Dandelion Diapers Diaper Liners, Biodegradable and Flushable, 100% Bamboo – Box of 100

Dandelion Diapers Diaper Liners, Biodegradable and Flushable, 100% Bamboo – Box of 100

At last, the company you have trusted for years for all of your cloth diapering needs now offers diaper liners. Dandelion Diaper liners are made of 100% Bamboo Fiber. Biodegradable and flushable, they make an excellent natural alternative. Simply place the liner between the baby’s skin and the diaper. Fluids pass through liner while solids remain on top. When the liner is soiled simply flush solids in the toilet. Flush, compost, or toss soiled liners in the garbage. Packaged in a convenient box for easy dispensing.

Main features

  • 100% Bamboo Fiber
  • Makes diaper changes easy. Place liner between baby’s skin & diaper. Fluids pass through liner while solids remain on top. Flush, compost, or toss away.
  • Biodegradable and Flushable; If you prefer to flush please be mindful of your plumbing capacity.
  • Free of harsh synthetic chemicals, dyes, fragrance, and preservatives.
  • Convenient box contains 100 natural 11″ x 8.5″ liners.

Verified reviews


Helped us start with EC.

I had originally planned to buy fancy, modern cloth diapers for our daughter. Instead, I heard about EC (Elimination Communication) and wanted to try it out. I wasn’t too excited to purchase a bunch of tiny infant training pants at $18-20 a piece, so I thought I would start out with prefold cloth diapers first. If it worked, great, then we could move on to infant training pants, and if not, well, we would have had enough diapers to give it a reasonable shot without investing too much from the get go.I used these diapers quite a bit for a few weeks. Many people doing EC use prefold diapers with an elastic band around the waist to hold the prefold diaper up, so that when the child needs to go to the bathroom, it is quick and easy to get the prefold diaper out of the way. It is also easy to know when the child has wet the diaper (vs. disposable diapers, where you may not notice until later, and the child doesn’t notice either because of moisture-wicking). I mainly just used these beneath my daughter when I was observing her to figure out when she goes to the bathroom and what clues she gives us before she goes.As other reviewers have mentioned, these diapers are not as white as they look in these pictures. They are a natural color, which was totally fine with me.When the diapers arrived, they seemed WAY too big…but they came with instructions on how to get ready to use them (wash and dry on HOT several times), and how to care for them. When I followed those instructions, the diapers shrunk down to about what I expected, and they became much fluffier.I’ve been really happy with these diapers; they were about what I had expected.The only thing I didn’t really like about these diapers was the tags. I’m happy that I bought Dandelion Diapers, and I’m happy that my baby’s bum was sitting on organic cotton, but the tags are a little out of control. They’re quite large, and stiff, so when we did put a diaper cover over one of these, the tag was always awkwardly in the front or the back. Why not print the info directly on the diaper? Or make the tag smaller? Or make the tag thinner and softer? It seemed like a bad idea to cut it off (because it would have left a weird stub)…but I didn’t really like them.So, overall, I recommend these diapers. They worked pretty well for us.

Brigitte Hills, IA

Will update after washing- but first glance is no stars..

I ordered these because I thought it was cool how you can buy depending on size, ply (thickness) and weight of baby. Which IS awesome. I got the red-trimmed size, whichever that is.. but we just got them in the mail and they are so thin… I’m washing the set in hot water, but I don’t see how these could possibly thicken up enough to hold my baby’s pee. He’s only 4mo’s today but urinates more than I did during my pregnancy on a daily basis. Like I said, I’ll update after a few uses but first glance:: I’ll use what I’ve got since I paid for it, but I wouldn’t buy again.. Only because of the thinness. They ARE big enough to fold over, and thin enough that it doesn’t look bulky which might be nice.. idk.Update:No. Just, no. My BB is 5mo’s now, and these diapers have been thoroughly prepped and used and still, they are not up to par with other brands. Too expensive to not at LEAST work as well as econobum or gerber. Also, they shrunk so much that using a snappi on them is impossible. My BB is 22″ long and 15 1/2lbs.. he SHOULD fit into these, easy peasy. So. This brand is great if you’re willing to change on the hour, every hour.. but other than that.. i don’t even know if I can resell these- I feel like I’d be cheating someone out of their money.

Staci Fox River Grove, IL

has proven useful

I’d like to dock it another 1/2 star due to not being able to find out country of origin. The company references using Asian factories on its website without specifying where exactly. Since organic certifies a non-toxic production process without testing toxins already present in inputs like soil and water or testing the end-product, knowing where the cotton was grown is pretty important in a situation like this where the goal is to eliminate toxins next to baby’s skin–especially since some parts of Asia are so polluted that an organic cotton product there could be more toxic than one grown conventionally elsewhere (still also very toxic). And it is true that it is too thin to be useful on its own. However, we’ve gotten a lot of use out of it by cutting the newborn diapers baby has outgrown down to soaker size and adding them to these as a liner. Able to use with a snappy and less bulky than the cloth-eez prefolds in small that we’re also using now, though those leak less often (still minimal enough with both).

Paulette Columbia, SD

Super nice prefolds!

Love these prefolds. They are really soft compared to others I have tried. Really absorbent. I plan on buying the next size up as well.

Carrie Manomet, MA

Nice, trim and incredibly soft organic prefold

There are so many kinds of prefolds out there and these feel very different from most I’ve tried. They are much thinner than a lot of prefolds, but I think that is a good thing – especially for daytime. Fastened with a Snappi or tri-folded, they are not bulky. If I am going to fasten, I almost prefer the thinner ones since they are much less bulky. If I want to add extra absorbency I add a liner or doubler, and that adds bulk only where you need it, and not all over. (I’d recommend doubling up for nighttime, though.) I especially like that the sides of the diaper are soft and flexible, and not so stiff and thick like a lot of prefolds. Less of a giant bum for my babies! These prefolds are made of incredibly soft cotton – softer than all the others I’ve tried, and organic for a good price as well. All in all, I’m very happy with these.

Silvia Lititz, PA

Excellent diapers!

These diapers are awesome! They wash well, are very soft, fit perfectly and so far have held up nicely to lots of use. I would definitely recommend them and plan to keep buying them as my baby grows.

Ida Parlin, NJ

Very nice

Very nice organic cotton prefeolds. We are very happy with the Dandelion organic cotton prefolds. They shrink down to size after a few hot water washes and have stayed soft of months with full time use. I fold them and use with diaper covers. Great quality and best price!

Deanne Sumner, IA

Super absorbant

We used these with Thirsties covers day and night and never had a blow out or leak. We’ve continued to use them for the whole first year and plan to use them until diapers are no longer necessary.

Marylou Stockton, NY