Dapper Snappers Baby & Toddler Belt

Dapper Snappers Baby & Toddler Belt

Fix Droopy Drawers in a Snap! It’s not very often you find a pair of pants that fits your thinner child around the waist. All to often, the length of the pants is perfect and the waist is just too big which causes Droopy Drawers. Until recently the choices were limited to a cumbersome belt that made diaper changing and potty training nearly impossible or adjustable waistband pants that cost twice as much as regular pants. With as fast as kids grow, who could afford it? Now, with Dapper Snappers, keeping those droopy drawers up is a snap! The Dapper Snapper consists of a short piece of suspender elastic with snaps that fits in the back 3 belt loops of the child’s pants and snaps over the outer 2 loops to cinch the pants thereby keeping them from falling down. In a way, Dapper Snappers are a sort of Toddler Belt. Whether searching for Toddler Belts, Children’s Belts, Kids Belts, or Baby Belts, we are sure you will find Dapper Snappers to be the best option! No Belt Loops? No Problem! Now, with Dapper Snappers clips, you can use your favorite Dapper Snappers toddler belt or adult belt even if you don’t have beltloops!

Main features

  • Includes: Beige, Black, Navy & set of Clips
  • No belt loops… No Problem… Use the clips when you don’t have loops
  • Recomended for ages 9 months to 5 years
  • No need to remove for diaper changes or potty time

Verified reviews


Work well, great invention

My 1 year old is tall and thin for his age. When he was about 9 months old he started crawling right out of his pants because they were too big around his waist. Now that Spring is here, I refused to buy his actual size and opted for the next size up so he won’t grow out of everything so quickly. We also have tons of hand me downs from neighbors, friends and cousins, and dapper snappers definitely help him wear some items that are a little too big. I use these every day. My only complaint is that they seem sort of expensive, but considering the use I am getting out of them I guess it is worth the money.

Kathi Altamont, NY

Excellent product wish they made one in adult sizes

working perfectly for my in between sizes little boy wish they made one in adult sizes I even tried to try his own myself to see if I could make it work sometimes who wants to fumble with a belt

Nola Vance, AL

A must for tall skinny kids!

Our 80th percentile height and 5th percentile weight toddler had absolutely no pants that would fit him. Once you hit 12 months and you can get them with the elastic button adjuster life is much better. Before that, what are you supposed to do? Belt don’t exist for babies because they’re a suffocation hazard. You can only wear overalls so many days in a row before it gets old. Enter these!They fit on any pants with belt loops and can be made basically as tight as you want. We got the neutral pack to go with most the colors of his pants, but would recommend the same pack for girls. They’re not something I would generally want to draw attention to, so putting a pink one on denim just seems ridiculous to me. Adding the clips makes it so they can be used with pants that don’t have loops. We used them this last weekend on his tux pants and it worked great. The downside to no loops is the middle rides up when he bends over- I’d recommend a large safety pin to keep it in place. We got these when he was 8 months old- he’s now 2 1/2 and we still use them and will be able to for a long time.They’re also great when potty training because he doesn’t have to figure out how to undo a belt. He can just pull down and he’s good to go.

Sierra Fruitland, UT

Perfect for little waists

My 2yr old has the height needed but a little waist so pants are either too short or they fall around his ankles. These snappers make it easy for me to buy for height and adjust the waist. They are so easy to use. I had to buy more as one was not enough. They will make life easier when your trying to hurry and dress your child.

Eleanor Pemberton, NJ

Keeps my sons pants up!

My son is a tall and lean toddler. He has to wear a larger size to keep up with his long legs, but his pants waddle down within a few minutes. With the Dapper Snapper his pants take much longer to fall down. The belt feature works best, but requires the pants actually have belt loops. The clips don’t work well at all- which is the only reason I’m giving this product 4 stars.

Rosalyn Edgar, WI

Does the job

I use these for both my 2and 1/2year old and my 1 year old. My kids are smaller built then the average kids so clothes are usually too big for them and most of the pants don’t have adjustable waists. When using with belt loops, are the most convenient and seems more comfortable for the kids, but when I use the one with the clamps, I make sure to use sections at the widest part of the waist so the clamps don’t bother then when they lay down.

Tamika Callensburg, PA