Dandelion Corn Teething Links

Dandelion Corn Teething Links

Dandelion Corn Teething Links

Main features

  • 4 keys, 3 bold colors and 3 unique shapes
  • No bpa,no phthalates, no pvc, no lead
  • Each link is approx 2 1/2″ long
  • Hand wash recommended

Verified reviews



I think it’s great that these come in smaller packs of six! I received two packs as gifts. I keep three in my diaper bag, three in a storage compartment on my jogging stroller, three attached to my daughter’s Go-Pod to attach toys, and three in one of her toy bins. There are a few different textures, which is nice. She loves to chew on them and listen to them rattle when I string them together. I love that they’re BPA free.

Amelia Hobson, TX

Great Product

Love these. Love that they are made from corn. They are beautiful and have a kind of swirl look to the colors. They are a little bit smaller than the typical plastic rings so I wish for the price they’d include 2 more but they make a great clacking noise when played with and my 6mo old son loves playing with and chewing on them 🙂 I would buy them again

Kaye Saint Xavier, MT

Great links for play!

My little guy is just getting in to grabbing toys and discovering what kinds of sounds they make, how they taste, how they feel, etc. I bought these links so he could use them as a grabbing and teething toy. He really enjoys playing with them. They make a fantastic sound (not clacky like regular hard plastic, but a softer and deeper tone). They are a good size for his little hands. They have a nice weight that is easy for him to pick up and manipulate. I linked all of these together in a chain and then attached one of his soft teethers to the end so he has a variety of textures and colors, all in one toy. Plus, it’s easy to attach the chain with the teether to his carseat so he has something entertaining to play with and chew on in the car, and I know it won’t end up on the floor mats (yuck!). These offer a great introduction to colors, as well – they are nice and bright, but there are only 3 colors so it’s simple to introduce them and repeat them for a really young baby. I really like these links and only wish they came in a bigger pack.

Nina Engelhard, NC

Great “Green” Toy Links!

I purchased two of these Dandelion link sets for my eight month old baby to hold his teething toys in his carseat. The only reason why its not a 5***** review is because of the price! They are near and brightly colored, but six links for eight dollars is a lot! If you like safe toys with No BPA, phthalates, PVC, or lead it may be worth the money. Overall a good toy but pricy for what its worth.

Lois Mashpee, MA

Loves the sound they make!

Bright colors, eco-friendly, and are easily a favorite of our baby. They make a fantastic sound when rattled (not like plastic). We bought the keys later because they are made of the same material and so have also become a favorite.

Ginger Pace, MS