Dappi Waterproof 100% Nylon Diaper Pants, 2 Pack, White, Small

Dappi Waterproof 100% Nylon Diaper Pants, 2 Pack, White, Small

Small / 14 19 pounds. Durable waterproof nylon with soft spandex waist and leg openings provide maximum comfort. 2 pairs per pack Machine Washable .

Main features

  • Small fits 14-19 pounds
  • Durable waterproof nylon
  • Soft spandex waist and leg openings provide maximum comfort
  • 2 pairs per pack
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


I’d give them zero stars if I could!

Since my son finally started doing “#2″ on the potty and potty training is going really well, I decided it was time to ditch the pull-ups and move to cotton training pants with a cover. After reading reviews on covers I decided to order these because of all the great reviews. Since everyone said they ran big I ordered 2 packs of the large (26-31 pounds) for my 34 pound, 38” toddler. We had our first accident (using these covers over the gerber training pants)today and urine rolled all down his legs within seconds. He may as well have worn nothing over the training pants. I had purchased BRU vinyl covers to use until these arrived and they did not leak at all when he had accidents. The unopened pack of these is going back.

Jayne Paradise, KS


I admit freely that I’m picky, but I can’t find one thing about these to complain about. I’ve washed them at least a dozen times and they come out squeaky clean and in one piece. Baby wears these over pinned gmd prefolds, and we have no leaks. They are really fluffy but smoosh to barely there under clothes. Baby has super chunky thighs (and everything else, she’s a real chub;) and they leave no red marks on her tummy or her thighs. I am truly and honestly impressed with the quality of the diaper covers. The price is crazy cheap, especially since you get two pair. These are truely a hidden gem in the world of fluffy bum’ed baby’s.

Alexandra Hickory, MS

Okay product

My son is a big by for his age and I felt this is a big size for 3t which I bought. Its okay when you start the potty training for the first 2 days but later it makes mess double mess for you if you dont take the little one to the bathroom immediately. I did not find these much useful rahter I put him in training pants without using these. They hold good amount if there is an accident as there is a padding

Cora Tougaloo, MS

Love these, but they do run big

I really love these training pant cover ups!! I’ve bought several of them and they are the only ones we use. It’s hard to find the old "rubber pants" that people used to use, but these are so much better anyway. They don’t crack and get holes like the old "rubber pants" did and they are soft and don’t make noise when they walk. And, if you get the right size, they are wonderful at not leaking. They wash up well in the washer and dry well in the dryer. Based on the sizing chart, my daughter should have worn large (she weighs 29 lbs), but I ordered a small and they fit perfectly. So, I would recommend getting approximately 2 sizes smaller than what the size chart says.

Celia Karnes City, TX

Nearly perfect

We have been using these waterproof diaper covers for the last 6 months while potty-training our daughter.Pros:They fit as expected.They are quieter than vinyl versions that make rustling sounds while she walks around in them.They don’t melt in the dryer as the vinyl version can.Cons:They are not totally waterproof. A major accident will leak through; although for a minor accident they are waterproof.

Olive Nathalie, VA

Runs big, works great

From reading the reviews, I ordered a size that seemed way too small. It fit great. Maybe they’re expecting people to use these with thick cloth diapers? I don’t know. We use them with Gerber cloth training pants. They do a great job, obviously they are not going to contain a lot of urine and will fail at the leg openings. But for small accidents during training, especially when the child starts to go and then stops to use the potty, they work great. We use them for nap time mostly.

Bettye Rossiter, PA


These are very thin and tear after a few uses. I have used them on my stubborn child and they do contain the mess very well which is what they are intended.

Virginia Middle River, MD

Great product!

I ordered these for my daughter to wear over her cotton training pants. I chose these because I am anti-vinyl for a whole host of reasons, and they have met all of my expectations. Yes, they do leak a bit a wetness around the legs if she has an extremely large wet accident, but I just wanted something that would more or less keep her from peeing on the carpet. These do the trick! Another big plus is that she seems very comfortable in them. They also wash very well.

Deidra Monticello, MN

Works like a charm!

We have had so much trouble keeping our 22 month old boy dry through the night. He has super sensitive skin and can’t handle the overnight disposable diapers. So instead, we use a regular disposable diaper with the Dappi Nylon Pants over the top and it keeps him from wetting through 95% of the time. Sometimes we use training pants between the diaper and nylon pants for extra absorbency. As long as all the fabric/diaper is inside the nylon cover, the pajamas are dry in the morning!

Alfreda Berne, IN

Serves the purpose

I bought these so my daughter could wear her “Dora Panties” all the time, instead of pull ups. The actual cover is a little big – but I guess that gives you the option to use them with a traditional cloth diaper. The legs are a bit snug (she’s a slim 2T) but I just stretched them out a bit before putting them on and she doesn’t seem to mind. They certainly contain accidents and are very thin – not bulky under clothes at all. I wouldn’t recommend for over nights though, as they have made her sweat more during naps. Overall good buy. We use these every day 🙂

Lakisha Faulkton, SD

Holds it ALL in

Even when my daughter has quickly saturated the training pants and pooped these have still kept it from going through to her clothes (although we obviously changed her right away when this happened), but I really feel these are a great product at a great price point!

Laurel Flatwoods, LA

good fit

I had bought the (a lot) more expensive diaper covers but much prefer the Dappi. They fit well, are soft and comfortable on the legs and waist. As long as the diaper is tucked in all the way round, there is no leakage. I bought both the nylon and vinyl Dappis and like them both, though the nylon has a softer feel. Would recommend this product and will be buying more as the baby grows.

Concetta Gray, GA

great diaper pants

They have held in every messy poop. They will stain a little. They are holding up great with no tearing.

Ingrid Briar, MO

Love these little pants!

I bought these a good 6 months ago but then my daughter decided she was not ready to potty train, so we put them away and I am finally getting a chance to put them to the test. They are perfect–cheap, simple, and effective. My 3 year old is tall and slim (just under 30 pounds) and the size Medium fits her perfectly. She is wearing them over the Gerber training pants and although they appear puffy, they are so thin that they smush down invisibly under the leggings she likes to wear every day. She has had a couple accidents this week and although the Gerber pants are soaked, the Dappi cover completely contains the wetness. Not a drop makes it through to her pants. It seems like you can even get several days’ use out of them before laundering. I have just been rinsing them in the sink, hanging to dry, and can use them again the next day.I am planning to cloth diaper Baby #2, due any day, and I like these so much that I am considering trying them as covers over fitted diapers rather than the more expensive snap/velcro diaper covers.

Roxanne Dwight, KS

100% Worry Free & WaterProof

Love this product,didn’t really know what I was ordering for my 16 mo at the time, but it is awesome! Doesn’t make a sound and protects beyond belief!

Iris Pocahontas, TN

Works great, slightly baggy

I like these because they are PVC and plastic free.They really do hold wetness. I have used them for 2 kids for potty training. I have also had to wash them in hot water and they always hold up.The only think I do not like is that there is a lot of fabric in the middle. i think this is because they are designed for cloth diaper wearers. Consequently, when i order the right size for my child’s legs (weight) there is a lot of bagginess underneath his clothes.But, its not so bad considering the quality of the product.

Hannah Smiths Grove, KY


Love that it is NOT made of harmful vinyl. PVC, or Vinyl, is the most toxic plastic on the planet. Why on earth would you use it on your child!? This pant works well, does what it is meant to do. Always look for nylon over vinyl.

Herminia Littleport, IA

Great product!

As far as plastic diaper pants go, these have become my favorite.Most plastic pants make an incredibly annoying noise with ever step a toddler takes. But my daughter can run around and barely make a sound. They run a little large, but the nylon clings enough to make everything fit. They are also less bulky than some other brands and the elastic at the legs and waist is loose enough to not create itchy spots, but tight enough to keep wetness in.Overall, these are the best plastic pants we have purchased!

Eve Beacon, NY

Saved us while training our 2 yr old!

First of all, love this. Only issue… last time she peed in her undies, I didn’t realize HOW much she peed until I took her to the potty and pulled down her pants etc and pee went everywhere! Ha, goes to show how well these mylon pants worked! So now I just need to learn how to be more careful when removing after a bigger accident! But usually these are for smaller accidents… thus why we go to the potty after an accident because she’ll still need to go.. stops herself after going a little bit because she knows she is supposed to go on the potty. Now to get her to start TELLING me she needs to go instead of constantly asking/ordering her to go! She wears 2T clothing… I got the medium… she isn’t big or small, about average for a 2.5 year old. We don’t wear these daily anymore… but we did at first. I skip some days now, with the intention of stopping altogether soon.

Rhonda Hudson, WI

Meets my needs and expectations

I read in other reviews that these run a little large (as they can be worn over cloth diapers which are bulky), so I ordered a size down. My son is 23 lbs and I got the small. It fits him nicely, not too tight, not too big. It contained potty leaks from his underwear underneath. They didn’t seem to get wet, but I would probably wash them after one accident. You could get away without doing that, or maybe just wiping the inside with a wipe.

Dollie Crosby, TX


My son is 2 and weighs 29lbs. The medium fit great. Nice and thin and still managed to contain a blowout. I’m impressed.

Tiffany Cummaquid, MA

Works as expected

I got these pants as I have a carpeted apartment and wanted to train my daughter with as few accidents as possible. It does what it is designed to do, but my daughter didnt like wearing these pants. The leg openings are soft and the pants wash well.

Glenda Weed, CA

Does what is needs to

I purchased these to put over a cloth swim diaper for the pool. We don’t actually "need" this to make sure bowel movements don’t happen in the pool, because the swim diapers keep it in, but it gives a peace of mind to make sure in case anything sneaks out.

Juliet Nashville, IL

Great cheap diaper cover

These are no frills, but they work fantastically and are cheap! Perfect for anyone looking to cloth diaper on a budget or they are also great over training pants. They work well, wash up nicely, and dry in a flash.

Tanisha Winnett, MT

Good value and holds everything in.

I’ve very surprised that this actually keeps everything inside. I thot for sure it would leak but it doesn’t. Seems to hold up well in the washer.

Audrey Robeline, LA

Way too big

I ordered the size x-large for my 2 and 1/2 year old son who is 35 lbs. The product description said that this size would fit him. However when they arrived they were almost big enough to fit me! I don’t see how these could even fit a seven or eight year old child, much less a younger child who would need them.I bought them to cover his underwear while potty training since he doesn’t always make it to the bathroom in time and I was tired of wiping up pee puddles. Since they didn’t fit I can’t really comment on the amount of water-proof protection they provide. They didn’t seem very thick but the fabric wasn’t stiff or scratchy so I think they would have been comfortable for him. I did try them on him anyway but since they are so huge he refuses to wear them.Bottom line my suggestion is to order these at least a size smaller than the description says will fit.

Suzette Wakpala, SD

Good plastic pants for training

These are so much better than the gerber plastic pants I originally purchased. They work best with thick training pants and they aren’t 100% leak proof if my son relieves his full bladder but preventative for when he forgets and suddenly remembers to stop himself.

Sasha Homer, IL

Really are waterproof!

I purchased these covers to use with my son for potty training, paired with gerber training pants. The worked wonderfully! They actually are waterproof,and hold everything in. When my son had an accident the urine sat in a little puddle inside the cover instead of going all over the floor. Unfortunately my son didn’t care when he had an accident with a cover on so we had to stop using them for daytime. We are still using them during naps and i haven’t had to change any wet sheets. I purchased two 2-packs and didn’t really need that many but they were so inexpensive i don’t really mind.I cannot comment on how well they hold up with multiple washes as we have only used them a few times.

Benita Trammel, VA

Great for potty training!

We started potty training my 2.5 year old about 5 days ago, and these nylon pants have saved us. We aren’t using pull ups for PT’ing, just thick cotton trainers and these pants. And there haven’t been any puddles on the floor!It contains the mess. And the elastics are great around the belly and legs…better than Gerber. And they also a lot quieter than the Gerber plastic pants.I would size down for potty training. My DS is 32-33 pounds and the medium is perfect over cotton training underwear.Great product!

Marylou Linwood, NC

Better than Gerber, but not much

To be fair I haven’t actually used these. My toddler will NOT let me put them on him. He hates the noise of them. And the one time I got them on they dug into his thighs and I bought a size up. For potty training I MUCH prefer the Blueberry underwear. They are quiet, absorb well and he likes hem. I suppose if you suspect your kid will catch on quick and won’t be the distract-able, I will pee after this kind of kid this could work. But since I know my son will be a challenge I’d rather just buy nicer under wear.They are a thicker, nicer, quieter material than Gerber, so I would recommend them if you are set on using one.

Rene Pond Eddy, NY