Dapper Snapper Baby & Toddler Adjustable Belt-Navy

Dapper Snapper Baby & Toddler Adjustable Belt-Navy

Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap! It’s not very often you find a pair of pants that fits your thinner child around the waist. All to often, the length of the pants is perfect and the waist is just too big which causes Droopy Drawers. Until recently the choices were limited to a cumbersome belt that made diaper changing and potty training nearly impossible or adjustable waistband pants that cost twice as much as regular pants. With as fast as kids grow, who could afford it? Now, with Dapper Snappers, keeping those droopy drawers up is a snap! The Dapper Snapper consists of a short piece of suspender elastic with snaps that fits in the back 3 belt loops of the child’s pants and snaps over the outer 2 loops to cinch the pants thereby keeping them from falling down. In a way, Dapper Snappers are a sort of Toddler Belt. Whether searching for Toddler Belts, Children’s Belts, Kids Belts, or Baby Belts, we are sure you will find Dapper Snappers to be the best option!

Main features

  • Recommended for ages 9 mos to 5 yrs and one size fits all!
  • Eliminates the need for adjustable waistband pants
  • Does not need to be removed for diaper changes or potty training
  • Is adjustable to 4 sizes
  • Made in the USA & Invented by a Mom!

Verified reviews



This is the perfect color. I had to buy one before I spent the money on the three pack and I love it. I did go back and buy the three pack too.

Vicky Saunemin, IL


Absolutely love this! Our grandson is super slim and long legged, we buy the adjustable waist jeans but still need the dapper snapper to snug the waist up and is much easier than a belt.

Angelia Saginaw, MI

The solution!

Look no further than this belt. It is easy to use, and has been in use daily since purchasing. Better than any belt we have had so far

Madeleine Hazel Crest, IL

Better than a belt!

For some reason, little kids’ belts cost an arm and a leg. How silly! This thing works great for any pants with belt loops. I am very pleased.

Caryn Garretson, SD

Even fits my 7 yr old

My 7 yr old refuses to wear a belt. He is skinny, so his pants keep falling down. These dapper snappers work great to hold up his pants in place!!

Muriel Pickett, WI

does its job, but looks a little weird

When I attach this to my son’s jeans, it looks nothing like the photo of the product on Amazon. In fact, the pants’ waistline gets cinched & goes under the belt in a u-shape. It could be that he’s almost three & the buckle holes in the pants are too far apart. But while the belt is taut, the waistline between it is u-shaped, so air slips right into his bottom.

Frankie Delaware, OK

Works great!

I have purchased it for my 2 year old, about a year and a half ago and it is still serving us wonderfully. My son is tall and skinny so almost every pair of pants is too loose for him in the waist. This stays well on the pants and got washed few times already (accidentally) without any signs of wear. Highly recommend instead of a regular belt, which can be challenging for little ones to open and make it on time to the bathroom.

Josie Kouts, IN

Great for adjustments

This was a good find. I always have trouble getting jeans to fit my little ones in the waist. Now it problem is solved.

Cara Mediapolis, IA

Great idea, could be improved

This is a difficult product to rate:I love it because I can adjust the waist so that trousers finally fit my son.I’m disappointed because the clips aren’t included with the belt, they really are necessary to buy because not all trousers have belt loops, or even belt loops in the right place to make the product work. It gets expensive when you have to buy both the belt and the clips.I’m also disappointed because after just a couple of weeks use the elastic started popping out of the belt and there was irreversible stretch in the belt. I’m not sure how long it will last but it already looks tatty.

Latonya Columbia, MO

This is awesome!

My daughter is tall and skinny and this has saved me from having to make all of her pants myself. I didn’t want to buy a belt for a 2 year old as I thought it would be a pain to undo a belt to change diapers or when trying to help a child hurry to the potty. This is a great solution!

Jordan Hicksville, NY


We have a toddler who had a growth spurt which didn’t translate to his middle (thank goodness!). We had to go up a size in clothes which means that the length is now correct but the waist is too big. This little belt does the trick!

Leonor Williston, NC

Genius! But high price is bad business strategy IMO

The Dapper Snapper is one of those genius “why didn’t I think of that” parent-invented products. We have a tall skinny toddler boy and this belt answered all our needs for getting a good fit and easy on and off pants for diaper changing and potty training. It’s awesome. The snaps are heavy duty and good quality. The elastic is merely okay not great – the belt accidentally went through one dryer cycle and the elastic came out of it partly warped and damaged. If you buy this belt make sure you never put it in the dryer, always air dry it. From what I saw if our belt went through the dryer again even just once or twice more it seems it would ruin entirely. So I’ve been vigilant. Also, and I don’t know if the inventor/owner of this company will see it, I’m writing it for her, the price is too high. Nearly $13 for an approx 8 inch piece of elastic hemmed on the ends, with some snaps in it is a price that will discourage people from buying more than one, if they spring for the one. (And a crafty mom can make it herself easily). If this item were being made and marketed by a larger, experienced clothing manufacturer I really think their professional opinion would be to price this item about $6.99 ideally, or $7.99 at the most, thereby increasing their customer base greatly, as well as encourage those people to buy several and pick one up for a friend, etc. I myself would buy all the colors in these if they were $7 each, but at $13, I only bought one and I’m doing all I can to make it last as long as possible before I have to replace it. Buying the 3-pack is a better deal, but until somebody tries the product out first at $13 they are unlikely to invest the $30 for the 3-pack. I was, myself. Also keep in mind when the patent runs out larger competitors will make this same item at half the price if not less.

Erna Newport, NH

Good product

I am satisfied with this purchase. The item works as described on pants with belt loops. However, I made the mistake of washing the dapper snapper and now it’s disfigured. I will order a new one and make sure the next one does not go through the wash.

Tiffany Hallock, MN

Good product

Pros:Easy to useIt works just fineCons:If the pant is too big (waist) it works but does not look good.

Casey Mc Comb, OH

a very useful belt for toddlers

I have used this for almost two years for my daughter. Since she turned one, this was pretty much attached to my daughter’s waist.I believe that parents normally buy cloths that are bigger than the actual size that perfectly fits their kids because kids grow up fast.Unlike ordinary belts that have a buckle on the front, this adjustable belt does not add pressure on babies or toddlers’ tummy. Adding no pressure is very important for babies and toddlers because they easily throw up. Having no buckle also makes children sit or crawl on their tummy more comfortably.More importantly, it does the job! It holds up pants that are big on kids!! Since it is placed on the back, kids cannot unhook it or play with it. Unfortunately, my daughter has outgrown this belt. I will be happy to buy it again if there is a bigger size for bigger kids. All of my relatives asked me where I bought it when they saw it.It is seriously worth every penny.

Anne Pearl Harbor, HI

better than a belt.

I like these better than belts. They’re easy to get on and not bulky. And for those of us that have children just starting to potty train…they make pants easier to get off and on then those with belts.

Dina Ada, OK