DaVinci Elizabeth II Convertible Toddler Bed in White

DaVinci Elizabeth II Convertible Toddler Bed in White

The Elizabeth II Convertible Toddler Bed is perfect for your little king or queen’s safe slumber, through their toddler years and beyond. With its convenient low height, your child can safely climb in and out. The Elizabeth II Convertible Toddler Bed fits a standard crib mattress, making transitioning to a bed even easier for families. When the time comes, it’s just a simple conversion to turn Elizabeth II into a full-size bed (rails available separately). Sturdily crafted from New Zealand pine wood, the Elizabeth II Toddler Bed brings your child years of royal comfort.

Main features

  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • Meet ASTM international safety standards
  • Lower profile crib for easy reach
  • Fits a standard crib mattress
  • Max weight toddler bed: 50 lbs
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


We love it so far!

I will tell you that this is the second night my 2 year old son is sleeping on it but so far we love it! Easy to put together, it only took my dad and my hubby 20 minutes.. VERY sturdy, my dad laid on it after it was together and it didn’t move or bend at all and he probably weighs 230lbs but it’s light weight and easy to move. I like that about it. It’s got a nice amount of space on the inside, my son wants me to lay by him for a little bit at bed time and it fits both of us ok and I’m 5’8 and 8 months pregnant.lol The wood is very nice and I love the cherry finish. My son loves his new big boy bed and even likes to lay in it to just watch a movie. I’m very happy and would recommend it to anyone.

Tameka Topsham, ME

Beautiful bed!

This bed is absolutely gorgeous!I ordered it in cherry wood and love it!I’d seen a few complaints about being able to “see the hardware”… which concerned me. Personally, I think the visibility of the screws (which are pretty and brass-like) make the bed look classic. To me, it makes me think, “Wow, that bed is actual WOOD… screws and everything! Not some cheap press-board thing.”The organic cotton and wool mattress we ordered from daxstores.com (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!) fits perfectly… nice and snug!FYI: The bed comes with TWO toddler rails to give you the option of attaching one to the left or right side of the front of the bed. You can very easily and prettily attach both of the rails to the bed, if you like, for a younger child to give him/her added security.My only complaint about this bed is how difficult it was to assemble. The instructions are very clean and there aren’t many steps… but the hassle of lining up the screws with the barrel nuts was aggravating! My only piece of advice: turn the bed upside down. The barrel nuts had a tendency to fall too far inside the wood and flipping the bed over allowed me to adjust how far in the barrel nut sat in the wood so I could get the screw to line in properly. (I certainly hope that makes sense!)All in all, the minor frustration of assembly was worth a lovely bed for our little one. I would recommend this bed (with an organic mattress!) to anyone! 🙂

Maggie Keene, TX

Love this toddler bed

I love this toddler bed and so does my son. Great purchase. When he was getting used to the new bed we turned it around so he wasn’t able to get out at first but the bars were still lower that it was much easier to get him in and out. When he got used to it, he loved getting in and out of the bed. Great quality, would definitely recommend it.

Genevieve Dover, TN

Highly recommend

I purchased this bed for my daughter who was just over two years old. We had another baby on the way and wanted to transition her from a crib into a “big girl” bed before our son arrived. This is the PERFECT transition bed. It sits very low to the ground so it was easy for her to get in and out of bed by herself. The one or two railing option is also a great feature for those that want a little more security when using this as a transition bed!! Our daughter slept wonderfully in the bed from the first night! She is now almost three and still loves sleeping in this bed. The construction quality is also much higher than I expected for the price. I would highly recommend this bed!

Renee Whiteriver, AZ

Convertible toddler bed

Good looking and stable when you finish a so so assembly. So far is a good first bed for our daughter.

Juanita Rodman, NY

my daughter absolutely loves this bed

it took a week to get her to sleep in it though, and after a couple of months, she still doesn’t get out of it in the morning and waits for me to come get her.assembly was quick and easy, although the directions were somewhat lacking, it seems sturdy enough, but I wouldn’t lean on it, and definitely do not lay down in it! I think the bed will "barely" support the max weight listed for it, and if a child jumps on it, expect the supports to break.

Maude Lake City, FL

Great bed

Tis is a great bed and my daughter used and then it was passed to my son when she upgraded to a twin . It has held up well and very nice looking. Recommend to any one for a toddler

Carmella Garrison, NY

Cute but small

Love it!! 4 stars because it seemed a little smaller than I expected. It’s really cute though! 🙂 I’d buy it again.

Constance Saint Helena, NE

Beautiful Bed!

I wanted to wait until we owned the bed for awhile to review the product. It was easy to put together and creates so much more room in my daughter’s bedroom. It beautifully accents the pictures in the bedroom and she loves feeling more independent (typical 17 month old)! She is able to easily get out of the bed in the morning and open her door to let us know she’s awake (we have a baby gate in her doorway. Also, it is nice that we are able to reuse her crib sheets until we are ready to convert the bed to a twin. 🙂 I love that it still has railings around the bed to protect her from rolling out of the bed but aren’t too high that she would injure herself if she wants to get out.

Alfreda Pennington, NJ