DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, Cherry

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, Cherry

Award-winning and with rave reviews from experts and parents, Kalani is one of the most reliable and sought-after cribs today. Built from solid wood and with a range of conversions, Kalani Crib provides your child with a safe, stable haven, year after year. With its gentle curves and tasteful design, Kalani has won a special place in homes and hearts worldwide.

Main features

  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • Meet ASTM international and U.S. CPSC safety standards and JPMA certified
  • Lower profile crib for easy reach
  • 4 level mattress support
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


White – good sturdy, hopefully long lasting convertible crib, no scratch issues

I ordered this white crib a couple of months before my baby due date, so I could have it set up. My husband took just under 2 hours to put this together on his own, without any problems. He didn’t have any issues with the wood scratching and the pieces were in perfect condition when it was delivered.It seems very sturdy and looks good in the nursery. The wood is painted with a nice white fresh finish.There are very noticeable holes where the screws go in, but I just bought some 1/2 inch round white stickers from Walmart and stuck 2 over each hole and it covers them perfectly – I did not use screw cap covers, as they could be a choking hazard.I ordered the Sealy Baby Posturepedic Crown Jewel Mattress, which fits perfectly, without gaps round the edges. I also bought a breathable crib bumper, which with a little adjustment, fits the crib and will stop little arms and legs being stuck in the slats and also is a safer option to reduce the risk of suffocation/SIDS.Standard crib sheets from Pottery Barn (bought on sale!) fit perfectly too.The crib has potential to last a while, as it has four different height options for the mattress and also came with a toddler rail, so it can be converted into a toddler bed, without having to purchase a separate rail. I doubt we will be converting this into a full sized bed, so did not buy the additional rails.To protect the top rails of the crib from a teething baby, I bought the Leachco teething crib rail covers (2 side covers and one front cover), which come in white and can be velcroed onto the rail to protect the wood.

Lucy New London, NH

Exquisite Build and Finish!!

This is a great product. It is built from very high quality pine, and is extremely sturdy. Assembly was straight-forward and the hardware included is excellent quality as well. Our baby moves around quite a bit during sleep, and this crib does not move one bit! As a result, she sleeps very soundly at night. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Tracy Fairview, OR

absolutely beautiful and no problem with scratching

I scoured reviews to find the best crib for our baby. The Da Vinci Emily was top-rated by Consumer Reports, but this one wasn’t rated at all. The Emily and the Kalani seem very similar, and this one was rated just as well by all the online reviews, so we bought this one in espresso after months of charting out the positives and negatives of all the espresso cribs I could find.First, the positives. It took my husband and I about two hours to assemble this crib. We weren’t in a hurry, and the directions were straightforward, but it just took some time to make sure it was all put together correctly. The wood is gorgeous! It’s an absolutely beautiful espresso and matches our other espresso furniture perfectly. Everyone is stunned by how lovely this crib is!We’ve moved once with it already – had to unassemble and reassemble – which was no problem. Our daughter is not quite four months old, so I can’t vouch as to long-term wear and tear, but I lean on it often and it is totally sturdy, like you’d expect a regular bed to be. Maybe even more sturdy than a regular bed. In fact, it seems so amazingly sturdy that I’ve been tempted to climb in there with her!Now for the negatives: Oh wait, there aren’t any. I expected this crib to scratch easily because of other reviews, and so we were careful with it while putting it together, but it really hasn’t been a problem. I think there are a few small marks where the button of my pants has leaned against it, but you’d have to look close to notice and they are still the espresso color. More like indentations than scratches. This crib is most certainly heirloom quality and far exceeded our expectations. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture we own, and certainly nicer than any other cribs I’ve ever seen.Update after one year: There are still only a few small marks from jean buttons, but our little darling has left some rather visible teeth marks along the rail. We don’t mind them, but you may want to consider a protective cover when your child nears the biting age. Our daughter has probably only scraped her teeth on the thing less than ten times, but each time has left a visible mark. The crib is still incredibly sturdy, though, and we know parents who have converted theirs into a toddler bed now and said they could both sit on it with their child! Still a five-star crib in my book, despite a few teeth marks.Update after three years: We converted this crib to a toddler bed for our little girl more than a year ago. The toddler rail is not as long as I thought it would be… about one-third the length of the bed rather than one-half… which was an issue for maybe a week or two until she learned not to fall out of the bed in her sleep. Since then, though, it’s been great for the rail not to be too long, as my daughter and her little brother love to climb in and out of the bed all day long while they are playing that it is a car or house or whatever. It’s continued to be a great bed and we really haven’t had any issues with scratching. Now that it’s a toddler bed, my two children also love to hold on to the end of the bed and jump up and down… it’s a great height for them to hold on and jump up and down. Also, we’ve now tested the weight capacity many times, as I’ve often laid down on the bed (so that it’s fully supporting my weight) while tucking in my little girl at night. It’s held strong and we have certainly been glad to have such a sturdy crib and bed all this time. I expect that we will move her into a larger bed by the time she’s four, but the toddler bed would probably work until age five if it needed to.

Rachael Wilton, WI

SOOOO Hard to put together!

My husband and I put this crib together and by the time that we were done… hours later, we had marked up the wood, because we kept switching the sides. It was a major pain. However, the finished product is very pretty. The wood color is really nice, but it is very easily marked up. Our baby also put in her teeth marks on both sides of the crib. I guess it is good for the price, but we are weary of using this as a toddler bed or full size bed since we feel like it won’t hold up.

Beatrice Cameron, NC

expensive, bulky

it’s a nice crib, but it scratches easily. pine wood. would go with something harder like maple next time. shipping was ok. i don’t like the current trend of this cheap do it yourself furniture, but to keep prices down, you have to do what you have to do.

Mellisa Volin, SD

Great Crib

It looks great, very sturdy and not hard to assemble. 1 screw was missing though but we were able to buy it from lowes.

Jacqueline Pasadena, MD


looks nice but it is hard to assemble..CS was not very friendlymake sure though you have time when you start this and make sure you do it right so you dont need to call CS and ask for parts.also get the teething guard for the sides with this and put them on… the babies love to bite on the sides of this and if there is no guard on it will destroy the crib and you will find bunch of brown residue in your baby’s mouth..babies have sharp teeth and this crib is soft and paint comes off easy..use it right and be careful and it will last you a good while.. we had ours for 3 years by now and 2 kids.final point : INSTALL IT WELL, GET THE TEETH GUARD lol——————–If you fine my reviews helpful please mark it as so.. Thank you.

Gena Steward, IL

scratches easily

It is soft, and it does get scratch easily.I hope the panel can get lower since we have a tall baby which stands up at 6.5month.

Tiffany Angier, NC

Beautiful and solid quality

The crib is fairly easy to put together…..the directions are not that great, but its pretty painless. The quality is beautiful and overall feels VERY sturdy and solid. We can’t wait until our little one is able to enjoy the crib….for years to come!!! Also, no dings or scratches on wood. Arrived in exceptional condition in two days.

Tracey Newborn, GA

Fit Form and Function

Only using it for a newborn at this point so time will tell on additional options. I own other convertible cribs for my other children(older now) however and they have lasted much abuse.-I’d say the color is pretty true to the photo, it’s not really an espresso.-Assembly was great, easy, instructions are incredibly user friendly.-Packaged better than any furniture/product I’ve ever bought.It(the box) arrived destroyed, but the item was still flawless because of their packaging.

Lynda Croydon, PA

Nice, but oh, the SCRATCHES (and poor customer service from manufacturer)

I agree with other reviewers- this is a very nice crib but boy does it scratch easily (we bought cherry). It had some scratches already when we bought it, and then got some more after assembly- once when my cat jumped up on it, and another when my husband tried to rub the cat scratch, and scratched it some more with his fingernail. All in all, it’s cosmetic, but it’s a disappointment as the scratches are on the front center of the rail (and we don’t even have a baby yet).Another reviewer suggested contacting the manufacturer about scratches, and I did that- they offered to sell me a touch up pen for about $11. GEESH. The least they could do was provide that free of charge!all in all, It looks OK from a distance and is very sturdy so baby will sleep well,but I’m disappointed by the scratching and the customer service.

Shanna Turtle Creek, WV

Nice quality, but I would suggest purchasing in store

While you might save money buying this online, the photos do not really let you see the ‘grain’ of the wood. I purchased this in ‘espresso’ which to mean means a DARK wood, and this wood is extremely grainy…if you, like me, do not like grained wood than skip this crib and choose another where you can get it in a darker/more solid color. Or definitely view it in person first!

Pam Fortescue, NJ

Nice and good price!

Great product, nice stable and durable my son now is 2 years old and still use it!! I love this crib!

Lorie Earlville, IL

VERY cute, daughter chewed off paint

VERY CUTE crib – we were going for style and price, and this worked out well! The paint on the sides started to chip after my teething dauther did a number on this. We put padding around the top, but she just pulled this off and has bit/slobbered off enough paint. What can you do? Kids like to destroy things….

Della South Milford, IN


This bed was purchased for our first grandson who has not arrived yet. The only problem was when it was delivered by UPS the box and the bed was damaged. They had this bed picked up and another delivered within 2 days. Our son put the bed together and it looks so nice and sturdy. Our grandson, Autry will love it as much as his parents we hope. GREAT CHOICE 🙂

Jordan Lake Como, PA

Beautiful Crib

I ordered this crib for my son’s room and I love it! The baby isn’t here yet, but after getting the crib assembled, it seems super sturdy and is beautiful. I ordered the expresso color and it is perfect. I ordered the DaVinci Jayden changing table/dresser instead of the matching Kalani because I liked the way the Jayden looked a bit better, and the color and style match really well together. Baby is here in October and I can’t wait to test them out!

Anastasia New Berlin, IL

Beautiful crib, but scratches easily.

We installed a mobile and the paint scratched off almost immediately. The mobile hardly got any use, In fact, the crib was in our nursery and our baby slept in our room in a pack and play so I was surprised the mobile scratched the paint. Other than that it’s a great crib.

Colette Earleville, MD

Looks great! Scratches Easy!

I realize this is not a $1000 crib so I’m not expecting the best finish or the most durable wood. It’s great for the price though. I’m giving it 4 stars because it’s not the easiest to put together and because of the easy to scratch finish WHILE putting it together. The way the screws fit together makes it time consuming to construct. Could be normal for crib construction but it just seems like they could have made it easier. Took us about an hour or so. Other than that, it looks really nice and was very good price!***New Entry***One year later, baby is teething and crib is getting all chewed up. I just now realized they have crib rail protectors for teeting babies so anyone out there that wants to keep this crib looking nice I would recommend buying a crib rail protector. I didn’t realize that was an option when I bought the crib so I thought I’d tell you other new parents out there! It’ll be an extra $50 on Amazon but it’s worth it if you want to keep the crib looking nice!

Therese Roe, AR


easy to assemble. The color is as expected. I did not purchase the rails, but I do not plan to convert this to a full size bed. The additional rail to make it a toddler day bed is great, but I had to find a place to store it.

Traci Chemult, OR

Sturdy and beautiful, some faults though

Crib is gorgeous and sturdy. I really like the toddler rail – it will come in handy in no time! I wanted one that didn’t have a lowering side for safety and stability so this was a good crib for that. The sides are all stationary. Mattress height is very easy to adjust with a few bolts.Faults – finish scratches very easily. Disappointing! I was taking all the packaging off (it comes very well packaged and protected, though get yourself a BIG garbage bag for all the waste). I set the 2 side rails against the wall and something cause them to fall down. They got very dinged and scratched from that 1 little fall! Ugh! But it’s not enough for me to send it back.This crib features a nice sleigh bed look but does not “really” match the rounded top rail look of the changing table from the same set. Not the end of the world, but it would be nice if they matched better.The instructions kind of suck. You get a picture with a bunch of letters and dotted lines and that’s it. No written instructions. And the bolts and such are not sorted in a way that makes them easy to identify based on the “letter” they are represented by in the instructions. Some of the pieces of the bed are also not labeled, while others have a white sticker with their coinciding letter. So, you spend quite a bit of time cocking your head trying to sort pieces and bolts and make sure everything is facing the right direction and that you do – in fact – have the right lettered piece to go with the right dotted line in the directions. But I ultimately put it together by myself in about 2 hours and I’m due to give birth in 4 days. So, while they suck, they are not impossible directions!Overall we are really happy with the crib and glad we went with this one.

Harriett Brush Creek, TN

Wonderful bed!

I just got this bed, put it together. It’s real easy to put together, took me about 40min. It’s rock solid. The metal frame was a bit confusing, the metal hinges are not to be extended parallel to the frame but are angled upwards, then it all makes sense. I used a lever to make it all level. Espresso is a good color also.

Cindy Ontonagon, MI


I purchased the ebony colored crib and also the dresser. The wood materials seem heavy duty and the crib is very strong and well made. The option to convert from crib to toddler to full sized bed is well worth it vs having to buy three different beds. The head and foot board of the crib have a nice sleigh bed style with curves. The feet of the crib is that similar to high end expensive cribs. I would def suggest this crib to others.

Krystal Perkins, WV

Easy assembly and very high quality!

My husband is not a big fan of putting together furniture, but this crib was very easy to assemble 🙂 And it looks gorgeous, we get so many compliments! The best: this crib is toxin-free!!! So far this crib was the only one with a finish that didn’t have any toxins in it.

Thelma Poplarville, MS

Love this crib

I am glad we went with this crib – it’s just gorgeous! Love the structure, the finish, the color, everything is perfect!A few cons which maynot be of concern to many:1. Bigger than a lot of cribs because of the head and foot design .. If you have a smaller room … or the crib is a part of your bedroom, this maybe a concern.2. It doesn’t fit through a standard door. So be sure to assemble the crib in the nursery itself. I don’t know if this is an obvious one to many! But we decided to assemble this in the hall and then take it to the room – ended up disassembling the whole crib and building it again in the room! Not fun!But on the brighter side – the crib is very easy to assemble and the instructions are decent.If you are lookign for a white crib which isn’t crazy expensive – this is it!

Elvia Lexington, NE


Looks great, easy to put together. Very sturdy, and adjustable. I like its build, my wife likes its look. Consumer Reports highly recommends this product, and I now can too.

Meredith New Lexington, OH

So far, so good!

I purchased this DaVinci Kalani crib a couple of months ago in the Honey Oak color, and so far, I’m pleased with my purchase. I did a lot of research before buying a crib because my baby would be spending a lot of time in it (sleeping), and thus I wanted something sturdy and safe that would stand the test of time. I didn’t hurt that this crib is also very attractive, and the wood color matches with our nursery decor. But the real selling-points for me were on safety. This crib is made of 100% solid wood … no particleboard, MDF or engineered wood products (which often contain unhealthy chemicals used to bind the wood chips together). No need to put this crib outside to off-gas (air-out) the chemical fumes, as there usually is with furniture made of engineered wood. And per the website of Million Dollar Baby (the company that manufactures the DaVinci baby furniture line), the Kalani crib is also lead-free, contains no formaldehyde, and has a non-toxic finish. (I plan on buying a teething crib-rail protector, but it’s still reassuring to know that if my baby does somehow end up gnawing on the wood of her crib, she won’t be ingesting anything dangerous.) And all these features at a price that didn’t break the bank! I was sold.The crib turned out to be just as good in reality as it appeared online. The instructions weren’t overly-complicated, and my husband had it assembled an about 2-3 hours. (With a few breaks in-between). Once assembled, the crib felt solid and sturdy without being overly-heavy. (We’re apartment-dwellers, so we try not to purchase any piece of furniture that requires more than 2 people of ordinary strength to move it). The adjustable mattress height is an added convenience, not to mention a major back pain-preventer! And our standard-sized mattress fit in the crib without any problems whatsoever. With respect to the wood scratching, I haven’t noticed anything major. A couple of nicks of less than half-an-inch each (and those may have happened during shipping), and that’s about it. I don’t feel like I’m walking around on eggshells trying to avoid scratching the wood finish.Thus far, the Kalani crib has been very easy to own, and the safety and eco-friendly features help mom & dad sleep easier, in addition to baby. I’d definitely recommend it to any parent looking for a superior quality crib that’s not a budget-buster.

Nichole Fluvanna, TX

Easy to assemble/adjust/chew marks into sides.

I like the crib. My last crib was about 19 years ago. They have changed – a lot.It was much easier to assemble than I expected. When my son was nearing the point that I needed to lower the mattress, I was cringing at the thought. As it turned out, my grief was all for naught. Four screws out, then back. It was done.Sturdy it seems. Some thread-lock might have been a plus. It seems the sides get a little loose now and then. A simple screw driver fixes that, but you have to be alert to the potential for things getting too loose.Lastly, there are bite marks 3/4 of the way around the front and sides. Good thing these are the rails that will go away as the crib converts into a bed.I liked it so much I got a second one for my daughter who is still in a bassinet.

Meghan Keene, NH

Great packaging, solid construction, easy to put together

solid wood construction, came with extra hardware for future assembly changes to toddler bed and full size bed, clear assembly instructions with minimal number of different bolts. That last one is important unless you like sorting through 20 similar looking bolts and trying to figure out which one to use next.

Minnie Kintyre, ND

beautiful crib!

My husband and I just put our crib together and we love it. It arrived quickly and none of the pieces were damaged. We didn’t have any problems with the finish scratching and we had it together in a couple of hours. I can’t wait to use it (I’m not due until May). I will update after the little one has used it for a while!

Barbara Seibert, CO

Scratches very easy

Great crib for the price, just be aware that is scratches easy. Be careful putting it together and moving it.

Holly Corbin, VA