DaVinci Kalani 4 -Drawer Baby Dresser – Cherry

DaVinci Kalani 4 -Drawer Baby Dresser – Cherry

Complete your coordinated nursery with the Kalani 4 Drawer Dresser. Pairing perfectly with the Kalani 4-in-1 Crib, the Kalani Dresser features the same modest, classic style. The dresser’s four smooth, spacious drawers open and close effortlessly thanks to metal glide hardware. Stop mechanisms help ensure your child’s safety by keeping drawers from being pulled all the way out. As baby grows, this 4 drawer dresser’s ample storage space is enough to last beyond the nursery years. Store safely, smartly, and in style with Kalani.

Main features

  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • Meet ASTM international safety standards
  • 4 sturdy drawers
  • Metal drawer glides
  • Anti-tip kit included
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Great baby dresser

Great dresser. We have the matching crib and changing table/dresser combo as well. For a low-to-mid-priced dresser, the quality is good. It does take an hour or two to assemble, so allow some time and patience, but it’s no worse than any other self-assembly furniture like Ikea or anything else.

Edwina Bethel Island, CA

Good for the price

I think this item is a great deal for the price. Yes, you have to assemble it, but it wasn’t too hard. My only complaint is that none of the pieces were marked, so you had to match up the pieces to the poorly drawn pictures on the instructions. My husband and I were still able to assemble in about an hour.We just started using this, so I cannot comment on whether it “lasts”, but it hasn’t fallen apart yet and seems durable.

Violet Smelterville, ID

Looks Cute but BAD quality!

I am not really happy with this dresser at all. When it shows up, it is really in like a billion pieces. I love putting together furniture so it isnt a big deal but this dresser is basically broken down to everything. When you finish putting together the dresser the first time, you are not going to be happy b/c the drawers are not going to fit and are going to be not leveled at all. No matter what. Then you are going to go back a few steps and unassemble and find out the entire time that the supports makes the entire dresser uneven making the drawers uneven.So you are going to have to take all the supports off and find out that you will have to just use the backboard instead to support the dresser evenly. so the whole thing is….DO NOT USE THE SUPPORTS AT ALL. They make the dresser uneven, which in turns makes the drawers not level. Also the drawers are poorly made as well. very bad quality. they can come apart at any time, no matter how tight the ‘screws’ are. I am not happy with the dresser. I finally have everything together but if i was to recommend this to a friend, i would definitely NOT recommend it.

Madeline Collinston, UT

Sturdy but tedious.

We just finished assembling this piece of furniture. It’s right along what I expected to get. The instruction manual could use some more detail, but studying the diagrams we were able to figure it out. Two of the bolts for attaching the bottom base to the rest of the dresser were poorly designed. We left them off because you would have had to take the bottom drawer track off to get the bolt to screw in. I don’t think it is going to matter structurally though, because there are four other bolts holding it together.A few of the drawers were a little wobbly until the drawer bottom was secured in place. I thought that was one area that could be improved, the drawer construction.Overall, still a solid piece of furniture. It will probably last as long as the crib/bed does, and that’s what we were looking for in our purchase.

Myrna Dawn, MO

Good for the money

It is good for the cost, but very light weight!!! I am sure the children will have no problem destroying it when they are older!!!

Ivy Garrettsville, OH

It’s not rocket science!

Reading some of the reviews would make you a little apprehensive about having to put this dresser together. It’s really not that hard. No, the pieces aren’t labeled, but there’s no pieces that you can’t figure out which piece it is. My husband and I put this together in about an hour, while watching tv. The most time consuming part is the shelves. We used wood glue along with the given hardware on the shelves after reading other reviews.Two things Im not thrilled with: 1) the color is lighter than the matching crib and combo dresser/hutch. 2). The top of the dresser has huge spots where the staining either didn’t take or ?, but the company is sending me a new one.I have now 4 pieces of this product line, 3 of them I needed to contact customer support for replacement pieces. Combo dresser had a missing piece, hutch had a piece that is too short, and now this one with a bad stain job. The drawer faces also each appear a different color. Customer support has been very helpful in two of the cases, still waiting to hear about the missing piece. Cant dispute photos I guess. The crib was the only thing that didn’t need anything. They are really beautiful pieces, especially when you have the right parts, but they DO SCRATCH EASILY! I mean really easy! My fingernail gouged a piece while picking it up. All in all, I love the pieces… They feel sturdy and look beautiful.

Doreen Proberta, CA

good quality, but buy in store

While you might save money buying this online, the photos do not really let you see the ‘grain’ of the wood. I purchased this in ‘espresso’ which to mean means a DARK wood, and this wood is extremely grainy…if you, like me, do not like grained wood than skip this crib and choose another where you can get it in a darker/more solid color. Or definitely view it in person first!

Johanna Bebe, TX

Matchin Dresser

I got this to match my son’s crib/toddler bed. Some of it is solid wood, some of it is composite, and some of it feels like heavy cardboard. You can’t beat it for the price, but things these days just aren’t made like they used to be. It dings and dents somewhat easily. It was also missing some pieces upon arrival, so I had to wait for the company to ship the replacement parts before I could finish building it. It holds his clothes perfectly well. I have no expectation that this will last longer than 10 years though.

Vonda Fate, TX

Love it

Have the same dresser in my two year old’s room. Bought another for my second child’s room. Works great and is beautiful.

Abigail Apalachin, NY

Quality product

This is a good and solid product and was easy to put together. I would recommend this dresser. So far there are no complaints.

Tanisha Wilmot, OH


Fine craftsmanship but quite a bit overpriced.PROS:Excellent fit and finish. The screw holes were pre-marked/ predrilled with precision and had no issues with part placement.Paint is evenly applied and generously coated and will not scratch off easily. I had smeared my marker on the top surface but was easily wiped off with alcohol.The drawers lined up perfectly and no catch with repeated usage.CONS:Quite a bit overpriced. I saw similar items that cost less.Parts were not marked with letters or numbers for ease of installation. Make sure to pay close attention to detail when assembling parts of the same group (Right can easily be mistaken for Left).Screws, nails and other components are provided with the exact amount needed. No extras.SEE MY POSTED PICTURES!

Della Shelbyville, MO