Dapper Snapper Toddler Belt BLACK

Dapper Snapper Toddler Belt BLACK

Adjustable to 4 sizes No need to remove for diaper/potty change Re-usable Mom-invented

Main features

  • No need to remove for diaper/potty change
  • Adjustable to 4 sizes
  • Mom-invented
  • Re-usable

Verified reviews


Pricey but worth it

Love this product for my skinny tall boy. Sure it’s on the pricey side, but unlike a traditional belt we’ll be able to use this product through several years of growing. I’ve bought 2 so far and will definitely buy more as needed. I could probably make it myself and it would be very inexpensive, but I don’t own the tool for grommets/snaps. Much more convenient to just buy it. I’ve turned some friends onto it and they love it as well.

Wanda Cotati, CA

works well, but I did think I was getting something else

My child was fascinated with belts, and after looking around, I could not find one to fit him. I was disappointed when it arrived; a little strip with some snaps. It definitely did not fit the idea of a child sized belt. My child saw it and was uninterested. It was a failure at giving him an accessory to play with, but it works very well as actually keeping his pants up, provided the pants have loops.

Eloise Hardyville, VA

Finally a solution to my toddler’s loose pants

Works just as described! I also purchased the add-on clips for my toddler’s loop-free pants. I’m glad to finally have a solution to her loose pants!

Carissa Luxor, PA

Always works

When those shorts or pants start to fall; I easily snap this on and he is good to go. Of course you need pants or shorts with belt loops or this doesn’t work. It has been great to have and I have used it a lot. I do not mind that it bunches up the pants; if they aren’t falling down, I’m happy.

Jeanette Long Lake, WI

just the thing

This is a must for the tall-skinny physiqued toddler! Finally, I can buy my son clothing that is the right length, and use this to cinch up the waste a bit. A simple idea but a very useful one!

Della Lompoc, CA

Great for my Lean Toddler

My toddler is almost 28lbs and should theoretically fit into the 2T clothes by weight. The length is right but his waist is just so darn slim! Perhaps he is tall for his weight, I’m honestly not sure. This belt works wonderfully in his jeans to keep them up. I have to put it on the smallest setting, but it works! What a genius product. I especially love that its only in the back because if it were a real belt that clipped in the front he would just take it off or play with it constantly. We will definitely be using this all the time! I’m even thinking of sewing belt loops onto the pants that don’t have them. You know the ones…the cargos with the fake drawstring…whats the point! Anyway, love it, buy it, use it!

Virgie Ribera, NM


This is a good solution for when your toddle can do belt buckles yet. Easy to use. Just wish it had a little more snaps for adjusing

Wanda Rusk, TX

Great little invention

We have two of these now. I have two skinny little boys. For the older one I can buy the pants with the adjustable waist. But the younger one’s pants were always falling off. I bought these at the recommendation of a friend. The only thing that is annoying is when pants either don’t have belt loops or when they have them but don’t have a belt loop directly in the back of the pants which can cause the pants to sort of bunch up at their back and makes the belt less effective. But most of the time this is great.

Evangelina Helen, WV

Where have these been for the last 2 years??

My son has the kind of body shape that’s hard to keep pants up on, I wish I had known about these so much sooner! I just put it on him, it was easy and fit perfectly! I’m going to pass this link onto my mom friends and I’m sure I’ll be buying more soon!

Lucy Irvine, KY

Its awesome. Love that i can take it off one …

Its awesome. Love that i can take it off one item and use it on another. Not bulky, just great for my five year old. .

Letitia Revillo, SD

Great product!

This was a wonderful product I stumbled upon when shopping on Amazon. I found something that helps my little one keep his pants up!! Plus, still allows him the freedom to still work on potty training.

Angelia Washburn, ME

Good for some pants

I ordered this for my skinny toddler who needs 18 month pants for the length but the waist is nearly always too big. This product is ok — how well it works depends on the exact belt loop placement on the pants. At least in these smaller pants sizes, sometimes the belt loops are too close together for the Dapper Snapper to actually cinch up the waist at all. It would be nice if this product was more adjustable — more snaps, or maybe velcro (would that be strong enough?) Overall, this is still a great idea and it gives us a few more options for pants (previously I could only find one brand and style of pants that fit perfectly without the Dapper Snapper!)

Marlene Lenore, ID

No more Owwies.

This is a great invention. My son doesn’t like the adjustable tabs that come built in some of his pants because the buttons on the inside of the pants hurt him.With the dapper snapper, it attaches to the outside of his pants and still allows him to pull off and on his pants.

Josephine Dolph, AR

Must-have for skinny kids

This toddler belt snaps onto belt loops on the back of my kids’ pants – making them smaller for their slim waists without uncomfortable buttons (adjustable waistbands) or interfering with their ability to dress themselves (standard belts). I do wish there were a few more snaps on the band for a better fit.

Rochelle Mount Airy, MD

Good product

I bought a pink one for my little girl and it worked well. As another reviewer stated, it does bunch the pants in the back. With that being said, it is a great solution for a slim toddler. I wish the price was a bit better, but you certainly get what you pay for here. Great idea!

Estella Sterling, NY

My little secret!

The dapper snapper is amazing! My kiddo is on the smaller side, weight wise. Even though all of his pants fit length wise, they all seem to fall of his weight. Poor kid ran around pulling his pants up all day. With the dapper snapper it’s so much easier then a belt because I don’t have to worry about undoing a belt buckle when the kiddo is doing the potty dance. I just snap it on and forget about it. Also, love that it keeps his jeans from getting scrunched up from pulling on those adjustment elastic on the inside.Great item!

Tamra Milburn, OK

Perfect solution to our dilemma

Oh my gosh! I don’t know where to begin with these! I honestly don’t know what we would do without them. My daughter is very very tiny for her age (19 lbs at 20 mos) and if we find pants that fit in length, the waist is huge! Not a problem anymore. She doesn’t even know that she’s wearing it. We can change her diaper without taking it off or adjusting it. They come in so many cute designs as well as neutrals…I think we have one to go with every outfit.I have been asked what they are and where to get them everywhere we go. The doctor’s office, grocery store, daycare, friends houses, etc.So easy to use, adjusts effortlessly and cleans well.

Ramona Belfast, ME

Great belt for little ones!

I bought this “belt” in black and brown for my alomost-2-yr-old and LOVE it. It’s not really a belt per se, but it performs the same function.How it works (and I didn’t know this until I opened it yesterday):Basically, it snaps into various lengths through the 3 back belt holes in pants. So, it essentially cinches the fabric together so that the pants don’t fall down. And because you can make it longer or shorter, this will grow with your child.The nice part of this is (as others have mentioned), because it’s not a full belt– it won’t interfere with potty training or diaper changes. Really, it’s no different than jeans from the GAP with an adjustable waist inside. And for parents like me who are trying to stretch a dollar, not only is this belt super cheap, but it also allows me to buy a size up. So, my son who should be wearing a 2T can now wear a 3T. I just use the Dapper Snapper to make the waist smaller and roll up the bottoms to make them shorter (which I usually have to do anyway). Next season when he fits into the 3T well, I just won’t use the Dapper as much. And, when the diapers come off and the pants are baggy again, I’ll just put it back on. It’s that simple and definitely penny wise!This is a win-win product! Try it for sure.

Elma Crothersville, IN

great idea

This dapper snapper does the trick for my 19 month 19 lb/8 kilos toddler. He’s a very slim baby and all his pants fall off. This is a great solution if you can’t find a baby belt or want to sew the side of you babie’s pants.

Iris Hartford, IL

Pants finally Fit =D

This is the product we’ve been looking for. Our 17 month old toddler is in the 75th percentile in height but only in the 10th percentile in weight. So you can imagine pants that fit him on the waist are way too short and pants that are the right length will simply not stay on him. We’ve tried belts, but at this age things bunch up in all the wrong places.We use these daily now, since it has gotten cold and he can longer wear shorts. I would recommend buying two of these actually. They are easy to install and are machine washable. These are a must have for any parent looking for pants to fit right on their child.

Willie Plainville, IN


This is so great. It keeps my sons pants above his tush, instead of below AND I can still quickly get him undressed when its time to go potty!

Noreen Ridgetop, TN

Works great on some of the pants

It really depends on the material of the pants. On some of my childs pant, it made it too tight and others it worked just fine. Overall, the product does as it is required to do. But I think this item is overpriced.

Lula Broussard, LA

Super Handy

Super helpful for belted pants on my tall and skinny toddler. It makes life much easier when we don’t have to put three pairs of undies on just to keep his pants up. Very affordable and a great value. And the vendor didn’t charge for shipping, which I appreciate.

Lesa Middleport, OH

Love the snaps, love the sizes, love the color, works great!

I got this belt in two colors because I love it so much. Great that it is hidden away from baby and snaps on his back and I love that there are three different levels of tightness to the belt so that it can grow with him. The belt is a nice true black, not washed out.

Gretchen Timmonsville, SC

Works great

Works great! I’m happy to have found this product. It’s perfect for those in between sizes months. It stays attached all day and looks like a belt.

Nellie Bascom, OH

Definitely Works

This helps so much in keeping my slim kiddo’s pants up since he is considered on the tall side. Love this small invention!

Lana Artemas, PA


My son is in a weird growth time…3T is a little too big in the waist, but 2T is too short in the legs. This belt helps a lot.Thanks!

Chandra Pohnpei, FM