Ddrops Baby 400 IU, 90 drops 2.5mL

Ddrops Baby 400 IU, 90 drops 2.5mL

Baby Ddrops 400 IU is specifically designed to support breast-fed babies. One purified drop of Baby Ddrops contains 400 IU of vitamin D₃, without any other chemicals, nor additives. The one drop can be easliy added to food or drink, or taken off any clean surface (i.e spoon). The recent American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also states that infants and children, including adolescents who do not obtain 400 IU/day of vitamin D through fortified milk (100 IU per 250mL serving) or through vitamin D-fortified foods (such as fortified cereals, eggs, fish) should receive a vitamin D supplement of 400IU/day.

Main features

  • One drop means less volume for infants to manage
  • Tasteless means drop goes in unnoticed
  • Cheimical free means a pure and simple vitamin D
  • Eurodropper means exactly one drop is consistently delivered each time
  • One drop means less volume for infants to manage
  • Tasteless means drop goes in unnoticed
  • Cheimical-free means a pure and simple vitamin D
  • Eurodropper means exactly one drop (0.028 mL) is consistently delivered each time

Verified reviews


Artificial flavors/colors? No way.

First off: it has artificial coloring in it. Because apparently, some focus group of neonates decided that “caramel coloring” was essential to their use of a supplement… which, by the way, the National Institutes of Health say is not even necessary if the mother’s vitamin D levels are where they should be, just something to keep in mind. ([…])Secondly: it has artificial flavoring. Again, perhaps you could somehow vaguely justify this if your base formula tastes terribad, but what infant needs artificial anything? We’re just trying to administer a single vitamin supplement. Are we really sure artificial flavoring safe for them if they should not even have natural flavorings from regular adult food?Thirdly: it’s really expensive. You can find vitamin D suspended in pure olive oil for a fraction of the price at one of those online supplement places. The only caveat for that stuff is that you have to be very careful about only administering one drop (by putting it either on a pacifier or a nipple and allowing the baby to suck for 30 sec), instead of filling a nearly idiot-proof dropperful and squeezing it into the baby’s mouth. Overdose is of course a concern if you can’t handle one drop at a time.

Mercedes Badger, CA

Very slow shipping and wasted money by buying from this seller

The seller shipped the item after one week and took another week to arrive. So, I had to buy this from the store. Now when I want to return it, I have to ship it myself, they will take 15% cut from the product price and also wont return the shipping. So, basically I won’t get anything back.Now, I talked to my brother who is a doctor about giving vitamin to my baby and totally against it, as vitamin d is not water soluble and it gets deposited in the body, as a result it could have so many side effect. He suggested me to expose the baby for few minutes in the sun light and that will generate enough Vitamin D for the baby. So, again I just wasted money from buying this item.

Bertie De Forest, WI

Empty bottle arrived!!???

The bottle arrived almost empty, the seal appears to be intact, but I wouldn’t give this to my baby…The box is sealed and clean – so my guess is the manufacturer’s defect??

Savannah Cement City, MI

As described, shipping issue

Product as described and needed for daily infant use. Shipped via regular mail which resulted in the product sitting in the AZ 105 degree heat all day until we got home. Bottle says keep 100 degrees and below. Contacted seller with concern and was told to contact manufacture and explains it was “cool” where it was shipped from. Didn’t address the problem or present a viable solution.

Elisa Utica, NY

So much better than D-Vi-Sol!

Our pediatrician recommended D-Vi-Sol for our exclusively breastfed baby. I gave it to her a few times she always spit it back up and I hated that I was giving this tiny newborn a product with artificial color and flavor. I searched Amazon and found these. So easy to use, just place a drop on your nipple before latching the baby. I feel so much better about giving these to her. The only downside is that if you miss your nipple and hit your clothes, the coconut oil WILL stain. Just be careful about that.

Michael Granville, PA

So much better than Enfamil

We got this to replace the Enfamil D-Vi-Sol product that is the standard you get at a pharmacy and it is perfect. The Enfamil stuff is junk, just read the ingredient list and ask yourself why a newborn cares what color it is, what flavor it has and why the number one ingredient is glycerol, basically fake sugar. Now the Ddops just has one thing other than the vitamin D, it uses refined coconut oil as the solution to put the vitamin in instead of glycerol. Nothing else, no fake color or flavoring, no ploysorbate 80 whatever that is, just coconut oil and Vitamin D. And you just need one drop, not a huge eye dropper full to the brim.And for the size of the bottle, yes it does not come full. If it did you would have a several year supply! Remember the dose is one drop, not one ml like the others. The packaging in several places states that this should not be full and just the bottom 1/4 or so should be, so as long as it is sealed you did not get a dud.And finally, if you are looking at this you are most likely doing it because you just want the vitamin, not the extra junk that just makes it look like you are giving a full dose, give this product a try.

Rachel Carrington, ND


We used to use tri-vitamin drops from our pediatrician and they tasted awful. I’m much happier with these, since he really only needs the vitamin D and I’m not giving him so much sugar that they flavor the other ones with. And it makes for much less of a mess since he only needs one drop each day instead of an entire syringe full.

Myrna Elsberry, MO

Buy at a Pharmacy

These are too expensive for what you get. I got two bottles for almost that same price at my local pharmacy. This is a rip off.

Annmarie Mansfield Depot, CT

Best drops for baby

These drops are flavorless and easy to use. They dropper is very good and it’s easy to apply to pacifier and then give to your baby. I received other drops as samples from the pediatrician, but these are the best. This is the best value for them also! Thanks.

Yesenia Athol, NY

The Norway fish convenient, like

Before the baby has been eating Norway, now, into the brand, compared to the prior to that, more convenient, the bottle body tilted a bit, can flow into the baby’s mouth, the baby is not exclusive, very good

Liz Chesnee, SC

Very easy to use

I was worried about how I was going to give my newborn these drops, but the company made it easy – just put a drop on the nipple or pacifier and let baby suck!

April Taholah, WA

I’m glad that I made the switch

I did not know about these drops until my son was about 11 months old. Before that, we were using Vi-Sol products that are available in my local grocery store. After I heard about all of the additives and sugars in these products, I knew that I needed to find something else for my son… after all, he seemed to respond to the Vi-Sol products like they were candy! I was nervous about making the switch, but he LOVES these drops. They are very concentrated, but simple to administer. I will recommend these drops to ALL of my friends.

Vickie Ocean Gate, NJ

Does the job

I’m exclusively breastfeeding so my doctor recommended I give my son Vitamin D drops. These work great and he takes them without issue. He opens his mouth like a little bird as soon as he sees the bottle :)My only complaint is how you administer it. You are supposed to give one drop, but the bottle isn’t very "squeezable." It’s hard to get the drop to come out. Hence the 4 stars.

Lou Eagan, TN

No More Colds?

Since I started giving my son these drops, he hasn’t got a cold! They don’t seem to have a taste. I just put them on a pacifer or a spoon and he takes it with no problem. I think these are a great alternative to the drug store variety that contain a whole list of crazy ingredients. I don’t want my baby eating that stuff!!

Cathleen Greensburg, KS

Easier if your child takes a pacifier or bottle

Pros: No artificial coloring or flavoring. Why must we Americans put that stuff in EVERYTHING???Cons: Difficult to dose. My son doesn’t use a pacifier, so I must put one drop on my nipple. It tends to run down before I can get him to latch on, so then I’m not sure if he got it. I’ve tried putting some on my finger, but he has to suck for 30 seconds, and that never happens. I’ve tried dropping in his mouth directly, but it takes a few seconds for a drop to come out, or two come at once…very difficult to do successfully.Overall, it’s worth it to me to avoid the artificial coloring and flavoring, but these were easier when I used with my daughter, who took a pacifier.

Valerie Searsmont, ME

Amazing Product!

This product is amazing. My baby was choking and gagging on the other Vitamin drops since they need a whole dropper full. I am so glad I hopped online and came across these. Just one drop before he breastfeeds and he’s good to go. Absolutely worth the cost!

Kristin Hammondsville, OH

Taking it One Drop at a Time

Love this Product!!! My pediatrician approved and it’s super easy to use on pacifier ( especially Nuke Ortho ones). I count to 30 seconds, and voilà … no hassle, no baby crying, and I’m at peace that my little one got his Vitamin D. I also tried to put in on my breast at first… but by the time I remembered ( since I have an impatient very hungry baby 90 % of the time ) it was too late so I would try again the next day. Now I just simply put it on the pacifier once a day and I have had no issues whatsoever. Please be careful and keep in mind that it’s literally ……. only ONE drop….. if it drops too fast you will overdose him/ her so just clean pacifier etc. and start again.

Deena Happy, KY

Helpful, useful, and needful!

It’s my second bottoms of 400 drops for my daughter. She is 4 months old now. I usually put the drop with my milk. She enjoy the time when I put the spoon close to her mouse. I started to put 2 drops to my daughter everyday when she was 3 months.

Margot Alvaton, KY

Works great.

My pediatrician recommended vitamin D for my breastfed infant daughter. So I bought Poly-vi-Sol. Ugh, no way could I make her take that nasty stuff! This is totally tasteless. I put one drop in a bottle and she doens’t even know. More expensive than the Vi-Sol line, but worth it for my daughter’s health and comfort. Highly recommended!

Georgina Barnwell, SC

Easy to use

I love that you only need a single drop of these. I put the drop on my baby’s pacifier and give it to her that way. She actually only uses her pacifier for this purpose (doesn’t find it soothing), but she is fine getting her Vitamin D this way. I’ve given these drops to my older kids, too, and they say they can’t taste them.

Peggy Twist, AR

Very easy to give to baby

The pediatrician had recommened a Vitamin D supplement for our newborn since we were exclusively breastfeeding. I purchased Trivisol and it was always a pain to give my newborn daughter, she would end up spitting out half of it. I went on Amazon and read the reviews reformer this product and purchased it right away. It’s so easy to give her now, one drop is all it takes. So much better now 🙂

Cora Commerce City, CO

No bad additives like some name brands!

I bought this because I realized the name brand version of drops we bought have added sugars and dyes. I didn’t want to give that to our son, so this is a much better alternative. Plus it is easier to administer one drop instead of a whole 1ml dropper full. You can add it to a bottle or just drop it on a pacifier or your own nipple when feeding!

Bridgett Crane, MT

Leaked out of bottle

So couldn’t really tell of worked. I liked the way it dispensed but too bad more that half was wasted

Ashley Sand Springs, MT

Good vitamin

Not sure what to say, seems to be good. I like that its just Vit D with no added junk to it. My wife breast feeds our boy, but pumps bottle a night for me to feed him during the night to allow her to sleep. So I add a drop to his bottle, easy dispenser just drops one drop easily with no mess. Baby doesn’t appear to taste it as he drinks the bottle in same manner.

Rochelle Kingston, WI

So glad to have found this!

My daughter’s pediatrician recommended this to us. It is so much easier than what the drops they gave us at the hospital. My daughter would just spit it all out.I usually put a drop on my pinky and let my daughter suck it off for 30 seconds. It is very easy. The taste does not seem unpleasant. And you have peace of mind that your child is getting the amount they need. With the other ones, I could never be sure how much my daughter actually swallowed and how much she spit out.I highly recommend this for parents who want to quickly and easily give their children Vitamin D. I also highly recommend it for parents with children who suffer from reflux.

Tracie Turney, MO

Good drops

Used these for several months while I was breastfeeding. Gave my son a bottle of breastmilk with it in it once a day. Very easy to use. You really have to get that bottle straight up&down for the dispenser to work right. But otherwise no problems. Just a healthy baby.

Jesse Fitzhugh, OK


Why would anyone use anything else? I almost purchased what the Dr. recommended which was something gross and oily per the reviewers. Thankfully someone mentioned this in the reviews. It’s literally one drop, boom, done.

Naomi Commerce Township, MI

Easy peasy.

What?? No dropping a millimeter of foul tasting syrup in my baby’s mouth and wiping the stickiness out of her neck folds after she spits it out?!? I’m sold.

Alexandra De Lancey, NY

Gets the job done more naturally

Our pediatrician told us our baby would need a vitamin D supplement since he was getting breastmilk exclusively. Baby Ddrops are great because the vitamin is suspended in a natural oil, rather than chemicals, sugar and other additives you see in some D supplements. It definitely gets the job done (although…my sister breastfed her four children sans vitamin D supplements and never had any issues, so the jury is still out for me on whether it is truly necessary). I took off one star for price – since buying this brand, I have found the same thing for about ten dollars cheaper (including shipping). Going to give that brand a try after this runs out.

Diana Highland Lakes, NJ

Good vitamin, bad bottle

I heard very good reviews about these vitamins on Mommy message boards. The actual supplement is fine. The bottle, however, is not great. You’re supposed to turn it upside down and let 1 drop come out into either a bottle or onto your nipple. I’ve found 75% of the time a half drop comes out first (liquid appears, then an air pocket draws half back in while the other half of the liquid comes out). I’m never sure whether the amount that came out was enough or if I should add another drop.

Emily Rumford, ME