DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit, Cherry

DaVinci Emily 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit, Cherry

Make each wink of sleep a safe one, year after year. Our bestselling Emily Crib meets or surpasses the latest safety standards, and every crib undergoes individual inspection. With four mattress levels and a range of conversions, it’s simple to maintain a reliable, age-appropriate sleeping space.

Main features

  • JPMA certified; Meets ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified – screened for 360 VOCs and over 10,000 chemicals
  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood and CARB II compliant MDF
  • Hidden hardware construction with four adjustable mattress positions

Verified reviews


One flaw

Our son is now 18months old and this crib has been amazing. Yes I agree that it does scratch easily but it is solid and very sturdy. Our only complaint is that the front rail that curves out to the front of the crib has a gap just wide enough for our son to stick his arm into and get it stuck. Now that he is starting to try to put his leg over the crib it gets stuck in there too. We have since moved him to a toddler bed but the arm getting stuck has been an ongoing thing since he was alittle past 12 months old. Other than that we love the crib and plan on using it for all of our babies, though we may make our own alterations on it to prevent our 3 month old from going through the same thing with getting his arm stuck.If you do have this crib always remember to keep your monitor on and loud enough to where you can hear the cries if a little arm gets stuck.

Tracey Inlet, NY

no mattress fits right and horrible customer service from MDB (UPDATED with photos 1 year later)

This crib is beautiful. But I am afraid to put my baby in it when he comes. We have purchased/returned 4 different mattresses (Sealy, Serta brands) and there is a huge gap around the perimiter of the crib. Big enough for a toddler to get his foot caught. I went to Lowes and had them cut a piece of particleboard to completely cover the wire spring support hoping that would help. I wrote Million Dollar Baby stating I was worried that none of the mattresses were fitting right. A week later I got a nasty response that their cribs are designed to accomodate ALL mattresses *BUT* they recommend a “Sleepwell” mattress. Really? Because I looked at this crib at multiple online stores and none of them said anything about mattress brand recommendations. The fact that they recommend a certain brand for this crib tells me they know there is a problem with the dimensions of this model. The packaging for our current mattress was accidently thrown out (thanks to hubby) so if I want to purchase one of these “recommended” mattresses for this crib, I will be out over $100.00. Thanks Davinci. This will be my first & last purchase from Million Dollar baby.UPDATE- 12 months later….this is very cheap quality…my 12 month old managed to gnaw the entire perimeter of this crib with only 5 teeth. See photos, and pics of the mattress/railing gap that Davinci thinks is an “acceptable” amount of space and in NO way a threat to safety.

Autumn Clarkdale, GA

Great multi functional crib

This crib is great. Goes from infant crib to toddler bed to full twin bed. Very inexpensive crib with great quality. I have bought this crib twice now for both of my kids. I have the expression color espresso. It looks very shape in the room & very easy to put together. Highly recommend this crib.

Tonia Glenolden, PA

Perfect, but for the mattress size

Great crib, easy to put together, and very pretty. Our baby is not here yet so we haven’t used the crib. For now, we like it!Sole issue: not all mattresses fit. We bought an oversize mattress and it fit with sheets and a breathable bumper -but without it the mattress moved a little bit and that freaked me out a bit (I had just taken a class of SIDS and the nurse told her that the mattress must absolutely fit snugly).So… Overall great crib but why the heck would the company not make this crib standard size??

Sharron Ithaca, MI

Unnecessary space

I purchased this crib for my grandchild and it has performed well until last evening. My grand daughter who is now 17 mos old got her leg wedged in the space between the top rail and the slats. Fortunately, my daughter heard her crying and went right in to check on her, and found her leg stuck in the space. It took both her mother and father to get her loose, and fortunately she did not injure her leg. I am shocked that more parents have not complained about this situation. I believe this space should be considered very dangerous as the child grows. This baby is not ready for the toddler bed conversion yet and I would like to know if there is some way to fix this crib to ensure this child’s safety.

Tamara Hockley, TX

Fairly easy to assemble and no scratches so far…

Great crib so far.It was easy to assemble for the most part. Getting the little pellet shaped nuts into the pre-drilled holes and lined up to accept the screws was a fight against gravity at some points since the directions and physics make you have to assemble things where the nut had to go into a hole the was facing the floor. But with 2 people working together (one just holding things together waiting for screws), it worked out ok. I think it would be really tough to do this with one person. Crib is sturdy once assembled. Not any sort of shifting or creaking when sliding it around on the carpet to position it where we wanted it.For those of you who are worried about what mattress to get…I have the answer for you. We got theSafety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress, White. It is a 100% perfect fit. Snug against the sides of the crib on every side. Good thickness, and good level of firmness. Waterproof cover, etc… Anyway, back to the crib.No scratches so far…which seemed to be a complaint some people had.We currently have the spring frame at the highest level. I can see that it might be a chore to lower it in the future since the spring frame was put in before the front of the crib was attached…… Unscrewing it and then reattaching might be an acrobatic act with the front attached the whole time…Also, I noticed that it seems most of the bad reviews talked about how the front horizontal rail is a death trap where the kid gets an arm or leg stuck in there while trying to climb out. Seriously people, see that as what it really is. It is an anti-escape system 😉 Once your kid gets stuck in there once, they will not try to escape again. Added benefit. Hahahaha.

Alison Wymore, NE

Beautiful, solid crib – but can’t be side-carred

Baby #4 is due in a few weeks and we just assembled this today.I think my biggest concern (ordering site unseen) was the scattered reviews that said a normal mattress didn’t fit the crib. I have a Sealy baby mattress (probably really Kolcraft) – nothing fancy – and it fits just fine so that worry has been laid to rest. Maybe some people had wonky cribs or wonky mattresses, I don’t know.My other big concern was how solid is the crib. I had a crib collapse on one of my daughters – luckily she was not hurt, but she was stuck by her neck which is not something I ever want to experience again. What happened with that crib was one of the bolt plugs that the mattress support screws into popped out of the wood. It was a drop side crib, but not exactly a drop side issue. Still, I am sure the extra wiggle of a drop side crib added to the plug working lose. For the record – I think drop sides CAN be made safely. The problem is nowadays things are being made CHEAPLY – which is the real issue. This crib is not a drop side, so it is super solid to begin with. Then at each corner of the mattress, rather than a single bolt plug (sorry, I don’t know the wood working term but you know it if you see it!) is a strip of metal with 4 holes, held in with 3 screws – which seems MUCH more secure to me than one single bolt plug. This crib DOES NOT move when you shake it.I’m a little concerned about the gap between the two top rails that some have mentioned their kid getting stuck in. Truth to tell we’d have gone with Kalani to skip that issue if Kalani was available in natural – but everything else we own is natural and I really wanted natural so I am going to hope that is not a problem for is – or if it is it is something the child does once and learns not to do again. Time will tell. There are covers you can tie on to prevent this if needed.The wood IS on the softer side – I am hoping having it in natural will make scratches less apparent. We live in an 80+ year old house, so I’m used to things having “character.” None of my other kids have been crib chewers so I am not too concerned about that being a problem – if it is there are covers you can buy (the same ones to prevent the arm wedging).I love that it comes WITH a real toddler bar – none of this take a side off and call it a toddler bed when it’s not, or having to order the toddler bar as an extra piece for a LOT of money. That’s just baloney. LOVE that this includes it.OK all that said. It’s gorgeous. It went together fairly easily (though I was surprised at how many pieces it came in – but I managed to get it all together myself except for the mattress support, even 9 months pregnant with 3 kids under foot). The price is nice. It’s SOLID. There is one thing I hate about it, though. The curvey fronts make it very hard to side-car against an adult bed, which was my plan with this crib. There is a BIG gap. I don’t like this at all. So it’s possible for the first year we might put one of my twins in this crib in toddler mode, and sidecar her current crib to our bed – or I might devise some sort of sling to go between this crib and our bed to close the gap (would also prevent the crib from sliding away – we have hardwood floors and the crib moves very easily). I’m not annoyed enough by the problem to pack the crib back up and ship it back, but I wish I had gotten a crib with a flat front. If you’re planning to side-car, keep looking. If you want a gorgeous solid crib and don’t care so much about that, this one should do nicely.But stick with natural, since it scratches somewhat easily. And because natural looks nicest anyway, LOL. (I think I am out of the loop here, espresso and cherry seem to be the current trend in nursery furniture… but I just love the look of real wood myself)

Maura Kenmare, ND

DaVinci Emily 4 in 1 Crib

This is the second DaVinci Emily 4 in 1 Crib I’ve owned. My second child is on the way. I was happy with the first one so I ordered another one for my second child.My son has only used it as a crib, for now, but as a crib it was easy to assemble, sturdy and safe.The only minor concern is in the inside corners are these small metal plates that hold two pieces together. They are almost flush with the wood and do not have any sharp edges, but it is just thin strip of metal surface that my son could bonk his head on versus bonking his head on the wood which is a bit more forgiving. My son moves around a lot while sleeping and sometimes his head ends up pressed up against one of these corners. Again, no injuries, but if there was some way to not have these there that would be an improvement.But still 5/5 stars!

Cynthia Davis, WV

Great Crib!

This is a beautiful crib and it is well worth the price. it was easy to put together. It took my husband and I less than 2 hours. It looks great in the nursery and we are really happy with it.

Leann Voss, TX

Beautiful. Sturdy. Scratches pretty easily.

We got this crib in “Natural.”I’ve got to say, it’s a beautiful crib that is pretty much the focal point in the nursery. It’s sturdy, even if it does tend to scratch easily – the only thing I was tempted to deduct a star for.The fact that it’s convertible… well, we haven’t gotten quite that far yet, but it’s very nice to know that we won’t need to spend any more when the time comes.

Lorene Stanwood, WA

Love this crib.

My dad and brother assembled this beautiful crib for me just a few days after my son was born and they said it was a breeze to put together. We’ll see how it fares over the next couple of years, but so far so good. My son is too young to have an opinion yet. So far I’m very happy with it.Update, 12/2010: We’ve been using the crib for over a year now and it’s still awesome. The soft wood has been a little irritating, especially when my son wanted to try using the crib as a teething toy. But the crib is now showing any signs of wear. Still very happy with this purchase.

Geneva Byron, CA

Just perfect

This is a superb crib. I am very happy withthe color, apearance and even the quality. It took 1 hour for us to assemble it. Very easy. Nice directions. Perfect crib.

Eddie Gordon, TX

Exactly what is pictured

Love this crib! Very sturdy, easy to put together (my husband put it together while I was in bed). Bought this and the matching changing table–they’re very sharp looking, good quality and I have NO regrets. Some people say the wood scratches easily but we have not found this to be the case. I have no doubt our little baby boy will love it when he gets here too!

Amber Nemaha, IA

Lovely crib. Does scratch easily.

This is a great crib at a great price. Assembly instructions could have been a little clearer but nothing unmanageable. It also does ding/scratch easily, so giving it 4 stars. The honey oak color is lovely.

Mayra Ionia, MO

DaVinci Emily 4in1 Convertible Crib, Natural

I’m giving this product 4.5 stars. This was part of my baby registry that was gifted to me. I chose the DaVinci Emily convertible mainly because of the wood finish as I had pre-existing furniture that I had planned to used in the nursery. I love the overall design of the crib as a whole compared to traditional cribs. And given how cribs have come so far along in terms of functionality and adaptability, convertible cribs are great as I do not want to spend additional money as my daughter grows up so it’s always nice to save money wherever available.The size of the crib is very good – not sure if it’s standard but it looks roomy and spacious without being overdone. I haven’t had some of the issues as some of other reviewers where there were damage or existing nicks and dents when the product arrived. Mine came in pristine condition, secured with each part wrapped carefully and packaged neatly. The only nick I got came really from me putting it together. LOL!The one con is that the wood is “soft” like others mentioned but isn’t a problem as I have a big fluffy blanket over most of railing, which was suggested by my mother-in-law to prevent any biting later. The instructions that came with the crib wasn’t frustrating like some customers have mentioned. It did take some time to assemble the crib on my own as my husband was out of the country at the time of delivery even though the estimated delivery date sent to me was a lot later – no complaints on the early arrival though!!! It took me a total of 3 hours to assemble the whole thing given I was near my third trimester and have some extra baggage to maneuver around. =p Overall, I love the crib and am very satisfied with the product. <(^.^)>

Tabatha Nicholasville, KY

Missing instruction and parts. Packing is not good

Missing parts : (4)x Post rackets and (12)x wood screws 5/8″ in the package.Document: missing instruction . It is donwloaded from internet. Not sure instruction downloaded is most updated.Package is not packed carefully. Tape wrapping around box looks old.

Mercedes Lady Lake, FL

Not safe for a climbing toddler

Bought this for our 23 month old son who fit it perfectly before now. He is a little guy for his age but loves to climb. We noticed he uses his foot to stick it under the opening of the front rail and it gets stuck. I wonder if he was left alone his leg would get stuck. Going to write manufacture for now we have to figure out something else for him for the crib is already at the lowest setting. Finish chips easy.

Leslie Dumont, CO

Good crib, great price = GOOD CHOICE!

I purchased this crib after researching the Consumer Reports research on cribs. This particular crib earned CR selection as RECOMMENDED, which definitely got my attention as they tested every aspect of it for safety and usefulness. The crib is fairly easy to install, although you might probably need the help of a second person. Million Dollar Baby (The Manufacturer) takes fair measures to protect the item while shipping. My personal experience was that some of the parts came in scratched or cracked. I contacted the Company and they sent a replacement that took WAY TOO LONG (like 3 weeks), only to ALSO arrived scratched!! I couldn’t wait anymore so I decided to use the less scratched part since my baby boy was about to be born and I wanted everything to be ready. As far as construction goes, this crib seems pretty sturdy (if you install it correctly). I love the fact that this crib can be used by your baby basically all his life living in your house, as it can change to a full size bed! It is a very good investment because you have a crib, a toddler bed and a full size bed in one. It comes with all the parts needed for use as a crib and toddler bed; for the full size bed you have to buy the conversion rail kit which sells for around $90 here on Amazon. I like the fact that an Entity as Consumer Reports backs it up, because they test every item to the fullest extent possible in every possible aspect; so if they recommend it, that gives me peace of mind that the item should be safe and good quality (although as a responsible parent you should always keep a watchful eye and check everything twice). Recommended.

Candace Elizabethtown, NY

Sturdy and beautiful….but scratches easily

The crib came in a package which was not so good … One of the crib leg had a scratch when opened but it was on the bottom side so i didnt care much. Assembly was not that difficult but you need two persons to get it fixed properly. Also it has washers to be used with all the screws u put in..which is not mentioned in the instructions. It comes with the toddler rail as described. Be careful not to scratch any part while fixing it as it is very soft wood. The crib looks beautiful and is very sturdy. It has gaps on the bar at both sides which u need to take care of when ur baby starts to climb on them.Overall satisfied with this crib.

Bonnie Van Tassell, WY

Crib and matching Emily mattress not a perfect fit!

I bought this crib because of its great reviews on Consumer Reports and got the matching mattress because I figured that because they match there won’t be a fit issue. WRONG! A few weeks after my son started to sleep in it, I noticed a 1.25″ gap on the left/right side of the crib between the mattress and the crib slats. I wrote an email to the company and showed them photos of this gap. Their solution? They sent me ANOTHER Emily crib. Well, my husband I put it together to discover (gasp!) it still had a 1.25″ gap!! I emailed the company again and got a phone call from one of their product managers. He looked up the measurements of the crib and told me that there’s a certain allowable gap between the mattress and crib and the Emily crib is on the higher end of the allowable gap size. I have to admit, Million Dollar Baby did a great job with customer service. He apologized that there was a gap and offered me their Kalani bed instead for free, which does not have a gap according to the crib measurements. However, with one crib upstairs and another disassembled downstairs, I wasn’t about to have them send me a third crib! So I declined. They had FedEx pick up the crib they sent over. Bottom line: know that this crib will have a gap with the Emily mattress. I stuffed three rolled up receiving blankets in the gap, just in case. Although I love the crib–the design, the sturdiness–I am disappointed to find out about this gap. I was always under the impression that the mattress should fit snugly on all sides in the crib. Buyer beware.

Mable Clarence, LA

Very Easy to Scratch/Dent Wood

While the crib is pretty and very convenient to be able to go from crib to toddler bed to full size bed, its largest con is that is it VERY EASY to scratch or dent wood which is very soft. I have to tighten up the screws occasionally because they seems to work themselves loose somehow but bed is sturdy when everything is tightened. The bolts that came with the bed to install toddler rails were too short (1 3/8"). I sent an e-mail to their customer service dept. advising them of that issue and they responded within a week and sent me some 1 3/4" bolts that worked perfectly.

Mattie Silvana, WA


We bought this for our daughter’s nursery a year ago. My husband had it assembled fairly quickly, and it looks beautiful! The color is great, too. Our daughter is now 11 months old and pulls herself up with the bar in front but I’ve had no problems with her getting her arms stuck or anything. It is a great crib and great quality. I will definitely buy another one like this when we have another baby.

Deidre Waynesboro, PA

Great Crib for Price

We researched cribs very carefully and decided to go with the one rated highest on the Consumer Reports list. So far, we are very happy with it. Yes, the finish is scratchable. It is a soft wood, pine, and pine scratches no matter what is done with it. Considering that the crib is priced under $300 for a convertible style, the value is still outstanding for many years of use. If scratching is a major issue, the lighter colored finishes are better since they won’t show the scratches as much. Also, a simple wood finish marker can fill-in any scratched off spots.This crib was pretty easy to put together. I think it took me a total of 3 hours, factoring in that I’m 8 months pregnant. My husband did have to come and help me with tightening the bolts periodically. We had trouble with only 1 bolt not wanting to tighten but found that when we flipped the nut around to the other side, the bolt tightened with no problems. We did not need to purchase longer bolts as some reviewers have done.After assembly, the crib was VERY sturdy and I feel secure in putting our little one to sleep in it. The only suggestion I have is to measure your doorways. This crib is wider than our doorways so I assembled it directly in the baby’s room. If you have hard floors, I would recommend adding some sort of felt pads underneath the feet so your floor and/or crib legs stay protected longer.

Lillie Junction City, OR

Beautiful and sturdy

Although we bought it last July 2012, we just set it up this month for our growing baby. Her cradle was the same color, so the transition to the new crib was easy.Set-up: My husband started it and was having a difficult time matching the right washers and pegs, etc and he was using a drill. The wood is very “sensitive” and gets scratched easily. (We just used a magic marker to cover those minor scratches). Nothing is perfect. Since hubby was tired and then got sick, and I had been waiting for the crib to be ready to use for weeks, I finally took over while he and baby slept. I used a small hand tool (as recommended in one of the instruction papers) and was able to finish it after a total of two hours.Overall, we are very pleased with this product. We love how it looks and how sturdy it is. Hopefully it will last us a while for our future little ones…And our daughter loves how spacious her crib is (compared to her itty bitty cradle!).

Inez Dublin, NH

Very Sturdy, Great Price

This crib is very sturdy and a great deal. I ended up purchasing this crib because of the high marks it received on Consumer Reports. It has not disappointed. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the stain scratches very easily. When we got the crib, we were missing one of the screws for assembly. We contacted DaVinci and they shipped us a new one immediately. We had a very pleasant experience with their customer service team. We have the crib, changing table, and dresser from this set and they all seem to be high quality for the money. If I ever needed to buy another crib I would not hesitate to purchase this model again.

Tracie Kaukauna, WI

Looks good, sturdy, good quality wood

The crib looks better than several high end cribs ont he market. The pine wood is excellent quality and is sturdy. It was bigger than I expected it to be. We purchased Sealy ultra baby Rest mattress which is a perfect fit for this crib. We did not find any problem with gaps that we read in other reviews. It was fairly easy to put together too, took an hour. Requires 2 people to assemble.

Doretha Elmendorf, TX


slight “new furniture” smell, but i trust davinci and their “eco-friendly” brand. not strong enough to have to air out the small nursery. great style, not hard to put together. great choice, love this crib!

Concetta Orlando, OK

Good Quality, Solid Crib

We bought this crib to replace our old drop side crib and it is made really well and super sturdy. I would recommend this to anyone. My favorite part is that it is low enough to the ground that I can sit on the floor and pat my daughters back with my arm through the slats. This was an excellent purchase.

Emilie Danville, IN

Much better than Storkcraft Crib– 24 months later still happy!

We purchased it in Ebony— very nice black color!This is one item I wish we waited to purchase. We purchased a Storkcraft (chelsea) crib before our child was born. He was in that crib for a few months. There was a recall on the drop-down slide of the crib. We returned the crib, thankfully target took it back. We bought this crib instead. Our child is now 6 months old and I feel much safer putting him in this crib versus a storkcraft crib. First and foremost, million dollar baby company has NEVER had a recall on cribs. Secondly, all parts are metal (storkcraft had a few parts that were made out of wood that were questionable how well they would hold up). This crib HAS a box spring! There are NO wooden slates like the storkcraft Chelsea crib we owned. My child feels more comforable in this crib–we are using the same mattress. For the past three months my child has been rolling over. In this crib for some reason it seems to have more space. He seems to NOT have his arms/legs stuck in this crib as much as the storkcraft even though he is more mobile now. Overall, I would NOT trust any drop down slide after reading about the recalls on them with storkcraft. This product is perfect and sturdy and does take a while for my husband and I to put together. The storkcraft was much easier to put together. But this crib seems to have been made and shipped a lot nicer! The finish seems to hold up much better as well. Overall, I wish I bought this crib to begin with. We love the fact that as our child gets older, we can move the box spring down 4 times versus only two times with strokcraft crib. Really the drawer doesn’t bother me to much. I am just happy he is in safer crib. Also, I would not suggest a pregnant person putting this together with or without a spouse. It is very HEAVY!!UPDATE– My child has been in the toddler bed now (which came with the crib no extras to buy) — My child still loves this crib even at 14 months when we first put him in the toddler bed. We had to convert it early because he loved climbing out of the crib. He has been adjusting very well and has not fallen out of the bed with the little rails for the toddler conversation. I am very happy and pleased with this crib/toddler bed. A lot of my friends love the fact that once my child feels like being in a day bed just take the rail off and it’s done. I would still till this day purchase this crib. I am very pleased with this product (side note — and my child has slept on the sealy mattress from day one out of the hospital all the way for 17 months now.) Great product!UPDATE– 24 months old- Still using it! Some friends are envious as they can not seem to find a buyer for there drop down slide cribs as they have been recalled. Plus they are spending money on a toddler bed, this one comes with the railings no need to buy a toddler bed! This is the best baby item I believe I purchased! Do NOT but a used crib! I would highly recommend this. We have moved long distance twice and it’s holding up very well. My child still sleeps in his bed even in new homes! I would still buy this item again if need be along with a sealy mattress.UPDATE- 36 Months – We are no longer using this item. Our child seemed uncomfortable in a small toddler bed. We have upgraded to a full size bed (smaller than a queen but much larger than a twin mattress) Even though we have upgraded our ever growing child I feel as if this crib lasted well beyond my expectations. Additionally if we decided to have another child I would feel safe leaving an infant in this crib. I would strongly suggest this purchase for a growing family.

Melody Carbondale, CO


We received our Emily crib within 4 days and absolutely love it! I was nervous about it matching the furniture in her room because we got it from another company and manufacturer. you can never be sure if the color of the item is the way it looks online, but this one matched PERFECTLY! I was so elated when I saw it put together. It took hubbie a little time to put it together but once he finished we fell in love. not only is it pretty, but its super duper sturdy! I mean, its solid as a rock and feels unshakable – which is good. i hope she gets alot of use out of this convertible crib. i appreciate the item and amazon.com for having it available. Oh, i only gave it 4 stars because she hasn’t used it yet – needs sheets first. Once she sleeps on it for a few days, maybe I will come back and update my review. For now…AWESOME CRIB and WORTH EVERY PENNY! Yes!!!!

Yvette Eastover, SC