Davinci Willow Universal Fit Natural Coconut Palm Crib Mattress

Davinci Willow Universal Fit Natural Coconut Palm Crib Mattress

The natural Willow coconut palm crib mattress is an MDB exclusive designed for safe, healthy, sleep. Crafted from coconut palm fiber, latex-free foam, and pure cotton, the double-sided Willow is naturally allergen-free. Like all DaVinci mattresses, the universal fit of Willow is designed to fit safely and snugly in any of our MDB Family Cribs. Free of adhesives, lead, TRIS, phthalates, and toxic flame retardants for peace of mind.

Main features

  • Crafted from naturally allergen-free coconut palm fiber, latex-free foam and pure cotton
  • Carefully crafted and balanced to be used on both sides
  • Free of adhesives, lead, TRIS, phthalates, and toxic flame retardants
  • Hypoallergenic Construction
  • Universal fit

Verified reviews


What’s in the foam?

This product description doesn’t give any assurance of it being free of artificial chemicals. It says it meets federal fire-resistant standards which probably means it contains artificial fibers, or fire-retardant toxic chemicals, or both. Just because it contains some natural coconut palm, doesn’t mean that the rest of the ingredients are natural. What is the foam made out of? What else is in there? Chemical outgassing cannot necessarily be seen or smelled, which is why it’s so important to know what the rest of the components are. I want to know exactly what my baby’s body is coming in contact with every night – wouldn’t you? Don’t mislead consumers by naming it “Natural” when it probably contains all sorts of artificial materials!

Simone Six Mile, SC

Love this Mattress!

Both baby and parents loves this mattress and the little one sleeps really well on it and we feel better knowing its natural. Would buy this product again. *** Updated 6-4-2013- Still love the mattress, but was recently asked about how it is fire retardant without chemicals and here is what I found. Check out http://www.davincibaby.com/willow-natural-coconut-palm-crib-mattress and hover your mouse over the ‘Meets Federal Flammability Standard CFR-1633’. They explain that the mattress does not contain any flame retardant materials, but use a thin layer of cotton-like material (possibly with Dupont chemicals) that do not contact the user and they use Kevlar thread to make the mattress, which is flame resistant. I did notice a slight odor when I removed it from the plastic wrapper, but aired it for several months before baby arrived and the slight smell was long gone. Good luck with your purchase- we have recently flipped this one to the toddler side and I am still VERY happy with the purchase.

Megan Protivin, IA

Perfect for your baby!

I just love this mattress. I own two crib mattresses, this one and a Colgate soy foam mattress. This one is so much better b/c of the dual sides. So useful when your baby is going to a toddler bed! There was absolutely no smell – I have to think the one negative review of smells is from a competitor – note that the person only has one review. Just perfect! Also, it fits just right in my standard size crib. The only negative I can possibly think of is that it is heavier than the foam mattresses. But, so worth it!!

Elvira Samaria, MI


this is the best mattress we could have purchased, so happy we spent the extra money. NO SMELL! can’t wait to put baby in the davinci crib with this mattress. A+

Marva Mullins, SC

Contains polyurethane foam – not “natural” as marketed

I was so disappointed to find out “the hard way” that this mattress contains polyurethane foam. I purchased it because it was marketed as safe. The product description states:Quote “made from a natural coconut palm fiber and latex-free foam to create a completely organic inner foundation”This is not true. If the manufacturer had disclosed that the foam contained polyurethane – a very unnatural substance and toxin known to damage immune systems -I never would have bought it. I won’t buy MDB products anymore.

Freda Yazoo City, MS

Great price!

The construction of this mattress is very good with a soft cover and tough stitching. I originally wanted a wool mattress for my baby’s crib, but the price was just too much. I was so pleased to find this mattress that is organic and not treated with chemicals. The bonus is that it has a toddler side as well, so when we are ready to convert the crib we can simply flip the mattress over and not have to do another exhaustive search for the right mattress. I did a TON of research when looking for a crib mattress and found this one to be exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price.

Mari Cascade Locks, OR

So natural

I spent a lot of time researching diferent crib mattresses, and decided to get this oneIt has only natural components, no chemical fire retardantsWhen it arrived there was no chemical smell, and it fit our crib snugglyInfant side is very firm – which is good for safety

Rhea Perham, ME

Great mattress. Very firm and doesn’t sink

This mattress is great. It is very firm and it doesn’t sink in at the centre where baby sleeps all the time. It is very heavy though – the first time I tried to change sheets, I almost couldn’t get it out of the crib.

Lupe Harmony, ME

Great Eco-friendly mattress

Love this mattress. After shopping around & researching online & reading positive reviews decided to purchase. Looks & feels comfy, durable, & well made. Also, not as expensive as other Eco-friendly mattresses. No off-gassing detected when first opened. It takes a bit of muscle to lift the mattress out of the crib when changing sheets, but it’s significantly lighter than a spring mattress. My 5 month old sleeps comfortably on it & the firmness is well-suited for playtime/tummy-time. The convenient option of the firmer infant side & the softer toddler side will allow for longer use & (hopefully!) many sleep-filled nites!

Aimee Ute Park, NM