for me and snacks for the both of us. It’s got pockets for all the little point cards that I am now collecting from baby stores, too. This bag is bigger than I wanted to be carrying but at least now I can manage what’s important better.

Beatrice Oakfield, TN

great for dads

This is a great bag for dads who don’t want a baby-looking bag. Can be used after for other things.

Margo Virginia Beach, VA


I’m not sure you really NEED a diaper bag, but if you’re going to buy one, this is a great choice. The stroller straps are easy to use, and a key feature of this backpack. Those stroller straps were the feature that convinced me to take the plunge on this – not many diaper backpacks have that feature. The wipes pocket is occasionally very handy. The organization of this bag is intuitive. I like having water bottle holders and extra little pockets. The bag is sturdy and easy to carry and holds plenty of stuff for two kids – diapers, changes of clothes, books, small toys. I had a shoulder bag diaper bag when I had one kid, but when I had my second, I wanted to switch to a backpack so that I was more hands-free. I have also found this easy to wear while wearing the baby in an Ergo carrier in the front.This backpack has served its purpose perfectly.

Robin Cedar Knolls, NJ