Dandelion Organic Toy Crinkle Book

Dandelion Organic Toy Crinkle Book

Back to basics styles, old fashioned fun. Big kid games are small sized just for baby. Easy to grasp toys are soft and pudgy, featuring touch and teethe tags. Made from organic cotton fabric, as well as corn fiber filling. Dandelion only uses low impact dyes in their fabrics. Toys are machine washable. Recommended for 0 6 months.

Main features

  • Made from Organic Cottons and filled with corn fibers
  • Soothing colors, soft fabrics and gentle crinkle sound
  • Easy to grab and shake
  • Safe for baby to teethe on
  • Machine wash and tumble dry

Verified reviews


Misleading Description, but otherwise…

This toy is ok…it does make the nice crinkly noise as advertised, but as far as being a “book” and teaching letters and numbers…It has One Apple on the first “page”, two birds on the second, and three cat heads on the third page (the name of each item drawn starts with the first three letters of the alphabet: an apple starts with an a, birds starts with a b, and cats starts with a c) and that’s it…there are no actual numbers or letters on the toy. The pictures are sewn in light colors as you see on the front with the apple. As it is hard to tell from picture, the colored appendages you see on the sides are not hooks, rather they are simply little flat tags (two layers sewn together–not thick). This is not an educational toy (beyond simple motor skills, color contrasts maybe), but does pass as a regular organic crinkle toy, if you want to pay that much for one. On the plus side, the white cloth is very soft (the tags on the sides are a bit rougher material).

Candace Fairburn, GA

His favorite!

I was very underwhelmed when we received this because I thought it was going to be more… Substantial? However, I was wrong to be disappointed with it because our son LOVES this! He loves to chew on the knots, shake it,flip the “pages”, crinkle it in his hands and rub it on his cheeks. I wouldn’t really describe it as a “book” though. Just a crinkle toy. It’s super soft and the crinkle is great. It seems to be really well made and we will definitely be purchasing more dandelion products.

Margret Delta, LA

It’s just okay

As other reviewers have pointed out, this really isn’t a book. It is basically a crinkly fabric teether. This toy would be good for a first grabbing-chewing toy, but I wouldn’t buy it for a baby over six months of age, as it lacks colors and textures to keep an older baby occupied. We preferred the bunny lovey made by the same company. My daughter played with it daily from 2-4 months, but this book was a flop at 6 months. Though not organic, we prefer soft books by Manhattan Toy, Roger Priddy and Jellycat.

Alice Rombauer, MO

Nice organic toy!

I wouldn’t really call it a ”book” per se.. but my daughter loves the crinkle sounds for this toy. I love that it’s safe and my munchkin can drool, suck and nibble on this without any concerns for chemicals. The organic cotton is soft and durable. I love all the dandelion toys.

Clarice Jonesboro, AR

Great for teeathers

My son loves to grab the "wings" on this toy and pull them apart. I don’t worry about him putting this in his mouth because it is organic and it soaks up the frool and can be washed

Miriam Clark Mills, NY


I like that this book is organic. It is not colorful or interesting to the baby but it does crinkle and I feel comfortable with him putting it in his mouth.

Estela Burlington, IA

My son loves it

Crinkle crinkle crinkle! What more could you ask for! You can even practice counting the One Apple, Two Birds, and Three Kitty Cats! A favorite in our house!

Ashleigh East Ellijay, GA


You HAVE TO GET THIS crinkle book! I have now bought two because my baby started teething at 3 months and is now 10 months and has totally worn out the knots on this thing! First of all he loves the crinkle sound and mostly he can’t get enough of the knots! I have to keep washing it so he has it available for those tough days and it’s holding up really well except for the knots, those have gone pretty much bald, lol….either way I bought the first one when he was about 3 months and the second one recently so it has lasted a while. This way he can have one available while the other is in the wash. I feel completely comfortable letting baby chew away on these knowing they’re completely safe for my baby. I will be buying these as gifts for all my new mommy friends!

Jeannine Cameron, LA