Dappi Diaper Doublers, White

Dappi Diaper Doublers, White

Fits perfectly with cloth diapers for maximum absorbency. One size fits all. 100% Cotton top and back layer, double thick rayon/polyester felt middle layer. Machine washable, 3 pieces per pack.

Main features

  • Double thick rayon/poly felt middle layer
  • 3 diapers per pack
  • One size fits all
  • 100% cotton top and back layer, double thick rayon/polyester felt middle layer

Verified reviews



These doublers are horrible! Not worth wasting the money on these. I got these mainly for the price, but these just didn’t work for us and don’t last as an overnight solution. I should of just paid a little more money and got something better. Try at your own risk. LOL.

Allene Lepanto, AR

good doubler , esp for use with flats!

i wouldnt have review this product except that i saw only 1 other review which gave it 1 star! its not that bad! i bought a set of dappi, which incl 10 prefolds (only good as burp cloths and doubler), 4 small nylon pull on covers (did not care for…i use the FLIP , thristies, or swaddlebees covers with flats) , and 6 dappi doublers. all this was just $4.80 on sale here so i figured i’d give it a try, worst case i can try to sell them or repurpose the items. we it turns out that it was worth the money i spent!i still havent used the pants because a size small is actually still pretty big on my 20lb daughter! but onto the doublers…they fit PERFECT when oragami folding a 28×28 flat (little lions are great!) i lay the dappi over the center area and cover with fleece and snappi and go! it def wont work for overnight, but its great to give you the extra boost during the day! i leave dd in this combo for about 2.5-3 hrs with no leaks! i suggest trying it out yourself and see what works for your l.o. of course it is no hemp or terry or microfiber, but for the price and shape, its perfect! all other doublers are much wider (these are abouot 2 inches wide) and leave the crotch area bulky in my opinion.

Cassie Debary, FL

super soft

not in use just yet, but im giving 5 stars based on quality of cloth. and i love that they are actually whhite , not some off color.

Kenya Anson, ME


These are not very absorbent and they smelled so bad after a couple uses. I hate that they’re filled with polyester instead of more cotton.

Marian Brooklyn, MI

Know how to use them

I like that these are thin in width, but wish they were a bit thicker. Under $5 is a suitable price for what they are. Add them to your insert for a little extra absorbency. I like to put them in my Chinese prefold and pin it up while my 2 month old plays on his mat.

Catherine Blanford, IN

They work well in my baby’s pocket diapers.

I purchased these to use as an extra layer with BumGenius 2.0 diapers. These pocket diapers come with two mircofiber liners: a small “infant” liner and a much larger liner intended to be used for the rest of the time that the child is in diapers. My 20 month old is well past the smaller infant microfiber liners but the larger regular size liners are still very bulky on her petite frame. I use the Dapper Diaper Doublers in addition to the small liner during the day and because they are so narrow they do not add too much bulk but are sufficiently absorbent enough that I have not had a problem with leaks.

Angelina Lockbourne, OH

Great product, good buy

I am really pleased with this product. I bought them, planning on using them with my gerber prefolds, but my gerber prefolds disinigrated in my dryer (no so great quality anymore) SO, I’ve been using 2 doublers as diapers and they worked! Very pleased with these. I’ve ordered more Dappi Diapers from Amazon and they will be here today.

Natasha Swampscott, MA