Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Pail

Dekor Diaper Plus Diaper Pail

Diaper Dékor’s hand’s free and step diaper disposal system makes disposing diaper as it should be – simple. No more inserting, twisting or pushing. The Dékor Diaper Disposal Systems are truly hands free! Simply step on the pedal and drop the dirty diaper into the diaper pail. The reusable cartridge makes changing Dékor refills quick and easy. The unique rubber sealed trap door traps in odors, keeping your nursery odor-free. There are no batteries or filters to replace either. The odor resistant ABS plastic is easy to use and clean, even using bleach won’t turn the plastic yellow.

Main features

  • Hands-Free Disposal: Simply step on the pedal and the lid opens
  • Minimizes Odors: Unique trap door design prevents odors from escaping into your nursery
  • Contemporary Design: Use anywhere in your home or as regular garbage can after diapers are done.
  • Also Great for Pet Owners: Popular with dog owners, for kitty litter or in the garage!
  • Holds up to 580 newborn baby diapers

Verified reviews


Keeps the stink in.

This is a great diaper pail. It keeps the stink in! When the pail is almost full, it does start smelling a bit, but only if you’re close to it can you smell anything. Also, the quick second it takes to put the diaper in the pail, you might get a wiff of the contents, but that’s to be expected. I was delighted to discover that I could put trash bags in this system instead of the expensive refills! Yay!

Rosalind Albion, RI

Very handy diaper pail

Pail keeps smells at bay. Foot pedal opens lid. Works well with our cloth diapers. Only wish it were slightly larger capacity.

Mamie Plainfield, VT

Very nice quality

I love this diaper pail. It is very well put together and it keeps the smell out of the room.

Chasity Wardtown, VA

Does the Job

Our daughter is not quite 3 months old, so I realize we haven’t hit the serious diaper territory yet, but so far we love the diaper dekor. We use a compostable diaper service, so we needed a pail we could load with our own ecobags. The dekor works great! We can put our bags in and the lid and cover help reduce odor. It’s still a diaper pail, it’s not like you’re going to open it and it will smell like roses, but the smell isn’t an issue when it’s closed and for us that’s good enough. After using it for about a month we bought a second one so we now have one stationed upstairs and downstairs for convenience and both are holding up just fine.Pros:Can be loaded with your own bags if desired.Reduces odor.Lid can be opened with your foot.Pretty basic looking. Sleek design that’s not eye-catching so it blends into whatever room you put it in.Cons:The trap door that helps reduce odors does sometimes get a little dirty as you push diapers through (not sure there’s a design way to solve that honestly) so if that bothers you it’s something to think about.Tall, but not quite tall enough. I wish they would make these things higher so you didn’t have to bend at the hip to put a diaper in. Again, not a big deal but with more height would also come more storage space…not sure why the designers of diaper pails never consider that.

Ebony Putnam Station, NY

Most features are great, unfortunately one huge con…

Things that I like about this diaper pail:- Size – this holds a LOT of diapers, it definitely holds more than my (newer) diaper champ.- Ease of use – foot pedal plus a drop down opening for the diaper to go through, plus the height of the pail makes it easy to use one handed- Bags – it comes with a refill of bags pre-installed. The bags feed continuously, you tie the bottom off to create a closure in the bottom of the bag, and then the door h-as a bag cutter that works well when the pail is full. If you don’t want to use their refills you can use a regular bag .What I don’t like about this diaper pail:- Odor control – It would seem like it should have good odor control because there are essentially two pieces of plastic on the top to keep the pail closed, but the truth is that is has very poor odor control. Let me clarify, because some people are writing that it works well and others have reported that it doesn’t. Parents of older babies and kids can tell you that when a baby starts eating a food that is predominantly BM or formula, their stools don’t smell that bad (at least in comparison for what is to come). This pail holds the odors of my newborn’s diapers very well and I have had no issues with his diapers. I stuck ONE poop diaper from my 2 year old in the pail and a couple hours later my entire upstairs area smelled awful.This diaper pail works well for young babies as far as odor control, but the diaper champ that we use for our downstairs area is the clear winner for odor control for both babies diapers. The plastic on the diaper champ is thicker, and the closure is different, so that probably helps. The reason why I purchased this diaper pail rather than another diaper champ is because the diaper champ doesn’t hold as many diapers as this pail does. This pail is larger and can hold more diapers. Both pails give you the option to use a regular trash bag, which is very appealing to me because I can use the same bags that I use for our kitchen trash bin. I think this pail will need to be replaced in a year or so when my baby starts having some seriously stinky diapers, but for now I am going to continue using it.

Judith New Paris, OH

Great for twins!

We have three of these diaper pails – one for each of our twins’ bedrooms plus one on the main floor. We love them because they are nice looking (they don’t scream “diaper pail”) so they somewhat blend in with our decor. Also, more importantly, they hold tons of diapers which is necessary with twins. I do empty them twice a week to prevent odors from building (they are not full when I empty them but I am doing it so the smell doesn’t build up). I’m not sure if they would start to smell if I didn’t do this but I don’t want to try. The refills are easy to use and last a long time. Plus, once our boys are out of diapers we can use these as regular trash cans.

Lynn Milford, KS

Very satisfied

I’m very satisfied with this diaper pail. It contains the smell and the built-in plastic bag makes it very easy to change the bag once the pail is full. It doesn’t take too much of space.

Cecilia Sugarcreek, OH