Dandelion Organic Toy Crinkle Bear

Dandelion Organic Toy Crinkle Bear

Back to basics styles, old fashioned fun. Big kid games are small sized just for baby. Easy to grasp toys are soft and pudgy, featuring touch and teethe tags. Made from organic cotton fabric, as well as corn fiber filling. Dandelion only uses low impact dyes in their fabrics. Toys are machine washable. Recommended for ages 0 6 months.

Main features

  • Made from Organic Cottons and filled with corn fibers
  • Soothing colors, soft fabrics and gentle sounds
  • Easy to grab and shake
  • Safe for baby to teethe on
  • Machine wash and tumble dry

Verified reviews


Favorite Toy

My daughter is about 6 motnhs old now, and has had “Crinkle Bear” (as it has been cristened in our house) since she was about 3 months old. She LOVES it! This is our default toy to bing with us anywhere – the small size not only makes it easy for her to grab onto (i.e. not accidentally drop) but also makes it easy for us to stash in sweatshirt pockets, inside purses, etc. really easily. The thinness of it also makes it her favorite teethig toy by far. And although I was worried about the white bear not coming clean in the wash, we’ve thrown it in the washing machine a couple times with her regular baby detergent & warm H2O, and it’s come out perfectly clean each time. We have back up Crinkle Bears, just in case, that’s how much she loves it!

Amparo Elba, AL

so much fun – for me and my wee one

The classic organic toy crinkle bear is beginning to become a hit in my house. The bear is quite cute and the white provides a nice contrast for easy eye focus; my little one will track it with his eyes whenever I hold it in front of him.The head crinkles quite nicely. My baby boy is just beginning to understand cause and effect and this seems to help a little (crinkle the head, make a sound, get a smile. Rinse, wash, repeat). I love crinkling the bear head and watching my son squee with happiness.The fact this is organic cotton is also a nice touch since the toy does spend a lot of time in the mouth. It seems pretty easy to clean (I’ve wiped it down and mildly cleaned it – nothing too serious as it hasn’t gotten that dirty). It seems good quality and the seems are well made.The photos do not do justice to the cuteness of this toy! I highly recommend this for young kids

Imelda Marble, MN

Diaper bag toys

This is great to put in the diaper bag for quick entertainment. Highly recommend and the crinkle sounds keeps the baby’s attention too (dont take it to church though, bit too loud for that).

Frieda Muscadine, AL


I searched amazon for an organic soft toy for my baby and ended up choosing this bear. It is cute, but kind of stiff and just not really fun or snuggly for baby. I think adults like it more than babies.

Aurelia Cantonment, FL

My kid seems to like this

Small enough for him to effectively hold, my 5 month old seems to really like this stuffed animal. He goes by “Crinkle Head” or “Dandelion” in our house, and our little boy loves to hold him, grab is his head (which makes a crinkle noise), or put Crinkle Head’s ear in his mouth. Because the toy is smaller than most stuffed animals, it’s about the right size for a younger baby. Unlike some of his larger stuffed animals, he can hold this one relatively easy, even pass it back and forth between hands. Without having it in front of me, and just guessing, I’d say it’s maybe ~5.5″ tall, ~3.5″ wide, and ~.75″ thick.

Maritza Wahkon, MN

Like that this is organic, but so so as a toy

I do like that this product is organic, but it is only so so as a toy. It doesn’t really peak interest/ entertain the baby like I would have hoped. Therefore it is a bit overpriced for the caliber of toy you are getting.

Ashley Jamestown, MO

Lovely toy!

This is a great little toy. Soft, cute and washable (very important!). Baby loves him and his crinkly sounding head! 🙂

Elsa Wirtz, VA

I like the bear, baby likes the tag

My 7 month old prefers chewing soft toys to cold or hard teethers. She generally likes this bear. She likes to turn it over and examine it, and the crinkly middle piques her interest. I like that it’s made of natural fibers. I hope the tag is included in that as well, because she usually ends up chewing on that the most!

Dorthy Garrett Park, MD

Very small and not completely crinkle

I was looking for a crinkle toy for my baby, and was disappointed that the crinkle material is only inserted in the head of this bear Given the very small size of the toy, it is pointless for little children – they have to possess quite good fine motor skills to make crinkle sounds

Kathrine Turner Center, ME

Soft, cute, and cuddly!

My baby LOVES this toy. The head crinkles, so he is really into that. The body is just stuffed and does not make any noise. The outside feels velvety and soft. It’s a good size, too. Overall, a very nice toy.

Nettie Wellesley Hills, MA

Flat bear that crinkles- perfect for my babies mouth!

Like many kids, my child loves anything that crinkles. The face on this crinkles and she adores it The ears and limbs are perfect for her mouth. She gnaws on them all the time. I am happy with this because the product is made of organic cotton. We also have Sophie the giraffe among others, but this is definitely in the top 3 rotation.

Jana Shirleysburg, PA

Adorable bear for baby

I was worried the bear was too small and thin for the price but it is a perfect sized little bear for my 4mo old son and it is surprisingly soft. My son loves to chew on the ears and I love being able to give him something that is organic to stick in his mouth for a change.

Darla Allensville, PA