Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System

Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System

Making diapering delightful for parents everywhere, Diaper Dékor Plus discreetly and effectively stores soiled diapers in an attractive, odor-free disposal system receptacle. The pleasing contemporary design complements any nursery and doubles as an elegant trash can for the kitchen or bathroom when no longer needed for Baby’s diapers. Easy and economical to use, Diaper Dékor Plus’ clever step-and-drop design keeps children and pets out and holds up to 46 diapers before a bag change is needed. Scratch-resistant ABS plastic can be cleaned with bleach for optimal hygiene. Includes a built-in, door-mounted liner cutter for easy removal, tying and disposal, odor-free triple seals and free refill. Ready to use with no assembly required. Uses Diaper Dékor Plus liner refills (sold separately). Imported. 21Hx12Wx9D”.

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  • Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Disposal System

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Took out of box and put right back in!

Highly disappointed in this diaper disposal system. For the price, you would think that it would seal each diaper individually. The less expense models (even the Wal-Mart brand) will. We chose in the end to just have a small garbage can in our daughter’s room and a natural scent deodorizer in the bottom. The bag gets emptied daily and there are no smells of diapers in her room. Much less expense option and works the same as this system!

Christie Norridgewock, ME

Does not keep the stink in!

I bought this product based on the reviews I read about a year ago. My daughter is now 11 months old and the entire room STINKS whenever we have to dispose of a soiled diaper! I have to change the bag every time she has a BM. I finally gave up and and bought another Diaper Genie. I had one with my first two children and it may be more of a hassle to use but I do not recall it omitting as much odor as the Diaper Dekor Plus. Save your money, don’t buy this product!

Lauri Orange Park, FL

Look for CURRENT ratings – this is NOT the best of 2012

Ok, this may have been a good pick 10 years ago – but there’s no way it’s the best now.Features I like:- Pedal operation: essential for hands full of dirt diapers- EASY to switch out bag with self-contained bag cutter- neutral design- child lockDeal Breakers:- DOES NOT CONTAIN THE ODORS. I know, I know. I looked through all those reviews too that said that this one was the best. I urge you to look at how old their baby was at the time of the review and how long they had been using it. If the baby was newborn – forget it. They don’t know what a stinky diaper smells like. The true test is once the baby is eating solids. My little guy is 10 months old and our baby room smells like all those poo diapers – and I’m one of those pple that flushes solids down the toilet. Just imagine if I left it. Just imagine how bad it is when you change the bag.Would I purchase again? No way. I’d hunt again, look at the DATE OF THE REVIEWS and look for the highest reviewed product w/ the most CURRENT DATES. One thing I don’t understand, why hasn’t someone designed a stainless steel foot-pedal (hands free) diaper pail with and excellent seal and carbon filter??Diaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal SystemDiaper Dekor Plus Diaper Disposal SystemDiaper Dekor Plus PailDiaper Dekor Plus Diaper PailDiaper Dekor Disposable SystemDiaper Dekor Plus Diaper PailDiaper Dekor Plus Pail

Jessie West Barnstable, MA

smells after awhile

beware, as your child ages, this system does not hide the odors. We have twins thus, two bins and the rooms that the bins are in STINK! I am replacing them.

Stacy Bradshaw, NE

Biggest and Best Disposal out there.

I’m sooo glad that I bought this item. It NEVER stinks. I don’t know how it holds in the smell of my boys diapers, but it does. I think I cram a good 40 diapers in that thing too to before I empty it out. It holds many more diapers than the average diaper can/disposal system. I only change it every week and a half to two weeks. It took me about 90 days to use up my first refill. I like the fact that I can buy refills online and they come in the mail.I buy the refill packs of three. My boy is 4 months old now and we are only on the beginning of the second refill. I think that the price was fair for such an attractive and well working system. BEST OF ALL the bags smell like baby powder, so when you’re changing out the bags, you smell baby powder, not poopoo. Most important! Refills are only available in Babies R US or at Babies R Us online. Be sure that you buy “diaper dekor plus” refills for the diaper decor plus. I accidentally bought “diaper dekor” refills. Oops! Had to exchange them.

Tina Leesville, LA

The BEST diaper pail!

When I say that Its from experience. I have two twins, 8 mnt B.B and 3 year old B/G. My older twins had a regular Diaper Genie, let me tell you that thing was the worst!! When I heard they had a “new and imporved” diaper genie, I decided to give it a shot. Wow I HATED that one two, who woulda guessed? I dont know anyone who would enjoy turning a knob fifty times to get a new bag, one handed, are you kidding me? Okay so that one was history. There were 2 others I was looking at, the Diaper Champ, and the Neat Diaper Disposal System, yes this one wasnt in mind just yet. My friend has ONE 10 month old and her Champ STINKS. But since she really doesnt know any others I told her that if the other pails sucked too, than I would just get that one. Well now the neat, we didnt buy it, we saw it at a friends house who HATED her Champ, well now she HATES the neat. she has a 3 month old and an 18 month old. So I didnt know what to do. I was leaning toward the champ because if all of them stunk, atleast this one didnt need refils. Well at BRU there was a disposal system I didnt see before, low and behold…. THE DEKOR PLUS! I told my husband that all of the other ones stunk, so lets just try this one, we could say we tried them all! Well, for the occasional 3 year old pull ups, and 2x the dirty 8 month old diapers… I LOVE IT! This thing is just so nifty. It really keeps the smell at bay, until of course when you empty it. I keep one of those circular deoderant things attatched (sometimes 2!) and I spray it with lysol when I CLEAN it out, every 2 weeks or so. And When I empty it the smell is no worse than a regular dirty diaper smell. Well I do sometimes get a little whift of it in the boys room, but than I JUST CHANGE THE BAG! Duhh, if it starts to smell just change it more often. I am sorry but diapers STINK and I found that the Diaper Dekor is the best. My friends have K.O the champ and wished away of their diaper genies. Hey if you think you should get the champ because you dont need to buy so many refils, well guess what, That just means a stinky nursery and ALOT more garbage bags. These refils last MONTHS. I love it soo much that I think I may just get one for downstairs too!Dont waste your money on the others, save a little more and get this one, its the ONLY one that WORKS**** WOW. I just read a review on targets website on the diaper genie. They said that they just dispose of the #2 waste in a diaper down the toilet, not the whole diaper or the wipe, just the “#2”. It eliminates almost all odors and I will definatly be trying it. (And for those #2 diapers that you really just cant do that with, just do as you do with the wet diapers, and it wont be that unbearable.) A GREAT IDEA!!

Jana Midland, VA


I bought this product because of the reviews I read about it. However it DOES NOT keep out the smell of dirty diapers. I have used it for 7 months now and had to go buy a different one. If you are like me, you want the products you buy to do the intended job. This is not what you want. Get the Diaper Champ or use a regular trash can and put it out of the way (extra bathroom, laundry room, etc.)

Lila Crown City, OH

Contains Odor

This keeps the odor at bay nicely, but unfortunately, when you add another dirty diaper you end up smelling all the old ones. However, besides the smell that hangs around the nursery for a little while after changing, the Diaper Dekor has kept the poopy smell at bay throughout the summer, with minimal air conditioning in our home. It’s nice that the bag can be changed at any time since there isn’t a pre-set size; so if you get a stinky bunch of diapers and the pail isn’t full, you can still empty without wasting extra plastic. This is very user friendly: refills are easy to insert, bags are easy to remove when full, and you can even use it as a regular trash can when that glorious day arrives when your little one is potty trained. When taking out a full bag just remember to leave enough plastic to tie it off with!

Saundra Low Moor, VA

Don’t get the plus, and get the old model

We got the dekor plus after using the small dekor for 10 months. The reason we changed it is because the inner lid stopped functioning properly. We had the old square model where the inner lids in the pail are round and fold to the inside of the pail (that is the model in this picture). We bought the dekor plus at babies r us. The diaper dekor plus now is oval and the inner lid is square. It now has a system to cut the bag on the inside of the pail, which is nice, and it has a lock for the inner lid of the pail. The lock is necessary because in this model the odors linger if you don’t lock it, hence it is not hands free as it is supposed to be. Since we bought the dekor plus it is bigger, but since the smell keeps getting out we have never even allowed more than a day’s diapers -5- to stay in there. If you want this product get the old square old version, which is the one in this picture. I guess that is the one reviewed by consumer reports and recommended. The new oval version does not work as well, also get the smaller size model -the dekor not the dekor plus.-

Nettie Baldwin, NY

Good product, but expensive and not useful in the long run

PRO:-simple design. a knob next to top opening easily locks trap door-foot lever never malfunctioned-easy to reload plastic bag refills-contained the odors wellCON:-now that I have two kids, this diaper pail isn’t that necessary-extra cost just to pay for expensive trash bag refills?!-my toddler quickly figured out at 1.5 yrs old how to lock-unlock the trap door-not durable getting beat up by my 2 yr old daughterVERDICT:for your first-time OCD moms, you’re probably going to buy this diaper pail regardless of my review. this is a fantastic diaper pail, but its just that none of the specific-to-only-holding-ditry-diapers trash cans are not really useful in the long term (after the child is 1 yrs old). a smarter long term solution for stinky diapers: buy a durable "cloth diaper" pail liner and a decent sized trashcan with a lid and foot lever. The bigger the trashcan, the less often you dump the trash, the stinker those poopie diapers will infest the air.OR…. just double plastic bag those poopie diapers and lug them to your kitchen trash can… thats what i do now (1st is 2.5 yrs old, 2nd is 14months old).

Carmela Fishers Hill, VA

Stinks but nice looking

We are now on the third month of life with our little boy and his diapers are getting pretty stinky and so is this diaper disposal pail. Once the diaper is in the pail, it is no longer stinky but when you drop the diaper in, the previous stinky diapers’ smell wafts up and out of the pail and into the room. yuck! I guess there is really no full-proof way of avoiding smell. I must say that it is quite nice looking and a much better choice than the Diaper Geenie (as I have experienced with my sister’s kids). also, the refills last forever and are pretty inexpensive!

Leslie Belen, MS

Great for cloth diapers!

This pail is not only good for disposable diapers but cloth diapers as well! It’s great that it doesn’t require any special type of bag. You can put in a regular trash bag if you want or you can buy their refill bags. I use it with a pail liner for my cloth diapers.It does a great job of keeping the smells in. The only time I notice a smell is when I’m opening it up to throw in a diaper or to change the pail liner.I like this product so much that I recommend it to anyone I know who’s having a baby whether they are using disposables or cloth diapers!

Jayne Kansas, OK

Not so great

Mine broke the first week I had it. (One of the inner flap’s spring broke.) It does not contain odors very well.However, I do like the foot pedal for opening and it does hold a lot of diapers. I feel like I would have been better off with a regular trash can with a lid though.

Sabrina Durand, WI

Great pale with convenient features

I was looking for a pale that would keep the smell of our biodegradable gDiapers at bay and when I saw the biodegradable refills for this, I decided to try it. It definitely helps with the smell. Before, I was emptying a lidded garbage can each day and now I only have to do it about once a week. I keep a box of baking soda in the bottom to absorb some of the odor as well. It really seems to help.The major selling points for me were:1. Biodegradable refills2. Double barrier lid (flip-up lid and then another trap door type lid)3. Lockable lid (there is a knob that turns to lock the trap door so toddlers can’t throw in random items you have to fish out…yuck!)4. Smooth open and close via foot pedalI’m very happy with this purchase. It’s easy to use, keeps the odor down and will actually save me money in the long run, since I don’t have to buy a ton of biodegradable garbage bags that need replacing each day.

Melinda Hatton, ND

Not quite as big as needed

I use a cloth diaper service, they pick up and drop off once a week. When I got the diaper dekor plus I assumed that it would be big enough to hold a weeks worth of dirty diapers, I only get maybe about two days before they have to start being ‘shoved’ in… which is just icky, seriously. If you are using disposables and don’t mind taking your diapers out to the trash every few days, you’ll love this… however, if you going through a service, or just don’t want to go out to the trash every few days look into a larger capacity diaper pail.

Christy Mc Andrews, KY

One of the better diaper pails!

This was the third diaper pail I have purchased in a little over a year. I have to say, I think that it is my favorite so far. Both of the others I had purchased were not worth the money… they were either not easily cleaned, or did not block enough of the smell! This one is a better combination of both. I like that there is a lever on the bottom you can step on so you dont even have to touch anything if you don’t want to. It is also nice because there is really no chance of making a mess, the top opens and goes right into the bag. The refills last FOREVER… and I also feel like these bags take a while to fill up. You can cram a lot in there until it’s time to cut off the bag and tie it up. I would definitely recommend this over the rest of the pails!

Pansy Waverly, FL

Love this so much I have 2!

I bought this for my child’s nursery. He is now 3 months old and we are on our second bag (we just used up the one that came with the diaper pail at 2 months). So far, no odors. The bags do have a light scent which may help odor control. I love that I do not feel like I am wasting bags. I can cut the bags and make a new one when its full or if his diapers get too smelly when we introduce solid food, I will cut the bags and take them out sooner. I usually take out 1 bag a week (full!). They fit a lot of diapers inside. I recently purchased a second diaper dekor plus for the downstairs as our regular trash can was starting to smell a bit. I absolutely love this diaper pail and recommend it!!

Lolita Stanardsville, VA

Great Diaper Bin

This is a great diaper bin. It operates great and seems to be well constructed. I have been using it for 2 weeks and so far I love it.

Jeannette Stapleton, GA

A must have for any nursery

The Diaper Dekor is excellent and does the job well. My newborn’s diapers easily drop into the Dekor with just a step of the pedal. Once the Dekor is full, the bag is easily removed and cut to just the right length which means no bag is wasted. The bag has a nice scent which isn’t overpowering. The bags have proven to be durable and strong to support the weight of the diapers. My nursery has been smell free from diaper odor because of the Dekor Plus Diaper System. My only complaint would be that I wish it was bigger (it’s smaller than a standard trash can).

Kelli Mozier, IL

works great with planet wise liners

We used this with the plastic refills for the first few months while using disposables & then switched to using a planet wise pail liner when we started cloth diapering. I love it! It is a little awkward bag removal using the plastic liners, but the fact that you can decide how big to cut the bag is smart. Very rarely do I catch a wiff while putting a diaper in.My only complaint is for cloth diapering it could be bigger. It doesn’t hold all the ones I use before needing to wash so now I have a hanging planet wise bag in addition & the 2 of them are enough.It’s nice enough looking that I would use it for a regular trash can someday when we’re done with diapering 😉

Cathryn Yoder, CO

Easy and reliable!

I have been using my diaper pail by Dekor for 8 months now and I love it. I have tried out a few of the others via my girlfriends, and none seem to be as easy to use and works as well.The foot pedal design to open the lid sold me. (you’re hands are busy enough!) Although it can be heavier to lift due to the sealing around the edge of the lid, it gets the job done better then anything having to use my hands, and I never have a problem getting my dirty diaper in the pail due to this. The seal is worth it!The diapers drop through another door that automatically opens when you drop the diaper on it, and closes back up after by it’s self.The liner bags are well designed in that you tie off the bag at the bottom, and simply fill with diapers as you would a regular trash bag (no crazy long diaper sausage!) The bottom opens up when you’re ready to change the bag. It has a small “razor edge” (very well protected from any injury) on the inside of the door that you slice the bag off however full it is. Tie it off again at the bottom, and you’re all set! (Sounds harder and more complicated then it really is.)I did hesitated at the thought of having to buy replacement bags. I bought two boxes before my daughter was born, and she is now 8 months old, and I STILL have not had to buy any more boxes yet! Not as costly as I had thought….especailly for the convienence of it all!!Smell. Well, it really does do a good job with smells. As we all know, as baby’s diet changes, so does the smell of her diapers! I’d say, I didn’t smell a THING until 6-7 months old with the introduction of solids. Of course, I wouldn’t want to think about how it’d be now without the Dekor! I did my research before buying a diaper pail, and in a comparision test of the top selling diaper pails, this one was the winner….especailly smell factor! Regular cleaning and Lysoling helps keep the pail as fresh as possible.I reccomend this pail to all my friends. Personal experience, reviews and word of mouth are the best way to gather your research in the quest for your perfect baby products!

Jeannette Williamsburg, IA

use regular garbage bags!

You can use regular kitchen bags with this one! I works great and I love that you can lock it. Changing the bag smells, but any trash can would. It keeps the odor in, the only thing is it has to be changed a lot.

Maritza Wolcott, IN

This Diaper Pail Really Works.

The Diaper Dekor is the best. The refills last forever, it is totally simple to use and it really does not smell. We dump the diapers about once a week, and there is literally no smell within that time. After using other diaper pails with my older kids, I highly recommend this one.

Kathrine Tombstone, AZ

Very convenient…just doesn’t contain the smell.

We love the design, but it doesn’t contain the odors. We use the biodegradeable bag refills in it…not sure if that has anything to do with the smell issue. We love how easily you can change the bag whenever you want and how much you can stuff into it. Putting in the refill takes a second or two to figure out, but once you do it the first time it’s really simple.

Deborah Iron Mountain, MI

Great for cloth diapers

I was happy to find a diaper disposal system that worked well with cloth diapers. It usually fills up just as I am ready to do diaper laundry, so it has a great capacity. We used the disposable liners that came with it until I ran out, and then used the re-usable cloth liners that I purchased separately. Both were very easy to use, and helped to keep our nursery stink-free. If you go back and forth with cloth and disposable, or plan to do one and then the other, this is a great option, as you can use it easily for both options, as opposed to the Munchkin or Diaper Genie, which are much harder to use with cloth.

Sonia Roundhead, OH

Keeps the smells in!

This diaper pail keeps the smells in, while allowing you to cut the bags and throw them out whenever you want!

Melissa Airway Heights, WA

Perfect Diaper Pail

We purchased this when for our nursery. Honestly, I originally wanted this one because it looked nicer than the other pails, and the white and grey went with our nursery. However, now that we’ve been using it for 6 months, I really love how function it is.Pros:-No smell. I empty this thing maybe once a week (sometimes longer if I’m lazy) and I never smell the dirty diapers. We are into eating solids now, too … and if you have a baby you know what I’m talking about.-Easy to empty. I love that I can just open the bottom, pull the bag out, cut it off, and the new bag is already loaded and waiting. The bags also hold a lot of diapers. I haven’t counted, so I can’t tell you exactly how many, but like I mentioned above, I only empty it once a week.-Locking lid. There’s a lock on the lid to prevent little hands from getting into the trash. Our baby is only 6 months so I haven’t had to worry about this yet, but she’s crawling and into everything, so I’m sure it’s not far off.-Looks nice. It really does look like a nice diaper pail. Also, the narrow width makes it perfect to fit between our dresser/changing table and the wall.-Refills last forever. The refills are pricier than some others, I’m sure, but they last forever. I’ve only replaced the bag once and that was around 3-4 months.Cons:-No indicator of when the bag refill is close to the end of the roll. This is really my only complaint. I think I read a review somewhere that suggested putting a pink line or some marker on the refill bags so you know when it’s almost out. It hasn’t caused me any problems yet, but it would be helpful to know when I’m almost out of bag.-The lid sticks up sometimes, and doesn’t close all the way. I’m not sure if this is because it’s sitting on plush carpet and not on a hard surface or what, but the lid doesn’t always fully shut. Not a big deal because there’s a second lid underneath that covers the diapers, but it’s an annoyance. I realize I’m being picky here, but I needed at least two cons, right?Overall, this is a really great diaper pail. I’ve recommended it to all my pregnant friends.

Kelley Gage, OK

Blows away the Diaper Genie

We got the Diaper Genie as a shower gift. I think they were the first to come out with a diaper disposal system, since the name “Diaper Genie” is to diapers as Xerox is to copiers.Unfortunately, the Diaper Genie is a terribly designed product (this from an engineer). It finally broke on us for good a couple of weeks ago.Enter the Diaper Dekor…This thing is really honestly and truly hands-free. I’m serious. You drop the diaper in and you’re finished.As emptying it, it’s as simple as trying to knots. Trust me, it takes 30 seconds maximum to empty it. We haven’t had to load a new refill, since these refills last as long as 5 of the Diaper Genie refills.As for the great odor debate, we found it to be slightly less odiforous than the Diaper Genie. Let’s face it – leave dirty diapers in a warm room for a week or more, and it WILL smell.There IS one poor aspect to the Diaper Dekor – you’ll read about it in every review… The door that you open to empty it is NOT child resistant. In reality, it is a child-magnet.I found a clean solution to the problem, but it is a shame we have to do this. Go to Home Depot, and buy a roll of the BLUE painter’s masking tape. It is in the paint section, and looke like a roll of masking tape, but it’s blue. Buy the 1 1/2″ width.Put a strip over the recessed knob, and the kids won’t be able to open the DIaper Dekor. The reason you want the blue stuff is that it can be pulled off and WON’T leave any sticky.You could also simply put the Diaper Dekor on a shelf, and use your hand to open the top lid before dropping in a diaper.Either way, this gets 4 stars compared to the 0 star Diaper Genie.

Opal Bennington, KS

Best diaper disposal stystem and liners last a longgg time

The title says it all, this is absolutely the best diaper diposal system i have tried and i tried a few. The best thing about it other than hardly any smell is the liners that come with last a long time, i did not have to buy refills until i had already used it for 6 months. Holds the smell well enough but nothing is going to cover it up perfectly, adding a bounce dryer sheet helps but the best thing to do is empty it when your trash comes every week.I love the fact that when emptying it you hardly smell anything because you open it from the from and can hurry up and cut and tie the bag before any smell but that comes with a price when your baby becomes older they can learn how to open the top and drop stuff in it but this didnt last that long with my son, he only did a few times.All and all i definately recommend.

Sasha Lewisburg, TN

I disagree

I have been using this product for four months and I CAN smell it. The reason I chose this garbage pail is because you can use whatever bags you like. I use biodegradable bags as well as biodegradable diapers and when the bag is 1/2 to 3/4 full the whole room starts to smell. Now my sons’ poop doesn’t smell yet as he is an exclusively breast fed baby. I just know from my experience that this diaper pail does not lock in odors and we now have to keep it outside of his room.

Meredith Pembroke, NC