Dappi Waterproof 100% Vinyl Diaper Pants, 3Pack, White, Newborn

Dappi Waterproof 100% Vinyl Diaper Pants, 3Pack, White, Newborn

Newborn / up to 13 pounds. Waterproof vinyl prevents accidents, and soft spandex waist and elastic leg openings provide maximum comfort. 3 pairs per pack. Machine washable.

Main features

  • Newborn fits up to 13 pounds
  • Waterproof vinyl prevents accidents
  • Soft spandex waist and elastic leg openings provide maximum comfort
  • 3 pairs per pack
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Perfect training pants!

These pants are the perfect training pants ever! Put over underwear, these hold everything in MY son’s been able to “put” in them! =) No leaks at all! It only took him 2 days wearing these to FINALLY potty train, we were using “Pull-Ups” for MONTHS! (Pull-ups are a joke, didn’t work for either of my 2 kids, too much like diapers!) These keep all their “stuff” trapped in, making it uncomfortable so they WANT to use the potty. I tried other brands, including Gerber, which were all cheaply made, and the Gerber ones RIPPED the first use! All of them in the pack! These are nice and thick, and the elastic didn’t seem itchy at all-my son’s pretty sensitive, asks me to cut out all the tags in his shirts…my only regret is buying more the day i got these in the mail, I didn’t need more, they worked in TWO DAYS! =) Very happy, if I have more children, I’ll definitely go straight to these, NO Pull-Ups!

Katharine Kapowsin, WA

cheap vinyl product

I never used these because I figured that they would not be comfortable. What a waste of money and resources.

Roxanne Lake City, PA


They are just plastic, no padding or anything.I suppose you could use these over pampers but that would means that the pampers you purchased would be totally crap. These cannot aid in any type of potty training or prevent accidents, everything leaks right through. I placed these over a pair of big boy underwear leaked both times.

Savannah Romeo, MI

Shredded after 1 wash!

Wasn’t effective at keeping sheets dry (pee just soaked up to his chest instead of out the front/sides), but I figured maybe they were too loose. I washed & dried as directed (low heat); and they were SHREDDED when I removed from dryer!! Completely without value, regardless of price paid!!

Olive Roan Mountain, TN

Made of toxic PVC and has a strong chemical smell.

A well-intentioned friend bought these Dappi waterproof pants for me when I mentioned that we were about to embark on potty training my 2 year-old. I was immediately suspicious when I opened the gift wrapping and saw that these were “vinyl” pants, and when I cracked open the packaging, the strong chemical smell confirmed my suspicions. These pants are made of PVC (aka, vinyl), which usually contains harmful phthalates and sometimes even lead! (Google “toxic PVC” and you’ll find a bunch of information on the toxicity of PVC/vinyl, especially for young children). Needless to say, there’s no way these vinyl pants are ever getting anywhere near my toddler’s body. (They went straight into the trash). If you’re looking for waterproof diaper-covers or potty training pants, Dappi makes some in waterproof (non-toxic) nylon.Dappi Waterproof 100% Nylon Diaper Pants, 2 Pack, White, LargeI haven’t yet tried the nylon pants myself so I can’t attest to how waterproof they are, but anything is better than icky vinyl, in my book.Grade: D-

Rae Tripp, SD


I got these to potty train my daughter that is 27 lbs. and wears 2T sometimes 3T jeans. I got her the large. She probably could wear the mediums after putting these on because they are a little big but they still work they aren’t overly huge…they do look big though because they have so much room in them but i believe that is because these are more so made to go over diapers which are more bulky than underwear but they still work all the same. They do help keep the mess confined and for the most part off her clothes/floor/furniture. I have washed them in the washer but i put them in a lingerie bag and wash on cold on hand wash cycle or at least delicate cycle and i hang them up to dry and they have not come apart at all. I do like these better than the gerber ones (I own both). I bought the next size up to be prepared for the future. Im glad I ended up choosing these to get.Also when I go out or want to make sure they are as “waterproof” as possible I pair them with Gerber’s Training Pants because those underwear are thicker and help absorb as much as possible so the liners don’t have to work so hard. But they still work for both the training kind of underwear and normal thin cotton underwear i just like the security when i go out of the training pants with the liners.And i do agree with everyone else saying where they do a big mess in them to take them off in the bath tub because it will be messy because of the liners holding everything and there is no way of pulling them off without making a mess.

Nelda Audubon, MN

Runs Big

I initially purchased size medium for my 26 lb daughter and the pants were so big that there were gaping holes around her legs. It seems like in order for this product to work it needs to fit pretty flush around the legs. It was also just big and bunchy underneath her clothing. I then purchased size small. Even though the packaging says it’s for 14-19 lbs these fit much better. They seem to be of good quality and so far are doing the trick.

Lupe Tiffin, OH

Dappi waterproof 100% Vinyl Diape pants

I ordered these by mistake – I wanted the nylon (which I would recommend). I didn’t use them or even bother to try them because the leg holes do not have any material to protect your lil ones legs. It is just a tiny thin piece of elastic on the inside (against the child’s skin) stitched to the vinyl which didn’t look as if it would hold up very long. I am only rating the design quality of this product.

Shirley Roseville, CA

Warning: Do not put in dryer

I was happy with these, until I followed the washing directions that said to "use dryer at lowest setting, or hang to dry". I needed one in a hurry while potty training the toddler, so in the dryer it went. Big mistake. It snagged on the edges of the dryer so many times that it’s got several small holes now. Other than this unpleasant snafu, we liked these okay. 🙁

Mollie Stony Brook, NY

Amazing for holding fluid in!

When I decided to try plastic pants to help with potty training messes, I read all of the reviews. One of them suggested that these pants held the fluid in so well that you would need to take them off in the tub because it would be like releasing a river. They were SO right. I could actually hear the fluid sloshing around in the pants and had to run my son to the bathtub to clean him up. It doesn’t change the fact that he needed a bath after, but at least I didn’t have to scrub floors on top of it. Now these are meant to go over cloth diapers, so they are REALLY poofy. Super duper poofy. If you can get past that, they work wonderful! They were a great buy. I have washed (and dried) them with no problems. They have actually gotten softer and more comfortable feeling with repeated washes. I would recommend these over and over again!

Christina Sunbury, PA

Okay product. Its quality could be better

Great bloomers. They do very well to contain the mess from an uncooperative child. However they don’t last that long and do stain. Better quality would be appreciated. These do look like "bloomers" and my child didn’t really wear them with clothes.

Randi Blue Ridge, TX

I sent these right back

I sent these back as soon as I received them. They were so stiff I can’t imagine that they would be comfortable for my daughter, and we would have been able to hear her coming from a mile away because they were so crinkly sounding. Also, I think that they would have cracked and torn in the wash. Buy the nylon version made in this brand, they are wonderful!

Geri Valentine, TX


These are great! I like them every bit as well as the more expensive and stylish covers I’ve used. My the extra small is quite large on my newborn, 6.6 pounds at birth, and I’ve had some blowouts as well as some leaks when wet, but as long as I don’t allow the prefold underneath to become overly saturated I don’t have much of a problem. I highly recommend them!! They also don’t rustle as do some other waterproof pants we’ve used. I will not spend more on diaper covers, I love these!UPDATE: I have COMPLETELY changed my mind about these covers!! After extended use I realized that they don’t hold up well at all, even when following the care instructions to the letter. They become almost brittle and rip super easily, especially along the seams. I like them waaaaay less than other waterproof pant style covers I’ve used. They get one star, and only because they held me over until I could buy some better quality covers, which are definitely worth the extra money.

Agnes Ramsey, IL

way way too big

I bought a size large and they did nothing 🙁 My almost 3 yr. old is petite,but she wears 3t in everything except jeans she is more like a 2t. These are gigantic and I think she could wear them when she is 6 lol. I pray by then she is not peeing at bedtime any longer 😉 I would suggest getting one size smaller than you think you need. They do seem like a great buy had I gotten the right size though.

Elena North Egremont, MA

Love them, Deff run big!

These are my favorite cover-more than thirsties. They is nothing to them, they fit better under clothes seems to be more comfortable on her. They do run BIG, I got NB size when she was about IDK a moth or two maybe and 10# and they fit fine in fact they were a little big in the leg still. Now she is 3.5 months and about 14# and Im going to get the next size up. These do get sort of brittle over time with lots of washing and drying, they started to crack around the legs but buy this time they were already too small so it wasn’t a big deal.

Geraldine Ashland, PA

Inexpensive and effective cloth diaper covers

My mom used the “plastic pants” with us and these are so cheap compared to other cloth diaper covers, so I wanted to give them a try along with my Thirsties. I like them a lot. I’ve used them in several sizes, with a cloth prefold and snappi. They fit my 11-month 20 lb baby snugly but not tightly enough to leave a mark, and I have had no leaks as long as the cloth diaper is all tucked in everywhere. Even the runny breast-milk poops didn’t leak. These are easy to hand wash and dry quickly so they some in handy if I need more covers before I’m doing the load I do every few days in the wash machine. The only thing that I don’t like about using these as diaper covers is the difficulty in taking them off compared to the covers that have snaps and open in the front. Especially if the diaper is a messy one, it’s hard to pull it off and keep everything contained.I imagine these would also work great as training pant covers for an older child and plan on trying them for that when I get the chance.

Kathy Kempton, PA

Diaper Pants

These are great for wearing around the house. They are bit large or perhaps my granddaughter is just a bit small but they work. 🙂

Peggy Clarendon, NC

Too big

These run very large. Otherwise, they seem fine.

Minnie Sorrento, ME

Great For Potty Training!

These are great for potty training! I have been using these for a couple of weeks now and they really help to keep clothing, sheets, etc dry while allowing kiddos to wear cloth trainers. We usually only use these for naps or car rides, They make a little bit of noise and we are potty training during the summer, so we don’t have our daughter wear them out. It would be noisy, bulky under her clothes, and very sweaty! They aren’t breathable so I wouldn’t recommend these for all day wear because all that moisture could create a yeast infection. But these are awesome for short term wear.We haven’t had any leaks at all and she’s had some seriously messy accidents in these. They are super easy to clean. I just rinse them out in the sink with some dish soap and hang them up in the shower to dry. They dry quickly and don’t shrink or tear this way. We haven’t had any messes that couldn’t easily be rinsed out, but if we did I would put them in the washer on the gentle cycle and then hang to dry. They seem well made so I think they could stand up to being used many times and washed over and over without any issues.I only bought the one 3 pack, I considered buying more, but for us, 3 is all we need. Since she only wears them for very short periods of time, instead of all day every day, we don’t need more than 3.

Shari Chelsea, MA

Very happy I bought these!

I bought these after reading a few reviews. I’m so happy I bought these. I bought a package of Gerber water proof pants and these are so much better. I like the material much better over the new Gerber ones. The Gerber underpants are very cheap feeling and over the top plastic. It almost feels like a plastic grocery bag being wrapped around my baby. These feel more comfortable to wear.

Regina Lemon Grove, CA

Worked well

I used this under my sons Christening gown in case he had a diaper explosion. Worked perfect, did not hold in too much heat, and we threw them out when we were done due to the great low price.

Lorie Hampton, NJ

Ridiculously oversized

I like these pants because they work and because they’re cheap. I use them on my 20 pound 13 month old over Gerber 18 month size training pants. They hold about two pees before they start leaking, which works fine for us. They make it easy to use the potty (versus wrap-around diapers) because they’re easy to pull up and down. They are thin, but I’ve had no problem with washing on warm and drying on cool. And the thinness helps me be able to tell if she’s had an accident.However, they are huge. I tried mediums first because my daughter is 20 pounds. WAY too big around the waist. Then I tried size small. These worked fine around the legs and waist, but were kinda baggy. Then I figured I’d try the newborn size. Perfect size! But “newborn” size fitting my 13 month old? I can’t imagine them on an actual newborn.

Kathi Crab Orchard, TN

Just ok for us

These run HUGE. Knowing this, I bought a size smaller for my daughter and they are still so so big. But we tried them anyway for a nap. She wore these over her undies and woke up soaked in sweat. Not entirely surprised, given they are plastic pants, but still not impressed. Im not sure we will be using these, we might just go cold turkey and use just undies and deal with accidents/clean ups for a few nights….they would serve the purpose they are meant for, but I don’t really recommend this particular pant.

Flora Rexford, NY

Great idea…

…but they are pretty big. I followed the size/weight stated, but there was still a mess when she had an accident. I’ll still use them for naps and going out for now, but I don’t know how good they’ll work.

Nadia Sanbornton, NH

Great option to help your baby wake up DRY in the AM

Our 17-month-old is a tummy sleeper and heavy wetter overnight as she sleeps 12 hours straight. So we put her in a Huggies overnight diaper and then use this diaper cover in case there is any leakage. This works great and her pjs and sheets stay dry (huge time saver for a busy AM to get out the door to daycare). We wash them in the washer and then hang them to dry. No tears or rips noted after 3 months of use. I like these over the Gerber plastic pants as they are quieter and do not tend to rip like the Gerber pants. FYI-we ordered a medium & our daughter is 20 lbs and these fit her well.

Irene Bird City, KS

Sleek and snug

Though I’m a fan of cloth diapers and those adorable little diaper covers one gets for them, I’m still using my share of disposables at the moment and couldn’t stand the leaks that just. kept. happening. So I finally gave into my mother’s critiques of “why don’t you have the plastic pants instead of those weird colored diaper wraps?” and bought these plastic pants for disposable diaper sessions.And I’m happy to report they are doing everything I expected.I feared these would be bulky, but the material is very thin (still sturdy) and just about clings perfectly to the diaper, making for a nice, attractive trim fit. The leg gussets fit perfectly, tending to squeeze to the skin without being uncomfortable. So none of those horrible leaks and blowouts all over cute baby clothes. I also worried about washing these, but a simple gentle cycle or even a handwashing is perfect.Highly recommended.

Myrna Bessie, OK

diaper covers

Love these things. Have used with many kids. Have bought in almost every size. They work well i buy extra so they can air dry not really a dryer product. But work great to cover cloth diapers and or swim diapers.

Kelly Loraine, TX

Love it!

I decided to use cloth diaper and so I purchased these pants. The sizing was accurate as I purchased the newborn size for my newborn son and it fits well over the cloth diaper. It has a soft elasticated waist, made of some kind of shiny material, not the ordinary elastic. The elasticated leg fit just about right. I’m going to purchase 2 sets of the small which is from 13 to 18 pounds I think as my son is already 11 1/2 pounds. I wash them with my hands, not taking the chance to wash them in the machine. The material is soft and does not make any noise when baby moves. Would definitely recommend.

Bette Paisley, FL

Didn’t stop the leaking

I don’t use cloth diapers but I bought these to see if they would stop my son’s disposable diapers from leaking at night. I put these on over the diaper and I am sad to say they don’t! the fit was strange. loose around the waist, tight around the thighs. I have had better luck with diaper doubler pads + 2 diapers (one overnight and one regular – one backwards and one forwards) crazy!

Brianna Arvin, CA

Buying more- a review of what I think of these and others!

I have purchased: the store brand babies r us training pants (plastic on outside too much padding on inside), Gerber underwear (cloth), Gerber diaper covers (loud plastic and leave red marks), and the all time favorite Lego brand super hero’s underwear (cloth). The Dappi’s work awesome with the super hero underwear it makes our child feel like a big kid and if he doesn’t make it to the potty quick enough less washing of shorts and pants for the adults.I was super annoyed by the Gerber diaper covers (plastic) ones as they are super loud. My child had red marks from them as they dig into his skin as well. This does not happen with the Dappi’s.If a child requests a “Dappi” and saying “no no Gerber” you know there is a problem in noise and comfort.The store brand babies r us are huge but do have padding. These store brand ones really need a big improvement and I would be embarrassed putting them on him in public. We don’t use these at all. They have plastic on the outside and so much padding it looks like my child is wearing four cloth diapers. The noise on the store brand babies r us is not to bad.The Dappi’s you do need underwear to wear underneath and besides wanting super hero’s my two year old requests Dappi’s and also is annoyed by how loud the Gerber diaper covers are. It is just a plastic cover.We sent our child in Dappi’s with Lego brand super hero underwear to childcare and he came home with two accidents but did tell his teacher and the same pair of shorts that we sent him in, in the morning were the same ones he came home in. I like the fact that I can make him feel confident in potty training but he still knows he needs to go while wearing them.If a two year old asks for a Dappi and super hero underwear it’s a no brainer! We are buying more of these!Last note- they do state to hand wash- I put them in a garment bag nightly and wash them and hang them to dry over night. We are buying more because they take a little time to dry and they are so much more comfortable for our child and to me comfort matters.UPDATE – Child is fully potty trained and sleeping at night without these and we no longer using them during the day. IT took less than 2 months to full potty train my little boy! I credit these for helping with the process! I would strongly urge to not give up and also do not purchase pull ups- I believe the pulls ups that we used prior to these prevented him from becoming potty trained. I gave mine to a friend and her daughter seems to respond well thto these as well and is almost fully potty trained after using them for 1 month.

Alta Carbon, IA