DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed – Honey Oak

DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed – Honey Oak

The Sleigh Toddler Bed is perfect for a first transition bed from the crib before moving to a twin or full size bed. Formaldehyde free with non toxic finish. Made with wood from sustainable forests. This bed uses a standard sized crib mattress for added convenience.

Main features

  • Finished in non-toxic multi-step painting process, lead and phthalate safe
  • Meet ASTM international safety standards
  • Lower profile crib for easy reach
  • Fits a standard crib mattress
  • Max weight toddler bed: 50 lbs
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.

Verified reviews


Excellent toddler bed for the money

For our daughter we chose not to go the convertible crib method and at about 1 1/2 she was ready to move into her first big girl bed. We went with this DaVinci and could not have been happier. It was very sturdy and stood up well to her occasional bouncing sessions and Daddy (165lbs) taking little naps with her. Now that she’s 3 1/2 years we are ready to move her into her a single bed so we can use her crib mattress for her brother. Had he not come along this toddler bed could easily have been used up until she was 5 or 6.

Mabel Urbandale, IA

Matches DaVinci mini crib

Holds adult weight. Terrific value. We purchased organic mattresses to go along with it. It matches the DaVinici mini crib.

Antionette Chiloquin, OR

Daughter loves it!

Sleigh Toddler Bed – OakMy husband and I recently purchased this bed in oak for our 26 month old daughter. It was time for her to have a “Big Girl Bed” that wasn’t quite full-sized, but still gave her the ability to get in and out on her own.We’re thrilled with the quality of the bed. My husband was able to put it together in a reasonably short period of time (about an hour from unpacking to clean-up)–and came with all the tools necessary to put it together. Aligning all the slats can be a bit of a pain because you have to put all 10 together on one side, and then attempt to put the other side on without them falling out or slipping out of place; other than that it went together fine and all the pieces fit together without any problem.It fits a standard sized crib mattress (not included), and the bottom slats provide enough stability for the mattress so that even my eight year old has been able to throw her weight on it (although I did tell her not to do it again). So regular wear and tear from your toddler getting in and out shouldn’t be an issue.I like that it is light enough so I can easily move it around, but it is sturdy and heavy enough that it doesn’t budge when she gets in and out. There is also enough room between the mattress and floor that you can easily swoop your arm around to remove lost toys that inevitably make their home under there.I was worried about the sharp corner on the guard-rail, with good reason. My daughter has bumped her head on it a few times (I have no clue how), so we drape a large sherpa blanket over it and the mattress to add some padding–plus it gives a little extra protection for the sheet should she wet through her diaper. That seemed to do the trick. Other than that, there don’t seem to be any other downsides to the bed.And the best part is our daughter fell in love with it, and enjoys going to bed in it (well, she isn’t exactly running to go to bed; but she wasn’t afraid of it at all, and actually enjoys taking ownership of it). I definately recommend this as a transitional bed for your toddler who isn’t ready for a full-height bed. The quality is great and the price is reasonable.

Ruthie Monticello, MN


Great bed! Transitioned my 2yr old daughter to this bed after her crib and we LOVE it! She does too! She was so excited to have her first real bed and wanted to go to bed right away when she saw it! It is rich in color, very well done and sturdy. I sit on it (150lbs) often and I have layed down with her a few times with no problems! She sometimes walks on the bars supporting the bed underneath when we remove the mattress for linen changes (she is 38lbs) and they hold her. The standard crib mattress fits snugly right into this frame with no problem. We actually purchased a memory foam padding (twin size) and cut it to fit her crib mattress and encased in a mattress covering. Crib mattresses are so hard and we really wanted her to have comfort now that she is old enough to not have a hard mattress. All this fits great in this bed. The bars are great keeping her from rolling out of bed. I usually find her backed up against them while sleeping so glad they are there. My only gripe is that we had the davinci crib which was supposed to convert to a toddler bed but did not work out so we had to buy this product. Anyway…glad we did because it is perfect for her. Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed!

Rae Brooklet, GA

Great Quality, Easily Assembled

Bed came well packaged (box is heavy). Espresso color is beautiful, bed is made of quality durable products. There were a few "nicks" on a couple of the pieces the mattress rests on, but since they will be covered, I didn’t mind. Easy enough for one adult and a very helpful two year old to assemble in a half hour or so (although a second set of hands would have made it even faster/easier). Our existing crib mattress fit PERFEs very durable! Our existing crib mattress fit PERFECT.

Carlene Argyle, MN

Came defective BUT…….

I opened this bed up to assemble it and noticed right away that the Oak finish on one part was defective, it looked like there was excess finish that dried on there from the company.The reason why I’m still giving this bed 5 stars is because this company is amazingly fantastic, I called them up and explained the defect and they are sending replacement parts, no questions asked and no hassle.I still set this bed up in the meantime, it is extremely easy to assemble, looks fantastic despite that one area and I highly recommend this toddler bed!I really honestly believe that my bed being defective with the finish is not the norm.

Wanda Halifax, MA

Would be even better if she slept in it.

Bought this for my DD at 15 mo cuz she was climbing out of her crib on the reg. We are still transitioning her in to it but i think it’s cute. It came well packaged and all the pieces were present in the box. Was a little disappointed that the side rails are fixed, i wasn’t sure if they were or not. It’s pretty damn easy to put together, took me about 20 min. Solid little bed, cute and looks like the crib that we had her in. Pretty light in weight but seems sturdy. Currently she falls asleep on the floor then i pick her up and put her in it later. Hopefully she’ll figure that the bed is way more comfortable than the floor. Keeping fingers crossed.

Ruth Karluk, AK

Great bed

Would purchase again. This was for my tho year old son who is now four. We will transition him to a full bed, and give his two year old brother this bed that has held up well.

Eliza Moffat, CO

Da Vinci Sleigh Toddler Bed Cherry

I am very very happy with my purchase.The packaging could be more protective. One of the boxes was significantly damaged, but the bed was unscathed. Thank goodness!The beds were not missing any parts. Putting them together was easy for my friend who had the help of his toddler daughter and my two toddler grandkids! Regardless of his assistants, he managed to get them together in under two hours. LOLSince then the beds have proved how sturdy and well constructed they are, considering my grandson keeps attempting to move them into the living room. They have been dragged across the room and out into the hallway as fast as I put them back. Both kids have played on them, including jumping up and down! No damage at all. So I am happy and relieved to have purchased something that just may survive until they are five years old.

Greta Bath, OH

Rated only to 50 lbs. Good looking bed

Bed was somewhat easy to assemble. It took about 1 hour by myself. The slats were the most difficult to assemble, would be much easier if you had 2 to align them. Bed looks great.I don’t like that the bed is rated to only 50 lbs. That part was disappointing since I want to be able to sit on it with my child. My husband (165 lbs) did lay on it before I could tell him not to and it didn’t break, so I guess that is good but since it is rated only to 50 lbs, he won’t be doing that again!The standard crib mattress that I purchased fit perfectly. The flat sheet and comforter are hard to tuck in since you have the rails. My 20 month old can easily climb on the mattress by himself. He hasn’t fallen out of it because I haven’t had him try to sleep in it yet, still getting his big boy room ready.

Annmarie Melvin, MI


This is a great bed for a toddler. It’s easy to assemble, it’s light, solid, and it looks great! We’ve had a DaVinci crib before this bed, and that was also a very good purchase. Recommended

Gilda Whitehorse, SD

Great transitional bed! Beware the color thought …

This will be short and sweet. This is a great bed, we transitioned our 18 month old daughter to it from her crib with relative ease. It’s very low to the ground so you don’t have to worry too much about the inevitable falls out of the bed.The only reason I don’t give it a full 5 stars is because we ordered the “natural” color, because (in addition to the picture) we thought it was the “natural” all other furniture colors depict, that being like a light maple. This is way more of a yellow than a “natural”. So instead of using an existing dresser that now will not match, we’ll have to find a more yellow-ey one that does.Aside from that, woulday give it 5 stars. Easy to put together, light … easy to move around. Great value, and would highly recommend to any parent looking to transition their toddler out of a crib.

Latisha Wallpack Center, NJ

Nice bed!

I really like this bed, so does my 2 year old!! It’s beautiful and seems to be a good quality product.The ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars is because there is NO WAY I could sit on the bed and read my little girl a bed time story. I realize this bed is for toddlers and is built accordingly. But I would like to be able to sit next to her and read or rub her back to calm her down. On the other hand, it is pretty close to the floor-which is where you have to sit to comfort your little one..

Ginger Holderness, NH

Nice Quality at good Price Point

Was much better construction than I thought it would be. Pretty darn solid and the regualr size crib fit right in with no gap. My 2.5 year old daughter was very excited to see her new bed and so far I’ve sat on it (130#s) without issue but wouldn’t trust it with very much more weight….So far the sides have been adequate at keeping her in but this is not her full time bed at home this is at Grandmas house so we don’t use it full time however we if we buy a toddler bed for home it will be this model. There was no chemical smell and my FIL said it took him under an hour to put it together and my MIL says hes not the best at that stuff so if he can do it quickly I’m sure most people can :)…

Germaine Luray, SC

really great!

We’ve had this for a few months now and its a very nice bed! My son is 18 months and he can get in and out very easily! No niches or scrapes when we received it and it only took a week to receive it. Also we bought the sealy soybean foam mattress with it and its amazing!

Dale Hanover, KS

Decent toddler bed for price

My daughter is 3 nights into her “big girl bed” at 28 months and loves this. We got the Elmo big kid book a couple weeks beforehand from Amazon and this bed looks somewhat similar to her crib. We also had her start sleeping with a pillow awhile ago and get tucked in her bed and realized she wakes up on her pillow every morning so the somewhat small guard rails work just fine for her.The assembly would have worked better if my daughter wasn’t “helping” and tore the styrofoam apart. Anyway it was pretty simple but the slats that support the mattress I am a little worried about. She is a very tall, big kid at 35-ish lbs and I really believe their 50 lb. limit. This basically means when she snuggles in her bed to get a book read to her I can’t lean in her bed with her (which is a major bummer but I do enjoy she happily climbs in bed versus fighting with every limb of getting into her crib). It also means that jumping on her bed, which is a given, could also have bad consequences. So far, so good. But luckily her dad is handy.

Kara Bourbonnais, IL

Happy Mama

When this bed arrived, I was a little concerned since the box had a huge gash in it, but everything was in perfect shape. Putting this together ranked in difficulty between 0 and IKEA. Once we put it together our toddler was super excited but, has yet to sleep in it. It seems to be pretty sturdy, it held me and my toddler on it together (yes I know it has a weight limit but try telling that to a toddler who wants you to share her pillow as she demands “NAP”. LOL It matches our DaVinci crib which was a concern when we originally ordered it, since they are both different colors but the Espresso crib and the Cherry bed actually match pretty darn close.

Jan Reseda, CA

Good value

This was a little challenging to assemble. The slats didn’t want to stay put. But once assembled it’s been great. Very sturdy and looks great too. Fits our standard crib mattress well.

Earlene Castell, TX

son loves his big boy bed.

My son loved this as soon as he saw it. It was easy to put together and looks nice. He feels likes such a big boy in this bed.

Jessica Brantwood, WI


Bought this for my two year old. He absolutely loves it. The quality is excellent and it looks beautiful in his room. It is very sturdy. I sit on it regularly while I’m reading night time stories to my son and it support my weight plus his (about 200 lbs) with no trouble. Highly recommend this bed!

Ursula Crichton, WV

very good!

Very solid and good structurally! Although mine creaked a bit but I think it was just a defective unit. Don’t forget to buy a real good mattress for it cuz that’s really what your kid will sleep on. Frame is just for support.Enjoy!

April Hummels Wharf, PA

Great toddler bed

Finally put this bed together for my 27 month old and I really like it. It took less than 20 minutes to put together by myself and looks great. It’s sturdy (for his weight) and my son was thrilled to get a big boy bed. Of course the Cars sheet set I got for the bed probably was the main attraction for him but still it is a great bed at a decent price.

Aisha Portage Des Sioux, MO