DaVinci Full Size Conversion Rail Kit – Natural

DaVinci Full Size Conversion Rail Kit – Natural

Let baby grow up with us.  Convert your crib into a full sized bed with these wooden bed rails. To use with Anastasia (M7801), Emily (M4791), Jamie (M7301), Kalani (M5501), or Richmond Crib (M2401). Also with your Annabelle Mini Crib (M5998), Emily Mini Crib (M4798), Kalani Mini Crib (M5598), Kalani Crib and Changer (M5591), or Elizabeth II Toddler Bed (M0810).

Main features

  • Conversion kit fits Annabelle Mini Crib, Emily Crib, Emily Mini Crib, Kalani Crib, Kalani Mini Crib, Kalani Crib and Changer (except for cherry finish), White Parker Crib, White Reagan Crib, Richmond Crib, Tyler Nursery Set
  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • Full-size mattress sold separately
  • Full-size box spring sold separately
  • Max weight: 500 lbs
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Still in the box.

DaVinci Full/Twin Size Conversion Rail Kit – CherryI bought one for each of the matching cribs I bought. Both are still in their boxes. babies are still too small.Should be a great set up.

Joann Graceville, FL

Great workmanship

We haven’t actually used this yet, but purchased it for my daughter’s crib along with purchasing the crib. Like the crib itself, the kit looks sturdy and well-made. It comes with all the necessary attachments.

Ilene Lily Dale, NY

Arrived fine, great matching color

We have not used the rails yet, it will be awhile, for now they are basement bound. This item arrived undamaged, no scratches or marks on the finish. Hardware was nicely bagged up and taped to inside of box. The two rails “match” each other (in that there is not some major variation in the color of finish). I will update further if there are any major issues.

Angie Waverly, KS

Functional but…

These rails turned the bed into a full size bed… but as others mentioned, you still need a support system. First we thought that a box spring would be sufficient, but it wasn’t. The whole set (box and mattress) fell to the floor while my son was in bed….I just ordered a metal support system from[…]. Hopefully it will do the trick. I really like the full bed and I want it to work out….Here’s the link for the support system. Hopefully it will help somebody…[…]

Myra East Hickory, PA

does the job

We ordered one kit to convert my daughter’s crib into a full-size bed. It’s easy to assemble and it looks good. You do need a spring box or some sort of slatted bed base to support a mattress. After stacking a spring box and a mattress, the bed is higher than what I’d prefer but we can live with that.

Silvia Highland Park, IL

Solid, Affordable Crib

We needed an affordable, convertible crib — this one meets that requirement. It’s very pretty put together, it’s solid, and was not difficult to assemble. It’s a bonus that it comes with the toddler rail – not all convertible cribs do. We also ordered the conversion kit now, so we have it when we need it.

Christie Russell, AR

Work well; Used a mattress board

It seemed people were commenting about needing slats or issues with the rails once the crib was converted to a bed. I converted into a full size bed. But, so the height wouldn’t be too much for my 2yro son, I explored options to just use a mattress. The mattress company have this special board that fits perfectly and does NOT require any additional support. It’s like a box spring, but only a flat version. It was about $70…it is a fantastic choice to keep the mattress on well and in place. So, I have had NO issues with the rails. Now, the instructions and getting the crib changed were a different story. The crib instructions were a little better than what came with the rails. And, these do seem a little higher priced than they seem they should. I’m happy though.

Lara Grove Hill, AL

GREAT rails. no need for slats!

I was thinking I would have to go purchase slats after reading some of the reviews on here, however, the rails have the normal standard lip you expect on rails and then there is a piece of wood attached that hangs over far enough that the boxsprings will not fall through…SO, you do NOT need slats!!The hardware that came with it was EXACTLY what was needed and it went together in a few minutes! (note: they use the SAME bolts and barrel locks as the mini crib so if you lose something you already have it.My 2yr old LOVES his new “big boy” bed!!It is also VERY sturdy! I sat on his bed last night as he went to sleep in his new bed for the first time and there were no creaks etc.!

Chris Waterville, KS

Fantastic Transformation!

One of the bolts was just a touch difficult to get in place, but once that was done, the transformation of the crib into a beautiful bed was complete. Honestly, our son’s bed is now nicer than our own bed, no joke. The only reason I did not give 5 starts was the difficulty of putting the one bolt in place, which I read that some other people had similar difficulty.

Shelby Saint Germain, WI

Appear to be as described

These were purchased to go with our crib. Ordered now in case not available at later date. Once used will update review. They appear solid.

Bette Polk, OH

incomplete product

We would have gladly paid an extra 100 dollars to get a proper bed frame/rail kit. The reality is that without a lot of modification and time (and money) you don’t have a bed that you can cuddle your little one safely. So three stars go to the materials for the rails, but we ended up having to build the cross supports so that we could get up there too. They say something silly that without the extra work that it’s rated for 150 pounds or something silly like that – so again, without the work, how would a double bed last a child growing up? The concept is solid, which is why we bought the crib to start with, but with the execution challenge to make the bed a double is that our next bed (we have two of these cribs) we will not be doing the transition but going directly to a proper bed, selling the crib as is.

Theresa Sesser, IL


Easily assembly, high quality. We purchased these rails for the full-size conversion and they were quickly installed and set up. Wood is exactly the same color as the crib.

Selina Prather, CA

Very pleased

Purchased this 4 years after purchase of DaVinci crib. Relatively easy to put together; took my husband and I about 45 minutes. Wanted to make sure everyone knows you must have a box spring with this bed frame. Mattress will not be supported otherwise and in addition, you will lose your warranty on the mattress if not supported properly. We purchased a low-profile box spring (cuts about 3 inches from regular one) and my 3 1/2 year old can just barely pull herself up on it. So she will use a step stool for another few months. It’s a beautiful bed frame for a child’s room.

Liz Cross Plains, IN

“Kit” is incomplete

When I purchased the kit, I did understand from other reviews as well as the picture, that this "kit" simply consists of two rails. As previous reviewers had recommended we too went to Home Depot and got five 6" thick slats cut to 52" width to provide support for a box spring and mattress.Granted that cost us only ~$20 but it was something that should have been included in this kit saving customers time,effort and additional charge considering that they are already paying quite a hefty sum for two rails.After my son was born, I recommended the Da Vinci Kalani crib to two other friends but definitely will not be doing so in the future! And when looking to buy a second crib for new baby, I will definitely look at other convertible crib options which do include the complete kit and slats in the price of the crib itself!(Hint: check Costco)

Vicky Bee, VA

Easy to do!

It took a little figuring since there were minimal instructions, but we were able to easily convert our daughter’s crib into a full bed. As some reviews have noted, you either need to use a box spring or buy a slatted base separately for this bed to work for you. We use a box spring and while a little high initially, our daughter has gotten used to her "big girl bed" just fine. It’s only been a few months but the bed has proven to be extremely durable. Opting for a convertible crib was a great decision :)As a side note, although our DaVinci crib is no longer manufactured, we added these rails to our registry back before our daughter was born so when the time came, we would have the right thing needed to convert her bed. I suggest anyone considering a DaVinci convertible crib do the same – it will save you trouble later!

Nan Logan, AL