Dapper Snapper Baby & Toddler Adjustable Belt ~ Hot Pink

Dapper Snapper Baby & Toddler Adjustable Belt ~ Hot Pink

Baby and toddler belts don’t have buckles to get in the way of potty training or diaper changing. Instead the toddler and baby belts just slip through the beltloops on the back of the pants. You don’t need adjustable waistband pants after all! If you don’t have belt loops, you can use the Dapper Snappers Add-on Clips.

Main features

  • Recommended for ages 9 mos to 5 yrs and one size fits all!
  • Eliminates the need for adjustable waistband pants
  • Does not need to be removed for diaper changes
  • Does not impede potty training
  • Is adjustable to 4 sizes

Verified reviews


Very USeful

In general i don’t use belts on my child as I feel she should be ablt to have clothes that fit properly but I must admit that there a few items that i really would like for her to use a looong time so they are a bit big at the beginning …. this belt is great, easy to put and what i love is you don’t have to unfasten everytime she needs to go to the potty!Would have given it a 5 star if it would be a little bit larger ..

Pauline Fort Apache, AZ

Great invention, works great for long and lean girl.

This belt fits my 20 month old great. She’s long and lean so finding jeans to fit her in the waist and legs is difficult. While this belt causes some scrunching in the back, it works perfectly to hold her pants up! I put it on the tightest snaps. Great invention. I’ve sent it through the wash a couple times and it doesn’t appear to have lost any wear.

Kellie Cocolamus, PA

A miracle – love, love, love

These belts are amazing! I have a tall, skinny little girl and her pants would fall off without a belt. We have been using these when she was a year and a half old. And we love them and could not live without. They do stretch some (we’ve had ours about a year and half), but this isn’t really even a problem, because we can just buton them tighter. I also would like to point out that these belts only hook on to the back belt loops, which I find makes this more comfortable for my kiddo than a normal belt that would pinch in the tummy.I don’t believe these have any washing instructions on them, however, our have gone through the wash accidently numerous times – still on pants and not on any pants. And they come out great each time! Now, I just wash them to keep them clean. We have only ever purchased one 3 pack (for the colors of course) and have never had to purchase anymore. This shows just how durable they are since we use them daily.Whoever invented these was a genius and this is one product everyone needs for a child who is a little on the skinny side. Super, highly, whole-heartedly recommended.

Kathleen Pima, AZ

Works for us

Nice looking belt it sure works for us fir those pants that are just a little bit too big and otherwise cant be used. Thanks!

Alisha Metamora, OH


My toddler is tall & slim. So pants never fit right. I was hesitant to buy, because of some bad reviews, but this helps a lot.

Joan Westville, OH